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If you look up the word "gab" in the dictionary, it's insignificant of importance, of no substance. That's what gab is. ~ Malachy McCourt
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Malachy McCourt
Impossible is a word found only in the dictionary for fools. ~ Henry R. Griffen
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Henry R. Griffen
You're like a dictionary, you add meaning to my life ~ Shannon Dermott
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Shannon Dermott
To make dictionaries is dull work. ~ Samuel Johnson
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Samuel Johnson
Hey. Not sure what's going on-gonna go find out. Be careful and don't do anything stupid. Don't come after me-your better on your own. See you. F
I sat on the edge of the bed, holding the note.
Okay, so Fang had looked up vague in the dictionary and this was what it had said to write. ~ James Patterson
Slovene Dictionary quotes by James Patterson
Most of the words you know and love and use every day are not words you learned by looking them up in a dictionary and reading a definition. ~ Erin McKean
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Erin McKean
Love is binary in nature, either yes or no. True love is just a dictionary thing... ~ Ankit Rawat
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Ankit Rawat
I wrote about the things I discovered along the way and about how whether we believe it or not, everything we need to succeed in life is already present inside us. We just have to find the few. ~ Andrew Kendall
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Andrew Kendall
[T]he distance between sympathy and sensuality is as short as that which separates those two words in the dictionary. ~ Pitigrilli
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Pitigrilli
Oh.My. Every illegal swear word in the dictionary, God. What is it with older men? don't they ever look in the mirror? ~ Diane Messidoro
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Diane Messidoro
Aleister Crowley once stated that the most important grimoire, or book of magical instruction, that anyone could ever conceivably own would be an etymological dictionary, and in my opinion he was exactly right. I keep it right here by my desk, and just 10 minutes ago it confirmed for me that I had the spelling of "proprioception" right all along, even though my spell-checker had raised a crinkly red eyebrow. ~ Alan Moore
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Alan Moore
Abstraction, n.
Love is one kind of abstraction. And then there are those nights when I sleep alone, when I curl into a pillow that isn't you, when I hear the tiptoe sounds that aren't yours. It's not as if I can conjure you up completely. I must embrace the idea of you instead. ~ David Levithan
Slovene Dictionary quotes by David Levithan
I never understood whether the word 'amnesty' is correct or not. Maybe I am not very intelligent but I checked the dictionary to find the meaning. ~ Kapil Dev
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Kapil Dev
I had many things to say, I did not have the words to say them. Painfully aware of my limitations, I watched helplessly and language became an obstacle. It became clear that it would be necessary to invent a new language ... I would pause at every sentence, and start over and over again. I would conjure up other verbs, other images, other silent cries. It still was not right. But what exactly was "it"? "It" was something elusive, darkly shrouded for fear of being usurped, profaned. All the dictionary had to offer seemed meager, pale, lifeless. ~ Elie Wiesel
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Elie Wiesel
We stopped at a door that read GUIDANCE. I always found that term wonderfully vague. The dictionary definition of the word is "advice or information aimed at resolving a problem." In short, an attempt to help. But to us students, the word - this office - is far more frightening. It conjures up our college prospects, growing older, getting a real job - our future. Guidance seemed more like a term for cutting us loose. Spoon ~ Harlan Coben
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Harlan Coben
And you approve of your future sister-in-law?" Cade asked.

"Sure. Isabelle seems great." Her sister, on the other hand . . .

Huxley studied him as he slid on his boxer briefs. "What's the 'but'?"

"No 'but,'" Vaughn said. "I like Simon's fiancée." And, fortunately for him, she inherited all the good-natured genes in the family.

Cade furrowed his brow. "There it is again - that look. Like you want to say more."

Vaughn scoffed at that as he pulled on his clothes. "There's no look."

Cade pointed. "Huxley just put on his underwear. Not once, in the two years that you two have been partners, have you ever missed an opportunity to smirk at the fact that the man irons his boxer briefs."

"Hey. They fold neater that way. It saves space in the drawer," Huxley said.

Cade gave Vaughn a look. I rest my case. "So? What gives?"

Vaughn took in the tenacious expression on his friend's face and knew that any further denials would only bring on more questions. He sighed. "Fine." He thought about where to begin. "Isabelle has a sister."

Huxley rolled his eyes. "Here we go."

"No, no. Not here we go. She and I are not going anywhere," Vaughn said emphatically. "The woman's a . . ." He paused, trying to think of the right word. He caught sight of another agent, Sam Wilkins, passing by their row of lockers. The man was a walking dictionary. "Hey, Wilkins - what's that word you used ~ Julie James
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Julie James
Charientism (n.) A rhetorical term to describe saying a disagreeable thing in an agreeable way.

