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#1. I've learned that you only become as creative as you possibly can by staying independent. - Author: Dawn Angelique
Staying Trendy quotes by Dawn Angelique
#2. Okay, you're older. Not much, really. And considering you love staying in shape and I refuse to run, we'll probably get all old and crippled at the same time. If not, then I'll learn to use a cane, and I'll get to beat on your ass for a change. - Author: Cherise Sinclair
Staying Trendy quotes by Cherise Sinclair
#3. You poor dear. I can hardly endure it when my brothers are staying at the town house. They're always causing some trouble or another."
"Oh, yes, and you never cause any trouble," Oliver teased. "Never mind the shooting match where you brought three men to blows over whose rifle you should deign to use. Or the spectacle you made of yourself when you dressed as a man to enter a match. Or-"
"You can shoot a rifle, Lady Celia?" Maria leaned forward. "How did you learn? I've always wanted to myself, but Papa and my cousins refused to show me how a rifle works. Could you teach me?"
"No!" Oliver and Freddy said in unison. Then Oliver added, "Absolutely not."
Lord Gabriel leaned close. "I'd be happy to teach you, Miss Butterfield."
"Stay out of this, Gabe," Oliver growled. "Bad enough you taught Celia. Maria already has enough weapons at her disposal."
His grandmother arched one eyebrow. "Pray tell, what sort of weapons do you mean?"
Oliver paused, then gave a lazy smile. "Why, her beauty, of course. That weapon is devastating enough."
"It won't stop a scoundrel from manhandling a woman," Lady Minerva put in.
"As if you know anything about that," Lord Jarret pointed out. "Just because the heroines in your books get manhandled with nauseating regularity doesn't mean the average woman does. - Author: Sabrina Jeffries
Staying Trendy quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#4. All my life
I have been restless-
I have felt there is something
more wonderful than gloss-
than wholeness-
than staying at home. - Author: Mary Oliver
Staying Trendy quotes by Mary Oliver
#5. These garments that God provides - such as kindness, humility, and gentleness - allow us to meet hostility and criticism with patience, forgiveness, and love. They give us staying power in the storms of life. When we face adverse conditions at home, school, or work, the 'clothing' God tells us to wear protects us and enables us to make a positive difference... Dressing according to God's guidelines doesn't change the weather - it equips the wearer... Kindness is the oil that takes the friction out of life. - Author: David McCasland
Staying Trendy quotes by David McCasland
#6. I think a part of being successful or trying to be successful is staying true to who you are. Be genuine. - Author: Tessanne Chin
Staying Trendy quotes by Tessanne Chin
#7. All the happiness of man stems from one thing only: that he is incapable of staying quietly in his room. - Author: Paul Auster
Staying Trendy quotes by Paul Auster
#8. We definitely aren't very good at staying in one place. There's not a domesticated bone in my body. - Author: Brent Smith
Staying Trendy quotes by Brent Smith
#9. Though I work in New York City, in an office about a mile from the World Trade Center, I was not in New York City when the planes struck. I was on a plane above the Atlantic Ocean, heading back to New York from a family reunion and celebration in Europe. I had said good-bye to my husband in London; he was staying for a wedding of a business friend. I couldn't wait to see my kids and my parents, who would be waiting for me at a Little League game in our town, about thirty-five miles from New York City. An hour and a half into the flight, I suddenly had the feeling that the plane was making a slow turn. Nobody else seemed to notice. I sat nervously, hoping I was imagining it. But then a stewardess made an announcement. "There has been a catastrophic event affecting all of North American airspace," she said. "We are returning - Author: Lauren Tarshis
Staying Trendy quotes by Lauren Tarshis
#10. Nobody who loved life and new experiences that much was ever going to get old, not really. Wiser and eventually dead, maybe, but not old. - Author: C.E. Murphy
Staying Trendy quotes by C.E. Murphy
#11. Tell me something else instead. Tell me what you're looking forward to most about going to school here."
"You go first. What are you most excited about?"
Right away, Peter says, "That's easy. Streaking the lawn with you."
