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But do not think that taking only thermogenics and not maintaining a balanced diet will make you lose fat and lose weight. There is no MIRACLE, but we can say SCIENCE! - Author: Barberton Hospital
Slurry Tank quotes by Barberton Hospital
#2. I wore a white tank and jeans, shooting for "sexy casual." Hoping it wasn't "left farmhouse, got lost. - Author: Kathy Reichs
Slurry Tank quotes by Kathy Reichs
#3. The grass is always greener over the septic tank. - Author: Erma Bombeck
Slurry Tank quotes by Erma Bombeck
#4. Why he would agree to install an eight-by-eight-foot fish tank and then not fill it with a single dolphin made me want to burn his eyebrows off. - Author: Chelsea Handler
Slurry Tank quotes by Chelsea Handler
#5. Was Cook's ship a scientific expedition protected by a military force or a military expedition with a few scientists tagging along? That's like asking whether your petrol tank is half empty or half full. It was both. The Scientific Revolution and modern imperialism were inseparable. People such as Captain James Cook and the botanist Joseph Banks could hardly distinguish science from empire. - Author: Yuval Noah Harari
Slurry Tank quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#6. Indeed, a convent was a kind of early think tank for women, since it was the preferred choice of intellectuals wanting to escape marriage. - Author: Magnus Flyte
Slurry Tank quotes by Magnus Flyte
#7. After she knocked, she walked into the room with confidence she didn't feel, her head up, her spine straight, her unease camo'd by a combo of posture and professional focus. "How are you this evening?" she said, as she looked the patient right in the eye.
The instant his amethyst stare met hers, she couldn't have told a soul what had just come out of her mouth or whether he replied. Rehvenge, son of Rempoon, sucked the thought right out of her head, sure as if he'd drained the tank of her brain's generator and left her with nothing to catch a mental spark off of.
And then he smiled.

-Ehlena's thoughts - Author: J.R. Ward
Slurry Tank quotes by J.R. Ward
#8. When you play the bars, you pay your dues. It does matter that you know those things [songs]. And the great thing for me, too, is that I draw on that stuff as influences. It's also stuff that you put in the tank that you pull from to make records. - Author: Eric Church
Slurry Tank quotes by Eric Church
#9. Photography has clarity in the same way that language has. A word is precise, but its meaning can change based on the words around it: think tank, tank top. - Author: Jason Fulford
Slurry Tank quotes by Jason Fulford
#10. I'd gotten my first glimpse of Elizabeth DeVille. She'd had her hair in a pony-tail that stuck up off the side of her head, and she'd been wearing short red shorts and a light blue tank top with a whale on it. "You like whales?" I'd asked her when I finished with the car. Her face had gone all soft and pretty, making me feel more like one-hundred-and-three than the twenty-three I was, and she'd shrugged. "Yeah, but not a lot more than any other animal. I just like saving things. - Author: Ella James
Slurry Tank quotes by Ella James
#11. It was another year or two before I discovered that drat and draft were different words. During that same period I remember believing that details were dentals and that a bitch was an extremely tall woman. A son of a bitch was apt to be a basketball player. When you're six, most of your Bingo balls are still floating around in the draw-tank (27-8). - Author: Stephen King
Slurry Tank quotes by Stephen King
#12. Problem 7-4
Can used cooking oil or grease, such as that from a deep-fat fryer or a frying pan, be poured into the fuel tank of a diesel-powered vehicle and consumed as biodiesel? […]

Solution 7-4
Absolutely not! Demised cooking oil or grease must be processed as shown in Figure 7-4 [page 125, a process that involves methyl alcohol and sulfur] before it can be used as biodiesel. This should be obvious in the case of bacon grease, which solidifies near room temperature. But it is true even of fats that remain liquid at relatively low temperatures, such as corn oil, canola oil, or even soybean oil. - Author: Stan Gibilisco
Slurry Tank quotes by Stan Gibilisco
