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Lost between segments of a ferocious horizon, the white-helmeted explorer prepares to die and assembles his memories in order to discover how an explorer should end his days: with his arms outstretched and his face in the sand, or should he dig a fugitive tomb because of wind and hyenas, or just curl up in the so-called broken-gun position which causes so much worry to mothers when they discover that this is the position in which their offspring prefer to fall asleep, or will it be a lion or sunstroke or thirst that does the honours for him. ~ Robert Desnos
Slouched Position quotes by Robert Desnos
But Amarantha rolled her eyes and slouched in her throne. "Shatter him, Rhysand." She flicked a hand at the High Lord of the Summer Court. "You may do what you want with the body afterward."
The High Lord of the Summer Court bowed - as if he'd been given a gift - and looked to his subject, who had gone still and calm on the floor, hugging his knees. The male faerie was ready - relieved.
Rhys slipped a hand out of his pocket, and it dangled at his side. I could have sworn phantom talons flickered there as his fingers curled slightly.
"I'm growing bored, Rhysand," Amarantha said with a sigh, again fiddling with that bone. She hadn't looked at me once, too focused on her current prey.
Rhysand's fingers curled into a fist.
The faerie male's eyes went wide - then glazed as he slumped to the side in the puddle of his own waste. Blood leaked from his nose, from his ears, pooling on the floor.
That fast - that easily, that irrevocably … he was dead.
"I said shatter his mind, not his brain," Amarantha snapped.
The crowd murmured around me, stirring. I wanted nothing more than to fade back into it - to crawl back into my cell and burn this from my mind. Tamlin hadn't flinched - not a muscle. What horrors had he witnessed in his long life if this hadn't broken that distant expression, that control?
Rhysand shrugged, his hand sliding back into his pocket. "Apologies, my queen." He turned away without being dismissed, and didn't look at me as h ~ Sarah J. Maas
Slouched Position quotes by Sarah J. Maas
Get your hopes up

I was talking to a reporter one time, and I could tell he didn't like the fact that my message is so positive and so hopeful. He asked what I would tell a person who lost a job and was about to lose a home and had no place to go and all sorts of other problems. He painted the worst possible situation.
I said, "First of all, I would encourage that person to get up and find something to be grateful for, and secondly, I would encourage the person to expect things to turn around, expect new doors to open, expect breakthroughs."
The scripture says, "When darkness overtakes the righteous, light will come bursting in." When you don't see a way out, and it's dark, you're in prime position for God's favor to come bursting in.
The reporter said, "Wouldn't that be giving them false hope?"
Here's the alternative: I could tell them be negative, bitter, give up, complain, and be depressed. All that would do is make matters worse.
You may be in a difficult situation, but instead of being negative just dig in your heels and say, "I refuse to live with a negative attitude. I'm not giving up on my dreams. I'm not living without passion or zeal. I may not see a way, but I know God has a way. It may be dark, but I'm expecting the light to come bursting in. I'm setting my mind for victory."
That's what allows God to work. It's not just mind over matter. It's not just having a positive attitude. It's your faith being released. When you be ~ Joel Osteen
Slouched Position quotes by Joel Osteen
Confucius said: "You are never in a position to learn unless you are totally confused. ~ Marcus Gibson
Slouched Position quotes by Marcus Gibson
one of the plagues that God sent on the Egyptians was lice. This was a plague in whose presence we were helpless. The lice were big and white, each with a black cross on its back. They feasted on us day and night. This was an enemy whom you had to fight - search and destroy. When I went to the bathroom at night I would see women standing near the electric lamp that gave off a faint light, searching for lice in their clothes. One would leave her position near the light, and immediately someone would take her place. ~ Sara Nomberg-Przytyk
Slouched Position quotes by Sara Nomberg-Przytyk
Everyone who knows anything of history also knows that great social revolutions are impossible without the feminine ferment. Social progress may be measured precisely by the social position of the fair sex (plain ones included). ~ Karl Marx
