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My Mother

My mother was not educated but she was the best teacher I've ever had in my entire life. She had what it's called natural wisdom, bless her precious soul. Here some of her teachings: Human Values:
Love: Learn to love because everything that's based on love has a deep rooted foundation.
Kindness: Be kind all the time but never let anyone take advantage of your kindness.
Peace: Learn to have peace with yourself when the world turns against you because it starts with you.
Honesty: Be honest to yourself and then to the others.
Respect: Respect others and they will respect you.
Openness: Be always transparent especially when you are hurting. Never pretend that it's all okay.
Loyalty: Always be loyal to your family and make sure your family comes before anything else.
She taught me to learn to compose myself when life gets tough and unfair to me.

I love you mama & Happy Mothers Day ~ Euginia Herlihy
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Euginia Herlihy
When I see brokenness, poverty and crime in inner cities, I also see the enormous potential and readiness for transformation and rebirth. We are creating an art form that comes from the heart and reflects the pain and sorrow of people's lives. It also expresses joy, beauty, and love. This process lays the foundation of building a genuine community in which people are reconnected with their families, sustained by meaningful work, nurtured by the care of each other and will together raise and educate their children. Then we witness social change in action. ~ Lily Yeh
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Lily Yeh
Because family and friends are the foundation of who you are, this is a realm where no excuses should exist. Give them your all without excuses. ~ Farshad Asl
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Farshad Asl
No subject is closer to my heart than the family ... The moral foundation of our country is in danger of crumbling as families break up and parents neglect their responsibilities. ~ Billy Graham
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Billy Graham
The institution of the family is decisive in determining not only if a person has the capacity to love another individual but in the larger social sense whether he is capable of loving his fellow men collectively. The whole of society rests on this foundation for stability, understanding and social peace. ~ Daniel Patrick Moynihan
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Daniel Patrick Moynihan
Midway through my treatments, I was at the White House to do an interview with President Bush's press secretary, Tony Snow. He had recently revealed he was facing cancer for a second time. While there I was told that the First Lady, Laura Bush, wanted to see me in the private residence for tea. Mrs. Bush has a family history of breast cancer. She personally invited me to accompany her on a portion of an international breast cancer initiative with the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and I couldn't pass up this opportunity. My doctors cleared me to travel - although getting my mom's blessing was far more difficult. Remember, I was in the middle of chemo treatments. I spent time with Mrs. Bush in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, in the UAE and in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I met some incredible women on the trip. ~ Robin Roberts
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Robin Roberts
You must have a strong foundation so that your roots will not rot. ~ Charlena E. Jackson
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
The future of peace and prosperity that we seek for all the world's peoples needs a foundation of tolerance, security, equality and justice. ~ Kofi Annan
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Kofi Annan
My family and my friends are most important to me. These people are my foundation. ~ Faith Hill
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Faith Hill
Grief is times bailiff sent to evict you from your old life. Its black warrant demands of you hard labour. There can be no escape of reprieve. You must toil laying down the foundation stones of acceptance, stone by stone, until you have paved your way to your new life. ~ Kerry Cue
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Kerry Cue
I believe the family is the foundation of America
and that we must fight to protect and strengthen it. I believe in the sanctity of human life. I believe that people and their elected representatives should make our laws, not unelected judges. ~ Mitt Romney
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Mitt Romney
When I had made more money than I needed for myself and my family, I set up a foundation to promote the values and principles of a free and open society. ~ George Soros
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by George Soros
I tell the kids that, even in a childhood marked by despair and deprivation, I knew that no matter what happened, I still had my family, or at least the remnants of a family ripped apart by divorce and then glued back together in various odd arrangements through a series of ill- advised remarriages. It was good to know I had a solid foundation. ~ Bill Bryson
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Bill Bryson
I tried to teach them [his sons] that about the importance of self-discipline, and that the culture of yes is built on a foundation of no. ~ Bill Walton
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Bill Walton
