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#1. I shall do what needs doing myself, thank you," September said finally. "And I'll ask you kindly to stop telling me what I need and what will be wonderful just as soon as I agree with you! And most importantly to stop turning me into things I didn't ask to be and kissing me when I didn't ask to be kissed! You stole my First Kiss from me, Saturday. I haven't forgiven you just because I haven't had a shout about it yet. I've been busy! But I think I'm the only one who gets a say about when I get kissed or turned into a beast! Not that it wasn't nice to be a Wyvern or a Fairy. I'm not saying it wasn't nice." September could not help adding the apology. But she would absolutely not go meekly along relying on everyone else to fight and speak and wish for her. She would not have things done to her when she could do them on her own! She'd done plenty - and shouldn't Ell know that? Perhaps only her own dear red Ell would understand that she could not just let everyone else do her work for her. Her mother did not just hope some other man would come along and take up the work that needed doing in her factory. She did it herself, and so would September. - Author: Catherynne M. Valente
Some Other quotes by Catherynne M. Valente
#2. I think whatever is going on with my brain, I'm very, very - and I'm not saying this as a positive thing, it's just a fact - I'm very creative. I have a very strong imagination, and have since I was a little kid. That is where a lot of my world comes from. It's like I'm off somewhere else. And I can have a problem in life because of that, because I'm always off in some other world thinking about something else. It's constant. - Author: James Gunn
Some Other quotes by James Gunn
#3. (The error in reasoning is a bit from wishful thinking, because education is considered "good"; I wonder why people don't make the epiphenomenal association between the wealth of a country and something "bad," say, decadence, and infer that decadence, or some other disease of wealth like a high suicide rate, also generates wealth.) - Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Some Other quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
#4. It must be the top drawer," he reflected. "So she carries the keys in a pocket on the right. All in one bunch on a steel ring ... . And there's one key there, three times as big as all the others, with deep notches; that can't be the key of the chest of drawers ... then there must be some other chest or strong-box ... that's worth knowing. Strong-boxes always have keys like that ... but how degrading it all is. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Some Other quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#5. The song 'Some Other Time ... ' is full of emotion. In wartime, it had a tremendously poignant feeling. - Author: Betty Comden
Some Other quotes by Betty Comden
#6. I will admit, like Socrates and Aristotle and Plato and some other philosophers, that there are instances where the death penalty would seem appropriate. - Author: Jack Kevorkian
Some Other quotes by Jack Kevorkian
#7. O be some other name. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#8. Look at these cliffs! Some are abrupt and unpredictable. Some other are soft and with smooth slopes. Yet, they all have the same purpose: either to lure you and bring you down or to teach you how to stand up, firmly, on their rims while contemplating the horizon. Here, you have the perfect vision of the abyss beneath. the majesty of the skies above, or the endlessness of the horizon in front; but you can't see what's behind, and that's how it should be! What's the point in contemplating something that you already know and lived? Haven't your coming here made you know the paths on which you walked? That's why, what belongs to the past should remain there. The past gives us the lessons. We do not need a heavier luggage than this! - Author: Irina Serban
Some Other quotes by Irina Serban
#9. You know, I think everybody I've seen has come from some other therapy, and almost invariably it's very much the same thing: the therapist is too disinterested, a little too aloof, a little too inactive. They're not really interested in the person, he doesn't relate to the person. All these things I've written so much about. That's why I've made such a practice really, over and over to hammer home the point of self-revelation and being more of yourself and showing yourself. Every book I write I want to get that in there. - Author: Irvin D. Yalom
Some Other quotes by Irvin D. Yalom
#10. The Western industrial complex would not change even if millions of people perished in Africa or India or some other faraway place. The population of the earth increases by millions every month, and such losses would be seen as a little drop in the ocean. But if something serious were to occur in the West, then that would turn upside down the currently held vision of Western people with regard to the impact of modern technology on nature. It would be something that would wake them up and perhaps help to stop this really suicidal course that modern civilization is currently pursuing and that the rest of the world is trying to follow. - Author: Seyyed Hossein Nasr
Some Other quotes by Seyyed Hossein Nasr
#11. Reading for me, was like breathing. It was probably akin to masturbation for my brain. Getting off on the fantasy within the pages of a good novel felt necessary to my survival. If I wasn't asleep, knitting, or working, I was reading. This was for several reasons, all of them focused around the infititely superior and enviable lives of fictional heroines to real-life people.
Take romans for instance. Fictional women in romance novels never get their period. They never have morning breath. They orgasm seventeen times a day. And they never seem to have jobs with bosses.
These clean, well-satisfied, perm-minty-breathed women have fulfilling careers as florists, bakery owners, hair stylists or some other kind of adorable small business where they decorate all day. If they do have a boss, he's a cool guy (or gal) who's invested in the woman's love life. Or, he's a super hot billionaire trying to get in her pants.
My boss cares about two things: Am I on time ? Are all my patients alive and well at the end of my shift?
And the mend in the romance novels are too good to be true; but I love it, and I love them. Enter stage right the independently wealthy venture capitalist suffering from the ennui of perfection until a plucky interior decorator enters stage left and shakes up his life and his heart with perky catch phrases and a cute nose that wrinkles when she sneezes.
I suck at decorating. The walls of my apartment are bare. I am allergic to most sto - Author: Penny Reid
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Some Other quotes by John Irving
#13. We are born, we live, and we perish, perhaps to be born again in some other form ... Galaxies are but one living entity burning with the energy from all of us. Life and death are but siblings who turn the universe continually. Endlessly. - Author: Tony DiTerlizzi
Some Other quotes by Tony DiTerlizzi
#14. Yeah? You want to do some other worldly hanky panky? She laughed and almost fell off the couch. "Hanky Panky?" "Don't knock it till you try it - Author: Carrie Ann Ryan
Some Other quotes by Carrie Ann Ryan
#15. And yet one did not find in the speech of Bergotte a certain luminosity which in his books, as in those of some other writers, often modified in the written phrase the appearance of its words. This was doubtless because that light issues from so profound a depth that its rays do not penetrate to our spoken words in the hours in which, thrown open to others by the act of conversation, we are to a certain extent closed against ourselves. - Author: Marcel Proust
Some Other quotes by Marcel Proust
#16. Horses in the Book of Mormon would be another. You have relatively few mentions of horses, but there are some, and we don't know exactly how they were used; they don't seem to be all that common. Were they horses as we understood them, [or] does the term describe some other animal? Languages don't always and cultures don't always classify things the way we would expect. We have what we call common-sense ways of doing it. They're not common sense; they're just ours. But again, we don't have a strong case there. We're just problem solving there. - Author: Daniel C. Peterson
Some Other quotes by Daniel C. Peterson
#17. If mankind were to continue in other than the present barbarism, a new path must be found, a new civilization based on some other method than technology. - Author: Clifford D. Simak
Some Other quotes by Clifford D. Simak
#18. The poison of skepticism becomes, like alcoholism, tuberculosis, and some other diseases, much more virulent in a hitherto virgin soil. - Author: Simone Weil
Some Other quotes by Simone Weil
#19. Whenever you want to cheer yourself up, consider the good qualities of your companions, for example, the energy of one, the modesty of another, the generosity of yet another, and some other quality of another; for nothing cheers the heart as much as the images of excellence reflected in the character of our companions, all brought before us as fully as possible. Therefore, keep these images ready at hand. - Author: Marcus Aurelius
Some Other quotes by Marcus Aurelius
#20. Mama: ... you can keep trying. You can get brave and try some more. You don't have to give up.
Jessie: I'm NOT giving up. This IS the other thing I'm trying. And I'm sure there are some other things that might work, but MIGHT work isn't good enough any more. I need something that WILL work. THIS will work. That's why I picked it. - Author: Marsha Norman
Some Other quotes by Marsha Norman
#21. What I'm saying, Mr. Kristofic, is that I learned that it's not about being black, white, yellow, or red. It's not about race. It's about the human race. And too many of the human race act like a bunch of freakin' morons who will always find some other group of people with a different skin color to blame for their so-called problems. - Author: Jim Kristofic
Some Other quotes by Jim Kristofic
#22. I learned English at school, or at least that's how it started. Also, in Holland - as opposed to some other European countries - we don't dub anything, so as a kid growing up, always watching English and American movies in their original language really helped. - Author: Michiel Huisman
Some Other quotes by Michiel Huisman
#23. Music fills the space between them. Mark wants to take the pill that keeps him awake, but not in front of his daughter. Instead, he flirts. "There's a lot of trouble with a brown-eyed handsome man. In your travels have you found this to be true?"
This is Madeleine's favorite game. His role is to ask silly questions and hers is to answer as if he is serious, neither one acknowledging the other conversation that goes on wordlessly around them, in which some other, better version of themselves say: Isn't it nice to be father and daughter? - Author: Marie-Helene Bertino
Some Other quotes by Marie-Helene Bertino
#24. NYC Marathon cancelled: runners are scrambling to find some other meaningless accomplishment to use as a proxy for control over their lives. - Author: Nils Parker
Some Other quotes by Nils Parker
#25. Dream Song 55
Peter's not friendly. He gives me sideways looks.
The architecture is far from reassuring.
I feel uneasy.
A pity, - the interview began so well:
I mentioned fiendish things, he waved them away
and sloshed out a martini
strangely needed. We spoke of indifferent matters
God's health, the vague hell of the Congo,
John's energy,
anti-matter matter. I felt fine.
Then a change came backward. A chill fell.
Talk slackened,
died, and began to give me sideways looks.
'Chirst,' I thought 'what now?' and would have askt for another
but didn't dare.