Slouched Position quotes by Karl Marx
I know that there are a billion girls out there that would kill to be in my position, and I never forget that. ~ Michelle Trachtenberg
Slouched Position quotes by Michelle Trachtenberg
When you are able to shift your inner awareness to how you can serve others, and when you make this the central focus of your life, you will then be in a position to know true miracles in your progress toward prosperity. ~ Wayne W. Dyer
Slouched Position quotes by Wayne W. Dyer
When a lot of athletes get done playing, they end up in some really tough positions. They have a hard time transitioning because their identity is wrapped up in who they are as a player and what they do rather than who they can be in Christ. We desire to help people understand the invitation that God has given each one of us as Christ followers to be a part of this global redemptive story. If you can't give your life to something with meaning and purpose of that magnitude then there's nothing there. ~ Aaron Kampman
Slouched Position quotes by Aaron Kampman
Hitting the Road Trucking 222 Plaza Place Outthereville, MA 90000 May 22, 20xx To Whom It May Concern: Ron Goodley has been an employee of Hitting the Road Trucking since September 4, 20xx, a total of over five years. He has a full-time position as a driver. His salary is $45,000 per year. This position is permanent, and Ron's prospects for performance-based advancement and salary increases are excellent. Very truly yours, Bob Bossman Personnel Manager Hitting the Road Trucking ~ Ilona Bray
Slouched Position quotes by Ilona Bray
If you are in a position to influence someone, you are a leader. ~ Sheri L. Dew
Slouched Position quotes by Sheri L. Dew
The system of fathers of the world church, the clergy system of the state church, and the pastoral system of the independent churches are all the same in nature. They are all Nicolaitans. In the Bible there are only brothers. There is the gift of a pastor, but no system of pastors. The pastoral system is man's tradition. If the children of God are not willing to return to the position of that in the beginning, no matter what they do, it will not be right. ~ Watchman Nee
Slouched Position quotes by Watchman Nee
Well, friend, I don't know about your tastes, but I tend to like it very bloody," Myrnin said. He shifted position, dragging Claire along like a rag doll without any effort at all. "Have we been introduced?"
"Probably not. Why, are you asking me out, sweetheart?"
"You're not my type, darling. Is this one yours?"
"No," Frank said, and looked at Shane, just in a quick flicker. "Let's say she's a friend of the family. ~ Rachel Caine
Slouched Position quotes by Rachel Caine
Lightly, caressingly, Marie Antoinette picked up the crown as a gift. She was still too young to know that life never gives anything for nothing, and that a price is always exacted for what fate bestows. She did not think she would have to pay a price. She simply accepted the rights of her royal position and performed no duties in exchange. She wanted to combine two things which are, in actual human experience, incompatible; she wanted to reign and at the same time to enjoy. ~ Stefan Zweig
Slouched Position quotes by Stefan Zweig
We're so distracted, we're missing out own lives. The parent who records his kid's dance recital or first steps or graduation is so busy trying to capture the moment--to create a thing that proves that they were there--they miss out on actually living and enjoying the moment.
I've done this before with my camera. I have jockeyed for position, bumping elbows with other parents so I could get into the best spot to look through the viewfinder of my SLR to capture the moment of my daughter's dance recital. Five-year-old Phoebe was so cute in her little sailor outfit, tapping away. And I got some great pictures. It's just that while I remember getting the pictures, I do not recall the moment. So much of the time we don't trust ourselves to experience our world without stuff. Things so often don't enhance our lives, but are barriers to fully living our lives. ~ Dave Bruno
Slouched Position quotes by Dave Bruno
All men beneath your position covet your station, ~ Frank Herbert
Slouched Position quotes by Frank Herbert
Don't you ever reread a book you liked?" Once the words were out of her mouth, she regretted them; there were plenty of people who didn't read for pleasure, let alone reread.
But Tom smiled and shook his head. "I used to, when I was a tyke. But how can you read a book you've already read when you know there are all those other ones out there?"
