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#1. When I was going to school, I just wanted to be like everybody else. I would pull at my hair to try and get it to lie straight. America was where I would consume and absorb black culture, buy Ultra Sheen and watch 'Soul Train,' but I still had that weird in-between thing. - Author: Neneh Cherry
Soul Train quotes by Neneh Cherry
#2. A lot of people don't know the first time I was ever on national television I was a 'Soul Train' dancer. - Author: Nick Cannon
Soul Train quotes by Nick Cannon
#3. I've hosted the Soul Train awards, the American Music Awards ... and I had my own talk show. So if I can't host by now, what the hell can I do? - Author: Queen Latifah
Soul Train quotes by Queen Latifah
#4. One motivation for the 'Soul Train' awards was the grumbling that all of us in the industry have heard about the way black music tends to be viewed as a secondary phenomenon by the other awards shows. - Author: Don Cornelius
Soul Train quotes by Don Cornelius
#5. I call you once ... you never dialed back.
Twice ... you never dialed back.
Saturday morning, live, I'm on Soul Train, talkin' to Don Cornelius.

Saturday night, my phone rings ...
Saturday night, I won't answer.
Saturday night, my phone rings again ...
Saturday night, I don't answer. - Author: Kool Keith
Soul Train quotes by Kool Keith
#6. Saturday morning, you knew what was cool by what was on 'Soul Train.' - Author: Nick Cannon
Soul Train quotes by Nick Cannon
#7. I hosted Soul train but I listen to everything. - Author: Shemar Moore
Soul Train quotes by Shemar Moore
#8. How did we lose our culture? Black people used to all do the same thing on Saturdays. We all watched "Soul Train" and "American Bandstand", got our fashion and dance tips, and then we emulated it and bought those records that we heard. Now it seems like there is no culture. The school of fish are all separate. Everybody's just randomized, listening to their own thing in their earbuds, and there's no uniformity. That bothers me. - Author: DJ Quik
Soul Train quotes by DJ Quik
#9. I've known the glory of the stage and the glory of the spotlight. I still crave it. I want to be on 'American Bandstand' and 'Soul Train' as a solo artist. As a producer, songwriter and arranger, I help other artists say what they want to say. But on my records, I say what I want to say. - Author: Narada Michael Walden
Soul Train quotes by Narada Michael Walden
#10. Pray each morning and each night.
Talk to God and be polite.
Tell Him what you're grateful for.
Leave your troubles at His door.
Share your wishes, needs, and hopes.
Ask God how to bravely cope.
Tell Him all you learned today.
Say the things you need to say.
Beg forgiveness for your sins.
Pray to live with Him again.
Speak with earnest heart and soul.
He will listen. This I know.
For prayer is hope put to the test.
And hope is faith in what is best.
Faith is power to do great things.
Thus, prayer is faith's enabling wings. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
Soul Train quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#11. I am your eyes," said truth.
"I am your ears," said patience.
"I am your hands," said courage.
"I am your feet," said faith.

"I am your mind," said reason.
"I am your heart," said joy.
"I am your soul," said love.
