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#1. My fantasy breakfast is just a really good egg scramble. Maybe I'll add a little feta, so, uh, obviously not totally dairy-free. Definitely some vegetables, maybe some really nice tortillas; something to make it like a Mexican-style breakfast. I just really love breakfast. - Author: Alex Honnold
Some Really Nice quotes by Alex Honnold
#2. I like a restaurant called Bruci, and there's some really nice people who work there and good food. They change their menu a lot, so maybe that's what keeps me coming back. I never know what I'm going to get. - Author: Paul Dano
Some Really Nice quotes by Paul Dano
#3. The reality is that the founding fathers were land speculators. The fact was that you couldn't vote in this country if you did not own land, and that was basically you had to be a white man who owned land. Now how did they get that land? They basically had to steal it from someone, and that would be probably the Indians. And so most of the initial founding fathers were, while they may have had some really nice ideas about democracy, they had a lot of issues with people of color. They had a lot of issues with people who held things that they coveted. - Author: Winona LaDuke
Some Really Nice quotes by Winona LaDuke
#4. Nice dress Zoey. It looks just like mine. Oh, wait! It used to be mine.
Aphrodite laughed a throaty, I'm-so-grown-and-you're-just-a-kid laugh.
I really hate it when girls do that.I mean, yes, she's older, but I have boobs, too. - Author: P.C. Cast
Some Really Nice quotes by P.C. Cast
#5. I found it hard to imagine that Arthur had ever had moral scruples and something like a conscience, but Henry and Grayson also kept assuring me that their former best friend had once been a really nice guy. Before he fell hopelessly in love with Anabel and then realized that he had been exploited, manipulated, and misused for her purposes. Where would we be if everyone who suffered a bitter disappointment automatically mutated into a criminal? - Author: Kerstin Gier
Some Really Nice quotes by Kerstin Gier
#6. Hey," I said, wondering why I was either short on words or babbling when I spoke to him. I touched his hat. "Didn't help. I still lost."
The game, anyway. I'd won a date.
"Mac's pretty good at pool," he said.
"You're no slouch, either."
"It didn't look like you were paying attention."
In the beginning, until Mac had shown up, I'd been riveted.
"When I was looking at the program last night, I noticed you and Mac play for the same university," I said, doing our usual change-the-subject thing. "You must know each other pretty well."
"Pretty well."
"He seems really nice."
"He's a pretty good guy."
Not exactly a resounding endorsement. But then guys probably didn't spend a lot of time complimenting other guys.
He's the best. He's the greatest. If I were a girl, I'd definitely go out with him. - Author: Rachel Hawthorne
Some Really Nice quotes by Rachel Hawthorne
#7. Heard you had to give a tour today," Will says as if he's reading my mind. "Smart of Pioneer to send you to do it - not that I'm glad he did, but I'm sure it made it hard for that guy to see anything around here besides you."
"You're crazy." My cheeks flush.
"No, just honest," he says, and kisses my blush-heated cheeks. "By the way, nice bed-head."
"Shut up." I pinch him in the stomach and he grunts.
"No, really, I like it. It kind of goes with the little bit of toothpaste you've got right there." He wipes a finger against the corner of my mouth.
"Thanks for the heads-up, Marie," I whisper, and pretend to glare at her.
She giggles. "What're friends for? - Author: Amy Christine Parker
Some Really Nice quotes by Amy Christine Parker
#8. He said it with this really serious look on his face, like he was in the process of farting out some really important wisdom. - Author: Lauren Oliver
Some Really Nice quotes by Lauren Oliver
#9. There were a few 6th form girls that I got with when I was I the 6th form, they were really nice, so that was cool. - Author: Charlie Simpson
Some Really Nice quotes by Charlie Simpson
#10. It's tough for me to get rid of clothes. I grew up in a household with a limited budget and we really had to make our nice clothes last, and so now I'll get free pairs of shoes and this, that and the other and I'll be like, 'Oh great!'; even though it stresses me out that I don't have enough room to put them, I can't throw them away. - Author: Will Ferrell
Some Really Nice quotes by Will Ferrell
#11. When I watch a comedy that's just hitting you over the head with jokes constantly, some really hit, but if they miss, you're like, 'Eh.' - Author: David Walton
Some Really Nice quotes by David Walton
#12. Actually, it wasn't bad," Claire said, surprisingly. "Mullein leaves are really very nice; quite as good as two-ply bathroom tissue. And in the winter or indoors, it was usually a bit of damp rag; not very sanitary, but comfortable enough. - Author: Diana Gabaldon
Some Really Nice quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#13. Adeline was really rather charming, she always had a man in her life, but it never worked out: either they were nice but she didn't find them very exciting; or they were exciting but she didn't find them particularly nice, or they were neither nice nor exciting and she wondered why she was with them at all. She found a way of making the exciting men nicer and that was by leaving them. But then, they weren't exciting anymore either. - Author: Francois Lelord
Some Really Nice quotes by Francois Lelord
#14. I would say, as far as heckling, there's benign and there's malignant; like tumors man. Sometimes you get really nice hecklers. I'd say percentage-wise it's only about 10 to 20 percent the whole year. - Author: Godfrey
Some Really Nice quotes by Godfrey
#15. Stay out there! Don't you dare come back in here with those evil mind tricks! (Simone)
Does it buy me any bonus points to note that you have a really nice looking ass? (Xypher) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Some Really Nice quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#16. Did Mama leave you all alone in here?"

