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#1. Porridge is our soup, our grits, our sustenance, so it's pretty much the go-to for breakfast. For the first time, I ate with a bunch of other Taiwanese-Chinese kids my age who knew what the hell they were doing. Even at Chinese school, there were always kids that brought hamburgers, shunned chopsticks, or didn't get down with the funky shit. They were like faux-bootleg-Canal Street Chinamen.
That was one of the things that really annoyed me about growing up Chinese in the States. Even if you wanted to roll with Chinese/Taiwanese kids, there were barely any around and the ones that were around had lost their culture and identity. They barely spoke Chinese, resented Chinese food, and if we got picked on by white people on the basketball court, everyone just looked out for themselves. It wasn't that I wanted people to carry around little red books to affirm their "Chinese-ness," but I just wanted to know there were other people that wanted this community to live on in America. There was on kid who wouldn't eat the thousand-year-old eggs at breakfast and all the other kids started roasting him.
"If you don't get down with the nasty shit, you're not Chinese!"
I was down with the mob, but something left me unsettled. One thing ABCs love to do is compete on "Chinese-ness," i.e., who will eat the most chicken feet, pig intestines, and have the highest SAT scores. I scored high in chick feet, sneaker game, and pirated good, but relatively low on the SAT. I had made Na - Author: Eddie Huang
Srani Na quotes by Eddie Huang
#2. Chakravyuh mein ghusne se pehle,
Before entering the circle of deceit,
kaun tha mein aur kaisa tha,
who I was, and what I was,
yeh mujhe yaad hi na rahega.
I would not remember.
Chakravyuh mein ghusne ke baad,
After entering the circle of deceit,
mere aur chakravyuh ke beech,
(there was) between me and the circle,
sirf ek jaanleva nikat'ta thi,
only a deathly intimacy
iska mujhe pata hi na chalega.
that I never realised. - Author: Dilip Chitre
Srani Na quotes by Dilip Chitre
#3. After four knee surgeries and hundreds of shots injected into my knee weekly to alleviate swelling and pain, my body is begging me to stop the pounding. - Author: Li Na
Srani Na quotes by Li Na
#4. Friendship is the best kind of ship. - Author: Jennifer Lane
Srani Na quotes by Jennifer Lane
#5. It's not the one you love the longest, but the one you love deepest; that forever stays in your heart. (So I'm on a double whammy!) - Author: Na
Srani Na quotes by Na
#6. When you love someone it feels like their blood runs through your veins, their breath fills your lungs, their heart makes yours beat, and without them everything stops."
"Fuck. That sounds tragic."
Tell me about it. "It is." I bend to kiss him again, this time on the forehead. "But it's worth it. - Author: D.R. Graham
Srani Na quotes by D.R. Graham
#7. Of course you're nervous going into a final. - Author: Li Na
Srani Na quotes by Li Na
#8. I don't know how many years I can still play. I have to listen to my body and see how it feels. - Author: Li Na
Srani Na quotes by Li Na
#9. Why be a dumb dud? Do your friends shun you? Do people cross the street when they see you approaching? Do they run up the steps of strange houses, pretend they live there and force their way into the hall while you are passing by? If this is the sort of person you are, you must avail yourself today of this new service. Otherwise, you might as well be dead. - Author: Flann O'Brien
Srani Na quotes by Flann O'Brien
#10. He took my hand and held it against his chest, Feel that? It beats for you. - Author: Karli Perrin
Srani Na quotes by Karli Perrin
#11. When you do one thing, people think it's right or wrong. Maybe half-half. - Author: Li Na
Srani Na quotes by Li Na
#12. St. Clair: So did you enjoy the book?
Anna: I did. Did you?