"That's what you're looking forward to more than anything? Running around naked?" Hastily I add, "I'm never doing that, by the way."
He laughs. "It's a UVA tradition. I thought you were all about UVA traditions."
"I'm just kidding." He leans forward and puts his arms around my shoulders, rubbing his nose in my neck the way he likes to do. "Your turn."
I let myself dream about it for a minute. If I get in, what am I most looking forward to? There are so many things, I can hardly name them all. I'm looking forward to eating waffles every day with Peter in the dining hall. To us sledding down O-Hill when it snows. To picnics when it's warm. To staying up all night talking and then waking up and talking some more. To late-night laundry and last-minute road trips. To…everything. Finally I say, "I don't want to jinx it."
"Come on!"
"Okay, okay…I guess I'm most looking forward to…to going to the McGregor Room whenever I want." People call it the Harry Potter room, because of the rugs and chandeliers and leather chairs and the portraits on the wall. The bookshelves go from the floor to the ceiling, and all of the books are behind metal grates, protected like the precious objects they are. It's a room from a diffe - Author: Jenny Han
Staying Trendy quotes by Jenny Han
#12. As you get older, the assumption is you get wiser. I try to earn it by not staying still, not resting on laurels. A lot of people in other professions are retired at my age. I care about music more than ever. - Author: Lorin Maazel
Staying Trendy quotes by Lorin Maazel
#13. Staying in the past does not help, my friend. Everything passes you by while you're trying to relive that one little slice of golden apple that you had. - Author: Ken Dereste Dorcely
Staying Trendy quotes by Ken Dereste Dorcely
#14. Two of the biggest conversational blunders you can make are saying something when you should stay silent, and staying silent when you should say something. - Author: Mardy Grothe
Staying Trendy quotes by Mardy Grothe
#15. Staying close yet just ahead of those you lead reduces the pressure on everyone. - Author: Chris Hutchinson
Staying Trendy quotes by Chris   Hutchinson
#16. We staying out here today?" Hi rubbed his chin as if considering the proposition, his Bolton Prep blazer flipped inside-out with the lining exposed. "Mr. Terenzoni might not be willing to yell his lesson plan out the window. - Author: Kathy Reichs
Staying Trendy quotes by Kathy Reichs
#17. My personal trainer suggested paleo to build muscle while staying lean, and it's one of the first plans that's worked for me. - Author: Tim Howard
Staying Trendy quotes by Tim Howard
#18. History favors the bold. Compensation favors the meek. As a Fortune 500 company CEO, you're better off taking the path often traveled and staying the course. Big companies may have more assets to innovate with, but they rarely take big risks or innovate at the cost of cannibalizing a current business. Neither would they chance alienating suppliers or investors. They play not to lose, and shareholders reward them for it - until those shareholders walk and buy Amazon stock. Most boards ask management: "How can we build the greatest advantage for the least amount of capital/investment?" Amazon reverses the question: "What can we do that gives us an advantage that's hugely expensive, and that no one else can afford?" Why? Because Amazon has access to capital with lower return expectations than peers. Reducing shipping times from two days to one day? That will require billions. Amazon will have to build smart warehouses near cities, where real estate and labor are expensive. By any conventional measure, it would be a huge investment for a marginal return. But for Amazon, it's all kinds of perfect. Why? Because Macy's, Sears, and Walmart can't afford to spend billions getting the delivery times of their relatively small online businesses down from two days to one. Consumers love it, and competitors stand flaccid on the sidelines. In 2015, Amazon spent $7 billion on shipping fees, a net shipping loss of $5 billion, and overall profits of $2.4 billion. Crazy, no? No. Amazon is going - Author: Scott Galloway
Staying Trendy quotes by Scott Galloway
#19. I've never had a home before." That must have been all the sweets talking; I'd never have told him otherwise. "I mean, staying with Li, I never felt like I belonged. That's all."