I picked her up out of bed and rubbed her back for a minute while she hiccuped.

"Daddy's here," I murmured against her bald head, rocking her from side to side. "Let's get that wet diaper off you."

I laid her on the bed and grabbed a diaper from the top of Kate's dresser, talking the whole time. "I don't know what your mommy was thinking, leaving my princess in here all alone," I crooned, my voice somehow keeping Iris calm. "She's outside with your brothers and sister and Daddy's friend Miles. He's a jackass. You stay away from him, okay?"

I smiled as Iris froze, like she was listening intently.

"Daddy was not very nice," I said, pulling her little pants down her legs and unbuttoning her onesie. "I wasn't even there when you were born, and I'm really sorry about that. But your mama came home with me anyway, so that means there's a chance, right? As long as Miles keeps his you-know-what in this pants."

Iris lifted her hand to her face and tried really hard to get it to her mouth, her eyes unfocused as I babbled.

"You're doing so good, princess. Look at you, not even crying while I change you. Such a big girl." I finished re-dressing her and pulled her to my chest. "You think your mama could love me again?" I asked, kissing her little cheek. "Probably not, huh? We'll just have to keep working at it so you can live with Daddy forever. - Author: Nicole Jacquelyn
Some Really Nice quotes by Nicole Jacquelyn
#17. They're really nice kids. Michael is really raising them properly and right. - Author: Joseph Jackson
Some Really Nice quotes by Joseph Jackson
#18. I have some really lofty goals that don't even scratch upon the Olympics. - Author: Mikaela Shiffrin
Some Really Nice quotes by Mikaela Shiffrin
#19. I know you've got your guns and you're really good at being horrible to people, but do you seriously think you can threaten him?"
Milo frowned. "I'm not horrible to people."
"Really? You really don't think you're horrible to people?"
"No," he said, a little defensively. "I'm nice. Everyone says it."
"Oh man," said Amber. "People have lied to you. Like, a lot. - Author: Derek Landy
Some Really Nice quotes by Derek Landy
#20. When I was sworn in as Mayor of Nashville back in 1991, I have to admit to you that I felt for several weeks like a bit of an outsider who had somehow taken over but didnt really belong in this nice palace. I secretly wondered if the real mayor would come back from vacation one day and call the police. - Author: Phil Bredesen
Some Really Nice quotes by Phil Bredesen
#21. With actors and directors, it's a conversation that you have. You have to learn each other's language and learn how to communicate with each other effectively. It's really nice when you can have that communication on a level where they walk up to you and you can see by the expression on their face what they want. You don't even have to talk, it just like, "Got it!" And, you know what they want before they even ask for it. - Author: Ashton Kutcher
Some Really Nice quotes by Ashton Kutcher
#22. I often put any project I write in a different decade just to roll the thought around in my head. There's a thriller I've written that I think would be nice to set in the '70s or '80s, just to take cell phones away from the movie. There's nothing like the piercing ring of an old-school telephone to really scare an audience. - Author: Joel Edgerton
Some Really Nice quotes by Joel Edgerton
#23. I was really, really stagnating and getting bored in the steady work of television and didn't really know what movies I would be making that Hollywood would be making, and then I went on to 'Game of Thrones,' and it was just like, everything I've been waiting to do was handed to me by really nice people. - Author: Alex Graves
Some Really Nice quotes by Alex Graves
#24. The sword's a really nice touch - did you get it at Faire Makers? - but I'm not buying the attitude. It's not really Merit. You should be channeling your inner vampire sex warrior. Like this," she said, then put her hands on her hips, canted out one leg, and smiled sensually. "What?" was all I could think to say. "Maybe a little more cleavage, too." "Cleavage." She nodded, winked. "A vampire sex warrior can never show too much cleavage. - Author: Chloe Neill
Some Really Nice quotes by Chloe Neill
#25. Every single thing that you learn really just gives you more comfort. It's something I counsel kids all the time: if someone is willing to teach you something for free, take them up on it. Do it. Every single time. All it does is make you more likely to be able to succeed. And it's kind of a nice way to go through life. - Author: Chris Hadfield
