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Don't tell me what I won't do Serena, because when it comes to you, I seem to be breaking all of my own rules ~ Beckie Stevenson
Sorrow Woods quotes by Beckie Stevenson
Ssh," he almost whisperes. "I heard you Serena." He snakes his arm around my back and rougly pulls me into him. "I get that I scare you and that you don't really like me. I understand that's how you feel, but it doesn't mean that I'm going to accept it. ~ Beckie Stevenson
Sorrow Woods quotes by Beckie Stevenson
She nods. "We have five knives, two guns, and a big hole."
I look up into her innocent blue eyes and try not to smile. "Erm, okay."
"If you do anything bad, I will shoot you and put you in the hole."
Aah. Now I see why she was rattling off the inventory. ~ Beckie Stevenson
Sorrow Woods quotes by Beckie Stevenson
We ought not to have to wait for sorrow before we can appreciate the sweetness of joy. ~ J.R. Miller
Sorrow Woods quotes by J.R. Miller
Among the delights of Summer were picnics to the woods. ~ Georg Brandes
Sorrow Woods quotes by Georg Brandes
The soul bride shall never be a widow, she shall never suffer sorrow. ~ Guru Nanak
Sorrow Woods quotes by Guru Nanak
I started running for reasons I had only just begun to understand. As a child, I ran in the woods and around my house for fun. As a teen, I ran to get my body in better shape. Later, I ran to find peace. I ran, and kept running, because I had learned that once you started something you didn't quit, because in life, much like in an ultramarathon, you have to keep pressing forward. Eventually I ran because I turned into a runner, and my sport brought me physical pleasure and spirited me away from debt and disease, from the niggling worries of everyday existence. I ran because I grew to love other runners. I ran because I loved challenges and because there is no better feeling than arriving at the finish line or completing a difficult training run. And because, as an accomplished runner, I could tell others how rewarding it was to live healthily, to move my body every day, to get through difficulties, to eat with consciousness, that what mattered wasn't how much money you made or where you lived, it was how you lived. I ran because overcoming the difficulties of an ultramarathon reminded me that I could overcome the difficulties of life, that overcoming difficulties was life. ~ Scott Jurek
Sorrow Woods quotes by Scott Jurek
is the root cause of sorrow but desire is also the root cause of action. How do we counter the paralysis of action when there is no desire to motivate us? ~ Eric Weiner
Sorrow Woods quotes by Eric Weiner
And what has become of it, where is that onetime love? Now it is the grave of a bird, a drop of black quartz, a chunk of wood eroded by the rain. ~ Pablo Neruda
Sorrow Woods quotes by Pablo Neruda
When you gentlemen come to stand at the Boundary between the Settl'd and the Unpossess'd, just about to enter the Deep Woods, you will recognize the Sensation ... ~ Thomas Pynchon
Sorrow Woods quotes by Thomas Pynchon
Dear Angel Juan,
You used to guard my sleep like a panther biting back my pain with the edge of your teeth. You carried me into the dark dream jungle, loping past the hungry vines, crossing the shiny fish-scale river. We left my tears behind in a chiming silver pool. We left my sorrow in the muddy hollows. When I woke up you were next to me, damp and matted, your eyes hazy, trying to remember the way I clung to you, how far down we went.
