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Father Paul was at the start of life. His glassy convictions needed protection. They waited patiently until he too, succumbed to the unbearable unevenness of God's will, the sureness of his grace, the darkness of his mercy. ~ Kathleen Tessaro
Start Of Life quotes by Kathleen Tessaro
We were all around for the big bang, but not as what we look like today. ~ Anthony T. Hincks
Start Of Life quotes by Anthony T. Hincks
It's very early, still dark, but outside there's the warm smell of springtime, like things rotting and blooming in one stagnant mist. I realize now that I've always craved the brutality of it. Shoots forcing their way up from the earth, petals popping open.
The start of life is always brutal, isn't it? We're born fighting. ~ Lauren DeStefano
Start Of Life quotes by Lauren DeStefano
Go deep into meditation. and be meditation I mean silence, awareness, witnessing. You can meditate any time of the day, you can meditate working, walking, doing things. Meditation is not something separate from life; it should not be separate, otherwise it remains a little artificial. Meditation should be spread all over life. You should walk in meditation, you should sit in meditation; that means silently, fully aware. Slowly slowly it becomes your very flavour, then the bridge is created. ~ Rajneesh
Start Of Life quotes by Rajneesh
He was a dreamer in such wise, because he was a man who had, deep-rooted in his nature, a belief in all the gentle and good things his life had been without. Bred in meanness and hard dealing, this had rescued him to be a man of honourable mind and open hand. Bred in coldness and severity, this had rescued him to have a warm and sympathetic heart. Bred in a creed too darkly audacious to pursue, through its process of reserving the making of man in the image of his Creator to the making of his Creator in the image of an erring man, this had rescued him to judge not, and in humility to be merciful, and have hope and charity. ~ Charles Dickens
Start Of Life quotes by Charles Dickens
To plant trees is to give body and life to one's dreams of a better world. ~ Russell Page
Start Of Life quotes by Russell Page
All of us, whether or not we're celebrities, every one ought to spend part of their life making someone else's life better. ~ Jerry Springer
Start Of Life quotes by Jerry Springer
The sky was black and strewn with stars. I felt alone on the planet. I was so scared I could hardly breathe. I didn't know where I was headed. I didn't know what to do with my life. I strained to look into my future, trying to picture the road ahead of me, searching for a glimpse of who I would become.
All I could see was the night sky and the stars above me. ~ Leslie Feinberg
Start Of Life quotes by Leslie Feinberg
The standard "foundation" for mathematics starts with sets and their elements. It is possible to start differently, by axiomatising not elements of sets but functions between sets. This can be done by using the language of categories and universal constructions. ~ Saunders Mac Lane
Start Of Life quotes by Saunders Mac Lane
I've seen kids turn their lives around. It's usually a kid who's outside of the team-sport world, or maybe has a darker personality or doesn't fit in. Skateboarding ends up being something they latch onto. It sounds hokey, but finding a focus on something - whether it's skateboard or playing your guitar - can be life changing. ~ Jeff Ament
Start Of Life quotes by Jeff Ament
Martyrdom does not consist only in dying for one's faith. Martyrdom also consists in serving God with love and purity of heart every day of one's life ~ St. Jerome
Start Of Life quotes by St. Jerome
Be wary of feeling as through there is not enough room at the table. Oftentimes a female Chinese-American might feel as through she is in competition with another Chinese-American woman writer of the same generation. A writer friend of mine calls it the "There Can Only Be One ... " syndrome. This isn't "Survivor." The more good writers, of all walks of life and all ethnicities and persuasions, the better. ~ ZZ Packer
Start Of Life quotes by ZZ Packer
Declaring the San Gabriel Mountains a national monument will make this natural wonder more accessible. It will welcome people from all walks of life and maintain the mountains' wild character at the same time. ~ Frances Beinecke
Start Of Life quotes by Frances Beinecke
We are members of God's family. One faith, one hope and one baptism. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
Start Of Life quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
No one escapes suffering. Everyone goes through tough times. Suffering is a part of our human condition and cannot be avoided. Setbacks, failures, pain, suffering, and hardships are all a part of life, but whether we are able to find peace within the storm depends on our resilience and perseverance. Whenever one of our children tells us that they don't want to fail at something, we remind them that there will be times in their life when they will fail, but it's how they come through it that matters. If we choose to focus on the negative, the failure itself, the darkness will oppress and consume us. Eventually it will destroy a person. We need to embrace the fact that we're human and our lives will be filled with suffering and hardship, but we have the ultimate hope and victory in Our Lord. ~ Karen Santorum
Start Of Life quotes by Karen Santorum
The sense of wishing to be known only for what one really is is like putting on an old, easy, comfortable garment. You are no longer afraid of anybody or anything. You say to yourself, 'Here I am --- just so ugly, dull, poor, beautiful, rich, interesting, amusing, ridiculous -- take me or leave me.' And how absolutely beautiful it is to be doing only what lies within your own capabilities and is part of your own nature. It is like a great burden rolled off a man's back when he comes to want to appear nothing that he is not, to take out of life only what is truly his own. ~ David Grayson
Start Of Life quotes by David Grayson
And for a moment he simply held her and she held onto him.
