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#1. You know, public service is serious enough on its own, and what I've found is if you take yourself take yourself too seriously in this business, you'll lose sight of what it is that you're trying to get done. So I mean I've tried to have the proper mix of being a serious public servant, but also still being a regular guy. - Author: Michael Nutter
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Michael Nutter
#2. Control of the tongue! Vital for the man who would try to tread the Path, for no harsh or unkind word, no hasty impatient phrase, may escape from the tongue which is consecrated to service, and which must not injure even an enemy; for that which wounds has no place in the Kingdom of Love. - Author: Annie Besant
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Annie Besant
#3. When you choose the paradigm of service, it turns everything you do from a job into a gift. - Author: Oprah Winfrey
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Oprah Winfrey
#4. Most customer service people are great. It's that one customer service person from hell that drives me crazy! - Author: Jon Jones
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Jon Jones
#5. Customer service is the new marketing. - Author: Derek Sivers
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Derek Sivers
#6. I've been an itinerant singer, a circus-rider, when I used to vault like Leotard, and dance on a rope like Blondin. Then I got to be a professor of gymnastics, so as to make better use of my talents; and then I was a sergeant fireman at Paris, and assisted at many a big fire. But I quitted France five years ago, and, wishing to taste the sweets of domestic life, took service as a valet here in England. - Author: Jules Verne
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Jules Verne
#7. Mona knocked at the wrong time.
"Uh ... yeah ... wait a minute, Mona
Mona shouted through the door. "Room service, gentlemen. Just pull the covers up."
Michael grinned at Jon. "My roommate. Brace yourself."
Seconds later, Mona burst through the doorway with a tray of coffee and croissants.
"Hi! I'm Nancy Drew! You must be the Hardy Boys! - Author: Armistead Maupin
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Armistead Maupin
#8. Take Canada again: why does Canada have the health-care program it does? Up until the mid-1960s, Canada and the United States had the same capitalist health service: extremely inefficient, tons of bureaucracy, huge administrative costs, millions of people with no insurance coverage―exactly what would be amplified in the United States by Clinton's proposals for "managed competition" [put forward in 1993].21 But in 1962 in Saskatchewan, where the N.D.P. is pretty strong and the unions are pretty strong, they managed to put through a kind of rational health-care program of the sort that every industrialized country in the world has by now, except the United States and South Africa. Well, when Saskatchewan first put through that program, the doctors and the insurance companies and the business community were all screaming―but it worked so well that pretty soon all the other Provinces wanted the same thing too, and within a couple years guaranteed health care had spread over the entire country. And that happened largely because of the New Democratic Party in Canada, which does provide a kind of cover and a framework within which popular organizations like unions, and then later things like the feminist movement, have been able to get together and do things. - Author: Noam Chomsky
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Noam Chomsky
#9. If we turn now to such vestiges of cult as are associated otherwise than with time and season, we discover a definite recognition of the survival of these nearly a century ago. Keightley, the old fairy mythologist, who did such yeoman service in the collection of much valuable elfin lore, says, as long ago as 1850, when referring to the confused nature of his subject: 'Indeed it could not well be otherwise, when we recollect that all these beings (the larger and greater fairies) once formed part of ancient and exploded systems of religion and that it is chiefly in the traditions of the peasantry that their memorial has been preserved. - Author: Lewis Spence
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Lewis Spence
#10. No two wars are ever the same. Some are just, some are unjust, but the basic commonality shared between them all is that young men and women heeded a call to service, overcame their fear, and fought for their side. - Author: Bob Riley
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Bob Riley
#11. Micropayments are great if you use them for a product or service with certain properties. It must be one where you can get away with usage-based pricing, and where there is a strong rationale for making it cheap, yet not free. - Author: Nathan Myhrvold
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Nathan Myhrvold
#12. Calmly contemplating these dimensions and bringing them into the service of compassion and kindness is the right way to make rapid gains in meditation as well as in life. - Author: Hsing Yun
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Hsing Yun
#13. Most people privilege the technology, almost as if actors are in service to the machine. - Author: Jill Soloway
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Jill Soloway
#14. I learned that most people buy based on emotion, not on a rational breakdown of the product or service. - Author: Nick Woodman
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Nick Woodman
#15. You're not from around here, are you?" asked the room service girl.
"No," I replied. "That's why I'm staying at a hotel . . . - Author: Sam Harris
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Sam  Harris
#16. Joblessness sets you free psychologically - Author: Sunday Adelaja
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#17. Human life has meaning only to that degree and as long as it is lived in the service of humanity. - Author: Wole Soyinka
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Wole Soyinka
#18. If you haven't realized it yet, I am seducing you, not the other way around."
God, he loved this woman. Sean slid alongside her gestured to his body, his muscles as taut as they were after he'd been an hour or more in the sparring ring. "I am at your service m'lady." A groan of desire rumbled from his chest. - Author: Amy Jarecki
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Amy Jarecki
#19. Employment is a major time killer - Author: Sunday Adelaja
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#20. BROADBENT [stiffly]. Devil is rather a strong expression in that
connexion, Mr Keegan.

