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#1. Happiness is a Slurpee and a hot pink straw. - Author: Jenny Han
Slurpee quotes by Jenny Han
#2. Leaving now. Back within the hour.
Oh, and Rune? Bring back Twizzlers and a cherry Coke Slurpee. He wanted to know what these things were.

Harrison, Thea (2011-05-03). Dragon Bound (A Novel of the Elder Races Book 1) (p. 36). Penguin Group US. Kindle Edition. - Author: Thea Harrison
Slurpee quotes by Thea Harrison
#3. It was then you'd have thought I'd been shot by a Taser, as paralyzed as I was at the sight of her - the perfect feminine form, the image hitting me with the velocity of a Slurpee-like brain-freeze, rendering me again the helpless, hapless male. Any trace of rationality or logic or even common sense that might've been there before is quickly abandoning ship, leaving Dickbrain at the helm and Lust navigating, - Author: Jack Dancer
Slurpee quotes by Jack Dancer
#4. Young Arab men are not going to walk away from extremism because they can suddenly afford a Slurpee. They will walk away when they can devote themselves to a some call to serve a cause that connects nationalism to dignity and democracy and transcends a lifetime. - Author: David Brooks
Slurpee quotes by David Brooks
#5. In my civilian world at home in Los Angeles, half the people I know are on antidepressants or anti–panic attack drugs because they can't handle the stress of a mean boss or a crowd at the 7-Eleven when buying a Slurpee. - Author: Evan Wright
Slurpee quotes by Evan Wright
#6. I hate it when I go into a Snack Shack and they're out of Blue Ice. The other slushie flavors taste like cheap candy. - Author: Daven Anderson
Slurpee quotes by Daven Anderson

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