If I knew how to say disagreeable things in an agreeable fashion I most likely would not be spending most of my time siting alone in a room, reading the dictionary. ~ Ammon Shea
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Ammon Shea
That does it," said Jace. "I'm going to get you a dictionary for Christmas this year."
"Why?" Isabelle said.
"So you can look up 'fun.' I'm not sure you know what it means. ~ Cassandra Clare
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Cassandra Clare
I would like a dictionary though. A dictionary contains all the books ever written and all the books that will ever be written. That's something isn't it? The words aren't in the right order, of course, but it's still something. ~ Kevin Brooks
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Kevin Brooks
I am not learning definitions as established in even the latest dictionaries. I am not a dictionary-maker. I am a person a dictionary-maker has to contend with. I am a living evidence in the development of language. ~ William Stafford
Slovene Dictionary quotes by William Stafford
Trinidad's language is a fusion of English, African, and French, and so we have our own words and even our own dictionary. Steupse is a common local word, and it's the onomatopoeic word for the sound people make to show disapproval, or to show they are vexed, when they suck their teeth together. ~ Monique Roffey
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Monique Roffey
I am a success at last. We get annihilated. There is no mercy. The word "friendly" is never used in the same context again. "Friendly," according to The Australian Little Oxford Dictionary, means "acting or disposed to act as friend." The word "act" is very apt. The girls glare at me. They need to put a face to their misery and I'm it. From then on, whenever someone uses the words "the basketball game," there is no question which one they are referring to. This ~ Melina Marchetta
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Melina Marchetta
Tugs used to think that everyone's name was in the dictionary, and when she had realized it was only hers, both Tugs and Button, she felt suddenly fond and possessive of it, as if this book were put here for her guidance alone. ~ Anne Ylvisaker
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Anne Ylvisaker
I've always been fascinated with prostitution. I looked it up in the dictionary as a child, and I remember hearing that Jesus would hang out with prostitutes. I would always focus on the prostitutes. ~ Craig Seymour
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Craig Seymour
I see a direct connection between the Fuenta Magna Bowl and Ogma, I believe the former is an authentic yet misplaced artifact that has its origins in the Middle East as the Irish/Celtic mythology as well. Ogma -being the god/originator of speech and language- carries the syllable of 'Og' in his name (according to a renowned authority on Irish Mythology, James Swagger) which signals some process of initiation through which other members could join into this culture. His family connections were confused (according to, The Dictionary Of Mythology) but it is said that he was the brother of Dagda and Lugh; and Dagda owned a magical cauldron known as Undry, which was always full and used to satisfy his enormous appetite. The [Tales depict Dagda as a figure of immense power, armed with a magic club to kill nine men with one blow]. This symbolism shows another remarkable link, however, to ancient Egypt with the Nine Bows representing its enemies. With Richard Cassaro's work, we now know the significance of the Godself icon which we see on the Fuenta Magna Bowl; and yet my observation and surprise here lies in the fact that the Godself icon could simply refer to Dagda being a figure of immense power, but what is more astounding is when I found that the Latin word caldaria (whence 'cauldron' was taken) means a 'cooking pot'. This is indeed amazing, but that's not all! This Latin word has its etymological roots in the Semitic languages, where the Old Babylonian word 'kid' meaning 'to cu ~ Ibrahim Ibrahim
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Ibrahim Ibrahim
You know you're an Arizona native when you have to look up "mass transit" in the dictionary. ~ Paul Johnson
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Paul Johnson
The woman at the desk was a university graduate, young, colourless, spectacled, and intensely disagreeable. She had a fixed suspicion that no one - at least, no male person - ever consulted works of reference except in search of pornography. As soon as you approached she pierced you through and through with a flash of her pince-nez and let you know that your dirty secret was no secret from HER. After all, all works of reference are pornographical, except perhaps Whitaker's Almanack. You can put even the Oxford Dictionary to evil purposes by looking up words like - and - . ~ George Orwell
Slovene Dictionary quotes by George Orwell
My dictionary informs me that the word "fear" comes from the Old English word faer, which is related to the word faerie and means to cast enchantments. Faerie, or fairy, has roots in the word fae or fay, meaning of the Fates, or fate, which in turn is linked to faith, derived from the Latin word meaning to trust ...
He appeared, when I fist sumoned him, tall and stooped, big, hooded, and draped in mists and swathes of gray, from pale to almost black. There was a line between him and me. He walked over the line and stood just behind my left shoulder. He's there now. He stoops and whispers in my ear, "Watch out!" "Don't trust what you're hearing," "Slow down the car down," "Trust the omens!" He is Fear. He warns me of probable danger, and I listen to him because he is always correct.
Fear is your ally! It is your instinct to survive. Worry is a useless thing, it achieves nothing. Resolution is the key to success. ~ Ly De Angeles
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Ly De Angeles
Oooh, that was fun."
"That does it," said Jace. "I'm going to get you a dictionary for Christmas this year."
"Why?" Isabelle said.
"So you can look up 'fun.' I'm not sure you know what it means."
Isabelle pulled the long heavy mass of her wet hair forward and wrung it out as if it were wet washing. "You're raining on my parade."
"It's a pretty wet parade already, if you hadn't noticed." Jace glanced around. ~ Cassandra Clare
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Cassandra Clare
You know, Lillian, someday I will sit down and write a little dictionary for you, a little Chinese dictionary. In it I will put down all the interpretations of what is said to you, the right interpretation, that is: the one that is not meant to injure, not meant to humiliate or accuse or doubt. And whenever something is said to you, you will look in my little dictionary to make sure, before you get desperate, that you have understood what is said to you. ~ Anais Nin
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Anais Nin
I assume you're aware of the definition of the word hypocrite? Because I'm thinking if we looked it up in the dictionary, your picture would be right next to it. ~ Jt Geissigner
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Jt Geissigner
The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. work is the key to success, and hard work can help you accomplish anything. ~ Vince Lombardi Jr.
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Vince Lombardi Jr.
Before you are admitted to British citizenship you are not even considered a natural human being.
I looked up the word natural (na'tural) in the Pocket Oxford Dictionary (p. 251); it says: Of or according to or provided by nature, physically existing, innate, instinctive, normal, not miraculous or spiritual or artificial or conventional.... Note that before you obtain British citizenship, they simply doubt that you are provided by nature. ~ George Mikes
Slovene Dictionary quotes by George Mikes
You were born with your head in the clouds,
your future wide open,
feeling almost weightless. Almost.