KEEGAN. Not from a man who knows that this world is hell. But
since the word offends you, let me soften it, and compare you
simply to an ass. [Larry whitens with anger].

BROADBENT [reddening]. An ass!

KEEGAN [gently]. You may take it without offence from a madman
who calls the ass his brother--and a very honest, useful and
faithful brother too. The ass, sir, is the most efficient of
beasts, matter-of-fact, hardy, friendly when you treat him as a
fellow-creature, stubborn when you abuse him, ridiculous only in
love, which sets him braying, and in politics, which move him to
roll about in the public road and raise a dust about nothing. Can
you deny these qualities and habits in yourself, sir?

BROADBENT [goodhumoredly]. Well, yes, I'm afraid I do, you know.

KEEGAN. Then perhaps you will confess to the ass's one fault.

BROADBENT. Perhaps so: what is it?

KEEGAN. That he wastes all his virtues--his efficiency, as you
call it--in doing the will of his greedy masters instead of doing
the will of Heaven that is in himself. He is efficient in the
service of Mammon, mighty in mischief, skilful in ruin, heroic in
destruction. But he comes to browse here without knowing that the
soil his hoof touches is holy ground. Ireland, sir, for good or
evil, i - Author: George Bernard Shaw
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#21. Out of all the airports that are out there only about 5 percent have commercial service. - Author: Chris Brown
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Chris Brown
#22. There are two ways to improve your service, and yourself: maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. - Author: Ron Kaufman
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Ron Kaufman
#23. So Aquila took his father's service upon him. It wasn't as good as love; it wasn't as good as hate; but it was something to put into the emptiness within him; better than nothing at all. - Author: Rosemary Sutcliff
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Rosemary Sutcliff
#24. The Civil Service is a bit like a rusty weathercock. It moves with opinion then it stays where it is until another wind moves it in a different direction - Author: Tony Benn
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Tony Benn
#25. Sanctions are not diplomacy. They are a precursor to war and an embarrassment to a country that pays lip service to free trade. - Author: Ron Paul
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Ron Paul
#26. We dole out lip-service to the importance of education - lip-service and, just occasionally, a little grant of money; we postpone the school-leaving age, and plan to build bigger and better schools; the teachers slave conscientiously in and out of school hours; and yet, as I believe, all this devoted effort is largely frustrated, because we have lost the tools of learning, and in their absence can only make a botched and piecemeal job of it. - Author: Dorothy L. Sayers
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Dorothy L. Sayers
#27. As for the military or service professionals, I have nothing but respect for them, but come on, when it comes to romance novels, we all know it's really about the uniforms and how the guys look in them! - Author: Jill Shalvis
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Jill Shalvis
#28. Exposition: the workings of the actual past + the virtual past may be illustrated by an event well known to collective history, such as the sinking of the Titanic. The disaster as it actually occurred descends into obscurity as its eyewitnesses die off, documents perish + the wreck of the ship dissolves in its Atlantic grave. Yet a virtual sinking of the Titanic, created from reworked memories, papers, hearsay, fiction--in short, belief--grows ever "truer." The actual past is brittle, ever-dimming + ever more problematic to access + reconstruct: in contrast, the virtual past is malleable, ever-brightening + ever more difficult to circumvent/expose as fraudulent.

The present presses the virtual past into its own service, to lend credence to its mythologies + legitimacy to the imposition of will. Power seeks + is the right to "landscape" the virtual past. (He who pays the historian calls the tune.)

