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#1. Rusche and Kirchheimer relate the different systems of punishment with the systems of production within which they operate: thus, in a slave economy, punitive mechanisms serve to provide an additional labour force
and to constitute a body of 'civil' slaves in addition to those provided by war or trading; with feudalism, at a time when money and production were still at an early stage of development, we find a sudden increase in corporal punishments
the body being in most cases the only property accessible; the penitentiary (the Hopital General, the Spinhuis or the Rasphuis), forced labour and the prison factory appear with the development of the mercantile economy. But the industrial system requires a free market in labour and, in the nineteenth century, the role of forced labour in the mechanisms of punishment diminishes accordingly and 'corrective' detention takes its place. - Author: Michel Foucault
Sray General Trading quotes by Michel Foucault
#2. These critics thought that the general commercialization of English life, including the rise of trading companies, banks, stock markets, speculators, and new moneyed men, had undermined traditional values and threatened England with ruin. The monarchy and its minions had used patronage, the national debt, and the Bank of England to corrupt the society, including the House of Commons, and to build up the executive bureaucracy at the expense of the people's liberties, usually for the purpose of waging war. - Author: Gordon S. Wood
Sray General Trading quotes by Gordon S. Wood
#3. When the profits of trade happen to be greater than ordinary, over-trading becomes a general error both among great and small dealers. - Author: Adam Smith
Sray General Trading quotes by Adam Smith
#4. I do believe women have different ways of taking risks, of ruminating a bit more before they jump to conclusions. And I think that as a result, particularly on the, on, you know, on the trading floor, in the financial markets in general, the approach would be different. - Author: Christine Lagarde
Sray General Trading quotes by Christine Lagarde
#5. This background enables us to understand a fact that is symptomatic of the current phase of saturation: there are countless people who want to withdraw from the omnipresence of advertising, who even avoid it like the plague. Here too, it is helpful to distinguish between the states before and after. From the perspective of the burgeoning world of products, advertising could be justified by the argument that spreading the word about the existence of new means of life improvements was indispensable, as the populations of industrial and trading nations would otherwise have been cheated of major knowledge about discreet improvements to the world. As the ambassador of new bringers of advantage, early advertising was the general training medium for contemporary performance collectives thoughtlessly denounced in culture-conservative milieus as 'consumer societies'. The aversion to advertising that pervades the saturated infospheres of the present, however, is based on the correct intuition that, in most of its manifestations, it has long since become a form of downward training. It no longer passes on what people should know in order to access advantageous innovations; it creates illusions of purchasable self-elevations that de facto usually lead to weakenings. - Author: Peter Sloterdijk
Sray General Trading quotes by Peter Sloterdijk
#6. What will be the immediate result should our party change its general procedure to suit a viewpoint that wants to emphasise the practical results of our struggle, that is social reforms? As soon as "immediate results" become the principal aim of our activity, the clear-cut, irreconcilable point of view, which has meaning only in so far as it proposes to win power, will be found more and more inconvenient. The direct consequence of this will be the adoption by the party of a "policy of compensation," a policy of political trading, and an attitude of diffident, diplomatic conciliation. But this attitude cannot be continued for a long time. Since the social reforms can only offer an empty promise, the logical consequence of such a program must necessarily be disillusionment. - Author: Rosa Luxembourg
Sray General Trading quotes by Rosa Luxembourg
#7. Not that St. Ogg's was empty of women with some tenderness of heart and conscience; probably it had as fair a proportion of human goodness in it as any other small trading town of that day. But until every good man is brave, we must expect to find many good women timid,–too timid even to believe in the correctness of their own best promptings, when these would place them in a minority. And the men at St. Ogg's were not all brave, by any means; some of them were even fond of scandal, and to an extent that might have given their conversation an effeminate character, if it had not been distinguished by masculine jokes, and by an occasional shrug of the shoulders at the mutual hatred of women. It was the general feeling of the masculine mind at St. Ogg's that women were not to be interfered with in their treatment of each other. - Author: George Eliot
Sray General Trading quotes by George Eliot
