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As she descended below the floor level of the loft, her former partner in juvenile crime was revealed to her from scuffed paniolo boots, up a long, muscled body that appeared to go on forever, to a venerable black Stetson. His cowboy look was new to her and it suited him. When she backtracked to his Hawaiian-sky blue eyes, she swayed under the impact and abruptly sat down. Any stair step would do." Noelani Beecham, Pele's Tears ~ Sharon K. Garner
Stair Step quotes by Sharon K. Garner
I look at all my projects as a stair step to the next. My goal is to always get better and better. ~ Andrae Crouch
Stair Step quotes by Andrae Crouch
My step-mom would tell me that she would get complaints from adults that I stared too much at them. ~ Billy Corgan
Stair Step quotes by Billy Corgan
This storm is you. Something inside of you. So all you can do is give in to it, step right inside the storm, closing your eyes and plugging up your ears so the sand doesn't get in, and walk through it, step by step. ~ Haruki Murakami
Stair Step quotes by Haruki Murakami
I've always loved books. I was an avid reader, with any number of my own stories rolling around in my head. Writing them down seemed a logical step. ~ Kat Martin
Stair Step quotes by Kat Martin
How can we help my kids step into the shoes of another child? ~ Santiago "Jimmy" Mellado
Stair Step quotes by Santiago
To understand oneself requires, not impetuous urges, conclusions, but great patience. One must go slowly, millimeter by millimeter, never missing a step - which doesn't mean that you must everlastingly keep awake. You can't. It does imply that you must watch and drop what you have watched, let it go and pick it up again, so that the mind does not become a mere accumulation of what it has learned but is capable of watching each thing anew. ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti
Stair Step quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
During the campaign of 2016, we took a step toward totalitarianism without even noticing by accepting as normal the violation of electronic privacy. Whether it is done by American or Russian intelligence agencies, or for that matter by any institution, the theft, discussion, or publication of personal communications destroys a basic foundation of our rights. If we have no control over who reads what and when, we have no ability to act in the present or plan for the future. Whoever can pierce your privacy can humiliate you and disrupt your relationships at will. ~ Timothy Snyder
Stair Step quotes by Timothy Snyder
Why don't you tremble?"
"I'm not cold."
"Why don't you turn pale?"
"I am not sick."
"Why don't you consult my art?"
"I'm not silly.
The old crone "nichered" a laugh under her bonnet and bandage; she then drew out a short black pipe, and lighting it began to smoke. Having indulged a while in this sedative, she raised her bent body, took the pipe from her lips, and while gazing steadily at the fire, said very deliberately
"You are cold; you are sick; and you are silly."
"Prove it," I rejoined.
"I will, in few words. You are cold, because you are alone: no contact strikes the fire from you that is in you. You are sick; because the best of feelings, the highest and the sweetest given to man, keeps far away from you. You are silly, because, suffer as you may, you will not beckon it to approach, nor will you stir one step to meet it where it waits you. ~ Charlotte Bronte
Stair Step quotes by Charlotte Bronte was complicated, she wasn't thinking only of herself but me too, since we'd both been through so many of the same things, she and I, and we were an awful lot alike-too much. And because we'd both been hurt so badly, so early on, in violent and irremediable ways that most people didn't, and couldn't, understand, wasn't it a bit… precarious? A matter of self-preservation? Two rickety and death-driven persons who would need to lean on each other quite so much? not to say she wasn't doing well at the moment, because she was, but all that could change in a flash with either of us, couldn't it? the reversal, the sharp downward slide, and wasn't that the danger? since our flaws and weaknesses were so much the same, and one of us could bring the other down way too quick? and though this was left to float in the air a bit, I realized instantly, and with some considerable astonishment, what she was getting at. (Dumb of me not to have seen it earlier, after all the injuries, the crushed leg, the multiple surgeries; adorable drag in the voice, adorable drag in the step, the arm-hugging and the pallor, the scarves and sweaters and multiple layers of clothes, slow drowsy smile: she herself, the dreamy childhood her, was sublimity and disaster, the morphine lollipop I'd chased for all those years.) ~ Donna Tartt
Stair Step quotes by Donna Tartt
By definition, revolutions are not linear, one step at a time, event A leading to event B, and so on. Many causes operate on each other at once. Revolutions shift into place suddenly, like the pattern in a kaleidoscope. They do not so much proceed as crystallize. ~ Marilyn Ferguson
Stair Step quotes by Marilyn Ferguson
When you step onto that field, you cannot concede a thing. ~ Gale Sayers
Stair Step quotes by Gale Sayers
Abel, get away from him."

"No, I - "

Pacer took a step toward them. "Get up, now." He pointed a finger at the ground. "And come here."

Abel opened and closed his mouth several times, paralyzed. "Pacer, we were just - "

"I won't say it again, Abel."