You had dreams even before you had memories:
a cloud of fantasies and ambitions
of secret plans and hidden potential,
visions of who you are,
and what your life will be.

They keep your spirits high,
floating somewhere above your life,
where the world looks faintly hypothetical,
almost translucent.

But every time you reach for the sky
and come away with nothing,
you start to wonder what's holding them up.
"Surely it would have happened by now?!"

You feel time starting to slip,
pulling you back down to earth.
even as you tell yourself,
don't look down.

You don't have the luxury of floating through life,
because you may not have the time.
The future is already rushing toward you,
and it's not as far away as you think.

It feels like your life is flashing before your eyes,
but it's actually just the opposite:
you're thinking forward, to everything you still haven't done,
the places you had intended to visit,
the life goals you'd eventually get around to,
some day in the future.

You start dropping your delusions one by one,
like tossing ballast overboard.
And soon the fog lifts,
and everything becomes clear -
right until the moment you ~ The Dictionary Of Obscure Sorrows
Slovene Dictionary quotes by The Dictionary Of Obscure Sorrows
And I'm not ready to tell you I'm in love with you, because I'm not. Not yet. But whatever this I'm feeling - it's so much more than like ... And for the past few weeks I've been trying to figure it out. I've been trying to figure out why there isn't some word to describe it. I want to tell you exactly how I feel but there isn't a single goddamned word in the entire dictionary that can describe this point between liking you and loving you, but I need that word ... "
"Living,"she finally whispers.
"I live you, Sky ... I live you so much. ~ Colleen Hoover
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Colleen Hoover
Coming back last time to the house she grew up in, Isabel had been reminded of the darkness that had descended with her brothers' deaths, how loss had leaked all over her mother's life like a stain. As a fourteen-year-old, Isabel had searched the dictionary. She knew that if a wife lost a husband, there was a whole new word to describe who she was: she was now a widow. A husband became a widower. But if a parent loss a child, there was no special label for their grief. They were still just a mother or a father, even if they no longer had a son or daughter. That seemed odd. As to her own status, she wondered whether she was still technically a sister, now that her adored brothers had died. ~ M.L. Stedman
Slovene Dictionary quotes by M.L. Stedman
Many journalists now are no more than channelers and echoers of what George Orwell called the 'official truth'. They simply cipher and transmit lies. It really grieves me that so many of my fellow journalists can be so manipulated that they become really what the French describe as 'functionaires', functionaries, not journalists. Many journalists become very defensive when you suggest to them that they are anything but impartial and objective. The problem with those words 'impartiality' and 'objectivity' is that they have lost their dictionary meaning. They've been taken over ... [they] now mean the establishment point of view ... Journalists don't sit down and think, 'I'm now going to speak for the establishment.' Of course not. But they internalise a whole set of assumptions, and one of the most potent assumptions is that the world should be seen in terms of its usefulness to the West, not humanity. ~ John Pilger
Slovene Dictionary quotes by John Pilger
Words fascinate me. They always have. For me, browsing in a dictionary is like being turned loose in a bank. ~ Eddie Cantor
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Eddie Cantor
I'm very sensitive to the English language. I studied the dictionary obsessively when I was a kid and collect old dictionaries. Words, I think, are very powerful and they convey an intention. ~ Drew Barrymore
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Drew Barrymore
I started by looking everything up in a Star Trek dictionary so I knew what I was talking about, but you can't do that because they talk in circles, and half of it doesn't make sense, so you'll just end up driving yourself more insane. ~ Jeri Ryan
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Jeri Ryan
The problem with the alphabet is that it bears no relation to anything at all, and when words are arranged alphabetically they are uselessly separated. In the OED, for example, aardvarks are 19 volumes away from the zoo, yachts are 18 volumes from the beach, and wine is 17 volumes from the nearest corkscrew. ~ Mark Forsyth
Slovene Dictionary quotes by Mark Forsyth
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