#8. Although I am a political liberal, I believe that conservatives have a better understanding of moral development (although not of moral psychology in general - they are too committed to the myth of pure evil). Conservatives want schools to teach lessons that will create a positive and uniquely American identity, including a heavy dose of American history and civics, using English as the only national language. Liberals are justifiably wary of jingoism, nationalism, and the focus on books by "dead white males," but I think everyone who cares about education should remember that the American motto of e pluribus, unum (from many, one) has two parts. The celebration of pluribus should be balanced by policies that strengthen the unum. - Author: Jonathan Haidt
Sray General Trading quotes by Jonathan Haidt
#9. If silicon had been a gas I should have been a major-general. - Author: James Whistler
Sray General Trading quotes by James Whistler
#10. I remember I once asked my mother I said mom, how did I behave with you when I was a baby? Did I cry a lot and disturb you? I remember she looked at me gently with smile, and said yes, yes son you did cried a lot but with valid reason. Because there is nothing then for me to eat for you to get enough milk in my breast to be fed, you suck and suck it'sempty. So you cried and cried and cried to the point that I began crying with you. I don't know how she did it, but look at me today, alive strong and healthy. I strongly believe in the strength and the sensitivity of women in general. But my mother is an angel. - Author: Nurudeen Ushawu
Sray General Trading quotes by Nurudeen Ushawu
#11. The idea of mind separate from body goes far back in time. The most famous expression of this is the idea of the Platonic image discussed in the Socratic Dialogues (circa 350 BC). Socrates and Plato expressed the opinion that the real world was but a shadow of reality, and that reality existed on a higher, purer plane reachable only through and preserved in the mind. The mind was considered immortal and survived the crumbling corpus in which it dwelt. But only enlightened minds, such as theirs, could see true reality. As such, they believed people like themselves ought to be elevated to the position of philosopher kings and rule the world with purity of vision. (A similarly wacky idea was expressed by the fictional air force General Jack D. Ripper in Kubrick's classic dark satire Dr. Strangelove. General Ripper postulated that purity of essence was the most important thing in life.) - Author: James Luce
Sray General Trading quotes by James Luce
#12. The story is that while a child named Servius Tullius lay sleeping, his head burst into flames in the sight of many. The general outcry which so great a miracle called forth brought the king and queen to the place. One of the servants fetched water to quench the fire, but was checked by the queen, who stilled the uproar and commanded that the boy should not be disturbed until he awoke of himself. Soon afterwards sleep left him, and with it disappeared the flames. Then, talking her husband aside, Tanaquil Said: 'Do you see this child whom we are bringing up in so humble a fashion? Be assured he will one day be a lamp to our dubious fortunes, and a protector to the royal house in the day of its distress. Let us therefore rear with all solicitude one who will lend high renowen to the state and to our family.' It is said that from that moment the boy began to be looked upon as a son, and to be trained in the studies by which men are inspired to bear themselves greatly. - Author: Livy
Sray General Trading quotes by Livy
#13. Lies propagate, that's what I'm saying. You've got to tell more lies to cover them up, lie about every fact that's connected to the first lie. And if you kept on lying, and you kept on trying to cover it up, sooner or later you'd even have to start lying about the general laws of thought. Like, someone is selling you some kind of alternative medicine that doesn't work, and any double-blind experimental study will confirm that it doesn't work. So if someone wants to go on defending the lie, they've got to get you to disbelieve in the experimental method. Like, the experimental method is just for merely scientific kinds of medicine, not amazing alternative medicine like theirs. Or a good and virtuous person should believe as strongly as they can, no matter what the evidence says. Or truth doesn't exist and there's no such thing as objective reality. A lot of common wisdom like that isn't just mistaken, it's anti-epistemology, it's systematically wrong. Every rule of rationality that tells you how to find the truth, there's someone out there who needs you to believe the opposite. If you once tell a lie, the truth is ever after your enemy; and there's a lot of people out there telling lies - Author: Eliezer Yudkowsky
Sray General Trading quotes by Eliezer Yudkowsky
#14. Nothing perhaps illustrates the general disintegration of political life better than this vague, pervasive hatred of everybody and everything, without a focus for its passionate attention, with nobody to make responsible for the state of affairs - neither the government nor the bourgeoisie nor an outside power. It consequently turned in all directions, haphazardly and unpredictably, incapable of assuming an air of healthy indifference toward anything under the sun. - Author: Hannah Arendt
Sray General Trading quotes by Hannah Arendt
#15. He liked however the open shutters; he opened everywhere those Mrs. Muldoon had closed, closing them as carefully afterwards, so that she shouldn't notice: he liked
oh this he did like, and above all in the upper rooms!