Was the journey too far, Angel Juan? Did we go too far? ~ Francesca Lia Block
Sorrow Woods quotes by Francesca Lia Block
We do terrible things to the ones we love. We cheat and lie and betray them, for thirty pieces of silver or our own selfish hearts. The only way love endures is because of one simple gift. Forgiveness. ~ Vanessa Woods
Sorrow Woods quotes by Vanessa Woods
I feel so giddy with happiness I should have little cartoon bluebirds flitting around my head and bunnies gambolling at my feet. ~ Cate Woods
Sorrow Woods quotes by Cate Woods
In democratic ages men rarely sacrifice themselves for another, but they show a general compassion for all the human race. One never sees them inflict pointless suffering, and they are glad to relieve the sorrows of others when they can do so without much trouble to themselves. They are not disinterested, but they are gentle. ~ Alexis De Tocqueville
Sorrow Woods quotes by Alexis De Tocqueville
If true love breaks as easily as a delusion, on what can we rely? What will people pin their hopes on?" [Nilima]
"They'll have the sweet, intimate memories of a lost paradise, and beside it a sea of sorrow ... People looking on from outside think all is lost ... What remains when everything is lost can be held in the palm, like a jewel. It can't be flaunted in a pageant, so the lookers-on are disappointed and jeer as they return home.." [Kamal]
" ... Jewels are not meant for everybody, certainly not for the rabble. People who're only happy when decked out with gold and silver from top to toe won't understand the value of your tiny diamonds and gems. Those who want a lot feel secure only after tying knot upon knot. They put a price on something only by its weight and show and bulk. But it's useless to try and show the sunrise from a western window..[Nilima] ~ Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay
Sorrow Woods quotes by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay
Oh" she says "the inconceivable sorrow of it, those chairs piled up at night when you're sitting in a cafè. The last one left". ~ Muriel Spark
Sorrow Woods quotes by Muriel Spark
My own acid-eating experience is limited in terms of total consumption, but widely varied as to company and circumstances ... and if I had a choice of repeating any one of the half dozen bouts I recall, I would choose one of those Hell's Angels parties in La Honda, complete with all the mad lighting, cops on the road, a Ron Boise sculpture looming out of the woods, and all the big speakers vibrating with Bob Dylan's "Mr. Tambourine Man." It was a very electric atmosphere. If the Angels lent a feeling of menace, they also made it more interesting ... and far more alive than anything likely to come out of a controlled experiment or a politely brittle gathering of well-educated truth-seekers looking for wisdom in a capsule. Dropping acid with the Angels was an adventure; they were too ignorant to know what to expect, and too wild to care. They just swallowed the stuff and hung on ... which is probably just as dangerous as the experts say, but a far, far nuttier trip than sitting in some sterile chamber with a condescending guide and a handful of nervous, would-be hipsters. ~ Hunter S. Thompson
Sorrow Woods quotes by Hunter S. Thompson

Wave of sorrow,
Do not drown me now:

I see the island
Still ahead somehow.

I see the island
And its sands are fair:

Wave of sorrow,
Take me there. ~ Langston Hughes
Sorrow Woods quotes by Langston Hughes
When pressed, hunters who claim that they just want "to be out in the wilderness," will admit that the kill is essential - or at least the hope of a kill. As it turns out, there is no correlation between hunting and hiking, climbing, backpacking, kayaking, or any other outdoor activity. Hunters do not purposefully linger in the woods after a kill, but quickly begin the process of preparing to head home with the corpse. For hunters, the kill is the climax - the most important moment. They are not driving into the woods (or sometimes actually walking) for the sake of beauty, but in the hope of a kill. ~ Lisa Kemmerer
Sorrow Woods quotes by Lisa Kemmerer
demanding what is yours and what is not is two different two things,,
escape the sorrow and get a moment of happiness, ~ Augelicht
Sorrow Woods quotes by Augelicht
Whatever you do, don't shut off your pain. Accept your pain and remain vulnerable. However desperate you become, don't shut off your pain because it is in fact trying to hand you a precious gift -- the chance of discovery through spiritual practice, what lies behind sorrow. And don't we know and only far too well, that protection from pain doesn't work. And when we try and defend ourselves from suffering, we only suffer more and don't learn what we can from experience. ~ Sogyal Rinpoche
Sorrow Woods quotes by Sogyal Rinpoche
They started to walk back through the woods and the wolves bounced around their legs as they went, frolicking like they were still puppies. A tinge of sadness tugged at Loupe's heart. "Etienne?"
"Yes?" He growled and swatted as one of the wolves almost knocked him over.
"I want more puppies."
Etienne froze, his jaw dropping as he stared at her. One of the wolves caught him off guard and a well-timed leg bump sent them both crashing to the grass.
Loupe shrugged and kept walking as Etienne sputtered on the ground. "We'll talk later, then?"