He hated to admit it, but Pacer's demanding tone had sent a flash of anticipation through his system. Half- wanting to keep going, to test the limits of Pacer's patience, Abel paused for just another second before standing up and walking over to Pacer.

"You don't have to sound so scary," he said.

Pacer snorted, grabbing hold of Abel's wrist. "Please. You should be happy I didn't just pull you over my knee."

"Pacer!" Abel's eyes widening as he looked over at Eric. He was watching them avidly.

"Pacer, don't be so rough. He and I were just chatting."

"Are you deaf?" Pacer replied. "Why was he whispering in your ear?"

Grinning, Eric shook his head. "My bad. Maybe I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about."

He stood up and walked over to them. "Abel, I just wanted you to know: I'm not a homophobe."

Abel stared at him. "What?" Then, after a moment, he looked at Pacer, who was studiously observing the twig he had snapped on the ground.
"I see. ~ R.D. Hero
Stair Step quotes by R.D. Hero
Krupa (divine grace) means 'every time sincere'. Without becoming suitable for naimitik krupa (apparent grace), one cannot attain the nischay (Realization that I am Pure Soul). Even in the Kramic (step by step) path, there is naimitk krupa. 'We' shower down special grace. 'Our' grace descends upon one due to ultimate humility. Only thing required is 'complete sincerity'. ~ Dada Bhagwan
Stair Step quotes by Dada Bhagwan
The secret of tango is in this moment of improvisation that happens between step and step. It is to make the impossible thing possible: to dance silence. ~ Carlos Gavito
Stair Step quotes by Carlos Gavito
Users are trying to discover apps; we are trying to improve the app discovery process, and developers are trying to reach users. If you step back, it's a problem we solved with search and ads in search. ~ Sundar Pichai
Stair Step quotes by Sundar Pichai
There was a time when a musician was forced to act in a video. Seeing a singer step too far outside of his comfort zone to pour all of his high-school-drama angst into a poorly scripted scenario was a sight to behold. ~ Shawn Amos
Stair Step quotes by Shawn Amos
Every time the Catholic Church takes one step forward, it seems to take one giant step back. ~ Janine Di Giovanni
Stair Step quotes by Janine Di Giovanni
With every step I wished myself away to another life, one lived far from here. ~ Alice Hoffman
Stair Step quotes by Alice Hoffman
God is a careful and attentive father, ready to welcome any person who takes a step or even expresses the desire to take a step that leads home. He is there, staring out at the horizon, expecting us, waiting for us. No human sin
however serious
can prevail over or limit mercy. ~ Pope Francis
Stair Step quotes by Pope Francis
Being a stunt girl is very much my comfort zone, so I had to remove the comfort zone to step fully into the slightly scarier zone. Also, just being perceived as an actor by the outside world, rather than as the stunt girl who does dialogue, has been a part of the challenge in front of me. ~ Zoe Bell
Stair Step quotes by Zoe Bell
Never, never marry, my friend. Here's my advice to you: don't marry until you can tell yourself that you've done all you could, and until you've stopped loving the woman you've chosen, until you see her clearly, otherwise you'll be cruelly and irremediably mistaken. Marry when you're old and good for nothing ... Otherwise all that's good and lofty in you will be lost. It will all go on trifles. Yes, yes, yes! Don't look at me with such astonishment. If you expect something from yourself in the future, then at every step you'll feel that it's all over for you, it's all closed, except the drawing room, where you'll stand on the same level as a court flunkey and an idiot ... ~ Leo Tolstoy
Stair Step quotes by Leo Tolstoy
Many politicians and pundits claim that the credit crunch and high mortgage foreclosure rate is an example of market failure and want government to step in to bail out creditors and borrowers at the expense of taxpayers who prudently managed their affairs. These financial problems are not market failures but government failure ... The credit crunch and foreclosure problems are failures of government policy. ~ Walter E. Williams
Stair Step quotes by Walter E. Williams
Faith is built upon belief, and belief is built upon evidence, one step at a time. ~ Douglas James Cottrell
Stair Step quotes by Douglas James Cottrell
Self-defense is so important to know in today's society. It's not just that you might get mugged. It's more for confidence. It's the way you hold yourself when you walk into a room. Every step you take is more sure and you're much more aware of your surroundings. So, I think it's a really important thing - especially for women. ~ Milla Jovovich
Stair Step quotes by Milla Jovovich
Oh, I am so sick of the young men of the present day!" exclaimed she, rattling away at the instrument. "Poor, puny things, not fit to stir a step beyond papa's park gates: nor to go even so far without mama's permission and guardianship! Creatures so absorbed in care about their pretty faces, and their white hands, and their small feet; as if a man had anything to do with beauty! As if loveliness were not the special prerogative of woman - her legitimate appanage and heritage! I grant an ugly woman is a blot on the fair face of creation; but as to the gentlemen, let them be solicitous to possess only strength and valour: let their motto be: - Hunt, shoot, and fight: the rest is not worth a fillip. Such should be my device, were I a man. ~ Charlotte Bronte
Stair Step quotes by Charlotte Bronte
When they turned off, it was still early in the pink and green fields. The fumes of morning, sweet and bitter, sprang up where they walked. The insects ticked softly, their strength in reserve; butterflies chopped the air, going to the east, and the birds flew carelessly and sang by fits.