Sam touched my wrist, making me shiver. "You always have a home with me. - Author: Jodi Meadows
Staying Trendy quotes by Jodi Meadows
#20. Prose is something that is persistent in staying in one place long enough to not only zero in on the dramatic effect of something that might have happened, or something that might have been seen, but also in watching how it played out and thinking about the cause and the effect. - Author: Tracy K. Smith
Staying Trendy quotes by Tracy K. Smith
#21. Staying in a marriage without love is like serving a life sentence with an incompatible cell mate. - Author: Jeanne Phillips
Staying Trendy quotes by Jeanne Phillips
#22. If this company is about anything, it's about discipline and staying focused. - Author: Jimmy Iovine
Staying Trendy quotes by Jimmy Iovine
#23. Then you have this other phenomena of the paranormal romance. It's all the benefits of being a vampire without the sacrifices. By the gods, Meyer's vampires walk around sparkling in the daylight and some are vegetarians. But this phenomenon is also tied to a lot of our communal fears. Fear of aging. Fear of fading youth. Fear of loneliness. But whereas the classic motifs are more concerned with confronting and overcoming our fears, the fears of the paranormal romance genre become twisted fantasies of denial. The idea of staying young, attractive and powerful for eternity feeds into the modern self-absorbed ethos. - Author: Julie Ann Dawson
Staying Trendy quotes by Julie Ann Dawson
#24. I opt for clothes that complement my body type. I am not someone who will go for something just because it is trendy and not look good on me. I would choose clothes which are comfortable and accentuate my body type. - Author: Nimrat Kaur
Staying Trendy quotes by Nimrat Kaur
#25. If I'm going to be staying up until 3 A.M., it should be for world peace and not shampoo sales. - Author: Mona Sutphen
Staying Trendy quotes by Mona Sutphen
#26. Picture this broad: 22 going on 18. Half the guys in my class would have given their left testicle to date her. This cupcake is the guidance counselor the principal has assigned me. Miss Boyle is her name. We all call her "Miss Bubbly Water." Imagine the teasing I have to endure from my friends. Not to mention what it's like, sitting across from this Barbie Doll every Thursday afternoon, watching her cross and uncross her legs, while she's lecturing me about - get this: "staying focused." Right! My pants are on fire, and she's handing me a crash course in Psych 101! - Author: Ted Gargiulo
Staying Trendy quotes by Ted Gargiulo
#27. I don't have a crazy rider clause saying I have to stay at fancy hotels. I don't have a problem with staying at a Marriott. But I will admit that I've gotten just basic, regular service there. - Author: Mark Ronson
Staying Trendy quotes by Mark Ronson
#28. Everyone's under pressure and you just have to learn how to deal with it. And I deal with it through prayer and staying busy. - Author: Richard Simmons
Staying Trendy quotes by Richard Simmons
#29. No' on this raid, Wullie. A'm staying here. I have every confidence that ye'll be a fiiinne leader on this raid an' not totally mess it up like ye did the last seventeen times! - Author: Terry Pratchett
Staying Trendy quotes by Terry Pratchett
#30. She shrugged, looking as baffled by it as he felt. "I don't know. I wonder sometimes if people even know what love is anymore. Some days, when I'm watching my friends change lovers as unperturbedly as they change shoes, I think the world just got filled with too many people, and all our technological advances made things so easy that it cheapened our most basic, essential value somehow," she told him. "It's like spouses are commodities nowadays: disposable, constantly getting tossed back out for trade on the market and everyone's trying to trade up, up
like there is a 'trading up' in love." She rolled her eyes. "No way. That's not for me. I'm having one husband. I'm getting married once. When you know going in that you're staying for life, it makes you think harder about it, go slower, choose really well. - Author: Karen Marie Moning
Staying Trendy quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#31. I first fell in love with comedy when I'd visit my granny as a kid. Trips to her house meant staying up late drinking Coca-Cola and watching 'Saturday Night Live'. - Author: Jessica Williams
Staying Trendy quotes by Jessica Williams
#32. She spent much of her childhood and adolescence planning elaborate scheme to remove herself from family conflict: staying completely silent, keeping her face and body expressionless and immobile, wordlessly leaving the room and making her way to her bedroom, closing the door quietly behind her. Locking herself in the toilet. Leaving the house for an indefinite number of hours and sitting in the school car park by herself. None of these strategies had ever proven successful. In fact her tactics only seemed to increase the possibility that she would be punished as the primary instigator. - Author: Sally Rooney
Staying Trendy quotes by Sally Rooney
#33. All the wars of the world, all the Caesars, have not the staying power of a lily in a cottage garden. - Author: Reginald Farrer
Staying Trendy quotes by Reginald Farrer
#34. Note: addiction diverts attention - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Staying Trendy quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#35. I'm here," I told him, picking at the taxi company decal on
the interior of the car window."My face is relaxed and content. My lips are curved upward."
