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#1. Sometimes, giving all of your love isn't much so save a good soul, it demands soul for a soul as fair payment. - Author: Gurusharan Singh
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Gurusharan Singh
#2. Give yourself to me, Gemma, and you will never be alone again. You'll be worshiped. Adored. Loved. But you must give yourself to me- a willing sacrifice.'
Tears slip down my face. 'Yes,' I murmur.
Gemma, don't listen,' Circe says hoarsely, and for a moment, I don't see Eugenia; I see only the tree, the blood pumping beneath its pale skin, the bodies of the dead hanging from it like chimes.
I gasp, and Eugenia is before me again. 'Yes, this is what you want, Gemma. Try as you might, you cannot kill this part of yourself. The solitude of the self taht waits just under the stairs of your soul. Always there, no matter how much you've tried to get rid of it. I understand. I do. Stay with me and never be lonely again.'
Don't listen... to that... bitch,' Circe croaks, and the vines tighten around her neck.
No, you're wrong,' I say to Eugenia as if coming out of a long sleep. 'You couldn't kill this part of yourself. And you couldn't accept it, either.'
I'm sure I don't know what you mean.' she says, sounding uncertain for the first time.
That's why they were able to take you. They found your fear.'
And what, pray, was it?'
Your pride. You couldn't believe you might have some of the same qualities as the creatures themselves.'
I am not like them. I am their hope. I sustain them.'
No. You tell yourself that. That's why CIrce told me to search my dark corners. So I wouldn't be caught off guard.'
Circe laughts, a splintered ca - Author: Libba Bray
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Libba Bray
#3. I recognised a soul that revelled in the flame and excitement of sacrifice. - Author: Charlotte Bronte
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Charlotte Bronte
#4. When is there a boy, even in these materialistic times, to whom the call of the wild and the open road does not appeal? Maybe it is the primitive instinct, anyway it is there. With that key a great door may be unlocked, if it is only to admit fresh air and sunshine into lives that were otherwise grey.
The heroes of the wild, the frontiersmen and explorers, the rovers of the seas, the airmen of the clouds, are pied pipers to the boys. Where they lead the boys will follow and these will dance to their tune when it sings the song of manliness and pluck, of adventure and high endeavors of efficiency and skill, of cheerful sacrifice of self for others. There's meat in this for the boy. There's soul in it. - Author: Baden-Powell Robert Baden-Powell
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Baden-Powell Robert Baden-Powell
#5. Since everyone could not be given a knowledge of the Savior, God gave every soul a mother. Maybe He hoped that through some of these mothers, He could give all His children a taste of the selfless sacrifice and perfect love of Christ. Perhaps it it through the love of good mothers that God prepares all of His children to one day recognize and accept the love of their good Savior. - Author: Brad Wilcox
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Brad Wilcox
#6. Fixate your love on Him, be obedient to God's word, and don't seek the glory of this world. In doing these things, God will exalt you in this earth and you won't have to sacrifice your soul for earthly crowns that will fade. - Author: Monica Johnson
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Monica Johnson
#7. But I am your willing sacrifice, Dustin; I am the one willing to let you go in the deep hope that you will someday come back to me, come back to that moment and that understanding.
Yes, I cannot breathe without you in my soul, but I also know that I cannot take your breath for you. I understand that now. - Author: Brandon Shire
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Brandon Shire
#8. We all of us die, Miss Smallwood,' he interrupted. 'But we don't all of us make our lives count for something. How much better to die saving another soul than to stand safe on shore and do nothing while others perish? - Author: Julie Klassen
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Julie Klassen
#9. A good man knows when to sacrifice himself, a bad man survives but loses his soul. - Author: John Le Carre
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by John Le Carre
#10. Look deep within your soul and ask yourself - no matter who it concerns - is it worth it?
Is it worth losing your outer and inner peace?
Is it worth your happiness?
Is it worth your sanity?
If they are causing you stress; let them go and cut the cord.
The question that needs to be asked is - who do you love more? Yourself, or making other people happy? - Author: Charlena E. Jackson
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#11. You were not the first dream I ever had, but you were the only dream that ever felt real. You were the dream the taught me I did have a soul. I don't know how low I will fall or what evil I will do, but I know you. I know there is nothing between us and there never could be. But I would do whatever you asked. I would do anything you want. If I had anything Worth giving to you, I would give it. If I had anything to sacrifice, I would sacrifice it for you. - Author: Sarah Rees Brennan
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
#12. Nothing feels dirtier than living a life that is not your own. No amount of money is worth my soul. I would rather be homeless and go out in a blaze of glory than subject myself to a slow and steady death of apathy and government by my environment. - Author: Chris Matakas
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Chris Matakas
#13. Sunday Morning