Symmetry demands an actual + virtual future too. We imagine how next week, next year, or 2225 will shape up--a virtual future, constructed by wishes, prophecies + daydreams. This virtual future may influence the actual future, as in a self-fulfilling prophecy, but the actual future will eclipse our virtual one as surely as tomorrow eclipses today. Like Utopia, the actual future + the actual past exist only in the hazy distance, where they are no good to anyone.

Q: Is there a meaningful distinction between one simulacrum of smoke, mirrors + shadows--t - Author: David Mitchell
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by David Mitchell
#29. A mood of constructive criticism being upon me, I propose forthwith that the method of choosing legislators now prevailing in the United States be abandoned and that the method used in choosing juries be substituted. That is to say, I propose that the men who make our laws be chosen by chance and against their will, instead of by fraud and against the will of all the rest of us, as now...

...that the names of all the men eligible in each assembly district be put into a hat (or, if no hat can be found that is large enough, into a bathtub), and that a blind moron, preferably of tender years, be delegated to draw out one...

The advantages that this system would offer are so vast and obvious that I hesitate to venture into the banality of rehearsing them. It would in the first place, save the commonwealth the present excessive cost of elections, and make political campaigns unnecessary. It would in the second place, get rid of all the heart-burnings that now flow out of every contest at the polls, and block the reprisals and charges of fraud that now issue from the heart-burnings. It would, in the third place, fill all the State Legislatures with men of a peculiar and unprecedented cast of mind – men actually convinced that public service is a public burden, and not merely a private snap. And it would, in the fourth and most important place, completely dispose of the present degrading knee-bending and trading in votes, for nine-tenths of the legislators, hav - Author: H.L. Mencken
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by H.L. Mencken
#30. Even the blackest of them all, the crow, Renders good service as your man-at-arms, Crushing the beetle in his coat of mail. And crying havoc on the slug and snail. - Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
#31. You can only derive pleasure from work when it is in the sphere of your calling - Author: Sunday Adelaja
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#32. As we embrace a technology's gifts, we usually fail to consider what they ask from us in return - the subtle, hardly noticeable payments we make in exchange for their marvelous service. We don't notice, for example, that the gaps in our schedules have disappeared because we're too busy delighting in the amusements that fill them. We forget the games that childhood boredom forged because boredom itself has been outlawed. Why would we bother to register the end of solitude, of ignorance, of lack? Why would we care that an absence has disappeared? - Author: Michael Harris
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Michael Harris
#33. And now of a sudden my illusion vanished. What was my body to me? A kind of flunkey in my service. Let my anger wax hot, my love grow exalted, my hatred collect in me, and the boasted solidarity between me and my body was gone.

Your son is in a burning house. Nobody can hold you back. You may burn up, but what do you think of that? You are ready to bequeath the rags of your body to any man who will take them. You discover that what you set so much store by is trash. You would sell your hand, if need be, to give a hand to a friend. It is in your act that you exist, not in your body. Your act is yourself, and there is no other you. Your body belongs to you: it is not you. Are you about to strike an enemy? No threat of bodily harm can hold you back. You? It is the death of your enemy that is you. You? It is the rescue of your child that is you. In that moment you exchange yourself against something else; and you have no feeling tat you lost by the exchange. Your members? Tools. A tool snaps in your hand: how important is that tool? You exchange yourself against the death of your enemy, the rescue of your child, the recovery of your patient, the perfection of your theorem...Your true significance becomes dazzlingly evident. Your true name is duty, hatred, love, child, theorem. There is no other you than this. - Author: Antoine De Saint Exupery
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Antoine De Saint Exupery
#34. Never treat your launch team like a core group. It's not. Your launch team is a time-limited, purpose-driven team. It ends with the debriefing session following your launch. At that meeting, release the launch team members to join a ministry team of their choice. Your launch team will not stay with you over the long haul. Many church planters make the mistake of thinking that the people from their launch team (whom they have grown to love) will be the same people who will grow the church with them in the long term. That is seldom, if ever, the case.

While it's sad to see people go, it's part of God's process in growing your church. So, expect it, be prepared for it, and be thankful that you have the opportunity to serve with so many different people at different points along the journey.