The director of the institute where I was working apologized about these young, enthusiastic researchers when the World Bank visited because he was afraid the institute would lose the World Bank consultancies.I went back home and started the Research Foundation for Science, Technology, and Ecology-an extremely elaborate name for the tiny institute that I started in my mother's cow shed. My parents handed over family resources and said, "Put them to public purpose." That's how I survived. ~ Vandana Shiva
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Vandana Shiva
How will letting same-sex couples marry affect your marriage? It won't, but it will have an impact on how marriage will be taught in schools and how children understand its meaning and purpose as the foundation of the family. Changing the law to accommodate same-sex couples requires marriage to be taught in schools as merely the public recognition of a committed relationship with no connection to children and family. . . . This will affect the attitudes young people will have about marriage and family and will likely affect decisions they make about marriage, children and family in their lives. ~ William B. May
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by William B. May
So Shy lowered his voice and reminded him, "She's not your little girl anymore, not like that. She may always be your , little girl in some ways, brother, but not like that. You gave me the chance, I would have told you, this is solid. We started out and it was friends. That wasn't what I wanted, it was what she needed, so I gave it to her. We built on that. The foundation is laid and it's the kind that holds fast. This is it, brother. We're livin' together. Soon's we can do it, we're movin' to a better fuckin' place so I can provide her a decent home. I'm puttin' my ring on her finger, I'm givin' her babies, and when she's laid to rest, that ring I give her will still be on her finger. I see you're accepting this now, so you need it all and there it is. I was a part of an us and I was happy. Some motherfucker killed my parents and took that from me, so life forced me to become nothin' but me. Now I'm as us again, and that's what I'll be with my woman and the family we make until the fucking day I die."
"Christ, Shy," Tack whispered.
"I think now you totally fuckin' feel me. ~ Kristen Ashley
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Kristen Ashley
The family has always been the cornerstone of American society. Our families nurture, preserve, and pass on to each succeeding generation the values we share and cherish, values that are the foundation of our freedoms. ~ Ronald Reagan
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Ronald Reagan
I keep going back to foundation, heritage cooking techniques from my family in Naples and Abruzzi. There are a lot of traditional dishes from those regions that I want to educate my kids' palates about, to pass down that heritage and that lineage. I think my mom would have been pleasantly surprised and absolutely thrilled to have seen all the cookbooks and all the restaurants and all the television I've done. ~ Rick Tramonto
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Rick Tramonto
We have always understood that the foundations of the family, as an eternal unit, were laid even before this earth was created! Society without basic family life is without foundation and will disintegrate into nothingness. ~ Spencer W. Kimball
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Spencer W. Kimball
Cultivating loving kindness for ourselves is the foundation of real love for our friends and family, for new people we encounter in our daily lives, for all beings and for life itself. ~ Sharon Salzberg
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Sharon Salzberg
You need your children's foundation to be solid, and instilling how good God is into them at a young age is the best way to do that. ~ Drenda Keesee
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Drenda Keesee
I have been able to have a family and to dedicate quality time to my two sets of twins and my husband, as well as to serve on the boards of The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research and Montefiore Medical Center. ~ Karen Finerman
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Karen Finerman
Not only would I say that the family is important for the evangelization of the new world. The family is important, and it is necessary for the survival of humanity. Without the family, the cultural survival of the human race would be at risk. The family, whether we like it or not, is the foundation. ~ Pope Francis
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Pope Francis
In our family, at this point,[Sunday School] its not a choice for my kids. It's a duty for us as parents to give them faith as a foundation and hope that when they bemuse older teens and young adults they will choose the same thing for themselves. ~ Gretchen Carlson
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Gretchen Carlson
It is my view that our society can be no more stable than the foundation of individual family units upon which it rests. Our government, our institutions, our schools ... indeed, our way of life are dependent on healthy marriages and loyalty to the vulnerable little children around our feet. ~ James Dobson
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by James Dobson
Literary censorship should not be necessary within the parameters of the law because it's simply a reflection of prevailing social prejudices!