It might have been the most perfect moment of his life so far. ~ Julie Anne Long
Start Of Life quotes by Julie Anne Long
The word 'image' is in bad repute because we have thoughtlessly believed that a drawing was a tracing, a copy, a second thing, and that the mental image was such a drawing, belonging among our private bric-a-brac. But if in fact it is nothing of the kind, then neither the drawing nor the picture belongs to the in-itself any more than the image does. They are the inside of the outside and the outside of the inside, which the duplicity of sensing makes possible and without which we would never understand the quasi-presence and imminent visibility which make up the whole problem of the imaginary. The picture, the actor's mimicry--these are not extras that I borrow from the real world in order to aim across them at prosaic things in their absence. The imaginary is much nearer to and much farther away from the actual. It is nearer because it is the diagram of the life of the actual in my body, its pulp and carnal obverse exposed to view for the first time...And the imaginary is much further away from the actual because the picture is an analogue only according to the body; because it does not offer to the mind an occasion to rethink the constitutive relations of things, but rather it offers to the gaze traces of the vision of the inside, in order that the gaze may espouse them; it offers to vision that which clothes vision internally, the imaginary texture of the real. ~ Maurice Merleau-Ponty
Start Of Life quotes by Maurice Merleau-Ponty
You're the son of a king,' I told him, 'and one day you might be a king yourself. Life and death will be your gifts, so learn how to give them, boy. ~ Bernard Cornwell
Start Of Life quotes by Bernard Cornwell
She never claimed to be a writer, she simply described herself as a typist of stories waiting to come alive. ~ Margareth Stewart
Start Of Life quotes by Margareth Stewart
Some days you must learn a great deal. But you should also have days when you allow what is already in you to swell up and touch everything. If you never let that happen, then you just accumulate facts, and they begin to rattle around inside of you. ~ E.L. Konigsburg
Start Of Life quotes by E.L. Konigsburg
All that remains of our existence is not actually life but merely time. ~ Seneca.
Start Of Life quotes by Seneca.
May God grant your a great grace to live the fullness of life in the coming year. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
Start Of Life quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
Fear is one of the worst, and most limiting, emotions in life. ~ Donna Brazile
Start Of Life quotes by Donna Brazile
The difference between two dissimilar ways of life gets portrayed as a fight between good and evil. Just ~ Amish Tripathi
Start Of Life quotes by Amish Tripathi
You will trip up and fall sometimes. It doesn't take away from how great you are. You will not always say the right thing. It doesn't revoke the light within you. ~ Stalina Goodwin
Start Of Life quotes by Stalina Goodwin
Death Valley wasn't dead at all. It was asleep. It was simply waiting for the conditions of growth. When the conditions came, life returned to the heart of Death Valley.
Human beings and human communities are the same. We need the right conditions for growth, in our schools, businesses, and communities, and in our individual lives. If the conditions are right, people grown in synergy with the people around them and the environments they create. If the conditions are poor, people protect themselves and their anxieties from neighbors and the world. Some of the elements of our growth are inside us. They include the need to develop our unique natural aptitudes and personal passions. Finding and nurturing them is the surest way to ensure our growth and fulfillment a as individuals. ~ Ken Robinson
Start Of Life quotes by Ken Robinson
I am called to listen to the sound of my own heart
to write the story within myself that demands to be told at that particular point in my life. And if I do this faithfully, clothing that idea in the flesh of human experience and setting it in a true place, the sound from my heart will resound in the reader's heart. ~ Katherine Paterson
Start Of Life quotes by Katherine Paterson
Suppose ... burglars had made entry into this ... [library]. Picture them seated here on this floor, pouring the light of their dark-lanterns over some books they found, and thus absorbing moral truths and getting moral uplift. The whole course of their lives would have been changed. As it was, they kept straight on in their immoral way and were sent to jail. For all I know, they may next be sent to Congress. ~ Mark Twain
Start Of Life quotes by Mark Twain
Remember, life is for living and learning. So listen to your life and the lessons it offers. What choices must you make this day to help you move forward? Make your list of the things you can do right now to create what you want and begin to do the work. You can say yes to happiness, wholeness, and prosperity. You can live fully and creatively. You can claim your power to choose. Why not claim it now? ~ Susan L. Taylor
Start Of Life quotes by Susan L. Taylor
Keep it simple' wasn't always the right response. Many things that boosted my happiness also added complexity to my life. Having children. Learning to post videos to my website. Going to an out-of-town wedding. Applied too broadly, my impulse to 'Keep it simple' would impoverish me. 'Life is barren enough surely with all her trappings,' warned Samuel Johnson, 'let us therefore by cautious how we strip her. ~ Gretchen Rubin
Start Of Life quotes by Gretchen Rubin
He that will make good use of any part of his life must allow a large part of it to recreation. ~ John Locke
Start Of Life quotes by John Locke
I used to think that happiness, like God, was an idea weaker people were sold on, to manage the grief of a world with so much suffering. It is just easier, I thought, to decide that you are doing something wrong and you just need to buy the right thing, read the right book, find the right guru, or pray more to be happy than to accept that life is a great long heartbreak. Happiness is not what I imagined that mirage to be: an unending ecstasy or state of perpetual excitement. Not a high or a mirage, it is just being okay. My happiness is the absence of fear that there won't be enough
enough money, enough power, enough security, enough of a cushion of these things to protect me from the everyday heartbreaks of being human. Heartbreak doesn't kill you. It changes you. ~ Melissa Febos
Start Of Life quotes by Melissa Febos
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