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Throughout my life as I've sought to become a published writer of speculative fiction, my strongest detractors and discouragers have been other African Americans. These were people who had, like generations before them, bought into the mythology of racism: black people don't read. Black people can't write. Black people have no talents other than singing and dancing and sports and crime. No one wants to read about black people, so don't write about them. No one wants to write about black people, which is why you never see a black protagonist. Even if you self-publish, black people won't support you. And if you aim for traditional publication, no one who matters - that is, white people - will buy your work.

(A corollary of all this: there is only black and white. Nothing else matters.)

Having swallowed these ideas, people regurgitated them at me at nearly every turn. And for a time, I swallowed them, too. As a black woman, I believed I wasn't supposed to be a writer. Simultaneously I believed I was supposed to write about black people - and only black people. And only within a strictly limited set of topics deemed relevant to black people, because only black people would ever read anything I'd written. Took me years after I started writing to create a protagonist who looked like me. And then once I started doing so, it took me years to write a protagonist who was something different. ~ N.K. Jemisin
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by N.K. Jemisin
People who write about spring training not being necessary have never tried to throw a baseball. ~ Sandy Koufax
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by Sandy Koufax
But I think a life of raising prize cattle, going shooting two or three times a year, fishing in the summer, and interspersing the whole thing with some golf and bridge - and whenever I felt like talking or writing, doing it with abandon and with no sense of responsibility whatsoever - maybe such a life wouldn't be so bad. ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by Dwight D. Eisenhower
By the time I joined the 'Washington Post' sports staff in 1979, Red's Runyonesque notion of sports writing was obsolete. ~ Jane Leavy
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by Jane Leavy
But when I saw the cursive grace of Guido Rahr's fly line writing prayers I couldn't read to the river gods of Outer Mongolia, I knew my name was written there too. Fly fishing was going to be my version of my father's sport, my nod to my Scottish ancestors and to my self, and to the fish crazed part of America I had claimed as my own. ~ Jessica Maxwell
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by Jessica Maxwell
The silliest and most tendentious of baseball writing tries to wrest profundity from the spectacle of grown men hitting a ball with a stick by suggesting linkages between the sport and deep issues of morality, parenthood, history, lost innocence, gentleness, and so on, seemingly ad infinitum . (The effort reeks of silliness because baseball is profound all by itself and needs no excuses; people who don't know this are not fans and are therefore unreachable anyway. ~ Stephen Jay Gould
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by Stephen Jay Gould
I have always wanted to be a published author. I write baseball books because I love the sport. ~ Jonathan Weeks
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by Jonathan Weeks
I have spent
or wasted
my life around motor racing: driving, promoting, and writing about what Ernest Hemingway once linked with mountain climbing and bull fighting as the only true sports. The rest, he sniffed, are merely games. ~ Brock Yates
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by Brock Yates
I don't read a lot of the sports, because I think people sometimes either build it up, or you have this guy that hates sports that is going to write bad about it, so I figure I'm not going to read it. Because I'm not going to let him put an idea into my head. ~ Herschel Walker
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by Herschel Walker
I really have reached a point where I can write a book about all of this. ~ O.J. Simpson
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by O.J. Simpson
I am writing in one of the Keepers' Lodges to wh I have returned after stalking & where I am waiting for the Prince of Wales. Quite the best day's sport I have had in this country - 4 good stags & home early! ~ Winston Churchill
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by Winston Churchill
When you're a sportswriter, you learn how to use your imagination and to flex your literary muscle, because it's the same game played over and over again. There's nothing unique or marvelous. It's not an earthquake, or a weird mass murder. It's just the same old game played over and over, and you have to bring out the personalities. You have to drag them kicking and screaming out into the light of day, or you're not a good sportswriter. ~ Rick Bragg
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by Rick Bragg
When I was first writing, I was writing mostly about sporting events, which was really what my assignments were. I was working on the Tour de France bike race and the Barcelona Olympic Games, and those songs tend to be very big, very bombastic-type music, which is the type of music that I love to write. ~ John Tesh
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by John Tesh
When I was writing the script, I knew didn't want to make a sports movie. I was very clear that I wanted to make a sibling rivalry story. So when I was writing the script, the football was getting in the way of the drama. One day, I saw Michael Haneke's Funny Games, which is probably the most violent film I've ever seen - but the violence is off camera. When I finished watching the film, I said, 'Hey, that's what I have to do.' Haneke gave me this solution. ~ Carlos Cuaron
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by Carlos Cuaron
When we talk about reviews, what we are really talking about is just a market report - it's like reading about the new Lexus. You have to know what the guy writing the review cares about to understand his take. Does he like sports cars, or does he like Bentleys? ~ Mike Nichols
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by Mike Nichols
Danilo's was the kind of place where many drinking men come to hide, be it from their wives, in-laws, their jobs or life in general. it was where men and women can come to drink poison as if it was the only form of medicine available to remedy the migraine headache called life. The lighting dim and secluded, mostly covering the tables, counters and the door to the bathroom. The walls were decorated in decades of memories, favorite sports teams and other miscellaneous decor that was typical of small bars such as this one. It was too dark to tell what they were from a distance.