I feel my application failing. It's growing dark,
some other sound is overcoming. His last words are:
'We betrayed me. - Author: John Berryman
Some Other quotes by John Berryman
#26. You heard me. Let someone else send you to your blaze of glory. You're a speck, man. You're nothing. You're not worth the bullet or the mark on my soul for taking you out."
You trying to piss me off again, Patrick?" He removed Campbell Rawson from his shoulder and held him aloft.
I tilted my wrist so the cylinder fell into my palm, shrugged. "You're a joke, Gerry. I'm just calling it like I see it."
That so?"
Absolutely." I met his hard eyes with my own. "And you'll be replaced, just like everything else, in maybe a week, tops. Some other dumb, sick shit will come along and kill some people and he'll be all over the papers, and all over Hard Copy and you'll be yesterday's news. Your fifteen minutes are up, Gerry. And they've passed without impact."
They'll remember this," Gerry said. "Believe me."
Gerry clamped back on the trigger. When he met my finger, he looked at me and then clamped down so hard that my finger broke.
I depressed the trigger on the one-shot and nothing happened.
Gerry shrieked louder, and the razor came out of my flesh, then swung back immediately, and I clenched my eyes shut and depressed the trigger frantically three times.
And Gerry's hand exploded.
And so did mine.
The razor hit the ice by my knee as I dropped the one shot and fire roared up the electrical tape and gasoline on Gerry's arm and caught the wisps of Danielle's hair.
Gerry threw his head back and opened his mouth wide and bellowed - Author: Dennis Lehane
Some Other quotes by Dennis Lehane
#27. Keep reminding yourself of the way things are connected, of great relatedness. All things are implicated in one another and in sympathy with each other. This event is the consequence of some other one. Things push and pull on each other, and breathe together, and are ONE. - Author: Marcus Aurelius
Some Other quotes by Marcus Aurelius
#28. The best-trained part of us, though, is the mouth, it �is always obediently and devoutly shut. And it's only too true: an open mouth is a yawning fact, the fact that its owner is dwelling with his few thoughts in some other place than the domain and pleasure-garden of attentiveness. - Author: Robert Walser
Some Other quotes by Robert Walser
#29. I had as I before observed, one private pocket, which escaped their search, wherein there was a pair of spectacles (which I sometimes use for the weakness of mine eyes,) a pocket perspective, and some other little conveniences; which, being of no consequence to the emperor, I did not think myself bound in honour to discover, and I apprehended they might be lost or spoiled if I ventured them out of my possession. , - Author: Jonathan Swift
Some Other quotes by Jonathan Swift
#30. He's not my boyfriend. We only went out a few times, you know." She leaned back against the car door. "Besides, I ended things recently - not sure if you heard." He leaned forward, his arms on both sides of her, a smug smile forming. "Oh yeah? Why's that?" She held back a grin. "Well, see, some other guy kissed me, so . . ." She left off with a shrug. His lips twitched. "And you liked it." "Maybe." He leaned closer. "In fact, you liked it so much, you want him to kiss you again." "I might not turn him down. - Author: Denise Hunter
Some Other quotes by Denise Hunter
#31. Dissection ... teaches us that the body of man is made up of certain kinds of material, so differing from each other in optical and other physical characters and so built up together as to give the body certain structural features. Chemical examination further teaches us that these kinds of material are composed of various chemical substances, a large number of which have this characteristic that they possess a considerable amount of potential energy capable of being set free, rendered actual, by oxidation or some other chemical change. Thus the body as a whole may, from a chemical point of view, be considered as a mass of various chemical substances, representing altogether a considerable capital of potential energy. - Author: Michael Foster
Some Other quotes by Michael Foster
#32. Lectures broke into one's day and were clearly a terrible waste of time, necessary no doubt if you were reading law or medicine or some other vocational subject, but in the case of English, the natural thing to do was talk a lot, listen to music, drink coffee and wine, read books, and go to plays, perhaps be in plays ... - Author: Stephen Fry
Some Other quotes by Stephen Fry
#33. I can't even enjoy a blade of grass unless I know there's a subway handy, or a record store or some other sign that people do not totally regret life. It's more important to confirm the least sincere. The clouds get enough attention as it is ... - Author: Frank O'Hara
Some Other quotes by Frank O'Hara
#34. IT IS POSSIBLY WORTH MENTIONING THAT IN FAT CHARLIE'S world, women did not simply turn up. You needed to be introduced to them; you needed to pluck up the courage to talk to them; you needed to find a subject to talk about when you did, and then, once you had achieved those heights, there were further peaks to scale. You needed to dare to ask them if they were doing anything on Saturday night, and then when you did, mostly they had hair that needed washing that night, or diaries to update, or cockatiels to groom, or they simply needed to wait by the phone for some other man not to call. - Author: Neil Gaiman
Some Other quotes by Neil Gaiman
#35. I have tried to protect myself against men, to react against their madness to discern its source; I have listened and I have seen
and I have been afraid of acting for the same motives or for any motive whatever, of believing in the same ghosts or in any other ghost, of letting myself be engulfed by the same intoxications or by some other ... afraid, in short, of raving in common and of expiring in a horde of ecstasies. - Author: Emil Cioran
Some Other quotes by Emil Cioran
#36. American fighter planes came in under the smoke to see if anything was moving. They saw Billy and the rest moving down there. The planes sprayed them with machine-gun bullets, but the bullets missed. Then they saw some other people moving down by the riverside and they shot at them. They hit some of them. So it goes. The idea was to hasten the end of the war. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
Some Other quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#37. These coupling certainly do not fit with the mainstream idea that genes, or at least organisms, are hell-bent on reproducing themselves. They do fit, however, with the idea of a social role for sex, and they fit with the idea that sexual reproduction is a spandrel, a by-product of some other phenomenon. If Roughgarden is on to something, she believes it could have cultural as well as scientific implications. The orthodoxy of biology has corroded our culture like battery acid, she says, In general, we play out the roles prescribed for us by that culture - aggressive male and coy female - because deviation from its "norm" results in emotional and physical violence, bigotry, personal guilt, and criminalized behaviors. If biology has been getting it wrong though, the new orthodoxy could trigger an infusion of tolerance; perhaps the anomalous prevalence of sexual reproduction will end up having deeper repercussions outside of science than within it. - Author: Michael Brooks
Some Other quotes by Michael Brooks
#38. I want to raise my own baby. I don't want my baby crying for some other strange lady, some nanny. I am not down with that. - Author: Tionne Watkins
Some Other quotes by Tionne Watkins
#39. But now, seeing these letters his father wrote to June Bailey Roe, seeing his father's painful devotion to someone who simply wasn't real - a daughter he never had - Wade is unable to suppress his dread. All that love, all those feelings, all that pain, fastened to nothing, a terrible, drifting chaos. His future loss of mind becomes the new premise of his life, and he feels, already, the loss of the things he loves, feels himself trying to find some other way to hold on to them. - Author: Emily Ruskovich
Some Other quotes by Emily Ruskovich
#40. So, no, when I mention "tolerance", I'm not talking about learning how to stomach pure awfulness. What I am talking about is learning how to accommodate your life as generously as possible about a basically decent human being who can sometimes be an unmitigated pain in the ass. In this regard, the marital kitchen can become something like a small linoleum temple where we are called up daily to practice forgivenessm as we ourselves would like to be forgiven. Mundane this may be, yes. Devoid of any rock star moments of divine ecstacy, certainly. But maybe such tiny acts of household tolerance are a miracle in some other way - in some quietly measureless way - all the same? - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
Some Other quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#41. I'd never been turned down before. In my experience guys have enjoyed being pursued. Appreciated it, even. Maybe it would be nice to let the guy make the first move, but there's a lot of competition for the good ones. If you don't get aggressive and make things happen, some other girl snaps him up while you're sitting around waiting for an invitation. It's exhausting. And sure, it would be nice to be wooed, but it's not realistic. Especially in college. These boys are lazy. - Author: Jana Aston
Some Other quotes by Jana Aston
#42. And now it's some other guy's hands that are thumbing their way over Joey's face and down Dee Dee's chin and - oh, fucking hell - dropping down between the A and the M, going right for the V under the H&M-meets-S&M miniskirt. - Author: David Levithan
Some Other quotes by David Levithan
#43. Everyone pretends to be normal and be your best friend, but underneath, everyone is living some other life you don't know about, and if only we had a camera on us at all times, we could go and watch each other's tapes and find out what each of us was really like. - Author: James Franco
Some Other quotes by James Franco
#44. George's voice became deeper. He repeated his words rhythmically as though he had said them many times before. 'Guys like us, that work on ranches, are the loneliest guys in the world. They got no family. They don't belong no place. They come to a ranch an' work up a stake, and the first thing you know they're poundin' their tail on some other ranch. They ain't got nothing to look ahead to. - Author: John Steinbeck
Some Other quotes by John Steinbeck
#45. It's easy tae be philosophical when some other cunt's got shite fir blood. - Author: Irvine Welsh
Some Other quotes by Irvine Welsh
#46. I don't think that I ever believed that poetry would be a career. I have always thought of poems as something more private than professional ... I would never introduce myself as a poet. I will always have some other thing that I am. - Author: Dana Goodyear
Some Other quotes by Dana Goodyear
#47. Unless one was going to become a doctor, a lawyer, a scientist, an engineer or some other kind of professional person, I saw little point in wasting three or four years at Oxford or Cambridge, and I still hold this view. - Author: Roald Dahl
Some Other quotes by Roald Dahl
#48. We are not facing great economic difficulties. The Indonesian people are faring reasonably well - just compare us to India or some other countries. - Author: Sukarno
Some Other quotes by Sukarno
#49. This is what you remember about him: not much, but then you have been assiduous in your forgetting. His red sweater, v-neck, cashmere; the clink of ice-cubes in a glass. He is shadow and voice, but you cannot recall his face. He is behind a closed door, in a forbidden room. He is asleep in his armchair, he is asleep in the driveway, asleep in your sandpit, face down, snoring but not harmless, even then. He is shouting, he is whispering, he is close but also remote as if at the end of a long hallway and you cannot hear him. His words never make any sense, he speaks some other language. His hands sometimes spin away from him like windmills, like pinwheels and Catherine wheels, snapping like firecrackers. There must be pain, but you cannot feel it.
