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#1. In England everything is liberalised. Within certain boundaries and rules everybody can do what he likes. Maybe London's society has a different tempo, a different dynamic. London is fast, productive, creative but it is not England. If you want to transfer that to football, you could say: in the four big English clubs and maybe in the one or two behind them there is a top level. Everything that comes after that rather mirrors English society. It's honest, fair and hard, sometimes also fast, but not always so perfect. - Author: Jens Lehmann
Smirna In English quotes by Jens Lehmann
#2. 'XIII' is a spy show. I think the comic book is a little too similar to 'The Bourne Identity.' I tried to take it away from that. I believe there was, many years ago, before the Bourne movies, a lawsuit that made it so they couldn't be published in English. - Author: Roger Avary
Smirna In English quotes by Roger Avary
#3. When one heated exchange (in English) led a commenter to write "Go fuck yourself!" in Lojban, it turned into a lengthy discussion of why he hadn't said what he meant to say, and what the proper Lojban expression for the sentiment might be. - Author: Arika Okrent
Smirna In English quotes by Arika Okrent
#4. I went to hockey camp at Michigan because my dad has some relatives in the Ann Arbor area. We went to visit them as kids, and you start to learn the language from being around people. At the same time, when I got to college, I thought my English was better than it really was. I learned a lot over my four years. - Author: Carl Hagelin
Smirna In English quotes by Carl Hagelin
#5. An old walrus-faced waiter attended to me; he had the knack of pouring the coffee and the hot milk from two jugs, held high in the air, and I found this entrancing, as if he were a child's magician. One day he said to me - he had some English - "Why are you sad?"
"I'm not sad," I said, and began to cry. Sympathy from strangers can be ruinous.
"You should not be sad," he said, gazing at me with his melancholy, leathery walrus eyes. "It must be the love. But you are young and pretty, you will have time to be sad later." The French are connoisseurs of sadness, they know all the kinds. This is why they have bidets. "It is criminal, the love," he said, patting my shoulder. "But none is worse. - Author: Margaret Atwood
Smirna In English quotes by Margaret Atwood
#6. I couldn't speak English. I'm in kindergarten, and the only reason I got through to first grade is because I cheated. - Author: Louis Zamperini
Smirna In English quotes by Louis Zamperini
#7. She had read too many romantic novels of a dark and dreary bent to really be surprised - The Castle of Otranto was one of her favorite English reads. For all intents and purposes, she was the overwrought, terrified heroine wandering around a cursed castle at night, seeing things in the shadows, jumping at noises. Plus - Author: Liz Braswell
Smirna In English quotes by Liz Braswell
#8. It was a roadblock, manned by an officer and several other soldiers.
Sivaram and the trishaw driver were ordered out of the vehicle, and I was
told to stay where I was. The soldiers held their rifl es aimed and ready as the
offi cer interrogated the trishaw driver, a Muslim man, who fumbled out his
documents. He was soon allowed to get back in his trishaw. When it was
Sivaram's turn, he just stood there, completely quiet. After several questions,
the offi cer started screaming at him. Then he ordered his soldiers to take him,
and gestured for the trishaw driver to go on. Without thinking, I jumped out
of the trishaw. I was a visiting professor at Colombo University and he was one
of my students, I lied, approaching them. I threatened to call the American
Embassy if they arrested my 'student.' The offi cer yelled, in English, for me to
come no closer, to get back in the trishaw. Then he barked an order, and one
of the soldiers lifted his rifl e and aimed it directly at my head. I kept babbling
on about the embassy, but even I did not hear myself. All I could see was that
hole at the end of the rifl e and, above it, the sweaty face and very frightened
eyes of the soldier. He looked very young, maybe 18. I thought, I'm going to
die right now. And then we grew very quiet.
The offi cer barked another order, the soldier lowered his gun, and the
other soldiers pushed Sivaram bac - Author: Mark P. Whitaker
Smirna In English quotes by Mark P. Whitaker
#9. If you are born in 1564, your dislocation from your parents' experience is very profound. You are the first generation who will have had all your religious experience in English, the first to have a countryman circumnavigate the globe. All the power and economic structures of the world are changing around you. - Author: Neil MacGregor
Smirna In English quotes by Neil MacGregor
#10. The Second Table of the Ten Commandments reads in Hebrew something like this: 'Don't kill; don't be vile; don't steal; don't tell lies about others; don't envy any man his wife or house or animals, or anything he has.' This sounds shockingly wrong in English. For the English genius, religion is solemn and stately; Canterbury Cathedral, not a shul. The grand slow march of "Thou Shalt Nots" is exactly right. Religion for the Jews is intimate and colloquial, or it is nothing. - Author: Herman Wouk
Smirna In English quotes by Herman Wouk
#11. (The Francophile and radical John Stuart Mill had noted, not long after the Commune fell, in a letter to an English union leader, "an infirmity of the French mind" - that of "being led away by phrases, and treating abstractions as if they were realities which have a will and exert active power.") - Author: Anonymous
Smirna In English quotes by Anonymous
#12. Although all new talkers say names, use similar sounds, and prefer nouns more
than other parts of speech, the ratio of nouns to verbs and adjectives varies
from place to place (Waxman et al., 2013). For example, by 18 months, Englishspeaking infants speak far more nouns than verbs compared to Chinese or Korean
infants. Why?
One explanation goes back to the language itself. The Chinese and Korean
languages are "verb-friendly" in that verbs are placed at the beginning or end of
sentences. That facilitates learning. By contrast, English verbs occur anywhere in
a sentence, and their forms change in illogical ways (e.g., go, gone, will go, went).
This irregularity may make English verbs harder to learn, although the fact that
English verbs often have distinctive suffixes (-ing, -ed) and helper words (was, did,
had) may make it easier (Waxman et al., 2013). - Author: Kathleen Stassen Berger
Smirna In English quotes by Kathleen Stassen Berger
#13. Montreal
October 1704
Temperature 55 degrees