Complacencies of the peignoir, and late
Coffee and oranges in a sunny chair,
And the green freedom of a cockatoo
Upon a rug mingle to dissipate
The holy hush of ancient sacrifice.
She dreams a little, and she feels the dark
Encroachment of that old catastrophe,
As a calm darkens among water-lights.
The pungent oranges and bright, green wings
Seem things in some procession of the dead,
Winding across wide water, without sound.
The day is like wide water, without sound,
Stilled for the passing of her dreaming feet
Over the seas, to silent Palestine,
Dominion of the blood and sepulchre.


Why should she give her bounty to the dead?
What is divinity if it can come
Only in silent shadows and in dreams?
Shall she not find in comforts of the sun,
In pungent fruit and bright, green wings, or else
In any balm or beauty of the earth,
Things to be cherished like the thought of heaven?
Divinity must live within herself:
Passions of rain, or moods in falling snow;
Grievings in loneliness, or unsubdued
Elations when the forest blooms; gusty
Emotions on wet roads on autumn nights;
All pleasures and all pains, remembering
The bough of summer and the winter branch.
These are the measures destined for her soul.


Jove in the clouds had his inh - Author: Wallace Stevens
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Wallace Stevens
#14. Ridiculous, that Finn had to be the one giving comfort. But it had been this way with Tom too. Arguments were tricky things for both sides to win if no one ever gave way first. There was something terribly domestic about the small sacrifice of ego, of first place. Sure, sex was a fine thing, but a fight at the end of which the pair of you were more lovingly entangled than ever, that was closer to being one flesh, one soul, than anything else. - Author: Alex Beecroft
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Alex Beecroft
#15. I believe that man will not merely endure: he will prevail. He is immortal, not because he alone among creatures has an inexhaustible voice, but because he has a soul, a spirit capable of compassion and sacrifice and endurance. - Author: William Faulkner
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by William Faulkner
#16. It is Christ living in the soul by faith that makes the body a living sacrifice, - Author: Matthew Henry
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Matthew Henry
#17. Many are rather easily able to contemplate the heroism of sacrifice, yet it is the few who are brave enough to move that notion from thought to action. And it is to those of you who made that move that my heart salutes and my soul marvels. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#18. Why sacrifice the innocent?
Why crucify mankind,
Is it just life, or the deeds of an egocentric God?
Why create a thief, the monster that kills the soul?
What is the purpose of pain and suffering?
Is it just life or the sick mind of an egocentric God? - Author: Quetzal
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Quetzal
#19. Woman too commonly commits the sin of self-sacrifice whereby she consents to be sequestered in the home, without intellectual stimulus, so that the tranquil flame of her unspoiled soul should radiate purity and nobility upon an indefinitely extended family. - Author: Rebecca West
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Rebecca West
#20. Love is nourished only by sacrifices, and the more a soul refuses natural satisfactions, the stronger and more disinterested becomes her tenderness. - Author: Therese Of Lisieux
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Therese Of Lisieux
#21. Work, my children, work with your whole heart and soul! That is the thing. Mind not the fruit of work. What if you go to hell working for others? That is worth more than to gain heaven by seeking your own salvation ... Sri Ramakrishna came and gave his life for the world. I will also sacrifice my life. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#22. Next comes the temptation to destroy ourselves for love of the other. The only value is love of the other. Self-sacrifice is an absolute value in itself. And the desire of the other is also absolute in itself. No matter what the lover desires, we will give up our life or even our soul to please him. This is the asceticism of Eros, which makes it a point of honor to follow the beloved even into hell. For what greater sacrifice could man offer on the altar of love than the sacrifice of his own immortal soul? Heroism in this sacrifice is measured precisely by madness: it is all the greater when it is offered for a more trivial motive. - Author: Thomas Merton
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Thomas Merton
#23. Only yesterday I was no different than them, yet I was saved. I am explaining to you the way of life of a people who say every sort of wicked thing about me because I sacrificed their friendship to gain my own soul. I left the dark paths of their duplicity and turned my eyes toward the light where there is salvation, truth, and justice. They have exiled me now from their society, yet I am content. Mankind only exiles the one whose large spirit rebels against injustice and tyranny. He who does not prefer exile to servility is not free in the true and necessary sense of freedom. - Author: Kahlil Gibran
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Kahlil Gibran
#24. If pain sometimes shatters the creature's false self sufficiency, yet in supreme Trial or Sacrifice' it teaches him the self-sufficiency which really ought to be his - the 'strength which, if Heaven gave it may be called his own': for then, in the absence of all merely natural motives and supports he acts in that strength, and that alone, which God confers upon him through his subjected will. Human will becomes truly creative and truly our own when it is wholly God's, and this is one of the many senses in which he that loses his soul shall find it. In all other acts our will is fed through nature, that is, through created things other than the self - through the desires which our physical organism and our heredity supply to us. When we act from ourselves alone, that is, from God in ourselves - we are collaborators in, or live instruments of creation: and that is why such an act undoes with 'backward mutters of deserving power' the uncreative spell which Adam laid upon his species. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by C.S. Lewis
#25. I recognized that Christianity had taught me that sacrifice is the way of life. I forgot the neighbor who raped me, but I could see that when theology presents Jesus' death as God's sacrifice of his beloved child for the sake of the world, it teaches that the highest love is sacrifice. To make sacrifice or to be sacrificed is virtuous and redemptive.