Your skin bruises like apples. - Author: Melanie Finn
Some Other quotes by Melanie Finn
#50. If we care about universal principles such as freedom, democracy and the rule of law, we cannot leave them to the care of market forces; we must establish some other institutions to safeguard them. - Author: George Soros
Some Other quotes by George Soros
#51. No longer was a defection, a leaked document, or some other treasonous act a prerequisite for being deemed an SP, though only serious offenses like those would seem to merit such severe condemnation. It meant, after all, expulsion from the church and the loss of salvation - a severe penalty. But now anyone who expressed even the smallest criticism of church policy or leadership was in danger of being cast out. - Author: Janet Reitman
Some Other quotes by Janet Reitman
#52. So it's possible that someday, by understanding a little bit more about how the world works, it will come back to help us in some other way that will be surprising. - Author: Saul Perlmutter
Some Other quotes by Saul Perlmutter
#53. Evan Connell said once that he knew he was finished with a short story when he found himself going through it and taking out commas and then going through the story again and putting the commas back in the same places. I like that way of working on something. I respect that kind of care for what is being done. That's all we have, finally, the words, and they had better be the right ones, with the punctuation in the right places so that they an best say what they are meant to say. If the words are heavy with the writer's own unbridled emotions, or if they are imprecise and inaccurate for some other reason
if the worlds are in any way blurred
the reader's eyes will slide right over them and nothing will be achieved. Henry James called this sort of hapless writing 'weak specification'. - Author: Raymond Carver
Some Other quotes by Raymond Carver
#54. You can't write an image, a metaphor, a story, a phrase, without leaning a little further into the shared world, without recognizing that your supposed solitude is at every point of its perimeter touching some other. - Author: Jane Hirshfield
Some Other quotes by Jane Hirshfield
#55. Sensing an ally, Priss took two steps toward her, but Trace pulled her up short by grabbing her arm.
"No, you don't," he told her, and no matter how Priss yanked and pulled, she couldn't free herself.
"Settle down, will you?" Trace said near her ear. "You're not helping things."
The woman's expression pinched even more.
Dare started toward her in a ground-eating stride. "Back inside, Molly," he said, sounding more cajoling than commanding. "I'll explain in private."
Like hell! Priss didn't want to lose whatever opportunities this might be, so she shouted, "Molly, help me. Trace drugged me to bring me here, and Dare manhandled me when I tried to escape." And before Trace could muzzle her, if indeed that was his intent, she added, "Some other guy stole my cat!"
The woman's mouth dropped open, then firmed shut again. With one raised hand, she halted Dare's progress. Dare dropped his head and groaned. - Author: Lori Foster
Some Other quotes by Lori Foster
#56. If it's a choice between selling a million Pocket Planners and getting the chance to be with you, I'll figure out some other way to get this product off the ground. - Author: Bella Andre
Some Other quotes by Bella Andre
#57. Save the sugar for some other girl. This one's had it up to here with people in general. - Author: Katherine McIntyre
Some Other quotes by Katherine McIntyre
#58. All I wanted was to go off to some other world, a place beyond anybody's reach. A place beyond the flow of time. - Author: Haruki Murakami
Some Other quotes by Haruki Murakami
#59. Some other brown stuff that might not be mud into her tangled hair. All around, villagers wandered with their baskets of brightly colored eggs, looking for the perfect hiding places. Ruth Zardo sat on the bench in the middle of the green tossing - Author: Louise Penny
Some Other quotes by Louise Penny
#60. If it took seven days to make a living with a restaurant, then we needed to be in some other line of work. - Author: S. Truett Cathy
Some Other quotes by S. Truett Cathy
#61. Some other eyes will look around, and find the things I've never found. - Author: Malvina Reynolds
Some Other quotes by Malvina Reynolds
#62. For me it's about the music, and it always has been. Maybe for some other people it's more about money. - Author: Ace Frehley
Some Other quotes by Ace Frehley
#63. Many years ago a friend assured me that we are all islands. Once in a while, another island travels along with us for a short stretch, and then it goes away, it slips off to some other place, and we never see each other again. Life is nothing more than a system of good-byes. Of releases. Of mutilations. The truth is we are incapable of giving anyone what they really need. - Author: Luis Eduardo Reyes
Some Other quotes by Luis Eduardo Reyes
#64. The military is focusing only on the short run costs. If they don't provide appropriate body armor, they save some money today, but the healthcare cost is going to be the future for some other president down the line. I view that as both fiscally and morally irresponsible. - Author: Joseph Stiglitz
Some Other quotes by Joseph Stiglitz
#65. But no. That was analogy rather than homology. What in the humanities they would call a heroic simile, if he understood the term, or a metaphor, or some other kind of literary analogy. And analogies were mostly meaningless - a matter of phenotype rather than genotype (to use another analogy). Most, of poetry and literature, really all the humanities, not to mention the social sciences, were phenotypic as far as Sax could tell. They added up to a huge compendium of meaningless analogies, which did not help to explain things, but only distorted perception of them. A kind of continuous conceptual drunkenness, one might say. Sax himself much preferred exactitude and explanatory power, and why not? If it was 200 Kelvin outside why not say so, rather than talk about witches' tits and the like, hauling the whole great baggage of the ignorant past along to obscure every encounter with sensory reality? It was absurd. - Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
Some Other quotes by Kim Stanley Robinson
#66. live moment by moment, looking for reasons to be grateful, trying to create her own happiness and grace, and to use them as a means to a good life in the present and not a goal to be achieved some other day. Anna's - Author: Mark T. Sullivan
Some Other quotes by Mark T. Sullivan
#67. The virtue of the civil partnerships scheme lay in the attempt to treat the needs of gay and lesbian couples as what they are, not to bundle them into some other category. - Author: John Sentamu
Some Other quotes by John Sentamu
#68. We're like Pavlov's dog with these mammary glands, and it's only the threat of jail or some other unthinkable repercussion that keeps us tethered. - Author: Jack Dancer
Some Other quotes by Jack Dancer
#69. Arise! Arise! A tidal wave is coming! Onward! Men and women, down to the Chandala (Pariah) - all are pure in his eyes. Onward! Onward! There is no time to care for name, or fame, or Mukti, or Bhakti! We shall look to these some other time. Now in this life let us infinitely spread his lofty character, his sublime life, his infinite soul. This is the only work - there is nothing else to do. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
Some Other quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#70. The English language has been thrust upon Americans. And it is wrong. As static and immobile as are the English, just so ever-moving are Americans. Here is a huge country. Not a mere island. Naturally people move. And they need a moving language. A language that can interpret American life. Nouns and adjectives won't express American life. They are too weak, too immobile. But verbs, adverbs, prepositions and the like, ah, they are moving, just as Americans. Obviously we cannot suddenly junk the English language and adopt some other tongue. English is too connotative, too close to us. Our problem is to adapt the English language to American needs. To make it move with us Americans. That is the problem
to write things as they are, not as they seem. our aim must be not to explain things, but to write the thing itself, and thereby in itself be self explanatory. - Author: Gertrude Stein
Some Other quotes by Gertrude Stein
#71. Some other faculty than the intellect is necessary for the apprehension of reality. - Author: Henri Bergson
Some Other quotes by Henri Bergson
#72. Alex moved away, clearly crestfallen. Some other day, maybe as soon as tomorrow, she would feel regret, but not tonight. Right now, she couldn't summon the energy to care about the feelings of a wannabe knight in tinfoil armor. - Author: Wilette Youkey
Some Other quotes by Wilette Youkey
#73. Only here is suffering really suffering. Not in the way that those who suffer here are to be ennobled in some other world for their suffering, but that what passes for suffering in this world is, in another world, without any change and merely without its contrariety, bliss. - Author: Franz Kafka
Some Other quotes by Franz Kafka
#74. You see, life only turns out good or bad for only a little bit. And then it turns out some other way. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
Some Other quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#75. It's hard to tell
if we close our eyes or if night
opens in us other starred eyes,
if it burrows into the wall of our dream
till some other door opens.
But the dream
is only the flitting costume of one moment,
is spent in one beat
of the darkness,
and falls at our feet, cast off
as the day stirs and sails away with us."
