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As long as one egg looks pretty much like another, all the chickens like chicken, and beef beef, the substitution of quantity for quality will go unnoticed by most consumers, but it is becoming increasingly apparent to anyone with an electron microscope or a mass spectrometer that, truly, this is not the same food. ~ Michael Pollan
Spectrometer quotes by Michael Pollan
Great!" I rubbed my hands together. "Which one first?"
Anders's eyebrows rose. "Tory, that's a hefty request. Those machines are extremely expensive. We rarely log time on them for side projects." He pauses, lips pursed. "Your teacher couldn't have reasonably expected you to conduct a full microscopic analysis. How would you? I think you'll be okay with just the swab."
"Of course we will." Hi elbow-jabbed my side. "Tory's such a kidder. Let's run the mass spectrometer." He flashed a "get a load of this guy" face at Anders while aiming a thumb back at me. "What a joker! ~ Kathy Reichs
Spectrometer quotes by Kathy Reichs
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