"I am your god," said life. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
Soul Train quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#12. Living with reality is a very good trick. It gives you tremendous freedom and it changes the structure of molecules of your soul by living through reality because you don't expect anything anymore, which is a weird paradox. - Author: Anthony Hopkins
Soul Train quotes by Anthony Hopkins
#13. I will forever walk alone in a world overflowing with those that will never understand my meaning of "Learning to See" I'm always teaching myself to see beauty in all aspects of reality, yearning to learn the beauty in others, from their vision of everyday life to their deepest secrets of their dreams. As the sun rises I must smile, smile for those with the beautiful mind and soul. I'm so passionate for the visions I see, and the dreams I wish the world could be. - Author: Michael Jones
Soul Train quotes by Michael Jones
#14. Heart...Soul...Words - Author: Leslie Hachtel
Soul Train quotes by Leslie Hachtel
#15. For I need this scar over my heart to remind me. Crazy as it sounds, if I can bear the wound on my body, it lessens what I must carry on my soul. How he knew that about me, I cannot fathom. - Author: Ann Aguirre
Soul Train quotes by Ann Aguirre
#16. Either you're a person wondering if you have a soul, or you're a soul who knows that being a person isn't real. - Author: Deepak Chopra
Soul Train quotes by Deepak Chopra
#17. Sometimes the things we do second time around are better and hold more value because we take the time to reflect and review, and revive them through a higher love. Don't be afraid to try again and do-over with greater wisdom, a fresh set of eyes, and a renewed hope. Life is not a straight line of first time successes. It's the road that is paved with failure and seemingly wrong turns that provides us with character, emotional grit and inner muscle to find new perspectives. The only expiry date to your dreams, intentions or goals is the one you allow to soak into your soul. - Author: Christine Evangelou
Soul Train quotes by Christine Evangelou
#18. I've seen it all through the yellow windows of the evening train ... - Author: Tom Waits
Soul Train quotes by Tom Waits
#19. I am standing on the threshold of another trembling world. May God have mercy on my soul. - Author: Bobby Sands
Soul Train quotes by Bobby Sands
#20. The simple fact was, he loved her. Loved her with every breath in his body, every cell in his blood, every bone and organ he possessed. He loved her to the depths of his very soul. Had only taken five minutes after she'd walked away to realize it. She - Author: Gena Showalter
Soul Train quotes by Gena Showalter
#21. Liberty trains for liberty. - Author: W.E.B. Du Bois
Soul Train quotes by W.E.B. Du Bois
#22. And with that reunion ... it was like I was emerging from a cave-one I'd been in for almost five weeks-into the bright light of day. When Dimitri had turned, I'd felt like I'd lost part of my soul. When I'd left Lissa, another piece had gone. Now, seeing her ... I began to think maybe my soul might be able to heal. Maybe I could go on after all. I didn't feel 100 percent whole yet, but her presence filled up that missing part of me. I felt more like myself than I had in ages. - Author: Richelle Mead
Soul Train quotes by Richelle Mead
#23. Because love was a light that wouldn't allow darkness to reign in his soul. - Author: Karen Kingsbury
Soul Train quotes by Karen Kingsbury
#24. Other vices make their own way; this makes way for all vices. He that is a drunkard is qualified for all vice. - Author: Francis Quarles
Soul Train quotes by Francis Quarles
#25. You are My Mother, the Mother of Mercy, and the consolation of the souls in Purgatory. - Author: Brigit Of Kildare
Soul Train quotes by Brigit Of Kildare
#26. None of us like the concept of law because none of us like the restraints it puts on us. But when we understand that God has given us his law to aid us in guarding our souls, we see that the law is for our fulfillment, not for our limitation. The law reminds us that some things, some experiences, some relationships are sacred. When everything has been profaned, it is not just my freedom that has been lost- the loss is everyone's. God gave us the law to remind us of the sacredness of life, and our created legal systems only serve to remind us of the profane judgments we make. - Author: Ravi Zacharias
Soul Train quotes by Ravi Zacharias
#27. If you said you'd do the thing you said you'd do alone, then go boldly into the wilderness and may your own soul be company enough, while you do the thing you said you'd do. - Author: Pleasefindthis
Soul Train quotes by Pleasefindthis
#28. If we train our conscience, it kisses us while it hurts - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
Soul Train quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#29. So long as you believe yourself to be 'only human' you have accepted life in a prison cell whose door remains locked only by your own mind.
By saying, 'well, I'm only human', you have blindly submitted to all the limitations, fears, pettiness, greed and hatreds which make the common person weak and fragile.
Most never become aware that another way is possible.
You are human, but much more, too.
The much-moreness is the vast, brilliant freedom and power which has confined itself in your humanity.
If you are willing (and not everyone is, which is also a perfectly valid choice), you can begin to explore your native powers and experience freedom within limitation. When you do this, you live fully while you are here and you are no longer afraid to die.