-from "In the Tower - Author: Pablo Neruda
Some Other quotes by Pablo Neruda
#76. If only I had the influence with my wife and children that I have in some other quarters! - Author: Charlie Munger
Some Other quotes by Charlie Munger
#77. The Software You will have to buy Microsoft Office, which contains PowerPoint, or you can download the freeware OpenOffice, which contains Impress. Once you understand the basics of how to use these programs to create the book cover, you may prefer to use some other presentation software. Both - Author: Jimmy Clay
Some Other quotes by Jimmy Clay
#78. I hope everybody's had fun, because I've enjoyed my ride. I can tell you that. Now it's time to step aside and let some other young kid come in and win. Hopefully, they will, too. - Author: Fuzzy Zoeller
Some Other quotes by Fuzzy Zoeller
#79. Aside from helping people with their homework, or anything else they needed, she really didn't know how to meet people. She didn't feel like she was a shy person. She thought of herself as a take-charge sort of girl. And yet, somehow, if there wasn't some request along the lines of "I can't remember how to do long division" then it was just too awkward to go up to someone and say ... what? She'd never been able to figure out what. And there didn't seem to be a standard information sheet, which was ridiculous. The whole business of meeting people had never seemed sensible to her. Why did she have to take all the responsibility herself when there were two people involved? Why didn't adults ever help? She wished some other girl would just walk up to her and say, "Hermione, the teacher told me to be friends with you". - Author: Eliezer Yudkowsky
Some Other quotes by Eliezer Yudkowsky
#80. What may be myth in one world may always be fact in some other. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Some Other quotes by C.S. Lewis
#81. If I wasn't doing this kind of exploration, I'd like to be doing some other kind of exploration. It might be more risky, or less risky, but, in the business of exploration, risk is part of the territory. - Author: John L. Phillips
Some Other quotes by John L. Phillips
#82. My screenwriting credits in my career are probably not dissimilar to some other ones in the sense that a lot of the scripts you write don't get made, and the ones that do get made are certainly - as a writer, they're not your vision. - Author: Dan Gilroy
Some Other quotes by Dan Gilroy
#83. Quotes are like cayenne pepper or some other strong spice: a little goes a long way, and too much is a disaster. - Author: Ben Yagoda
Some Other quotes by Ben Yagoda
#84. People had always vaguely mentioned that when you have children, how part of your life would stop. But they don't say that some other extraordinary part of your life opens up. - Author: Cate Blanchett
Some Other quotes by Cate Blanchett
#85. If you cannot see yourself fairly or accurately represented in the community where you live ... and nothing there makes you feel awake or alive, I suggest you start doing some research on some other communities - Author: Kelly Cutrone
Some Other quotes by Kelly Cutrone
#86. I often tell people I don't care whether they join the NAACP or some other group, but you better join something. - Author: Benjamin Todd Jealous
Some Other quotes by Benjamin Todd Jealous
#87. Since the primary motive of the evil is disguise, one of the places evil people are most likely to be found is within the church. What better way to conceal one's evil from oneself as well as from others than to be a deacon or some other highly visible form of Christian within our culture - Author: M. Scott Peck
Some Other quotes by M. Scott Peck
#88. You're a projectionist and you're tired and angry, but mostly you're bored so you start by taking a single frame of pornography collected by some other projectionist that you find stashed away in the booth, and you splice this frame of a lunging red penis or a yawning wet vagina close-up into another feature movie. This is one of those pet adventures, when the dog and cat are left behind by a traveling family and must find their way home. In reel three, just after the dog and cat, who have human voices and talk to each other, have eaten out of a garbage can, there's the flash of an erection. Tyler does this. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
Some Other quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#89. I follow my instincts and I always think about what movie I would like to see. If I want to see it then I'm guessing that some other people might want to see it as well. I never try to think about what people will love or will like, because when you start to think for other people that's where you lose track of the real motivation. - Author: Alexandre Aja
Some Other quotes by Alexandre Aja
#90. I think there must have been some other girl printed somewhere in his heart, for he was a man of love and his wife was not a woman to show her feelings. - Author: John Steinbeck
Some Other quotes by John Steinbeck
#91. He told himself that he could die some other time, in some other place. - Author: Jonas Jonasson
Some Other quotes by Jonas Jonasson
#92. I've appeared on some other people's albums. - Author: Gerry Mulligan
Some Other quotes by Gerry Mulligan
#93. I feel like shit that has come to life, eaten some other shit, then shat out more shit. - Author: R.S. Grey
Some Other quotes by R.S. Grey
#94. I plan on flirting shamelessly, so it's a good thing you'll be up here."
"Naturally, I have to distract him while he's playing, and what better way than with a casual flirtation?"
"Distract him some other way!"
"What other way?"
"I don't know.You could ... you could drop something on him." Red squinted thoughtfully. "Yes! Scald him with tea."
"During a game? I want him to finish playing, not leap up and run from the room."
"Then think of something else. - Author: Karen Hawkins
Some Other quotes by Karen Hawkins
#95. The Ancient Romans did not regard acts of genius to emanate from within an individual - but rather saw it as a collaboration between a spirit of creativity and a human being. So it could be that sometimes an individual had that power, that divine inspiration, or other times not. The spirit might have moved on to some other lucky soul. - Author: Liz Garbus
Some Other quotes by Liz Garbus
#96. Dear Anyone: This is a letter from one anyone to another anyone, no names required, because nobody really knows anyway. Names don't make a hell of a lot of difference. The world is made up entirely of strangers. Millions and millions of them. Everyone is a stranger to everyone else. Sometimes we think we know other people, especially those we supposedly are close to, but if we really knew them, why are we so often surprised by the shit they do? Like, parents are always surprised by what their kids will do. They raise them from the time they are babies, spend each and every day with them, think they're these goddamn fucking angels, and then one day the cops come to the door and say hey, guess what parents? Your kid just bashed some other kid's head in with a baseball bat. Or you're the kid, and you think things are pretty fucking OK, and then one day this guy who's supposed to be your dad says so long, have a nice life. And you think, what the fuck is this? So years later, your mom ends up living with another guy, and he seems OK, but you think, when's it coming? That's what life is. Life is always asking yourself, when's it coming? Because if it hasn't come for a long time, you know you're fucking due. All the best, Anyone. - Author: Linwood Barclay
Some Other quotes by Linwood Barclay
#97. The Secretary, working in the Dismal Swamp betimes next morning, was informed that a youth waited in the hall who gave the name of Sloppy. The footman who communicated this intelligence made a decent pause before uttering the name, to express that it was forced on his reluctance by the youth in question, and that if the youth had had the good sense and good taste to inherit some other name it would have spared the feelings of him the bearer. - Author: Charles Dickens
Some Other quotes by Charles Dickens
#98. There are some things, like your eighth grade boyfriend kissing some other girl at a middle school dance, that are easy to forgive. And there are some things that are just unforgivable. - Author: Jennifer Mathieu
Some Other quotes by Jennifer Mathieu
#99. Most of us, however committed we are to our ideals, will find ourselves every now and again reading an attention-grabbing headline from the Daily Mail or some other lowest-common denominator. That's not the same thing as frequenting a site like the white supremacist Stormfront. - Author: Mallory Ortberg
Some Other quotes by Mallory Ortberg
#100. When I was young, Monsieur," he said, "I used to think a lot about God. But He seems to have grown thinner with the years. He is still in that cornfield you painted, and in the sunset by Montmajour, but when I think about men ... and the world they have made ... " "I know, Roulin, but I feel more and more that we must not judge God by this world. It's just a study that didn't come off. What can you do in a study that has gone wrong, if you are fond of the artist? You do not find much to criticize; you hold your tongue. But you have a right to ask for something better." "Yes, that's it," exclaimed Roulin, "something just a tiny bit better." "We should have to see some other work by the same hand before we judge him. This world was evidently botched up in a hurry on one of his bad days, when the artist did not have his wits about him. - Author: Irving Stone
Some Other quotes by Irving Stone
#101. Listen to me, Defecates-with-Pigeons. Long before any of you came here, we dream'd of you. All the people, even Nations far to the South and the West, dreamt you before ever we saw you, - we believ'd that you came from some other World, or the Sky. You had Powers and we respected them. Yet you never dream'd of us, and when at last you saw us, wish'd only to destroy us. Then the killing started, - some of you, some of us, - but not nearly as many as we'd been expecting. You could not be the Giants of long ago, who would simply have wip'd us away, and for less. Instead, you sold us your Powers, - your Rifles, - as if encouraging us to shoot at you, - and so we did, tho' not hitting as many of you, as you were expecting. Now you begin to believe that we have come from elsewhere, possessing Powers you do not - Those of us who knew how, have fled into Refuge in your Dreams, at last. Tho' we now pursue real lives no different at their Hearts from yours, we are also your Dreams. - Author: Thomas Pynchon
Some Other quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#102. Having been aware of the Red Sox since the 1946 World Series, having been growled at by Ted Williams as a young reporter in 1960, having been present at the horror of 1986 and the comeback of 2004, I have seen the highs and lows of some other people's favorite team. - Author: George Vecsey
Some Other quotes by George Vecsey
#103. You've got to cram it into your thick heads: the sickos that sent us to this place are so stuffed with hate they've got to spew it out on someone, it almost doesn't matter who. If it's not one race, face or religion it'd be another. Right now it's us they vomit on. Next war it'll be some other poor beggars, then some others, then -'
'I want to go home!' the poor woman gasped, in between shakes and sobs.
'And I want to murder every last beast in this hellhole with my bare hands,' Girder raged. She had hands as big as dinner plates. 'The best we can do instead is live. Are you listening? The only way to beat them is by not dying. So shut up and survive, you miserable cow. And let the rest of us sleep. - Author: Lucy Adlington
Some Other quotes by Lucy Adlington
#104. Many poets are not poets for the same reason that many religious men are not saints: they never succeed in being themselves. They never get around to being the particular poet or the particular monk they are intended to be by God. They never become the man or the artist who is called for by all the circumstances of their individual lives. They waste their years in vain efforts to be some other poet, some other saint ... They wear out their minds and bodies in a hopeless endeavor to have somebody else's experiences or write somebody else's poems. - Author: Thomas Merton
Some Other quotes by Thomas Merton
#105. Maybe it was true that only beauty would save the world, or truth, or some other high-flown garbage; but fear was still more powerful than anything else. Fear destroyed everything: everything born of beauty, the tender shoots of all that was fine, wise, eternal... - Author: Lyudmila Ulitskaya
Some Other quotes by Lyudmila Ulitskaya
#106. I was by now used to people being surprised by me and my background, and their surprise offended me. I was always having to be what I was looking for in the world, wishing the person I would become already existed - some other I before me. I was forever finding even the tiniest way to identify with someone to escape how empty the world seemed to be of what I was. - Author: Alexander Chee
Some Other quotes by Alexander Chee
#107. After that we went sort of crazy," said Jesse, grinning at the memory. "Heck, we was going to live forever. Can you picture what it felt like to find that out?"