the sense of the hard silver of the autumn stars through the window-panes, and scarcely less the flare of the street-lamps below, the white electric lustre which it would have taken curtains to keep out. This was human actual social; this was of the world he had lived in, and he was more at his ease certainly for the countenance, coldly general and impersonal, that all the while and in spite of his detachment it seemed to give him. - Author: Henry James
Sray General Trading quotes by Henry James
#16. The more insight I get, the more scared I get of women in general. - Author: Dan Byrd
Sray General Trading quotes by Dan Byrd
#17. Love lyrics have contributed to the general aura of bad mental health in America. - Author: Frank Zappa
Sray General Trading quotes by Frank Zappa
#18. I don't take myself too seriously. I think that's something so many actors and people in general tend to do. - Author: Skylar Astin
Sray General Trading quotes by Skylar Astin
#19. Though she hardly knew how to explain the matter even to herself, she was sure that there was at present a general heaving-up of society on this matter, and a change in progress which would soon make it a matter of indifference whether anybody was Jew or Christian. For - Author: Anthony Trollope
Sray General Trading quotes by Anthony Trollope
#20. Whiskey grunted. By his count, he and Patrick had six days to go before he hauled the kid out by his ear on field work and let Fly Bait plan the destruction of all testosterone-based land mammals on general principal. - Author: Amy Lane
Sray General Trading quotes by Amy Lane
#21. I put the question to Miller: what will be the influence of the spread of knowledge such as this? Knowledge of a world incomparably more improbable and more beautiful than the imaginings of any myth-maker. A world, only a few years ago, completely unknown to all but a handful of people. What the effects of its general discovery by all? Miller laughed. 'It will have exactly as much or as little effect as people want it to have. Those who prefer to think about sex and money will go on thinking about sex and money. However loudly the movies proclaim the glory of God.' Persistence of the ingenuous notion that the response to favourable circumstances is inevitably and automatically good. Raw material, once again, to be worked up. One goes on believing in automatic progress, because one wants to cherish this stupidity: it's so consoling. Consoling, because it puts the whole responsibility for everything you do or fail to do on somebody or something other than yourself. - Author: Aldous Huxley
Sray General Trading quotes by Aldous Huxley
#22. What I am sure of, though, is that accepting people outside the gender binary has less to do with the idea of specific non-binary genders, and a lot more to do with working away from the binary thinking in general. That we get better at seeing beyond us and them, valid and invalid, natural and unnatural, good and bad, and instead communicate the fullness of who we are to each other, respectfully, with compassion. - Author: C.N. Lester
Sray General Trading quotes by C.N. Lester
#23. I write in a very peculiar way. I think about a book for 25 or 30 years in a kind of inchoate way, and at one point or another, I realize the book is ready to be written. I usually have a character, a first line, and general idea of what the book is going to be about. - Author: Charles McCarry
Sray General Trading quotes by Charles McCarry
#24. Hunter International Livestock is a Fermoy based livestock export company that primarily engaged in the producing, trading and transporting all kinds of livestock within Egypt and abroad. - Author: Hunter International Livestock
Sray General Trading quotes by Hunter International Livestock
#25. A mathematician tells you that the wall of warped space prevents the Moon from flying out of its orbit yet can't tell you why an astronaut can go back and forth across that same space. - Author: Bill Gaede
Sray General Trading quotes by Bill Gaede
#26. A word's meaning depends not so much on its linguistic past but rather on the place the word occupies in relation to the general system of the language at the period in question. - Author: Jean-Pierre Vernant
Sray General Trading quotes by Jean-Pierre Vernant
#27. Trying to use words, and every attempt
Is a wholly new start, and a different kind of failure
Because one has only learnt to get the better of words
For the thing one no longer has to say, or the way in which
One is no longer disposed to say it. And so each venture
Is a new beginning, a raid on the inarticulate
With shabby equipment always deteriorating
In the general mess of imprecision of feeling, - Author: T. S. Eliot
Sray General Trading quotes by T. S. Eliot
#28. My ambition was to embrace those general qualities that Ernest Hemingway, a former newspaperman, once said should be present in all good books: 'the good and the bad, the ecstasy, the remorse and sorrow, the people and the places and how the weather was.' - Author: Pete Hamill
Sray General Trading quotes by Pete Hamill
#29. There was a general sense that if you were going to get close enough to a CBS executive to tweak his nose, you'd only have one hand free because you were holding your own. - Author: Howard Hesseman
Sray General Trading quotes by Howard Hesseman
#30. I think, as a general matter, clearly, the United States globally supports the development of democracy and the democratic yearnings of all people. - Author: Richard Armitage
Sray General Trading quotes by Richard Armitage
#31. I will do what it takes to help Ed Miliband win general election - Author: Tony Blair
Sray General Trading quotes by Tony Blair
#32. Anyway, there are people and organizations, that do recognize them for what they are (like the epilepsy society) and differentiate them from Factitious Seizures (fake) carried out by unfortunate individuals with Munchausen's Syndrome. My "special" seizures are called Dissociative Seizures too (specific to personality disorders in general) and are psychological, brought on by flashbacks or extreme anxiety. Most of my awareness goes. - Author: Elizabeth T. James
Sray General Trading quotes by Elizabeth T. James
#33. I find, that, in general, alliances based on friendship are the only things that last. Not alliances based on words and letters. - Author: Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha
Sray General Trading quotes by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha
#34. The problem is a lot of people don't think. The general bloke just goes through life, gets a job, gets married and all that, and that's it. - Author: Paul Simonon
Sray General Trading quotes by Paul Simonon
#35. The general message would be to say to all these young people: If you have entrepreneurial aspirations, there is money, there are consumers, there is a huge market. The only thing you need to do is to go there and start doing things. - Author: Maelle Gavet
Sray General Trading quotes by Maelle Gavet
#36. I couldn't begin to name names ... in general I have found racers to be some of the most competitive people on the planet ... and some of the nicest as well. - Author: John Oates
Sray General Trading quotes by John Oates
#37. Statistically speaking, tracking tended to diminish learning and boost inequality wherever it was tried. In general, the younger tracking happened, the worse the entire country did on PISA. There seemed to be some kind of ghetto effect: once kids were labeled and segregated into the lower track, their learning slowed down. - Author: Amanda Ripley
Sray General Trading quotes by Amanda Ripley
#38. You know, old books are a big problem for us. Old knowledge in general. We call it OK. Old knowledge, OK. Did you know that ninety-five percent of the internet was only created in the last five years? But we know that when it comes to all human knowledge, the ratio is just the opposite - in fact, OK accounts for most things that people know, and have ever known. - Author: Robin Sloan
Sray General Trading quotes by Robin Sloan
#39. What makes a taco perfect?"