Eben was looking at Sarah in the way every girl prays some boy will one day look at her. "I will marry you, Sarah," said Eben. "I will be a good husband. A Puritan husband. Who will one day take us both back home."
Wind shifted the lace of Sarah's gown and the auburn of one loose curl.
"I love you, Sarah," said Eben. "I've always loved you."
Tears came to Sarah's eyes: she who had not wept over her own family. She stood as if it had not occurred to her that she could be loved; that an English boy could adore her. "Oh, Eben!" she whispered. "Oh, yes, oh, thank you, I will marry you. But will they let us, Eben? We will need permission."
"I'll ask my father," said Eben. "I'll ask Father Meriel."
They were not touching. They were yearning to touch, they were leaning forward, but they were holding back. Because it is wrong? wondered Mercy. Or because they know they will never get permission?
"My French family will put up a terrible fuss," said Sarah anxiously. "Pierre might even summon his fellow officers and do something violent."
Eben grinned. "Not if I have Huron warriors behind me."
The Indians rather enjoyed being French allies one day and difficult neighbors the next. Lorette Indians might find this a fine way to stab a French soldier in the back without drawing blood.
They would need Father Meriel. He could arrange anything if he chose; he had power among all the p - Author: Caroline B. Cooney
Smirna In English quotes by Caroline B. Cooney
#14. And in repose one might have admired so fine a specimen of English manhood, until the foppish ways, the affected movements, the perpetual inane laugh, brought one's admiration of Sir Percy Blakeney to an abrupt close. - Author: Emmuska Orczy
Smirna In English quotes by Emmuska Orczy
#15. Those last three words said it all, brought the situation into sharp focus. Yawning before him was the chasm of English social class - the very system he was taught to respect. He felt the burden of his title more at that moment than at any other. And he suddenly saw the ludicrousness of the notion that one human being was better than another, of the belief that a title - an ancient trophy granted at the whim of a king - and a subsequent accident of birth made one man more deserving respect than another. There was insanity in that concept and in the fact that it was so readily accepted by an immoral world. - Author: Jill Barnett
Smirna In English quotes by Jill Barnett
#16. It was curious what trying to speak English had done lately to his mind; it reminded him of studying poetry in college, words gaining and losing their meaning, overlapping with images, the curious echo of ideas behind the words people used. - Author: Jess Walter
Smirna In English quotes by Jess Walter
#17. English people ... never speak, excepting in cases of fire or murder, unless they are introduced. - Author: Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Smirna In English quotes by Letitia Elizabeth Landon
#18. Suffice it to say I was compelled to create this group in order to find everyone who is, let's say, borrowing liberally from my INESTIMABLE FOLIO OF CANONICAL MASTERPIECES (sorry, I just do that sometimes), and get you all together. It's the least I could do.