#13. What I really want is to sit next to someone on an L.L. bean blanket on the beach in the fall and drink coffee from the same mug. I don't want some rusty '73 Ford Pinto with a factory-defective gas tank that causes it to explode when its rear-ended in the parking lot of the supermarket. So why do I keep looking for Pintos? - Author: Augusten Burroughs
Slurry Tank quotes by Augusten Burroughs
#14. Newel and Doren had inexhaustibly consumed milkshakes, burgers, sandwiches, tacos, nachos, pretzels, nuts, beef jerky, trail mix, soda, doughnuts, candy bars, cookies, crackers, and aerosol cheese. Of the fifty most impressive belches Seth had witnessed in his life, all had occurred on this road trip. "I hate to interrupt the feasting," Vanessa said, "but we did come here for a purpose. Let's try to focus on something besides sweet fat and salty fat for the next little while." "Some of us have fast metabolisms," Doren mumbled. "We just want fuel in the tank before we risk our necks," Newel complained. - Author: Brandon Mull
Slurry Tank quotes by Brandon Mull
#15. A feeling erupted in my stomach, like nothing would ever be the same again. Like good karma was catching up with me. Like someone had opened up the lid to my lobster tank and I was finally breathing in the shockingly fresh air. - Author: Francesca Zappia
Slurry Tank quotes by Francesca Zappia
#16. But all I could think was in New York that kid would have been stuck in a straitjacket practically from birth and dangled over a tank full of Educational Consultants and Remedial Experts all snapping at his ankles for the next twenty years arguing about his Special Needs and getting paid plenty for it. - Author: Meg Rosoff
Slurry Tank quotes by Meg Rosoff
#17. Ay tank it blow purty soon purty hard!" he said, and died. - Author: Business And Leadership Publishing
Slurry Tank quotes by Business And Leadership Publishing
#18. My phone rang, startling me smooth out of my internal feminist diatribe. It was late. Marlboro Man had dropped me off half an hour earlier; he was probably halfway home. I loved his phone calls. His late-at-night, I'm-just-thinking-about-you, I-just-wanted-to-say-good-night phone calls. I picked up the phone.
"Hey," he said.
"Hey," I replied. You sizzling specimen you.
"What're you doing?" he asked, casually.
I glanced down at the pile of tank tops I'd just neatly folded. "Oh, just reading a book," I replied. Liar.
He continued, "Feel like talking?"
"Sure," I said. "I'm not doing anything." I crawled onto the comfortable chair in my room and nestled in.
"Well…come outside," he said. "I'm parked in your driveway."
My stomach lurched. He wasn't joking. - Author: Ree Drummond
Slurry Tank quotes by Ree Drummond
#19. I've always thought academics should get a little slurry on their boots from time to time. - Author: Karen Lord
Slurry Tank quotes by Karen Lord
#20. I left the house to go throw away my chance at financial freedom someday ( i.e. Fill up my gas tank - Author: Erynn Mangum
Slurry Tank quotes by Erynn Mangum
#21. I looked at Tank Girl, which is the coolest comic, ever. The movie didn't make the comic book any less cool. The comic is still the comic. - Author: Brian Michael Bendis
Slurry Tank quotes by Brian Michael Bendis
#22. Back in L.A., I'd remained friends with my freshman-year boyfriend, Collin, and we'd become even closer after he confided in me one dark and emotional night that he'd finally come to terms with his homosexuality. Around that time, his mother was visiting from Dallas, and Collin invited me to meet them at Hotel Bel Air for brunch. I wore the quintessential early-1990s brunch outfit: a copper-brown silk tank with white, dime-size polka dots and a below-the-knee, swinging skirt to match. A flawless Pretty Woman--Julia Roberts polo match replica. I loved that outfit.
It was silk, though, and clingy, and the second I sat down at the table I knew I was in trouble. My armpits began to feel cool and wet, and slowly I noticed the fabric around my arms getting damper and damper. By the time our mimosas arrived, the ring of sweat had spread to the level of my third rib; by mealtime, it had reached the waistline of my skirt, and the more I tried to will it away, the worse it got. I wound up eating my Eggs Florentine with my elbows stuck to my hip bones so Collin and his mother wouldn't see. But copper-brown silk, when wet, is the most unforgiving fabric on the planet. Collin had recently come out to his parents, so I'd later determined I'd experienced some kind of sympathetic nervousness on Collin's behalf. I never wore that outfit again. Never got the stains out.