There was a thick layer of smoke hovering in the air around the ceiling lights, the place was smothered in it but was strongest above everyone's heads. The smell was the classic stale bar odor of cigarettes and cheap cigars. ~ J.C. Joranco
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by J.C. Joranco
Poshlust," or in a better transliteration poshlost, has many nuances, and evidently I have not described them clearly enough in my little book on Gogol, if you think one can ask anybody if he is tempted by poshlost. Corny trash, vulgar clichés, Philistinism in all its phases, imitations of imitations, bogus profundities, crude, moronic, and dishonest pseudo-literature - these are obvious examples. Now, if we want to pin down poshlost in contemporary writing, we must look for it in Freudian symbolism, moth-eaten mythologies, social comment, humanistic messages, political allegories, overconcern with class or race, and the journalistic generalities we all know. Poshlost speaks in such concepts as "America is no better than Russia" or "We all share in Germany's guilt." The flowers of poshlost bloom in such phrases and terms as "the moment of truth," "charisma," "existential" (used seriously), "dialogue" (as applied to political talks between nations), and "vocabulary" (as applied to a dauber). Listing in one breath Auschwitz, Hiroshima, and Vietnam is seditious poshlost. Belonging to a very select club (which sports one Jewish name - that of the treasurer) is genteel poshlost. Hack reviews are frequently poshlost, but it also lurks in certain highbrow essays. Poshlost calls Mr. Blank a great poet and Mr. Bluff a great novelist. One of poshlost's favorite breeding places has always been the Art Exhibition; there it is produced by so-called sculptors working with the tools of wrec ~ Vladimir Nabokov
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
The two keys to success as a sportswriter are: 1) A blind willingness to believe anything you're told by the coaches, flacks, hustlers and other "official spokesmen" for the team-owners who provide the free booze ... and: 2) A Roget's Thesaurus, in order to avoid using the same verbs and adjectives twice in the same paragraph.
Even a sports editor, for instance, might notice something wrong with a lead that said: "The precision-jack-hammer attack of the Miami Dolphins stomped the balls off the Washington Redskins today by stomping and hammering with one precise jack-thrust after another up the middle, mixed with pinpoint-precision passes into the flat and numerous hammer-jack stomps around both ends ... ~ Hunter S. Thompson
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
While writing my first 90 books, I was magazine editor, publisher, book publisher, executive, etc., so I was established in publishing. three of my seven or so books were biographies of sports stars and really opened doors for me in that area. ~ Jerry B. Jenkins
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by Jerry B. Jenkins
Studying for the GRE? Essay-Girls provides students with sample essay responses for the Analytical Writing section of the exam. Presented herein are 15 sample essays to aid in study for GRE. As the essay prompts are property of ETS, they can be found on the ETS website yet are not presented herein. However, each sample essay's thesis statement is in bold. Now, get studying! ~ Andrea Schiralli
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by Andrea Schiralli
I always liked to write and had fun writing, but I didn't have any pretensions about being a writer. I liked to read and liked to putz around and write little stories or poems, but my thing was sports. ~ John Edgar Wideman
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by John Edgar Wideman
If Shakespeare had been in pro basketball, he never would have had time to write his soliloquies. He would have always been on a plane between Phoenix and Kansas City. ~ Paul Westhead
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by Paul Westhead
Breaking records is not something you expect to be doing. That's like a sports thing, it's not usually a comedy and writing thing. ~ Louis C.K.