St. Clair: I like the author's name the best. Ba-nah-na. - Author: Stephanie Perkins
Srani Na quotes by Stephanie Perkins
#13. People know what I'm doing. - Author: Li Na
Srani Na quotes by Li Na
#14. Then you have the people who believe your flippancy is due to some deep, dark, secret issue with your uterus that you're overcompensating for, and they look at you and your va**na with pity. - Author: Tara Sivec
Srani Na quotes by Tara Sivec
#15. (Should I be an a**hole and say that "quotes" is a verb? ... I think I just did.) - Author: Na
Srani Na quotes by Na
#16. In other words, you need to be a bureaucracy in order to survive one. This is the overwhelming narrative of modern American economics, that the individual, particularly the individual without a lot of money, is inherently overmatched. He's a loser. And if he falls into any part of the machine, he goes straight to the bottom.
And then there's the most disturbing truth of all. People assume that a system that favors the rich likes rich people. This isn't true. Our bureaucracies respond to the money rich people have, and they bend to the legal might the rich can hire, but they don't give a damn about rich people. You can be rich and still fall into any one of a dozen financial/legal meat grinders, from an erroneously collapsed credit score to a robo-signed foreclosure to a stolen identity to a retirement account vaporized by institutional theft and fraud.
The system eats up rich people, too, because it's not concerned with protecting any individuals, even the rich ones. These bureaucracies accomplish just two things: they make small piles of money smaller and big piles of money bigger. It's a system that doesn't care whose hands end up holding the bag, or how long those hands get to hold the bag. It just relentlessly creates and punishes losers, who get to sit beneath an ever-narrowing group of winners, who may or may not stay on top for long.
What does get preserved, in all cases, is a small constellation of sprawling, interconnected financial companies, whose na - Author: Matt Taibbi
Srani Na quotes by Matt Taibbi
#17. And right here
Right now
All the way in Battery City
The little children
Raise their open filthy palms
Like tiny daggers up to heaven
And all the juvee halls
And the Ritalin rats
Ask angels made from neon
And fucking garbage
Scream out, "What will save us?"
And the sky opened up - Author: Gerard Way
Srani Na quotes by Gerard Way
#18. Nobody says if you hit No. 2 in the world you have to win all your matches. - Author: Li Na
Srani Na quotes by Li Na
#19. I have no life there if you're not in it. You're part of everything good I've ever done, Ryen. Please. - Author: Penelope Douglas
Srani Na quotes by Penelope Douglas
#20. Every day I told him if he ruined my va**na I would video tape his birth and show all his future girlfriends what happened to your who-ha when you had sex, ensuring that he will never, ever get laid. Fuck playing Mozart and reading Shakespeare. I went with the scared straight method. - Author: Tara Sivec
Srani Na quotes by Tara Sivec
#21. The first question sobbed out by his choking voice, oppressed with emotion, was--
"Where is she?"
They led him to the room where his mother sat. They had told her of her son's acquittal, and now she was laughing, and crying, and talking, and giving way to all those feelings which she had restrained with such effort during the last few days. They brought her son to her, and she threw herself upon his neck, weeping there. He returned her embrace, but looked around, beyond. Excepting his mother, there was no one in the room but the friends who had entered with him.
"Eh, lad!" she said, when she found voice to speak. "See what it is to have behaved thysel! I could put in a good word for thee, and the jury could na go and hang thee in the face of th' character I gave thee. Was na it a good thing they did na keep me from Liverpool? But I would come; I knew I could do thee good, bless thee, my lad. But thou'rt very white, and all of a tremble."

He kissed her again and again, but looking round as if searching for some one he could not find, the first words he uttered were still--
"Where is she? - Author: Elizabeth Gaskell
Srani Na quotes by Elizabeth Gaskell
#22. You know these things as thoughts, but your thoughts are not your experiences, they are an echo and after-effect of your experiences: as when your room trembles whe na carriage goes past. I however am sitting in the carriage, and often I am the carriage itself.