-Loupe and Etienne. ~ Jennifer Blackstream
Sorrow Woods quotes by Jennifer Blackstream
A small temptation can stop a great glory and turn great joy into a great sorrow ~ Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Sorrow Woods quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
It would be a marvelous thing if in the process of your listening - unemotionally, not sentimentally - to what is being said … you could really understand sorrow and be totally free of it; because then there would be no self-deception, no illusions, no anxieties, no fear, and the brain could function clearly, sharply, logically. And then, perhaps, one would know what love is. ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti
Sorrow Woods quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
How long, Klara wondered now, how long after the mortar set did the joy remain? When one embraces a moment of rapture from the past, either by trying to reclaim it or by refusing to let it go, how can its brightness not tarnish, turn grey with longing and sorrow, until the wild spell of the remembered interlude is lost altogether and the memory of sadness claims its rightful place in the mind? And what is it we expect from the sun-drenched past? There is no formula for re-entry, nothing we can do to enable reconstruction. The features of an absent loved one's face are erased one by one, the timbre of the voice drowned by the noise of the world. Fondly recalled landscapes are savagely altered; we lose them tree by tree. Even the chestnut tree outside Klara's window would die a slow, rotting death until it would fall one night in a summer storm when everything in Klara wanted it to remain standing, blossoming in spring, leafy in summer, the only access, she secretly believed, to the window of her former self. ~ Jane Urquhart
Sorrow Woods quotes by Jane Urquhart
Elizabeth, as they drove along, watched for the first appearance of Pemberley Woods with some perturbation; and when at length they turned in at the lodge, her spirits were in a high flutter. The park was very large, and contained great variety of ground. They entered it in one of its lowest points, and drove for some time through a beautiful wood stretching over a wide extent. Elizabeth's mind was too full for conversation, but she saw and admired every remarkable spot and point of view. ~ Jane Austen
Sorrow Woods quotes by Jane Austen
A long walk in a long beach shortens every kind of sorrow! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
Sorrow Woods quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
There's dark magic there," Luc warned. "Creatures who like the cold, who like girls who wander into their woods. Whatever you do, don't let them kiss you. ~ Megan Shepherd
Sorrow Woods quotes by Megan Shepherd
Sorrow is a call from God. It forces you to contemplate and get closer to the Self. ~ Sirshree
Sorrow Woods quotes by Sirshree
If there were a how-to book, Demon Slaying for Dummies, or The Complete Idiot' s Guide to
Vampire Hunting, or a Wikipedia entry, or whatever, I think Rule No. 1 would be something like:
not, under any circumstances, stop in the woods on the night of a full fucking moon and shoot up, when
you know the rogue werewolf you've been tracking for a week is probably pretty close by. ~ Kathleen Tierney
Sorrow Woods quotes by Kathleen Tierney
The costumes are insane on 'Once Upon a Time.' It did influence my taking the job, the fact that not only would I be horseback riding and sword fighting and traipsing through the woods but I would be doing all those things in insane, medieval garb. ~ Ginnifer Goodwin
Sorrow Woods quotes by Ginnifer Goodwin
Sorrow is just a wall between two gardens. ~ Kahlil Gibran
Sorrow Woods quotes by Kahlil Gibran
Happiness calls out responsive gladness in others. There is enough sadness in the world without yours ... never doubt the excellence and permanence of what is yet to be. Join the great company of those who make the barren places of life fruitful with kindness. ~ Helen Keller
Sorrow Woods quotes by Helen Keller
We are like Hansel and Gretel, leaving bread crumbs of our personal information everywhere we travel through the digital woods. ~ Gary Kovacs
Sorrow Woods quotes by Gary Kovacs
As a kid, I might have been psycho, I guess, but I used to throw golf balls in the trees and try and somehow make par from them. I thought that was fun. ~ Tiger Woods
Sorrow Woods quotes by Tiger Woods
I sometimes wish I could spontaneously combust. Burn until nothing but ash is left, to be washed away by the wind and the rain. ~ A.B. Shepherd
Sorrow Woods quotes by A.B. Shepherd