Some Really Nice quotes by Chris Hadfield
#26. Now, to find dinosaurs, you hike around in horrible conditions looking for a dinosaur. It sounds really dumb, but that's what it is. It's horrible conditions, because wherever you have nice weather, plants grow, and you don't get any erosion, and you don't see any dinosaurs. - Author: Nathan Myhrvold
Some Really Nice quotes by Nathan Myhrvold
#27. I climbed the stairway (there was no elevator) and put the key in. The door swung open. Somebody had changed all the furniture around, put in a new rug. No, the furniture was new, too.
There was a woman on the couch. She looked all right. Young. Good legs. Blonde.
'Hello,' I said, 'care for a beer?'
'Hi!' she said. 'All right, I'll have one.'
'I like the way this place is fixed up,' I told her.
'I did it myself.'
'But why?'
'I just felt like it,' she said.
We each drank at the beer.
'You're all right,' I said. I put my beercan down and gave her a kiss. I put my hand on one of her knees. It was a nice knee.
Then I had another swallow of beer.
'Yes,' I said, 'I really like the way this place looks. It's really going to lift my spirits.'
'That's nice. My husband likes it too.'
'Now why would your husband...What? Your husband? Look, what's this apartment number?'
'309? Great Christ! I'm on the wrong floor! I live in 409. - Author: Charles Bukowski
Some Really Nice quotes by Charles Bukowski
#28. Dallas Willard explains: The world has succeeded in opposing intelligence to goodness. . . . And today any attempt to combine spirituality or moral purity with great intelligence causes widespread pangs of "cognitive dissonance." [As with Jesus,] Mother Teresa . . . is thought of as . . . nice, of course, but not really smart. "Smart" means good at managing how life "really" is. - Author: Jared C. Wilson
Some Really Nice quotes by Jared C. Wilson
#29. I never want to be winking at the audience and saying, "This character is really a nice guy." - Author: Vik Sahay
Some Really Nice quotes by Vik Sahay
#30. The kids know me from 'Babe,' but usually it is 'L.A. Confidential' that people remember, which was the second film I did. I have worked with some really good people and the films that I've done for the most part have been good. - Author: James Cromwell
Some Really Nice quotes by James Cromwell
#31. I don't mind where I work, it's really nice to be able to travel around and taste the flavours of different countries. - Author: Toni Collette
Some Really Nice quotes by Toni Collette
#32. We are thrilled to work with Fun and share the same sentiment that we want do some really exciting and innovative things for the magic community. - Author: Criss Angel
Some Really Nice quotes by Criss Angel
#33. Je ne regrette rien," I say, lifting my glass of water and sipping it. "That's the spirit," Evelyn says. "Although that song is more about not regretting because you don't live in the past. What I mean is that I'd still make a lot of the same decisions today. To be clear, there are things I regret. It's just . . . it's not really the sordid things. I don't regret many of the lies I told or the people I hurt. I'm OK with the fact that sometimes doing the right thing gets ugly. And also, I have compassion for myself. I trust myself. Take, for instance, when I snapped at you earlier, back at the apartment, when you said what you did about my confessing sins. It wasn't a nice thing to do, and I'm not sure you deserved it. But I don't regret it. Because I know I had my reasons, and I did the best I could with every thought and feeling that led up to it. - Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid
Some Really Nice quotes by Taylor Jenkins Reid
#34. I don't get it, man. That dude has zero game, then suddenly he up and jets with a hottie? Meanwhile I can't buy a date."
"Makes no sense." Hi, face serious.
I pressed a fist to my lips, considering. "What'd the girl look like?"
Ben shifted his weight. I heard Hi chuckle behind me.
I choked back my mounting frustration. "Could you be more specific?"
"Oh, right." Cole rubbed his oily chin and squinted at the ceiling. "She had, like, nice hair. It was sorta . . . black? Or maybe brown. Not blonde, for sure. And she was kinda tall. But not really. Oh, and I think she wore a T-shirt. Could be wrong, though."
I stared at the useless witness before me.
What a moron.
"Can you remember anything else, Cole?" Catching his eye, I tried to urge the memory from his brain by force of will. "Anything at all?"
For a moment, Cole's face screwed up in thought, then it bloomed with contentment. "He said I could have his mattress. Solid dude, that Jordan."