I mean, seriously. Those soliloquies in Moby-Dick? Sooo Hamlet and/or Othello, with maybe a little Shylock thrown in. Everyone from Pip in Great Expectations to freakin' Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre mentions my plays, sometimes completely mangling my words in nineteenth-century middle-American dialect for humorous effect (thank you, Sir Clemens). Many people (cough Virginia Woolf cough) just quote me over and over again without attribution. I hear James Joyce even devoted a chapter of his giant novel to something called the "Hamlet theory," though do you have some sort of newfangled English? It looks like gobbledygook to me. The only people who don't seek me out are like Chaucer and Dante and those ancient Greeks. For whatever reason.

And then there are the titles. The Sound and the Fury? Mine. Infinite Jest? Mine. Proust, Nabokov, Steinbeck, and Agatha Christie all have titles that are me-inspired. Brave New World? Not just the title, but half the plot has to do with my work. Even Edgar Allan Poe named a character after my Tempest's Prospero (though, not surprisingly, things didn't turn out well for him!). I'm like the star to every wandering bark, the arrow of every compass, the buzzard to every haw - Author: Sarah Schmelling
Smirna In English quotes by Sarah Schmelling
#19. It would be just as pointless to oppose the international use of English today as it would have been to oppose the worldwide use of French in the 18th century. - Author: Maurice Allais
Smirna In English quotes by Maurice Allais
#20. Outside the study hall the next fall, the fall of our senior year, the Nabisco plant baked sweet white bread twice a week. If I sharpened a pencil at the back of the room I could smell the baking bread and the cedar shavings from the pencil.... Pretty soon all twenty of us - our class - would be leaving. A core of my classmates had been together since kindergarten. I'd been there eight years. We twenty knew by bored heart the very weave of each other's socks....

The poems I loved were in French, or translated from the Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Sanskrit, Greek. I murmured their heartbreaking sylllables. I knew almost nothing of the diverse and energetic city I lived in. The poems whispered in my ear the password phrase, and I memorized it behind enemy lines: There is a world. There is another world.

I knew already that I would go to Hollins College in Virginia; our headmistress sent all her problems there, to her alma mater. "For the English department," she told me.... But, "To smooth off her rough edges," she had told my parents. They repeated the phrase to me, vividly.