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by Louis C.K.
The diversion of baiting an author has the sanction of all ages and nations, and is more lawful than the sport of teasing other animals, because, for the most part, he comes voluntarily to the stake, furnished, as he imagines, by the patron powers of literature, with resistless weapons, and impenetrable armour, with the mail of the boar of Erymanth, and the paws of the lion of Nemea. ~ Samuel Johnson
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by Samuel Johnson
I started writing stories in sixth grade. But writing wasn't cool, like being good at sports, or being part of the in crowd, or winning fights on the playground. ~ Rodman Philbrick
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by Rodman Philbrick
Writing is like dancing, or sports, where the expression of grace come only through movement. ~ Steven Taylor Goldsberry
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by Steven Taylor Goldsberry
Every time you write anything, at least half your readers are going to disagree with you. A big part of sports writing is how you respond to that tension. ~ Joe Posnanski
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by Joe Posnanski
[On writing:] "There's a great quote by Julius Irving that went, 'Being a professional is doing the things you love to do, on the days you don't feel like doing them.'"
(One On 1, interview with Budd Mishkin; NY1, March 25, 2007.) ~ David Halberstam
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by David Halberstam
I think if you're writing about cricket, you're obviously writing about power, because cricket is such a loaded sport, much more so than soccer. ~ Joseph O'Neill
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by Joseph O'Neill
Writing is like a sport. If you don't practice, you don't get any better. ~ Rick Riordan
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by Rick Riordan
This is the very structure of sports journalism: deification and damnation, death and resurrection, failure and redemption. You succeed so you can falter so you can succeed again. We need a rise and a fall. We need hubris and retribution and recovery. ~ Will Leitch
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by Will Leitch
The Chicago literary tradition is born not out of its Universities, but out of the sports desk and the city desk of its newspapers. Hemingway revolutionized English prose. His inspiration was the telegraph, whose use, at Western Union, taught this: every word costs something,
This, of course, is the essence of poetry, which is the essence of great prose. Chicagoan literature came from the newspaper, whose purpose, in those days, was to Tell What Happened. Hemingway's epiphany was reported, earlier, by Keats as " 'Beauty is truth, truth beauty' --that is all ye know earth, and all ye need to know." I would add to Keats' summation only this: "Don't let the other fellow piss on your back and tell you it's raining."
I believe one might theoretically forgive one who cheats at business, but never one who cheats at cards; for business adversaries operate at arm's length, the cardplayer under the strict rules of the game, period.
That was my first political epiphany.
And now, I have written a political book.
What are the qualifications for a Political Writer?
They are, I believe, the same as those of an aspiring critic: an inability to write for the Sports Page. ~ David Mamet
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by David Mamet
News writing and sports writing have become synonymous. And it started with, you know, free agency, and now it's in the concussion debate. ~ Jane Leavy
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by Jane Leavy
Journalism is a team sport. Writing novels is golf: it's you and the ball. ~ Pete Hamill
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by Pete Hamill
Being critical of art is a way of showing art respect. ~ Jerry Saltz
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by Jerry Saltz
Although they only give gold medals in the field of athletics, I encourage everyone to look into themselves and find their own personal dream, whatever that may be - sports, medicine, law, business, music, writing, whatever. The same principles apply. Turn your dream into a goal and learn how to attack that goal systematically. Break it into bite-size chunks that seem possible, and then don't give up. Just keep plugging away. ~ John Naber
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by John Naber
I'm not good at anything except writing jokes. I wasn't good at sports, I wasn't good at anything artsy, ever. I think there was a real worry for a while about what I would be good at. I was just this chubby little Indian kid who looked like a nerd. ~ Mindy Kaling
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by Mindy Kaling
I will always treasure the privilege of writing the 'Sports of The Times' column. ~ George Vecsey
Sports Writing Prompts quotes by George Vecsey
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