But what if this is not true? What if nothing, or very little, is saved? What if the consequence of sacrifice is simply pain, the diminishment of life, fragmentation of the soul, abasement, shame? What if the severing of life is merely destructive of life and is not the path of love, courage, trust, and faith? What if the performance of sacrifice is a ritual in which some human beings bear loss and others are protected from accountability or moral expectations? - Author: Rebecca Ann Parker
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Rebecca Ann Parker
#26. In the end, the creators of Narnia and Middle-earth offer a vision of human life that is at once terrifying and sublime. They insist that every soul is caught up in an epic story of sacrifice and courage and clashing armies: the Return of the King. It is the day when every heart will be laid bare. We will know, with inexpressible joy or unspeakable sorrow, whether we have chosen Light or Darkness. - Author: Joseph Loconte
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Joseph Loconte
#27. O God, what offering shall I give
To Thee, the Lord of earth and skies?
My spirit, soul, and flesh receive,
A holy, living sacrifice. - Author: Joachim Lange
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Joachim Lange
#28. Gifts of grace come to all of us. But we must be ready to see and willing to receive these gifts. It will require a kind of sacrifice, the sacrifice of believing that, however painful our losses, life can still be good - good in a different way then before, but nevertheless good. I will never recover from my loss and I will never got over missing the ones I lost. But I still cherish life ... I will always want the ones I lost back again. I long for them with all my soul. But I still celebrate the life I have found because they are gone. I have lost, but I have also gained. I lost the world I loved, but I gained a deeper awareness of grace. That grace has enabled me to clarify my purpose in life and rediscover the wonder of the present moment. - Author: Gerald L. Sittser
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Gerald L. Sittser
#29. That kind of devotion, that kind of sacrifice, came from a deeply selfless soul. It came from someone who loved hard and loved forever. - Author: Dakota Cassidy
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Dakota Cassidy
#30. Being a mother is not about 'birthing a child into the world.' Rather, it is about repeatedly 'birthing into the child' a steady sense of their inestimable worth, a prized understanding of their authentic self, a conviction that the impossible is largely the stuff of myth, and an utterly unwavering belief that cold actions of men never represent the warm heart of God. It is the relentless act of birthing these things into the innermost soul of a thirsty child that makes a woman a mother. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#31. It has been said that the great things in life are exactly what they seem to be. Such simplicity can be difficult to understand. I have had many visions that I could not interpret, visions meant to be passed to a greater soul. I am but a thread in the fabric. Nevertheless, I do know this: even the finest and most self-sacrificing actions must be paid for. Strangely enough, that is what makes them so fine. - Author: Susan Cartwright
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Susan Cartwright
#32. We must plunge heart and soul and body into the work. And until we are ready to sacrifice everything else to one Idea and to one alone, we never, never will see the Light. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#33. A man who finds peace in the fume of his work is a man who knows himself and, therefore, knows what he must do. What is it that I would sacrifice myself to achieve? What is it that fills my lonely days and dowdy nights? What work consoles the soul? What action allows the brain to work at a fever, burn like an uncontrollable wildfire? What occupation, craft, or deed can I undertake that will embody a desire to share with other people my intellectual and emotional being? How does one express their worldly aspirations and spiritual yearnings? - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#34. When you love someone completely, you'll do anything to protect them, even if you sacrifice your soul. Because if you don't, you destroy your soul anyway. - Author: Joey W. Hill
Soul Sacrifice Delta quotes by Joey W. Hill

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