"But then we sat down and talked it over…" said Miles.
"We're still talking it over," Jesse added.
"And we figured it'd be very bad if everyone knowed about that spring," said Mae. "We begun to see what it would mean." She peered at Winnie. "Do you understand, child? That water--it stops you right where you are. If you'd had a drink of it today, you'd stay a little girl forever. You'd never grow up, not ever."
"We don't know how it works, or even why," said Miles.
"Pa thinks it's something left over from--well, from some other plan for the way the world should be," said Jesse. "Some plan that didn't work out too good. And so everything was changed. Except that the spring was passed over, somehow or other. Maybe he's right. I don't know. But you see, Winnie Foster, when I told you before I'm a hundred and four years old, I was telling the truth. But I'm really only seventeen. And, so far as I know, I'll stay seventeen till the end of the world. - Author: Natalie Babbitt
Some Other quotes by Natalie Babbitt
#108. I was thirty-five and I'd thought I was playing political poker and it turned out I'd been playing in some other game I didn't even know about. Like I'd been holding a hand of kings and then the people around the table started putting down more kings, a king with a squid's face, a naked king with goat's horns holding up a bough of holly. A Russian king with an insect's voice. - Author: Austin Grossman
Some Other quotes by Austin Grossman
#109. I'd just begun to be taken seriously as a freelance writer, but after the Playboy article, I mostly got requests to go underground in some other semi-sexual way. It was so bad that I returned an advance to turn the Playboy article into a paperback, even though I had to borrow the money. - Author: Gloria Steinem
Some Other quotes by Gloria Steinem
#110. I'm militantly anti-drug abuse but love everything Keith Richards and some other drug goofballs do. - Author: Ted Nugent
Some Other quotes by Ted Nugent
#111. I'm not a geius guy, even and Albert Einstein isn't and Tesla, nobody is genius. From where you will know what's the IQ for Albert or Tesla in their time there wasn't such test and how such test can show how clever are you in case that the most questions are math, physics and mainly this how this two subjects will show that you are clever or dumb?? I strongly doubt about this if I know the answer sof the test and I fill it right so I must be the world clever man? No, I don't think so - That's bullshit!
That I have written 8 books and now I'm working on some other books this doesn't make me clever, the most stuff are just search from the internet and put, the other is thoughts from me. Like thinking on some questions and that's all! - Author: Deyth Banger
Some Other quotes by Deyth Banger
#112. How funny your name would be if you could follow it back to where the first person thought of saying it, naming himself that, or maybe some other persons thought of it and named that person. It would be like following a river to its source, which would be impossible. Rivers have no source. - Author: John Ashbery
Some Other quotes by John Ashbery
#113. If it's easy to be friendly she will be. If the wind blows the other way her friendship will be gone. And I'm thinking the wind is blowing the other way. She has found some other way to be an important person in her own right by hating others. - Author: Charlaine Harris
Some Other quotes by Charlaine Harris
#114. We may never be able to pay directly for the gifts of true friendship - but pay we must, even though we make our payment to someone who owes us nothing, in some other place and at some other time. - Author: Yousuf Karsh
Some Other quotes by Yousuf Karsh
#115. What he has in addition is pure empathy and projection," Dr. Bloom said. "He can assume your point of view, or mine – and maybe some other points of view that scare and sicken him. It's an uncomfortable gift, Jack. Perception's a tool that's pointed on both ends. - Author: Thomas Harris
Some Other quotes by Thomas  Harris
#116. There she remained; and yet wasn't there at all, was all the time away, infinitely far away, on holiday; on holiday in some other world, where the music of the radio was a labyrinth of sonorous colours,a sliding, palpitating labyrinth, that led (by what beautifully inevitable windings) to a bright centre of absolute conviction; where the dancing images of the television box were the performers in some indescribably delicious all-singing feely; where the dripping patchouli was more than scent_was the sun, was a million sexophones, was Popé making love, only much more so, incomparably more, and without end. - Author: Aldous Huxley
Some Other quotes by Aldous Huxley
#117. My dear friend! what is there extraordinary in that? They are all in love with some other man. Who gets the first of a woman's heart? In all my experience I have never yet met with the man who was Number One. Number Two, sometimes. Number Three, Four, Five, often. Number One, never! He exists, of course - but, I have not met with him. - Author: Wilkie Collins
Some Other quotes by Wilkie Collins
#118. Believe it or not, psychologists have a term to describe people who like to think a lot. The trait is called need for cognition. It refers to people who enjoy effortful thinking and feel motivated to attempt to understand and make sense of things. Because you're reading a book about understanding yourself and your thoughts, chances are you fall into this category.
For the most part, being high in need for cognition is associated with positive traits, like openness, higher self-esteem, and lower social anxiety. On the flipside, some other types of intensive thinking - notably rumination and worry - tend to be associated with being closed to new ideas and poor mental health. - Author: Alice Boyes
Some Other quotes by Alice Boyes
#119. I think maybe I might have to do what some other authors do, which is do a variation on my name, just to send readers the message that, 'Yep, this is me, but this is a different part of me. So brace yourself.' - Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
Some Other quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
#120. He does love prophesying a misfortune, does the average British ghost. Send him out to prognosticate trouble to somebody, and he is happy. Let him force his way into a peaceful home, and turn the whole house upside down by foretelling a funeral, or predicting a bankruptcy, or hinting at a coming disgrace, or some other terrible disaster, about which nobody in their senses would want to know sooner than they could possible help, and the prior knowledge of which can serve no useful purpose whatsoever, and he feels that he is combining duty with pleasure. He would never forgive himself if anybody in his family had a trouble and he had not been there for a couple of months beforehand, doing silly tricks on the lawn or balancing himself on somebody's bedrail.

("Introduction" to TOLD AFTER SUPPER) - Author: Jerome K. Jerome
Some Other quotes by Jerome K. Jerome
#121. Most travel experts recommend that even if your final destination is Miami, it's better to fly to an airport in some other city - if necessary, Seattle - and take a cab from there. Or, as Savvy Air Traveler magazine suggests, 'simply jump out of the plane while it's still over the Atlantic'. - Author: Dave Barry
Some Other quotes by Dave Barry
#122. Connie posed no kind of threat to somebody as well rounded as Jessica. Connie had no notion of wholeness - was all depth and no breadth. When she was coloring, she got lost in saturating one or two areas with a felt-tip pen, leaving the rest blank and ignoring Patty's cheerful urgings to try some other colors. - Author: Jonathan Franzen
Some Other quotes by Jonathan Franzen
#123. I don't know how I got Michael. Maybe I just had a store credit from some other very lonely and shitty life. - Author: Suzanne Finnamore
Some Other quotes by Suzanne Finnamore
#124. The best artifact was the calendar of the ancients, a great carved piece of stone as big as a kitchen, circular, bolted to the wall like a giant clock. In the center was an angry face looking out, as if he'd come through that stone from some other place to have a look at us, and not very pleased about it. - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
Some Other quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#125. He was mine, and I'd be damned if I was going to let some other woman have him. I would shove the candlelight up her ass. - Author: Abbi Glines
Some Other quotes by Abbi Glines
#126. It made the kids at camp much more enthusiastic and cooperative when they had ego goals to fulfill, I'm sure, but ultimately that kind of motivation is destructive. Any effort that has self-glorification as its final endpoint is bound to end in disaster. Now we're paying the price. When you try to climb a mountain to prove how big you are, you almost never make it. And even if you do it's a hollow victory. In order to sustain victory you have to prove yourself again and again in some other way, and again and again and again, driven forever to fill a false image, haunted by the fear that the image is not true and someone will find out. That's never the way. - Author: Robert M. Pirsig
Some Other quotes by Robert M. Pirsig
#127. Moderate giftedness has been made worthless by the printing press and radio and television and satellites and all that. A moderately gifted person who would have been a community treasure a thousand years ago has to give up, has to go into some other line of work, since modern communications put him or her into daily competition with nothing but the world's champions. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
Some Other quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#128. Nostos algos. I want to go home. A phrase that's stuck on a loop, that I hear before falling asleep, waiting in line for my coffee, tapping the elevator button and rising through the sky to my apartment...and yet my desire is not attached to a particular place...I want to go home but what I mean, what I'm grasping for, is not a place. It's a feeling. I want to go back. But back where? Maybe to the first time I heard Stevie Nicks, to watching the snow fall outside the window with a paperback folded open in my lap, to the moment before I tasted alcohol, to virginity and not really knowing that things die, back to believing that something great is still up ahead, back to before I made the choices that would hem me in to the life I live now. A life that I regret sometimes, I think, only because it's mine, because it's turned out this way and not some other way, because I can't go back and change what will happen. - Author: Julie Buntin
Some Other quotes by Julie Buntin
#129. During all that time I didn't see Willie. I didn't see him again until he announced in the Democratic primary in 1930. But it wasn't a primary. It was hell among the yearlings and the Charge of the Light Brigade and Saturday night in the back room of Casey's saloon rolled into one, and when the dust cleared away not a picture still hung on the walls. And there wasn't any Democratic party. There was just Willie, with his hair in his eyes and his shirt sticking to his stomach with sweat. And he had a meat ax in his hand and was screaming for blood. In the background of the picture, under a purplish tumbled sky flecked with sinister white like driven foam, flanking Willie, one on each side, were two figures, Sadie Burke and a tallish, stooped, slow-spoken man with a sad, tanned face and what they call the eyes of a dreamer. The man was Hugh Miller, Harvard Law School, Lafayette Escadrille, Croix de Guerre, clean hands, pure heart, and no political past. He was a fellow who had sat still for years, and then somebody (Willie Stark) handed him a baseball bat and he felt his fingers close on the tape. He was a man and was Attorney General. And Sadie Burke was just Sadie Burke.