Directly he was alone, he was assailed by her simulacra, in all states of acute sorrow, or smiling, of complete abstraction or painful animation, of dress and undress, as he had seen her these last few days: directly he was alone, the images came to mock everything he had seen. Her sadness became shrieking grief, and her animation riotous, immodest in dress and licentious in nakedness, many-limbed as some wild avatar of the Hindu cosmology assaulting the days he spent copying his work on clean scores, and the nights he passed alone in his chair where, instantly the lights went out, everything was transformed, and the body he had seen a moment before with no more surprise than its simple lines and modest unself-conscious movement permitted, rose up on him full-breasted and vaunting the belly, limbs undistinguishable until he was brought down between them and stifled in moist collapse. ~ William Gaddis
Sorrow Woods quotes by William Gaddis
I would like to carve my novel in a piece of wood. My characters - I would like to have them heavier, more three-dimensional ... My characters have a profession, have characteristics; you know their age, their family situation, and everything. But I try to make each one of those characters heavy, like a statue, and to be the brother of everybody in the world. ~ Georges Simenon
Sorrow Woods quotes by Georges Simenon
There is no impending moment, no past moment, only this one, and without past there is no sorrow, and without furture there can be no loss. ~ Carol Cassella
Sorrow Woods quotes by Carol Cassella
New Rule: Now that liberals have taken back the word "liberal," they also have to take back the word "elite." By now you've heard the constant right-wing attacks on the "elite media," and the "liberal elite." Who may or may not be part of the "Washington elite." A subset of the "East Coast elite." Which is overly influenced by the "Hollywood elite." So basically, unless you're a shit-kicker from Kansas, you're with the terrorists. If you played a drinking game where you did a shot every time Rush Limbaugh attacked someone for being "elite," you'd be almost as wasted as Rush Limbaugh.

I don't get it: In other fields--outside of government--elite is a good thing, like an elite fighting force. Tiger Woods is an elite golfer. If I need brain surgery, I'd like an elite doctor. But in politics, elite is bad--the elite aren't down-to-earth and accessible like you and me and President Shit-for-Brains.

Which is fine, except that whenever there's a Bush administration scandal, it always traces back to some incompetent political hack appointment, and you think to yourself, "Where are they getting these screwups from?" Well, now we know: from Pat Robertson. I'm not kidding. Take Monica Goodling, who before she resigned last week because she's smack in the middle of the U.S. attorneys scandal, was the third-ranking official in the Justice Department of the United States. She's thirty-three, and though she never even worked as a prosecutor, was tasked with overseeing ~ Bill Maher
Sorrow Woods quotes by Bill Maher
I remember living in a pretty small neighborhood where you could play in the streets and run around like crazy. My friends and I would ride our bikes around, but instead of just riding our bikes, we were solving crimes and going out in the woods to see what lay out there. ~ Maulik Pancholy
Sorrow Woods quotes by Maulik Pancholy
With every rising of the sun, Think of your life as just begun. The past has shrived and buried deep All yesterdays; there let them sleep. Concern yourself with but today, Woo it, and teach it to obey Your will and wish. Since time began Today has been the friend of man; But in his blindness and his sorrow, He looks to yesterday and tomorrow. You, and today! a soul sublime, And the great pregnant hour of time, With God himself to bind the twain! Go forth, I say-attain, attain! With God himself to bind the twain! ~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Sorrow Woods quotes by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
The greatest barrier to own own healing is not the pain, sorrow or violence inflicted upon us as children. Our greatest hindrance is our ongoing capacity to judge, to criticize, and to bring tremendous harm to ourselves. If we can harden our heart against ourselves and meet our most tender feelings with anger and condemnation, we simultaneously armor our heart against the possibility of gentleness, love and healing. ~ Wayne Muller
Sorrow Woods quotes by Wayne Muller
grief is as much regret for what we have never had as sorrow for what we have lost. As ~ David Nicholls
Sorrow Woods quotes by David Nicholls
Old grandsires talk of yesterday with sorrow, And for our children we reserve tomorrow. ~ John Donne
Sorrow Woods quotes by John Donne
One can enjoy a wood fire worthily only when he warms his thoughts by it as well as his hands and feet. ~ Odell Shepard
Sorrow Woods quotes by Odell Shepard
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