They went down again and soon the smell of the river spread over the woods, cool and secret. Every step they took among the great walls of vines and among the passion-flowers started up a little life, a little flight.

'We're walking along in the changing-time,' said Doc. 'Any day now the change will come. It's going to turn from hot to cold, and we can kill the hog that's ripe and have fresh meat to eat. Come one of these nights and we can wander down here and tree a nice possum. Old Jack Frost will be pinching things up. Old Mr. Winter will be standing in the door. Hickory tree there will be yellow. Sweet-gum red, hickory yellow, dogwood red, sycamore yellow.' He went along rapping the tree trunks with his knuckle. 'Magnolia and live-oak never die. Remember that. Persimmons will all get fit to eat, and the nuts will be dropping like rain all through the woods here. And run, little quail, run, for we'll be after you too.'

They went on and suddenly the woods opened upon light, and they had reached the river. Everyone stopped, but Doc talked on ahead as though nothing had happened. 'Only today,' he said, 'today, in October sun, it's all gold - sky and tree and ~ Eudora Welty
Stair Step quotes by Eudora Welty
If tomorrow morning by some stroke of magic every dazed and benighted soul woke up with the power to take the first step toward pursuing his or her dreams, every shrink in the directory would be out of business. ~ Steven Pressfield
Stair Step quotes by Steven Pressfield
In a world of seven billion people, where every inch of land has been mapped, much of it developed, and too much of it destroyed, the sea remains the final unseen, untouched, and undiscovered wilderness, the planet's last great frontier. There are no mobile phones down there, no e-mails, no tweeting, no twerking, no car keys to lose, no terrorist threats, no birthdays to forget, no penalties for late credit card payments, and no dog shit to step in before a job interview. All the stress, noise, and distractions of life are left at the surface. The ocean is the last truly quiet place on Earth. ~ James Nestor
Stair Step quotes by James Nestor
It's right to say that people fall in love. We don't glide, slip, or stumble into it. Instead we tumble head first from the moment we decide to step off the edge of a cliff with someone and see whether we'll fly together. Love might be irrational, but we make the choice to risk everything. ~ Martin Pistorius
Stair Step quotes by Martin Pistorius
It's mostly readers of my books who come to be with us. The tours become an extension of the books. Guests want to see the places I write about. They want to be where we are. I guess they want also to feel what I feel. They want to step through a magic door. ~ Marlena De Blasi
Stair Step quotes by Marlena De Blasi
Step away from the camembert. ~ Gabrielle Tozer
Stair Step quotes by Gabrielle Tozer
What I saw in Vikram's gaze rooted me to the spot:
understanding. Those secrets had coaxed a shadowed part of us to step into the light. Understanding felt like a hand reached for and found in the dark. No one had ever looked at me that way because no one, until now, could. ~ Roshani Chokshi
Stair Step quotes by Roshani Chokshi
I just had totally mind-blowing sex with my step brother. And I'm leaving for Rome in two days. Which is a good thing because I just had totally mind-blowing sex with my step brother. ~ Lisa Desrochers
Stair Step quotes by Lisa Desrochers
Let's show people how desirable it is to step it up and climb towards heaven. ~ Adrian Grenier
Stair Step quotes by Adrian Grenier
As long as you SIT, you Stay In Trouble. Once you STAND, you Shift Toward A New Direction, take a STEP, and Start To Embrace Purpose, then WALK to Welcome Abundance, Love and Knowledge. ~ Niquenya D. Fulbright
Stair Step quotes by Niquenya D. Fulbright
Even when you do the right thing, sometimes there are dire consequences. Second-guessing every step prevents any forward momentum. Trust yourself, forgive yourself and move on. ~ A.G. Howard
Stair Step quotes by A.G. Howard
Yes, I was scared of the Daleks and the Zarbi and the rest, but I was taking other, stranger, more important lessons away from my Saturday tea time serial. For a start, I became infected by the idea that there are an infinite number of worlds only a foot step away. And another part of the meme was this- some things are bigger on the inside than they are on the outside. And perhaps some people are bigger on the inside than they are on the outside as well. And that was only the start of it. ~ Neil Gaiman
Stair Step quotes by Neil Gaiman
In the end, it is not by knowledge that we make our journeys but by hope and faith: hope that our walk will be worthy of our steps and faith that we are going somewhere. And only when we come to the end of our journeys do we truly understand that every step of the way we were walking on water. ~ Richard Paul Evans
Stair Step quotes by Richard Paul Evans
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