Hi snapped on his seat belt. "Not everyone is college material."
Shelton shook his head. "I'm surprised that guy remembers to breathe. - Author: Kathy Reichs
Some Really Nice quotes by Kathy Reichs
#35. Hitting the ball has never been my issue, so I can literally not pick up a racquet for two months and hit the ball, really, really nicely. I mean movement's always an issue. - Author: Andre Agassi
Some Really Nice quotes by Andre Agassi
#36. I was dead. That was really the only explanation I had for the sensation that I was lying in a comfy bed, cool, clean-smelling sheets pulled up to my chin, and a soft hand stroking my hair.
That was nice. Being dead seemed pretty sweet, all things considered. Especially if ti meant I got to nap for all eternity. I snuggled deeper into the covers. The hand on my hair moved to my back, and I realized someone was singing softly. The voice was familiar, and something about it made my chest ache. Well, that was to be expected. Angels' songs would be awfully poignant.
"'I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, when I met you ... '" the voice crooned.
I frowned. Was that really an appropriate song for the Heavenly Host to be-
Realization crashed into me. "Mom! - Author: Rachel Hawkins
Some Really Nice quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#37. I think cool moments like winning a Grammy deserve a nice little party where you really soak it in and not have to work and stuff. I do remember throwing a party on that Grammy night, but it was work. - Author: Ciara
Some Really Nice quotes by Ciara
#38. Well, this was nice, Mom. I really appreciate your visit. We
should do this again sometime. Should I walk you to the door, or
do you know how to get to hell all by yourself? - Author: Ty Mitchell
Some Really Nice quotes by Ty Mitchell
#39. Hope, though; now there's a real pest. Hope doesn't just nibble your cheese and chew holes in your skirting boards. Hope keeps you plodding on when it really is time to call it quits. Hope drags you to sixteen auditions in a single day, when there's a nice job in your brother-in-law's tannery just waiting for you. Hope keeps you going in Old Stairs or Paradise, even though there's no money and nothing to eat and the landlord just took your chair and your chamber pot. Personally, I can see no great merit in simply being alive if you're miserable and in pain, but Hope won't let you go. She's a tease, like bad children teasing a dumb animal, and I've made a point of avoiding her whenever I can. Still, sometimes she runs you down and there's nowhere left for you to go. You can turn and fight her and lose, or let her scoop you up and turn your brain to mush.