When you are not afraid of death but seek to live in a state of always-discovering, this is when life is transformed and you accept your birthright to choose and create in extraordinary fashion. - Author: Jacob Nordby
Soul Train quotes by Jacob Nordby
#30. I'm going to love teaching you some patience, sweetheart. You don't know what dying means yet. You'll know when you've come for my mouth so many times, you'd sell your soul to be filled. - Author: Tessa Bailey
Soul Train quotes by Tessa Bailey
#31. I vow that i will never forget this once in a life time love and to know it to be the deepest part of our soul and no matter how far the wave carry us apart we will always find our way to eachother. - Author: Peter Adejimi
Soul Train quotes by Peter Adejimi
#32. The soul of all is one soul and the truth is one truth, under whatever religion it is hidden. - Author: Hazrat Inayat Khan
Soul Train quotes by Hazrat Inayat Khan
#33. Well, yelling real loud, that's an important skill to have, too. You never know when you might walk right in front of a train and her yelling's all that stands between you and eternity. But for that yell, you'd be flat, and there's nothing worse than a flat boy, just kind of ruins the day for everyone. - Author: Diane Hammond
Soul Train quotes by Diane Hammond
#34. All thy old woes shall now smile on thee, and thy pains sit bright on thee. All thy sorrows here shall shine and thy sufferings be divine; Tears shall take comfort and turn to gems and wrongs repent to diadems Even thy deaths shall live and new dress the soul that once they slew. - Author: Richard Crashaw
Soul Train quotes by Richard Crashaw
#35. All his life he [the American] jumps into the train after it has started and jumps out before it has stopped; and he never once gets left behind, or breaks a leg. - Author: George Santayana
Soul Train quotes by George Santayana
#36. You are already part of a family," Desari reminded him,her body brushing his, her arms circling his waist from behind. She had materialized out of nowhere,her presence filling the healing chamber.
She was there.Completing him. His air. His heart.The part of his soul that really lived and loved and mattered. Without conscious thought he sent up a quick prayer of thanks that he had been granted such a priceless treasure when he felt so undeserving of her.
Julian loved the way she smelled. He inhaled, and her scent washed over him, clean and sexy. "This mess? With all these males?" Julian allowed a low, rumbling growl to escape. "This is no family. This is a man's nightmare."
Desari deliberately moved against him, her body soft and pliant with invitation. "Is that what you think?"
"What I think is"-Julian circled her slender throat with his large hand in mock threat- "you are deliberately tempting me when I have important, pressing business to atttend to. - Author: Christine Feehan
Soul Train quotes by Christine Feehan
#37. Music has the capacity to touch the innermost reaches of the soul and music gives flight to the imagination. - Author: Plato
Soul Train quotes by Plato
#38. Fire and ice licked at his soul - whispered his name - drawing him deeper into the enveloping pain and blackness as he'd dreamed earlier. He suddenly wished to return to the rippling stream. The water would wash away the blistering pain…the fire…the burn. He'd wade deeper…submit to the current…
He'd let go… - Author: R.W. Patterson
Soul Train quotes by R.W.  Patterson
#39. Whatever attracts the mind from God, whatever draws the affections away from Christ, is an enemy to the soul. - Author: Ellen G. White
Soul Train quotes by Ellen G. White
#40. Fine minds are seldom fine souls. - Author: Jean Paul Friedrich Richter
Soul Train quotes by Jean Paul Friedrich Richter
#41. As always, Adam was reminded of how Ronan belonged in this place. Something about the familiar way he stood as he searched for ripe fruit implied that he had done it many times before. It made it easy to understand that Ronan had grown up here and would grow old here. Easy to see how to exile him was to excise his soul. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Soul Train quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#42. Those who become incoculated with the virus of race hatred are more unfortunate than the victim of it. Race hatred is the most malignant poison that can afflict the mind. It freezes up the fount of inspiration and chills the higher faculties of the soul. - Author: Kelly Miller
Soul Train quotes by Kelly Miller
#43. He: what made you think I am searching for something in life?

She: you have the saddest eyes I have ever seen in a Man! - Author: Avijeet Das
Soul Train quotes by Avijeet Das
#44. Rock guys were Viagra for my soul. - Author: Nicky Wells
Soul Train quotes by Nicky Wells

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