Writing should challenge and change prevailing ideas - churning the guts and ruffling feathers of friends, family and society. Antagonizing is a product of open writing. Expecting less is resignation and stagnation that slides the art into the status-quo.

Writing needs the wider view that shows the causality of our prevailing social prejudice - and shakes at its foundation.

Writers spare us no less and please leave your praise and oppugn to Christopher Hitchens. ~ Jack Tar
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Jack Tar
While politicians, clergy, creators of advertisements, and other worthies assert stoutly that the family is the foundation of society, the nuclear family, as an institution, is currently in grave trouble. ~ Jane Jacobs
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Jane Jacobs
When my husband Charles passed away in 2000, I took over as chair of our family's foundation. As I was mourning his loss, I also had to keep the foundation moving forward and to chart a course into what was then a very male-dominated philanthropic world. ~ Lynn Schusterman
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Lynn Schusterman
You want a woman who shares your belief and your faith because that is usually your core. So, you want a woman whom you know can stand on that same foundation you both equally embrace and share. You also want a woman who is ambitious but also knows how to balance it with family. ~ Tony Gaskins
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Tony Gaskins
We always stand to gain, whether it be an influential politician to further our interests - which is the most frequent and almost easiest case to fabricate - or a great businessman, most of whose money we administer through our own networks. It is therefore our interest to create as many such 'vicious circles' as possible. And it is on this foundation that we have built modern society and the so-called 'cell of society,' that is, the family which we have chained to an infinite set of dependences: jobs, houses, comfort, cars, bank loans, and long-term contractual obligations that sometimes extend over one or two generations of the respective family. The role of a 'vicious circle' is to make people dependent because, when this happens, they are no longer free. ~ Radu Cinamar
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Radu Cinamar
I shall be satisfied if young people who read this record of our lives and adventures should learn from it how admirably suited is the peaceful, industrious life of a cheerful and united family to the foundation of strong, pure, and manly character. ~ J.H. Stickney
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by J.H. Stickney
A home is crucial, the foundation of a stable family. ~ Eric Cantona
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Eric Cantona
The family is the most important wealth of a nation. May we endeavor to defend and strengthen the foundation of society. ~ Pope Francis
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Pope Francis
The foundation of the world lies in the nation. The foundation of the nation lies in the family. The foundation of the family lies in the individual. ~ Mencius
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Mencius
Today, I recommit myself to God, to you and to our marriage. I ask your forgiveness for the wrongs I have committed and I promise to do my best never to repeat them. I will strive to be the one who wipes away your tears and not the one who causes them. I freely forgive you for any wrongs you have committed and I promise to let go of any past hurts and unresolved anger I've carried so that our relationship can move forward with renewed grace and healing.

I promise to always see the best in you and to strive to become the best spouse I can possibly be. I promise to never say the word, "divorce," or to see separation as an option in our relationship. I promise to be your partner, your biggest fan and your best friend no matter what life throws our way. I promise to create new memories together that will be filled with joy and laughter. I promise to build my life and our family on a firm foundation of faith in God and His word. Because I am imperfect, I know I will make mistakes, but when I do, I promise to admit it openly, to take full responsibility and to humbly seek your forgiveness. I will never again allow anyone or anything to become more important than my relationship with God and my relationship with you. I wholeheartedly recommit my love and my life to you, 'til death do us part! ~ Dave Willis
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Dave Willis
The first Law of Heaven is obedience, and it should be the first law of every home. It is the foundation of an orderly home, a successful family, and the successful lives of the children. The wife is the key. ~ Helen Andelin
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Helen Andelin
The temptation, lust, addiction, avarice, mistrust, and Infidelity are evil's main strategic tools to shatter many homes. The love and family founded on fine sheer system where only two souls can fit. Trust is strength of the system nothing can replace. Third soul is only to shake foundation. Building trust is only the foundation of any family. ~ Sadashivan Nair
Staubach Family Foundation quotes by Sadashivan Nair
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