Over the brow of the hill, there were, of course, some other people. There were, for instance, certain gentlemen who had been devoted to Joe Harrison, but who, when they discovered there wasn't going to be any more Joe Harrison politically speaking, had had to hunt up a new friend. The new friend ha - Author: Robert Penn Warren
Some Other quotes by Robert Penn Warren
#130. It was none the less a perfectly ordinary horse, such as convergent evolution has produced in many of the places that life is to be found. They have always understood a great deal more than they let on. It is difficult to be sat on all day, every day, by some other creature, without forming an opinion about them. - Author: Douglas Adams
Some Other quotes by Douglas Adams
#131. There is no possible line of conduct which has at some time and place been condemned, and which has not at some other time and place been enjoined as a duty. - Author: William Edward Hartpole Lecky
Some Other quotes by William Edward Hartpole Lecky
#132. Were we in the habit of looking beyond the specific content of ideologies and doctrines, we should see that to claim kinship with one of them rather than some other does not at all imply much expenditure of sagacity. Those following one party imagine they differ from those following another, whereas all, once they choose, join each other underneath, participate in one and the same nature, and vary only in appearance, by the mask they assume. - Author: Emil M. Cioran
Some Other quotes by Emil M. Cioran
#133. When you figure out that you're fighting some other man's war, walk away. - Author: A.G. Riddle
Some Other quotes by A.G. Riddle
#134. Men simply don't understand how women are. They think there's some other kind. - Author: Babs Deal
Some Other quotes by Babs Deal
#135. Why not? If you're not going to let me see you naked, we might as well be girlfriends."
"You're a twisted little man."
"Come on, Stretch, share with the class."
"No!" I laughed.
"Some other word that essentially means perv. - Author: Molly Harper
Some Other quotes by Molly Harper
#136. It'll be the Internet and piracy that will kill film. There's a philosophy that the Internet should be free, but the reality is that piracy will destroy the film industry and film as an art form because it's expensive to make a movie. Maybe you'll have funky little independent movies, and it'll go back and then start up again some other way. - Author: Helen Mirren
Some Other quotes by Helen Mirren
#137. He sat up straight, eyes wide, and touched the tip of his index finger to his cheek. "What was that?"
I blushed. "A kiss."
"That's what a kiss feels like?"
"Well, technically. There are a lot of different types of - "
"Show me."
"Show you what?"
"Show me some other kinds."
"You're asking me to kiss you?"
(Dez and Kale) - Author: Jus Accardo
Some Other quotes by Jus Accardo
#138. She'd always been a little contemptuous of beauty, as though it was something you had to trade away some other vital thing for. - Author: Holly Black
Some Other quotes by Holly Black
#139. He could hear Donald saying something else but it didn't matter anymore what, because then and there it occurred to him that maybe the emptiness he'd been living with all this time hadn't really been emptiness at all, but loneliness gone unrecognized. How can a mind know how alone it is until it brushes up against some other mind? A single mark had been made, another person's memory imposed onto his mind, and now the magnitude of his own loss was impossible for Samson to ignore. It was breathtaking. He sank to his knees ... It was as if a match had been struck, throwing light on just how dark it was. - Author: Nicole Krauss
Some Other quotes by Nicole Krauss
#140. Love is a four-letter word, but you don't hear in nearly as often as you hear some other four-letter words. It may be a sign of our times that everyone talks openly about sex, but we seem to be embarrassed to talk about love. - Author: Thomas Sowell
Some Other quotes by Thomas Sowell
#141. In his discussion of Trika Yoga Abhinavagupta begins with the most advanced approach, and then presents successively easier methods one by one in descending order. This is another example of his particular approach to yoga. His intention is to make the best and the quickest method of yoga immediately available to all aspirants. If they succeed at the highest level, they need not go through the long chain of lower stages. However, if certain aspirants feel that they cannot handle the most advanced path successfully, then they are free to move along a more structured path and to choose any of the methods that accommodate their psychophysical capacity. The important point is that spiritual students should not assume that they are not fit for the most advanced method. Why should people resort to riding on a bullock cart when an airplane is at their disposal? If, however, they are unable to handle the superior vehicle successfully, they can choose some other more appropriate form of transportation.

- B. N. Pandit, Specific Principles of Kashmir Shaivism (3rd ed., 2008), p. 94–95. - Author: Balajinnatha Pandita
Some Other quotes by Balajinnatha Pandita
#142. I heard he was disciplined by the church for supporting some other preacher who came out homosexual in Denver. I believe it was something of that nature. - Author: Kent Haruf
Some Other quotes by Kent Haruf
#143. They waited, none of them entirely convinced that the old man wouldn't appear before them again like the ghost of Hamlet's father or Jacob Marley or some other ... - Author: Stephen King
Some Other quotes by Stephen King
#144. A man's sentiments are generally just and right, while it is second selfish thought which makes him trim and adopt some other view. The best reforms are worked out when sentiment operates, as it does in women, with the indignation of righteousness. - Author: Leland Stanford
Some Other quotes by Leland Stanford
#145. Don't misunderstand, but how dare you risk your life? What the devil did you think, to leap over like that? You could have stayed safe on this side and just helped me over." Even to her ears, her tone bordered on the hysterical.
Beneath her fingers, the white lawn started to redden.
She sucked in a shaky breath. "How could you risk your life-your life, you idiot!" She leaned harder on the pad, dragged in another breath.
He coughed weakly, shifted his head.
"Don't you dare die on me!"
His lips twisted, but his eyes remained closed. "But if I die"-his words were a whisper-"you won't have to marry, me or anyone else. Even the most censorious in the ton will consider my death to be the end of the matter. You'll be free."
"Free?" Then his earlier words registered. "If you die? I told you-don't you dare! I won't let you-I forbid you to. How can I marry you if you die? And how the hell will I live if you aren't alive, too?" As the words left her mouth, half hysterical, all emotion, she realized they were the literal truth. Her life wouldn't be worth living if he wasn't there to share it. "What will I do with my life if you die?"
He softly snorted, apparently unimpressed by-or was it not registering?-her panic. "Marry some other poor sod, like you were planning to."
The words cut. "You are the only poor sod I'm planning to marry." Her waspish response came on a rush of rising fear. She glanced around, but there was no one in sight. Help had yet - Author: Stephanie Laurens
Some Other quotes by Stephanie Laurens
#146. Several days in a row we sighted groups of metallic, saucer-shaped vehicles at great altitudes over the base Germany, 1951 and we tried to get close to them, but they were able to change direction faster than our fighters. I do believe UFOs exist and that the truly unexplained ones are from some other technically advanced civilization. - Author: Gordon Cooper
Some Other quotes by Gordon Cooper
#147. I have some other novels I want to write. I have a lot of short stories - I love the short story. - Author: George R R Martin
Some Other quotes by George R R Martin
#148. Did you know I always thought you were braver than me? Did you ever guess that that was why I was so afraid? It wasn't that I only loved some of you. But I wondered if you could ever love more than some of me.

I knew I'd miss you. But the surprising thing is, you never leave me. I never forget a thing. Every kind of love, it seems, is the only one. It doesn't happen twice. And I never expected that you could have a broken heart and love with it too, so much that it doesn't seem broken at all. I know young people look at me and think my youth seems so far away, but it's all around me, and you're all around me. Tiger Lily, do you think magic exists if it can be explained? I can explain why I loved you, I can explain the theory of evolution that tells me why mermaids live in Neverland and nowhere else. But it still feels magic.

The lost boys all stood at our wedding. Does it seem odd to you that they could have stood at a wedding that wasn't yours and mine? It does to me. and I'm sorry for it, and for a lot, and I also wouldn't change it.

It is so quiet here. Even with all the trains and the streets and the people. It's nothing like the jungle. The boys have grown. Everything has grown. Do you think you will ever grow? I hope not. I like to think that even if I change and fade away, some other people won't.