I had hopes for my rough edges. I wanted to use them as a can opener, to cut myself a hole in the world's surface, and exit through it. Would I be ground, instead, to a nub? Would they send me home, an ornament to my breed, in a jewelry bag? - Author: Annie Dillard
Smirna In English quotes by Annie Dillard
#21. I'd been in college studying English creative writing and history when I made the decision to join the Marines in the runup to the Iraq war. - Author: Phil Klay
Smirna In English quotes by Phil Klay
#22. They do not practise the art of conversation in quite the way the English do, but are straightforward to the point of bluntness. - Author: Tracy Chevalier
Smirna In English quotes by Tracy Chevalier
#23. For me, therapy is partly translation therapy, the talking cure a second-language cure. My going to a shrink is, among other things, a rite of initiation: initiation into the language of the subculture within which I happen to live, into a way of explaining myself to myself. But gradually, it becomes a project of translating backward.
The way to jump over my Great Divine is to crawl backward over it in English. It's only when I retell my whole story, back to the beginning, and from the beginning onward, in one language, that I can reconcile the voices within me with each other; it is only then that the person who judges the voices and tells the stories begins to emerge. - Author: Eva Hoffman
Smirna In English quotes by Eva Hoffman
#24. Personally, I think so-called "common language" is more interesting and apropos than "proper English"; it's passionate and powerful in ways that "wherefore art thou ass and thy elbow" just isn't. - Author: J.R. Ward
Smirna In English quotes by J.R. Ward
#25. If I spoke no English, my world would be limited to the Japanese-speaking community, and no matter how talented I was, I could never do business, seek employment or take part in public affairs outside that community. - Author: S.I. Hayakawa
Smirna In English quotes by S.I. Hayakawa
#26. The documents were in English - sort of - but the language was so convoluted that it was beginning to give her a headache. It made for even duller reading than her chemistry text. - Author: Francine Pascal
Smirna In English quotes by Francine Pascal
#27. In English sometimes they call a mentally disabled person a retard, and there is a kind of accidental poetry in naming a human being with this quality of latency or absence, like a clock left behind in an empty room, a page someone forgot to rip out of a calendar, the walking embodiment of jet lag. - Author: Jean-Christophe Valtat
Smirna In English quotes by Jean-Christophe Valtat
#28. Yaakov Feingold is the founder and owner of JR Trading Law Firm located in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. Yaakov Feingold represents Business Law and Startups, injured, abused and disabled clients throughout Pennsylvania. Three words to describe how he represents clients: Caring. Passionate. Dedicated.
Yaakov Feingold handles cases involving Business law, Trading law, personal injury, workers' compensation, Social Security Disability, insurance claims and certain consumer Protection Claims.
Yaakov can be called a: Business Lawyer, Personal Injury Lawyer; Car Accident Lawyer; Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer; Accident Lawyer; Workers' Compensation Lawyer; Social Security Disability Lawyer; and Consumer Protection Lawyer.
Yaakov Feingold also working an in-house counsel. He write books and post periodically in my blogs, including Startup Blog US. Passionate about web and mobile gadgets, food, music and meeting new people both off- and on-line. Just beginning to be interested in photography.
Yaakov speaks Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.
Yaakov Feingold is married and has one beautiful daughter. Yaakov is very active in his daughter's life including being a classroom volunteer and coaching her soccer, volleyball and softball teams. - Author: Yaakov Feingold
Smirna In English quotes by Yaakov Feingold
#29. What we know is that Shakespeare wrote perhaps the most remarkable body of passionate love poetry in the English language to a young man. - Author: Stephen Greenblatt
Smirna In English quotes by Stephen Greenblatt
#30. In high school, I once sang 'Let's Get It On' and 'Brown Sugar' with a band that included my English teacher and my math teacher. - Author: Chris Pine
Smirna In English quotes by Chris Pine
#31. Across the Atlantic, commercial therapy of all kinds provides so many more comfortable outlets for people when they are under pressure. The English tradition is to get a grip, whereas the American version is to get in touch with your feelings, to say: 'I'm a good person. Isn't it terrible when bad things happen to people like me?' - Author: Peter York
Smirna In English quotes by Peter York
#32. It was not the way Curve smelled that Colin liked - not exactly. It was the way the air smelled just as Lindsey began to jog away from him. The smell of perfume left behind. There's not a word for that in English, but Colin knew the French word: sillage. What Colin liked about Curve was not its smell on the skin but its sillage, the fruity sweet smell of its leaving. - Author: John Green
Smirna In English quotes by John Green
#33. Growing up in this post-apartheid era, the first generation of teens in South Africa living in this new democracy, I often found myself feeling different. I was often the only person of color in an otherwise all-white school. And within the Indian community, because of my training with an English acting teacher, my accent was very different. - Author: Adhir Kalyan
Smirna In English quotes by Adhir Kalyan
#34. Until House came along I don't think the English made very good dance records, you know, there were very few really good English Rap records, whereas once House came along all of a sudden we started and now I think we probably lead the world, and have overtaken America in dance music. - Author: Fatboy Slim
Smirna In English quotes by Fatboy Slim
#35. Any place where they got to vote on whether English is the official language don't belong in the United States. - Author: Patricia Cornwell
Smirna In English quotes by Patricia Cornwell
#36. I started to speak to him in his native tongue, "why would you want to sit with me?" He pressed his lips together, and his eyebrows screwed up. He ran a hand through his spiky black hair. "I don' speak Japanese," He said in English. "But My parents do." "Strange," I said. "A Japanese boy who only speaks English? - Author: Rebecca Maizel
Smirna In English quotes by Rebecca Maizel
#37. In my time first cousins did not meet like strangers. But we are learning modesty from the Americans, and old English ways are too gross for us. - Author: J. Sheridan Le Fanu
Smirna In English quotes by J. Sheridan Le Fanu
#38. I'm pretty caring, loyal and loving to those who are close to me. Two of my friends are from school, so I've known them for more than 30 years. My best friend, Paul Fisher, sat next to me in English when I was ten or 11. If you asked him, he'd say I was loyal. I don't think I've changed over the years. - Author: Marc Warren
Smirna In English quotes by Marc Warren
#39. I believe it is essential to have English as the official language of our National Government, for the English language is the tie that binds the millions of immigrants who come to America from divergent backgrounds. We should, and do, encourage immigrants to maintain and share their traditions, customs and religions, but the use of English is essential for immigrants and their children to participate fully in American society and achieve the American dream. - Author: Jim Sensenbrenner
Smirna In English quotes by Jim Sensenbrenner
#40. The first time I was in London, I went to an English greasy spoon to get some breakfast and realised that all the waiters were speaking Italian. That's when it hit me what an international city this is. - Author: Monica Bellucci
Smirna In English quotes by Monica Bellucci

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