Sam did not laugh, because he was immune to my charms.
"Have you been to the place you're staying yet? Is it okay?"
"I'm fine, Mother," I replied. "I haven't been yet. I'm going
to go see Baby now. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Staying Trendy quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#36. My position is a naturalistic one; I see philosophy not as an a priori propaedeutic or groundwork for science, but as continuous with science. I see philosophy and science as in the same boat
a boat which, to revert to Neurath's figure as I so often do, we can rebuild only at sea while staying afloat in it. There is no external vantage point, no first philosophy. - Author: Willard Van Orman Quine
Staying Trendy quotes by Willard Van Orman Quine
#37. I talked to Llewellyn and got a thick briefing packet with the key arguments on both sides. The problem, for those who wanted to stay in the EU, was that many of the arguments for Brexit were built on lies: about how much the UK paid into the European Union; about how Brexit wouldn't hurt the British economy. Another problem was that the Brexit campaign was tapping into the same sense of nationalism and nostalgia that the Trump campaign was promoting back home: the days of Churchill, the absence of immigrants and intrusive international institutions. The arguments for staying in the EU were grounded in facts, not emotion: The EU was Britain's largest market. The EU offered Britain a stronger voice in global affairs. Even the name of the campaign - Remain - sounded like a concession that life wasn't going to be all that you hoped it would be. - Author: Ben Rhodes
Staying Trendy quotes by Ben  Rhodes
#38. You must be hard on yourself and know when it's time to quit, but you must be even more relentless when it comes to staying on the job and push through if that is what the situation is demanding. - Author: Chris Erzfeld
Staying Trendy quotes by Chris Erzfeld
#39. Twenty-six thousand feet up the cols of Everest, a long way beyond the staying power of plants, pale spiders have been found, who subsist on nothing more discernible than air. Apparently they also reproduce their kind. What else they do with their time and, for that matter, why, no one has yet made out. - Author: James Agee
Staying Trendy quotes by James Agee
#40. looked around, trying to imagine what it'd be like to work there. The furniture was trendy but functional, and plants gave the area a personal touch. The walls were painted a warm off-white, and they were decorated with framed ads that Elle recognized immediately. Geometric-patterned rugs covered much of the floor. Taken individually, none of it was really her - Author: Cleo Peitsche
Staying Trendy quotes by Cleo Peitsche
#41. if you get very clear on what you truly want (rather than what you think you should want), believe that it's available to you regardless of your present circumstances by staying connected to Source Energy and keeping your frequency high, and take decisive action, you will eventually succeed. Have - Author: Jen Sincero
Staying Trendy quotes by Jen Sincero
#42. Imagine staying awake all night not because you're worried about the future but because it's FUN - Author: David Nicholls
Staying Trendy quotes by David Nicholls
#43. Is Heathcliff not here?' she demanded, pulling off her gloves, and displaying fingers wonderfully whitened with doing nothing and staying indoors. - Author: Emily Bronte
Staying Trendy quotes by Emily Bronte
#44. Some of the steps you take may end up being detours or out-and-out mistakes. By staying focused on your vision, though, you'll find even those steps useful in the creating process. - Author: David Emerald Womeldorff
Staying Trendy quotes by David Emerald Womeldorff

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