I like to think that one day after I die, at least one small particle of me - of all the particles that will spread everywhere - Author: Jodi Lynn Anderson
Some Other quotes by Jodi Lynn Anderson
#149. If there were no goodness in people, mankind would still be confined to loping across a Savannah somewhere on Earth, watching the elephants rule, or some other more compassionate species. - Author: Orson Scott Card
Some Other quotes by Orson Scott Card
#150. Every creatures stalks some other, and catches it, and is caught. - Author: Mignon McLaughlin
Some Other quotes by Mignon McLaughlin
#151. I have to believe there's some other life force out there. I don't know in what form. But we can't have all these galaxies and universes without something going on. - Author: John Travolta
Some Other quotes by John Travolta
#152. we felt very complacent and conceited, and better satisfied with life after we had added it to our list of things which we had seen and some other people had not. - Author: Mark Twain
Some Other quotes by Mark Twain
#153. I guess I don't have the cut-throat ambition that some other actresses have. I don't know how good that is for my career, but I know how good that is for me as a person. And to me, that's much more important. - Author: Summer Phoenix
Some Other quotes by Summer Phoenix
#154. But in America the sovereignty of the people is neither hidden nor sterile as with some other nations; mores recognize it, and the laws proclaim it; it spreads with freedom and attains unimpeded its ultimate consequences. - Author: Alexis De Tocqueville
Some Other quotes by Alexis De Tocqueville
#155. If you enjoy books with happy endings than you are better off reading some other book. - Author: Lemony Snicket
Some Other quotes by Lemony Snicket
#156. he wrote of these things and utter nonsense in the same breath, and this made me dismiss the book. Until I finished it. You have to see all things at once, as on Tralfamadore. I read it again. I caught a glimpse of some other dimension. - Author: Hugh Howey
Some Other quotes by Hugh Howey
#157. There will be other words some other day; that is the story of my life. - Author: Billy Joel
Some Other quotes by Billy Joel
#158. I think I can make an entirely new game experience, and if I can't do it, some other game designer will. - Author: Shigeru Miyamoto
Some Other quotes by Shigeru Miyamoto
#159. The path of duty I clearly trace, / I stand with conscience face to face, / And all her pleas allow; / Calling and crying the while for grace, - / 'Some other time, and some other place; / Oh, not to-day; not now! - Author: Alice Cary
Some Other quotes by Alice Cary
#160. This is new. Old Quinn would not have worn a skirt on her first day of sophomore year. Old Quinn would have worn a pair of jeans (hole in the knee? even better) and a t-shirt advertising the Providence Prep volleyball team, or some other sports team I didn't play for. - Author: Selena Brooks
Some Other quotes by Selena Brooks
#161. We were getting closer and closer to that invisible line in the sand. The line that, when crossed, meant I'd no longer be Jamie Maysen's wife. I'd be some other man's girlfriend.
A part of me wanted to run away from that line. Another wanted to take a flying leap to the other side. As it was, I was just standing with my toes on its edge. Frozen.
Because I knew the man who'd pull me across was Cole.
… He was the man of the future, patiently waiting on the other side of the line. I could imagine him standing there, holding out his hand.
I wanted to take Cole's hand. - Author: Devney Perry
Some Other quotes by Devney Perry
#162. Ronnie:" I guess I'm okay with that.But it's not going to be easy for you. They don't have a lot of fishing or mudding around here.
Will:" I figured."
Ronnie" And not a lot of beach volleyball,either. Especially in January."
Will" I guess I'll have to make some sacrifices."
Ronnie."Maybe if you're lucky, we can find you some other ways to occupy Your time. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
Some Other quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#163. I try not to be a sucker to our natural tendency to seek pleasure and satisfaction, which causes us to believe almost anything that makes us feel better and then deem it "right." But I cannot exclude the possibility that there may be other dimensions to the world aside from the familiar ones and that something lives on beyond my physical self. If so, when I pass on, it will be a celebration for some other beginning and not an end. Even if that is not the case, I have lost nothing and gained much. - Author: Bernd Heinrich
Some Other quotes by Bernd Heinrich
#164. The Mistress of the Manor (Hoyt calls her MOM) has no idea he shoots the skunks and raccoons he traps on her property. She has asked him please to release the creatures in some other vicinity, a "humane" act that only makes them somebody's else's problem. Typical: MOM sees nothing contradictory in driving twenty miles in a gas-guzzling atmosphere-choking SUV to buy organic vegetables. - Author: Sarah Kernochan
Some Other quotes by Sarah Kernochan
#165. Robb glanced over the side of the crate to see for himself.
The headless android twitched and began to rise. If he believed in the Moon Goddess, he'd be praying right now. He'd be praying really, really hard.
And he'd be praying something like, Merciful Goddess, if you exist, please hand my ass to me some other day. I don't want to die, I haven't kissed Jax yet.
That last revelation sent a cold chill down his spine.
He wanted to KISS JAX. He wanted to taste the starlight on his skin and press his lips against the cool curve of his collarbone-- - Author: Ashley Poston
Some Other quotes by Ashley Poston
#166. DeadPool reminds me for some other films which are sci-fi, like Selflessness and Mr.Nobody....But the speech is awful it must be fixed! - Author: Deyth Banger
Some Other quotes by Deyth Banger
#167. I remember looking out the window of the little maid's room where we had been installed, seeing the lights of the Palisades across the way, and thinking, There! There it is! There's New York, this wonderful city, I'll go live there someday. Even being in New York, the actual place, I found the idea of New York so wonderful that I could only imagine it as some other place, greater than any place that would let me sleep in it
a distant constellation of lights I had not yet been allowed to visit. I had arrived in Oz only to think, Well, you don't LIVE in Oz, do you? - Author: Adam Gopnik
Some Other quotes by Adam Gopnik
#168. Since ancient times, people have bowed down to idols in the appearance of humility and contrition. But their goal wasn't to be mastered by the idol. People worship to get things. We choose idols in part because we believe that they will give us what we want. The god of drugs brings fearlessness; the god of sex promises pleasure and intimacy; the god of wealth holds out power and influence. We can feel miserable about ourselves because we want to be great, at least at something, and we are not feeling very great. Like the prophets of Baal, we are arrogant enough to believe that we can manipulate the idol - whether by cutting or some other form of works righteousness - so it will relent and give us what we want. - Author: Edward T. Welch
Some Other quotes by Edward T. Welch
#169. Physicists love this number not just because it is dimensionless, but also because it is a combination of three fundamental constants of nature. Why do these constants come together to make the particular number 1/137.036 and not some other number? - Author: John Archibald Wheeler
Some Other quotes by John Archibald Wheeler
#170. Are using the word practice here in a special way. It does not mean a rehearsal or a perfecting of some skill so that we can put it to use at some other time. In the meditative context, practice means "being in the present on purpose." The means and the end of meditation are really the same. We are not trying to get somewhere else, only working - Author: Jon Kabat-Zinn
Some Other quotes by Jon Kabat-Zinn
#171. Dread that she would meet some other man and see in him all the joy of life that he lacked.
"I will see you home." The words came out all wrong, with gruff emphasis on the word will. One look at her, and he lost all chance at serenity. Because he had never in his life cared whether anyone liked him. He'd never thought about it. Until her. - Author: Carolyn Jewel
Some Other quotes by Carolyn Jewel
#172. When the two men sat down to supper, Jan Myers cracked some of his favorite jokes about the clergy and their dogma. Though Zeno remembered that he used to find such pleasantries amusing, they seemed rather flat to him now; nevertheless...he said to himself that at a time when religion was leading to savagery, the rudimentary skepticism of this good fellow certainly had its value. For himself, however, being more advanced in methods of negating assumptions, at first, in order to see if thereafter something positive can be reaffirmed, and of breaking down a whole in order to watch the parts recompose themselves on another plane or in some other fashion, he no longer felt able to laugh at those easy jests. - Author: Marguerite Yourcenar
Some Other quotes by Marguerite Yourcenar
#173. When I was a kid, I used to wonder (I bet everyone did) whether there was somebody somewhere on the earth, or even in the universe, or ever had been in all of time, who had had exactly the same experience that I was having at that moment, and I hoped so badly that there was. But I realized then that could never occur, because every moment is all the things that are going to happen, and every moment is just the way all those things look at one point on their way along a line. And I thought how maybe once there was, say, a princess who lost her mother's ring in a forest, and how in some other galaxy a strange creature might fall, screaming, on the shore of a red lake, and how right at that second there could be a man standing at a window overlooking a busy street, aiming a loaded revolver, but how it was just me, there, after Chris, staring at that turtle in the fourth-grade room and wondering if it would die before I stopped being able to see it. - Author: Deborah Eisenberg
Some Other quotes by Deborah Eisenberg
#174. I do not believe that we can put into anyone ideas which are not in him
already. As a rule there is in everyone all sorts of good ideas, ready
like tinder. But much of this tinder catches fire, or catches it
successfully, only when it meets some flame or spark from the outside,
from some other person. Often, too, our own light goes out, and is
rekindled by some experience we go through with a fellow man. Thus we
have each of us cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have
lighted the flame within us. If we had before us those who have thus
been a blessing to us, and could tell them how it came about, they would
be amazed to learn what passed over from their life to ours. - Author: Albert Schweitzer
Some Other quotes by Albert Schweitzer
#175. Some other passenger pulled the stop cord. I stood, waiting behind her at the center door, looking up at my smile in the tilt of circular mirror that hung lazy, like it was asleep, half dreaming me. - Author: Pablo D'Stair
Some Other quotes by Pablo D'Stair
#176. I came to terms with living mostly in a world of horror pictures or genre pictures. I have had a few chances to get outside and do something different, like Paris, Je T'Aime or Music Of The Heart, but mostly it's been my lot. And to have created, with a few shocking films, an awareness or a perception of me as somebody dangerous and scary - that can be sold, but trying to sell me for some other kind of picture, like Music Of The Heart, was very difficult. - Author: Wes Craven
Some Other quotes by Wes Craven
#177. [A] world in which it is wrong to murder an individual civilian and right to drop a thousand tons of high explosive on a residential area does sometimes make me wonder whether this earth of ours is not a loony bin made use of by some other planet. Not to have a national anthem would be logical. - Author: George Orwell
Some Other quotes by George Orwell
#178. In terms of what happened over that hiatus that I took, I just rested. I spent that time with my family, during their really formative years, and enjoyed that, and I messed with pills and new medications that help me to deal with dyskinesia and some other things I was struggling with, that I don't have as much now because of medication to counter the side effects. So, it just seemed like the right time to do it. - Author: Michael J. Fox
Some Other quotes by Michael J. Fox
#179. Suppose there is something which a person cannot understand. He happens to notice the similarity of this something to some other thing which he understands quite well. By comparing them he may come to understand the thing which he could not understand up to that moment. If his understanding turns out to be appropriate and nobody else has ever come to such an understanding, he can claim that his thinking was really creative. - Author: Hideki Yukawa
Some Other quotes by Hideki Yukawa
#180. Hello there," Inigo hollered when he could wait no more.