Ina man who thinks like this, the dichotomy between thinking and feeling, intellect and passion, has really disappeared. He feels his thoughts. He can fall in love with an idea. An idea can make him ill. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
Srani Na quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#23. Na Arean sat alone in space as a cloud that floats in nothingness. He slept not, for there was no sleep; he hungered not, for as yet there was no hunger. So he remained for a great while, until a thought came to his mind. He said to himself, I will make a thing. - Author: Carl Sagan
Srani Na quotes by Carl Sagan
#24. Dzieje kultury wykazują, ze glupota jest siostrą bliźniaczą rozumu, ona rośnie najbujniej nie na glebie dziewiczej ignorancji , lecz na gruncie uprawnym siódmym potem doktorów i profesorów. Wielkie absurdy nie są wymyślane przez tych, których rozum krząta się wokól spraw codziennych. Nic dziwnego zatem, ze wlaśnie najintensywniejsi myśliciele bywali producentami największego glupstwa. / The history of culture shows that foolishness is a twin sister of wisdom. It does not flourish on the fields of pure ignorance but on the fields tirelessly plowed by doctors and professors. Great absurdities do not flourish where one is busy with everyday life. No wonder that sometimes most vigorous thinkers come up with utmost stupidities. (Dziennik 1956, XIX, Thursday) - Author: Witold Gombrowicz
Srani Na quotes by Witold Gombrowicz
#25. Mother Duncan, do kisses wash off?............"Lord, na! Freckles," she cried. "At least, the anes ye get from people ye love dinna. They dinna stay on the outside. They strike in until they find the centre of your heart and make their stopping-place there, and naething can take them from ye-I doubt if even death-Na, lad, ye can be reet sure kisses dinna wash off! - Author: Gene Stratton-Porter
Srani Na quotes by Gene Stratton-Porter
#26. My precious things… are things I've made for myself. - Author: Kanae Hazuki
Srani Na quotes by Kanae Hazuki
#27. The biggest hit of my life is Agneepath. My second is Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and the third biggest hit is Dhoom 2 - Author: Hrithik Roshan
Srani Na quotes by Hrithik Roshan
#28. You start out performing because it's fun, then you learn more things and you want to do more than go "Na-na-na-na" on a stage. The production end is interesting, writing is interesting, and you learn to coordinate all these things. - Author: Grace Slick
Srani Na quotes by Grace Slick
#29. This history sets forth the only true account of the adventures of a daring Tipperary man named Darby O'Gill among the Fairies of Sleive na mon. These adventures were first related to me by Mr. Jerry Murtaugh a reliable car driver who goes between Kilcuny and Ballinderg. He is a first cousin of Darby O'Gill's own mother. - Author: Herminie Templeton Kavanagh
Srani Na quotes by Herminie Templeton Kavanagh
#30. Lucia opened the door. "They say not to discuss politics and religion on the first date."
"Well, then." I gave her a huge smile. "We're screwed. - Author: Jennifer Lane
Srani Na quotes by Jennifer Lane
#31. Yeah? Well, you and your snooty, all-knowing witches have never been to the moon. My people have, because it was there and it was a good thing to do," Lily said in her best Boston accent. "So bite my scientist-loving ass. - Author: Josephine Angelini
Srani Na quotes by Josephine Angelini
#32. There was no 'I' in team, but there was meat in team. And we were all dead meat. - Author: Jennifer Lane
Srani Na quotes by Jennifer Lane
#33. A face on him as long as a hare's back leg. - Author: Myles Na GCopaleen
Srani Na quotes by Myles Na GCopaleen
#34. [L]e philosophe n'a jamais tué de prêtres et le prêtre a tué beaucoup de philosophes...

(The philosopher has never killed any priests, whereas the priest has killed a great many philosophers.) - Author: Denis Diderot
Srani Na quotes by Denis Diderot
#35. I am China, pronounced as Chee-na. And I think it's time the world lets older women age gracefully. - Author: China Machado
Srani Na quotes by China Machado
#36. People in China say: 'If you love your children, send them to New York. If you hate your children, also send them to New York.' - Author: Li Na
Srani Na quotes by Li Na
#37. She is beautiful, soft hair nearly midnight in color, large eyes nearly as dark, and ivory skin like the petals of the lily, and she wore a fragrance of jasmine. But 'tis her willfulness that I enjoyed the most. And her resourcefulness. - Author: Terry Spear
Srani Na quotes by Terry Spear
#38. I really do not think about 'Oh, right now I have to defend those points and this title.' I just really want to enjoy playing on the court, in front of the fans. - Author: Li Na
Srani Na quotes by Li Na

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