Hope against hope. We had human chains shifting those blocks with levers and rollers, through the narrow alleys where carts couldn't go. We had shifts digging the ditch by lamplight, in the rain. And in every working party there was at least one man who cheerfully announced that it wasn't going to work, the whole idea was stupid, the enemy'll find a way round this in two shakes, just you see; and even he didn't really believe it, because of Hope. Hope turns a hundred men and women ripping the skin off their hands on a coarse hemp rope into a street party. Someone tells a joke, or clowns around, or starts singing a f - Author: K.J. Parker
Some Really Nice quotes by K.J. Parker
#40. That's a nice song,' said young Sam, and Vimes remembered that he was hearing it for the first time.
It's an old soldiers' song,' he said.
Really, sarge? But it's about angels.'
Yes, thought Vimes, and it's amazing what bits those angels cause to rise up as the song progresses. It's a real soldiers' song: sentimental, with dirty bits.
As I recall, they used to sing it after battles,' he said. 'I've seen old men cry when they sing it,' he added.
Why? It sounds cheerful.'
They were remembering who they were not singing it with, thought Vimes. You'll learn. I know you will. - Author: Terry Pratchett
Some Really Nice quotes by Terry Pratchett
#41. I wish to be remembered for my humor, and my passion, and above all, my ability to go from angel to asshole in 3.5 seconds, but always for something that I truly believe in. I will be one crazy ass grandma. I want you to picture this, I will have red highlights, I will have fuck me heels, I will have a really nice glass of wine that I will have made in my hand, and I will tell anyone who will listen how a smart ass from Doylsetown, Pennslyvania was gonna be a star, and the Billboard fucking Magazine made her woman of the year. - Author: P Nk
Some Really Nice quotes by P Nk
#42. Everyone for the most part is really nice. There have always been jokes, but that's part of being in the spotlight. You can't make everyone completely happy. - Author: Tina Yothers
Some Really Nice quotes by Tina Yothers
#43. When I think something nice is going to happen I seem to fly right up on the wings of anticipation; and then the first thing I realize I drop down to earth with a thud. But really, Marilla, the flying part is glorious as long as it lasts ... it's like soaring through a sunset. I think it almost pays for the thud. - Author: L.M. Montgomery
Some Really Nice quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#44. I take editing seriously. It's a joy to edit. I always hand a manuscript to several editors and can't wait to get back their notes and see what they've said. I don't criticize myself for making blunders here and there, because it's just natural. You write in chunks, and you may not remember that that sentence you wrote yesterday had the same word repeated three times. I do enjoy that. I love the feeling of repairing. Repairing is really nice. - Author: Steve Martin
Some Really Nice quotes by Steve Martin
#45. Well Microsoft really does develop some really interesting technology. - Author: Miguel De Icaza
Some Really Nice quotes by Miguel De Icaza
#46. People can be tough as hell. They can go through some really heavy stuff... with a genuine smile... - Author: Adam Scythe
Some Really Nice quotes by Adam Scythe
#47. I often think that the last holiday is the greatest, but then some really stand out in my mind. One of the best was one my wife and I had in the Lake District. We stayed in a B&B and walked around the countryside for two weeks. - Author: Jay Parini
Some Really Nice quotes by Jay Parini
#48. I'll bet he misses it."
"Almost as much as I miss him being on the road."
She frowned. "You don't really mean that."
"Mostly not."
"Good. But I do sort of get it," she said slowly. "The siblings-driving-you-crazy thing. My sisters .
. well, they're perfect. As far as my parents are concerned."
"Yeah. They're married."
"And that's perfect, huh? What about you? You're successful, right? Your column is pretty big."
"Oh, it's huge," she said, her tone overdramatic, earning a chuckle from Cole. "I'm kind of a big
deal. But I don't have a husband, so ... my parents think maybe I'm not such a big deal."
"So, you're the black sheep."
"Thanks. - Author: Maisey Yates
Some Really Nice quotes by Maisey Yates
#49. We had some really powerful technology - Atari always was a technology-driven company, and we were very keen on keeping the technological edge on everything. There's a whole bunch of things that we innovated. We made the first computer that did stamps or sprites, we did screen-mapping for the very first time, and a lot of stuff like that. - Author: Nolan Bushnell
Some Really Nice quotes by Nolan Bushnell
#50. Frankie had used one (reverently) to wipe his eyes.This specimen was old and soft,monogrammed with a J in the corner. "Makes it interesting," he told me once, after finding a box monogrammed with M for fifty cents at a sidewalk sale. "Was it Max or Michael? Maybe Marco..."
"Here," he said now. "You have lipstick halfway down to your chin."
Humiliated, I scrubbed at my face.
Frankie held out his hand, palm up. "Okay,let's have it." I pulled the tube out of my pocket. "Not really my thing, madam, but since I've seen what happens when you don't use a mirror..." I'm sure it helped that he was holding my face, but he read it like a pro. "You had a mirror."
"I did.I'm hopeless."
"Maybe.Open." He squinted as he filled in my upper lip. "I don't like this."
"The color? I knew it was too pink-"
"Quiet.You'll smear it.The color is fine. Better for Sienna, I'm sure..." He surveyed his handiwork. "I don't like that you're doing this for him."
"Don't start. I told you how nice he was."
"In excruciating detail."
Given, the post-Bainbridge family dinner e-mail to Frankie and Sadie had been long. But excrutiating stung, especially from the boy who'd used every possible synonym for hot in describing his Friday-night bookstore acquisition. No name, just detailed hotness and the play-by-play of their flirtation over the fantasy section. - Author: Melissa Jensen
Some Really Nice quotes by Melissa Jensen

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