The man in black glanced up and grunted.
"I've been watching you."
The man in black nodded.
"Slow going," Inigo said.
"Look, I don't mean to be rude," the man in black said finally, "but I'm rather busy just now, so try not to distract me."
"I'm sorry," Inigo said.
The man in black grunted again.
"I don't suppose you could speed things up," Inigo said.
"If you want to speed things up so much," the man in black said, clearly quite angry now, "you could lower a rope or a tree branch or find some other helpful thing to do. - Author: William Goldman
Some Other quotes by William Goldman
#181. Our Strategic Petroleum Reserve is there for a natural disaster or some other catastrophe. - Author: Jason Chaffetz
Some Other quotes by Jason Chaffetz
#182. If the objective exchange-value of money must always be linked with a pre-existing market exchange-ratio between money and other economic goods (since otherwise individuals would not be in a position to estimate the value of the money), it follows that an object cannot be used as money unless, at the moment when its use as money begins, it already possesses an objective exchange-value based on some other use. - Author: Ludwig Von Mises
Some Other quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#183. Rather than trying to put an end to Eminem or some other rapper, politicians should think about why they're rapping. It's easier to try to censor some kid who's swearing about poverty than it is to stop the poverty. - Author: Willie Nelson
Some Other quotes by Willie Nelson
#184. We have now reached the point where you can wander down Queen Street in Auckland and wonder if you are still in New Zealand or some other country. - Author: Winston Peters
Some Other quotes by Winston Peters
#185. If you never knew
the worlds in my mind
your sense of loss
would be small pity
and we'll forget this on the trail.
Take what you're given
and turn away the screwed face.
I do not deserve it,
no matter how narrow the strand
of your private shore.
If you will do your best
I'll meet your eye.
It's the clutch of arrows in hand
that I do not trust
bent to the smile hitching my way.
We aren't meeting in sorrow
or some other suture
bridging scars.
We haven't danced the same
thin ice
and my sympathy for your troubles
I give freely without thought
of reciprocity or scales on balance.
It's the decent thing, that's all.
Even if that thing
is a stranger to so many.
But there will be secrets
you never knew
and I would not choose any other way.
All my arrows are buried and
the sandy reach is broad
and all that's private
cools pinned on the altar.
Even the drips are gone,
that child of wants
with a mind full of worlds
and his reddened tears.
The days I feel mortal I so hate.
The days in my worlds,
are where I live for ever,
and should dawn ever arrive
I will to its light awaken
as one reborn.

Poet's Night iii.iv
The Malazan Book of the Fallen
Fisher kel Tath - Author: Steven Erikson
Some Other quotes by Steven Erikson
#186. Some of us enjoy with today, some with future and some other with past. - Author: Shayne Azad
Some Other quotes by Shayne Azad
#187. T. S. Eliot and Jean-Paul Sartre, dissimilar enough as thinkers, both tend to undervalue prose and to deny it any imaginative function. Poetry is the creation of linguistic quasi-things; prose is for explanation and exposition, it is essentially didactic, documentary, informative. Prose is ideally transparent; it is only faute de mieux written in words. The influential modern stylist is Hemingway. It would be almost inconceivable now to write like Landor. Most modern English novels indeed are not written. One feels they could slip into some other medium without much loss. It takes a foreigner like Nabokov or an Irishman like Beckett to animate prose language into an imaginative stuff in its own right. - Author: Iris Murdoch
Some Other quotes by Iris Murdoch
#188. You should be up celebrating."
"This is part of it." She ran her hands carefully up the gelding's leg before pinning the wrapping to the line. "Finnegan and I are going to congratulate each other while I clean him up.But you could do me a favor." She pulled her ticket out of her pocket. "Cash in my winnings."
Brian shook his head. "At the moment I'm too pleased to be annoyed with you for betting my money." With one hand on the horse he leaned over to kiss her. "But I'm not taking half the horse."
Keeley hooked an arm around Finnegan's neck. "You hear that? He doesn't want you."
"Don't say things like that to him."
She laid her cheek against the gelding's. "You're the one hurting his feelings."
As two pairs of eyes studied him, Brian hissed out a breath. "We'll discuss this privately at some other time."
"He needs you.We both do."
The muscles n his belly twisted. "That's unfair."
"That's fact. - Author: Nora Roberts
Some Other quotes by Nora Roberts
#189. Art is what you can get away with, said somebody or other, which makes it sound like shoplifting or some other minor crime. And maybe that's all it ever was, or is: a kind of stealing. A hijacking of the visual. - Author: Margaret Atwood
Some Other quotes by Margaret Atwood
#190. The bigger question now becomes, "so what? Who cares?" You will never have an infinite number of balls and you will never have a large enough urn to hold all of them. You will never build a lamp that can turn on and off arbitrarily fast. We cannot investigate time or space past a certain smallness, except when pretending, so what are supertasks, but recreational fictions, entertaining riddles? We can ask more questions than we can answer, so what?

Well, here's what. Neanderthals. Neanderthals and humans, us, Homo sapiens, lived together in Europe for at least five thousand years. Neanderthals were strong and clever, they may have even intentionally buried their dead, but for hundreds of thousands of years, Neanderthals barely went anywhere. They pretty much just explored and spread until they reached water or some other obstacle and then stopped. Homo sapiens, on the other hand, didn't do that. They did things that make no sense crossing terrain and water without knowing what lay ahead. Svante Pääbo has worked on the Neanderthal genome at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and he points out that technology alone didn't allow humans to go to Madagascar, to Australia. Neanderthals built boats too. Instead, he says, there's "some madness there. How many people must have sailed out and vanished on the Pacific before you found Easter Island? I mean, it's ridiculous. And why do you do that? Is it for the glory? For immortality? For curiosity? And now - Author: Michael Stevens From VSauce
Some Other quotes by Michael Stevens From VSauce
#191. I understand what I'm saying here. Feeling this way is a theme in every girl's life, I think, and at that age, you think there's some other version of yourself that is waiting to come out and blow everyone's dick off. I am so glad this is almost fifteen years ago and I know myself and my body now. Sorry, girls this age, but if you can, just skip the self-hatred and the striving to be some other type of girl. Just let that phase pass you by and love yourself how you are. Don't waste any energy on it. If you want to lose a little weight, fine. Make sure you are healthy, but fuck, skip all the rest. You are hot and the person who will love you won't notice ten pounds. I really promise. - Author: Amy Schumer
Some Other quotes by Amy Schumer
#192. It's alwasy best to look ahead and not backwards. Possessions are not important. Think of those beautiful porcelain pieces I had. Before they came to me, they had all passed through the hands of many people, surviving wars and natural disasters. I got them only because someone else lost them. While I had them, I enjoyed them; now some other people will enhjoy them. Life itself is transitory. Possesions are not important. - Author: Nien Cheng
Some Other quotes by Nien Cheng
#193. Bury it with me. Time was I thought it was a blessing and a curse. But it's only a curse, and I ain't about to curse some other poor bastard with it. Time was I thought it was reward and punishment both. But this is the only reward for men like us.' And Whirrun nodded down towards the bloody spear-shaft. 'This or … just living long enough to become nothing worth talking of. Put it in the mud, Craw.' And he winced as he heaved the grip into Craw's limp hand and pressed his dirty fingers around it.
'I will.'
'Least I won't have to carry it no more. You see how bloody heavy it is?'
'Every sword's a weight to carry. Men don't see that when they pick 'em up. But they get heavier with time. - Author: Joe Abercrombie
Some Other quotes by Joe Abercrombie
#194. Who among us is not the great I AM? Who among us doesn't live in a nightgown or some other bare-ass outfit at the center of his own wide sky--shining, unchanging, without beginning or end, a word in the east and a body in the west? - Author: Patricia Lockwood
Some Other quotes by Patricia Lockwood
#195. It would have been better far for men To have got their children in some other way, and women Not to have existed. Then life would have been good. CHORUS - Author: Euripides
Some Other quotes by Euripides
#196. Suppose the word mountain meant metaphor, and dog, and Bible, and the United States. Clearly, if a word meant everything, it would mean nothing. If, now, the law of contradiction is an arbitrary convention, and if our linguistic theorists choose some other convention, I challenge them to write a book in conformity with their principles. As a matter of fact it will not be hard for them to do so. Nothing more is necessary than to write the word metaphor sixty thousand times: Metaphor metaphor metaphor metaphor ... . This means the dog ran up the mountain, for the word metaphor means dog, ran, and mountain. Unfortunately, the sentence "metaphor metaphor metaphor" also means, Next Christmas is Thanksgiving, for the word metaphor has these meanings as well. - Author: Gordon H. Clark
Some Other quotes by Gordon H. Clark
#197. We get caught up in all the stress - 'Got to do this, is this the right thing for me to do?' - but what about the thing you want to do? That's what'll keep you young. It's empowering, not becoming a prisoner of some other person's idea of what you should be. - Author: Matt Dillon
Some Other quotes by Matt Dillon
#198. Once upon a time, he was the child of some other mother, and his beloved was a wonder of the world. - Author: Maria Dahvana Headley
Some Other quotes by Maria Dahvana Headley
#199. I have angst in my life, but I'm like anybody. We all have angst in our lives that we pick up and fidget with and then we put down and look at some other things that make us feel good or enjoy our lives. - Author: Dave Chappelle
Some Other quotes by Dave Chappelle
#200. I may have done some other things as good but I am sure none better. I haven't matured, progressed, grown, become deeper, wiser, or funnier. But then, I never thought I would. (Peter Cook about Beyond the Fringe) - Author: Peter Cook
Some Other quotes by Peter Cook

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