"Beautiful question," Felix said. "It's a taco that tastes as good as the idea of a taco itself. A taco that'll hold steadfast through memory's attempt to erase it, a taco that'll be worthy of the nostalgia that it will cause. A taco that won't satisfy or fill but will satiate your hunger. Not just for tonight but for tacos in general, for food, for life-it-fucking-self, brother. You will feel full to your soul
"But!" he added, a callused index finger pointed straight up at the sky. "It's also a taco that will make you hunger for more tacos like it, for more tacos at all, for food, the joy of it, the beauty of it. A taco that makes you hungry for life and that makes you feel like you have never been more alive. Nothing short of that will do. - Author: Adi Alsaid
Sray General Trading quotes by Adi Alsaid
#40. On the evening of December 25, General Washington in a most severe season crossed the Delaware with a part of his army, then reduced to less than 2000 men in the whole. - Author: Mercy Otis Warren
Sray General Trading quotes by Mercy Otis Warren
#41. My favourite part of travelling, and life in general, has always been the eating part, closely followed by the drinking and sleeping parts. - Author: Kristy Chambers
Sray General Trading quotes by Kristy Chambers
#42. The general intellectual level of South Florida is somewhere just above "functionally retarded". - Author: Tucker Max
Sray General Trading quotes by Tucker Max
#43. In her only departure from her prepared text, Heckler added, "We must conquer AIDS before it affects the heterosexual population and the general population…. We have a very strong public interest in stopping AIDS before it spreads outside the risk groups, before it becomes an
overwhelming problem."

The statement infuriated organizers from AIDS groups who considered AIDS already an "overwhelming problem" and did not consider it a priority of AIDS research to stop the scourge only "before it affects the heterosexual population." Moreover, many gay leaders wondered who had determined that homosexuals were not part of the "general population" that so concerned the Secretary. - Author: Randy Shilts
Sray General Trading quotes by Randy Shilts
#44. Where had they learned to converse and to dance? I couldn't converse or dance. Everybody knew something I didn't know. The girls looked so good, the boys so handsome. I would be too terrified to even look at one of those girls, let alone be close to one. To look into her eyes or dance with her would be beyond me.
And yet I know that what I saw wasn't as simple and good as it appeared. There was a price to be paid for it all, a general falsity, that could be easily believed, and could be the first step down a dead-end street. - Author: Charles Bukowski
Sray General Trading quotes by Charles Bukowski
#45. Ford and General Motors executives made a big deal of the occasion by driving to Washington in their hybrid vehicles. Mulally of Ford came in an Escape SUV hybrid. Wagoner of General Motors was chauffeured in a Chevy Malibu hybrid.
Poor Bob Nardelli of Chrysler. The pickings were slim. Chrysler, known more for the styling of it's bodies than for its technological savvy, sent Nardelli to Washington in an Aspen Hybrid SUV, about the only "green" thing Chrysler had to offer. Problem is, it was a terrible vehicle and unreliable.
Despite being partially powered by a battery, the Aspen ran on a V-8 Hemi and got less than twenty miles to the gallon. The charging system was flawed and difficult to service.
His driver was Mike Carlisle, the homicide detective who had retired from the Detroit Police Department just a month earlier.
The media was invited to snap bon voyage photographs in Detroit, which they dutifully filed. What they did not see -and what Carlisle later told me- was that there were two engineers tailing Nardelli at a discreet three-mile buffer, carrying laptops and a trunk full of tolls in case the Aspen broke down. Even Chrysler didn't trust their products. - Author: Charlie LeDuff
Sray General Trading quotes by Charlie LeDuff
#46. Sometime you just need to be silent, have a drink and crack a smile or somethin', because the human condition, in general, is just overwhelming in so many ways. - Author: Cornel West
Sray General Trading quotes by Cornel West

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