Nor would I ever wear this suit again. - Author: Ree Drummond
Slurry Tank quotes by Ree Drummond
#23. Winter tightened its grip on Alaska. The vastness of the landscape dwindled down to the confines of their cabin. The sun rose at quarter past ten in the morning and set only fifteen minutes after the end of the school day. Less than six hours of light a day. Snow fell endlessly, blanketed everything. It piled up in drifts and spun its lace across windowpanes, leaving them nothing to see except themselves. In the few daylight hours, the sky stretched gray overhead; some days there was merely the memory of light rather than any real glow. Wind scoured the landscape, cried out as if in pain. The fireweed froze, turned into intricate ice sculptures that stuck up from the snow. In the freezing cold, everything stuck -- car doors froze, windows cracked, engines refused to start. The ham radio filled with warnings of bad weather and listed the deaths that were as common in Alaska in the winter as frozen eyelashes. People died for the smallest mistake -- car keys dropped in a river, a gas tank gone dry, a snow machine breaking down, a turn taken too fast. Leni couldn't go anywhere or do anything without a warning. Already the winter seemed to have gone on forever. Shore ice seized the coastline, glazed the shells and stones until the beach looked like a silver-sequined collar. Wind roared across the homestead, as it had all winter, transforming the white landscape with every breath. Trees cowered in the face of it, animals built dens and burrowed in holes and went into hiding. Not so - Author: Kristin Hannah
Slurry Tank quotes by Kristin Hannah
#24. The M-1 is the best tank in the world, if you can get it to the war in time, if you have a Saddam Hussein who'll give you seven months to move your forces in. - Author: Ralph Peters
Slurry Tank quotes by Ralph Peters
#25. I don't like to bust drunk drivers. I don't like to listen to their explanations, watch their pitiful attempts to affect sobriety, or see the sheen of fear break out in their eyes when they realize they're headed for the drunk tank with little to look forward to in the morning except the appearance of their names in the newspaper. Or maybe in truth I just don't like to see myself when I look into their faces. - Author: James Lee Burke
Slurry Tank quotes by James Lee Burke
#26. Poetry is a bad medium for philosophy. Everything in the philosophical poem has to satisfy irreconcilable requirements: for instance, the last demand that we should make of philosophy (that it be interesting) is the first we make of a poem; the philosophical poet has an elevated and methodical, but forlorn and absurd air as he works away at his flying tank, his sewing-machine that also plays the piano. - Author: Randall Jarrell
Slurry Tank quotes by Randall Jarrell
#27. The Hollywood image of the movie business is all about ambition and high achievers like James Cameron. But the British film industry is much more about men who wear cravats and work with model trains and hope another series of 'Thomas the Tank Engine' will be commissioned. - Author: Peter Capaldi
Slurry Tank quotes by Peter Capaldi
#28. I was one of the first people to almost actually vomit over hearing the use of the phrase "family values" and I pride myself on never having fallen for the idea that Barbara Bush was sweet and grandmotherly. I met Barbara Bush and, as I expected, she was a tank with eyes, not a nice person at all and why should that blow anybody away? - Author: Paula Poundstone
Slurry Tank quotes by Paula Poundstone
#29. What's so funny?" "Your panties have a bow," he said. I looked down. I was wearing a short tank top -not mine- and my blue panties with a narrow white strip of lace at the top and a tiny white bow. Would it have killed me to check what I was wearing before I pulled the blanket down? "What's wrong with bows?" "Nothing." He was grinning now. "I expected barbed wire. Or one of those steel chains." Wiseass. "I'm secure enough in myself to wear panties with bows on them. Besides, they are comfy and soft." "I bet. - Author: Ilona Andrews
Slurry Tank quotes by Ilona Andrews
#30. The hardcover book was an academic monograph from a Midwestern university about the Battle of Kursk. Kursk happened in July of 1943. It was Nazi Germany's last grand offensive of World War Two and its first major defeat on an open battlefield. It turned into the greatest tank battle the world has ever seen, and ever will see, unless people like Kramer himself are eventually turned loose. - Author: Lee Child
Slurry Tank quotes by Lee Child

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