Preparing a launch team to maximize your first service is first and foremost a spiritual enterprise. Pray and fast - a lot.

Don't be fooled into thinking that being a solid leader undermines the spirit of teamwork. You can lead a team, hold people accountable and ensure that things get done in a way that fosters teamwork and gives glory to God. So get ready.

show people your heart before you ask for their hand. People want to know that you care, and they want to be part of something bigger than themselves. If you can articulate your vision in a way that excites people, they'll want to be on your team.

The launch team is not a democracy. D - Author: Nelson Searcy
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Nelson Searcy
#35. Whenever we show others the goodness of God, whenever we follow our Teacher by imitating His posture of humble and ready service, our actions are sacred and ministerial. To be called into the priesthood, as all of us are, is to be called to a life of presence, of kindness. - Author: Rachel Held Evans
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Rachel Held Evans
#36. It is men who wait to be selected, and not those who seek, from whom we may expect the most efficient service. - Author: Ulysses S. Grant
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Ulysses S. Grant
#37. Being an entertainer, especially in times like these, is really a public service. - Author: Linda Ronstadt
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Linda Ronstadt
#38. There should be a phone service that turns off your phone between midnight and six A.M. every night. And if you want to make a call, you have to pick up the phone and talk to an operator: Put me through to AAA. My car battery's dead. Yes, ma'am. Put me through to Pink Dot. I need vanilla Häagen-Dazs toute de suite! Yes, ma'am. Put me through to my ex-boyfriend... I'm sorry, ma'am, the operator would say. That would be a bad idea. Now you go to bed before you do anything stupid. - Author: Kim Gruenenfelder
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Kim Gruenenfelder
#39. Sense About Science is much more than an innocent fact-checking service. It is a spin-off of a bizarre political network that began life as the ultra-left Revolutionary Communist Party and switched over to extreme corporate libertarianism when it launched 'Living Marxism' magazine in the late eighties. - Author: Zac Goldsmith
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Zac Goldsmith
#40. It was shameless how life made fun of one; it was a joke, a cause for weeping! Either one lived and let one's senses play, drank full at the primitive mother's breast - which brought great bliss but was no protection against death; then one lived like a mushroom in the forest, colorful today and rotten tomorrow. Or else one put up a defense, imprisoned oneself for work and tried to build a monument to the fleeting passage of life - then one renounced life, was nothing but a tool; one enlisted in the service of that which endured, but one dried up in the process and lost one's freedom, scope, lust for life...
Ach, life made sense only if one achieved both, only if it was not split by this brittle alternative! To create, without sacrificing one's senses for it. To live, without renouncing the mobility of creating. Was that impossible? - Author: Hermann Hesse
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Hermann Hesse
#41. After all, as we're constantly reminded, the Internet has unleashed all sorts of creative vision and collaborative ingenuity. What it has really brought about is a kind of bizarre inversion of ends and means, where creativity is marshaled to the service of administration rather than the other way around. - Author: David Graeber
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by David Graeber
#42. Do some selfless service for people who are in need. Consider the whole picture, not just our little selves. - Author: Nina Hagen
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Nina Hagen
#43. Reclassifying the Internet as a telecommunications service will have dangerous repercussions for years to come. - Author: Marsha Blackburn
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Marsha Blackburn
#44. The fittest, not the richest, make the most enviable mark. Pampered sons of plutocrats may shine for a time in society, but not in the world of affairs and of service unless they rip off their coats and get to work early and stay late. To be born with a golden spoon in the mouth is more of a handicap than a help in attaining worthwhile success in this age. - Author: B.C. Forbes
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by B.C. Forbes
#45. The best way to help your consumers with your business is to treat your employees right so they give better customer service, empower them so they can provide faster solutions, and to treat your vendors and partners fairly and with respect so they can continually provide the best product and services to their ability. - Strong by Kailin Gow - Author: Kailin Gow
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Kailin Gow
#46. You see, the Foreign Service of the United States has grown so unbelievably in the last twenty years, and the requirements for admission are so high, and yet an awful lot of the work, I'd say fully 50-percent of the work in the Foreign Service abroad, is really routine work. All this is something that no one has licked ... You get a certain amount of discontent. It's bad for morale. - Author: Charles E. Bohlen
Sodergren Septic Service quotes by Charles E. Bohlen

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