"An excellent argument, Mr. McLaury. I can only defend my position by saying that I use my old books as seasoning for the new ones - I sprinkle them lightly through my reading. ~ Emma Bull
Slouched Position quotes by Emma Bull
As Obama prepares to begin the last year of his presidency, he stands in an unusual position on the national stage: He is the rationalist, a creature of intellect rather than emotion. ~ David Ignatius
Slouched Position quotes by David Ignatius
Once the cards are dealt we turn them up in turn, and make two piles each, one red, one black; the winner has the biggest pile of red ones. So once the cards are dealt the game is determined, and from any position in it you can derive all others back to the deal and forward to win or draw ... in relation to the solar system ... , the laws are like the rules of an infantile card game ... But in relation to what happens on and inside a planet the laws are, rather, like the rules of chess; the play is seldom determined, though nobody breaks the rules. ~ G. E. M. Anscombe
Slouched Position quotes by G. E. M. Anscombe
Competency is a basic value. It is not a means to some other end, such as wealth or position, although such results may occur. ~ Timothy J. Keller
Slouched Position quotes by Timothy J. Keller
I've had people ask me: 'How can you make a movie about a murderer? A terrorist?' What they don't understand is that I'm in support of everyone who appears on screen. I have to be. I take the position of everyone who's on screen. I'm not judging them one way or another. ~ Benicio Del Toro
Slouched Position quotes by Benicio Del Toro
With respect to the situation in Al-Faw, the British told big lies. In Al-Faw, our forces' positions remained in place. ~ Mohammed Saeed Al-Sahaf
Slouched Position quotes by Mohammed Saeed Al-Sahaf
[W]e need to think twice about raining down vengeance and anger as our default position. ~ Jon Ronson
Slouched Position quotes by Jon Ronson
There is no question that, if you look at name recognition and celebrity, my opponent is far-and-away ahead. I think that if you put my beliefs in one column and her positions in another column, I am almost convinced that a majority of the people in the Democratic Party would support my beliefs. ~ Jonathan Tasini
Slouched Position quotes by Jonathan Tasini
The reputation is not essentially built by earning too much, learning too many things, achieving awards, bagging rewards or catapulting position to the hilt; but by unquestionably staying simple, humble , well grounded and doing nothing that makes own conscience to feel guilt. ~ Anuj
Slouched Position quotes by Anuj
To follow art for the sake of being a great man, and therefore to cast about continually for some means of achieving position or attracting admiration, is the surest way of ending in total extinction. ~ John Ruskin
Slouched Position quotes by John Ruskin
There are things which money cannot buy; which no music can bring; which no social position can claim; which no personal influence can assure; and which no eloquence can command. ~ Billy Graham
Slouched Position quotes by Billy Graham
I think for me, or for anyone who plays the quarterback position, it's almost an unspoken word when you think about leadership. Some guys can be a leader and be a running back or a lineman, or wide receiver, strong safety, or linebacker. But when you speak of quarterbacks, it's automatically a default that you're supposed to be a leader. ~ Cam Newton
Slouched Position quotes by Cam Newton
I think extremists within the base may very well move the Democratic party away from its pro-Israel position. ~ Alan Dershowitz
Slouched Position quotes by Alan Dershowitz
For Bohr the theory came first, then the philosophical position, the interpretation constructed to make sense of what the theory says about reality. Einstein knew that it was dangerous to build a philosophical worldview on the foundation of any scientific theory. If the theory is found wanting in the light of new experimental evidence, then the philosophical position it supports collapses with it. 'it is basic for physics that one assumes a real world existing independently from any act of perception', said Einstein. 'But this we do not know'. ~ Manjit Kumar
Slouched Position quotes by Manjit Kumar
Moral relativism, a position many find attractive only until they are faced with someone who is doing something really, really wrong. ~ Peter Singer
Slouched Position quotes by Peter Singer
She remained in this attitude, clearly inviting him to touch her.

Taking a position of advantage, he rested his right hand on her buttock. He considered a moment then raised his arm and brought his palm upon her, delivering a sharp spank. He felt the acuteness of it on his own skin. He gave her another, watching his hand in the mirror opposite, as it made contact.

The slap caused her to flinch, but her heard her sigh also: the timbre of which was now familiar to him. He paused, allowing the sensation of the sting to sink in before giving her more. She remained folded over for him, eager for more of his burning smacks upon her flesh. The peach of her cheeks rippled each time under the impact of his blows. ~ Emmanuelle De Maupassant
Slouched Position quotes by Emmanuelle De Maupassant
Students who are put in a university who aren't qualified tend to have lower graduation rates, they have lower grades, they have lower bar passage rates. You can demonstrate that. You are putting them in position where they are not set up to succeed. ~ Mary Kissel
Slouched Position quotes by Mary Kissel
He reached out, put his hands on her shoulders and pressed downwards. She fell into a seated position against a fallen tree.
"Sit," he said. "Stay."
"That's cute," she said. "Tell me to 'heel' and see what happens. ~ Jena Leigh
Slouched Position quotes by Jena Leigh
The whole Esther Williams of it all. The ostrich ballet. Like pirouetting feather dusters; their paddle feet in fourth position. ~ Durga Chew-Bose
Slouched Position quotes by Durga Chew-Bose
Morality - like velocity - is relative. The determination of it depends on what the objects around you are doing. All one can do is measure one's position in relation to them; never can one measure one's velocity or morality in terms of absolutes. ~ David Gerrold
Slouched Position quotes by David Gerrold
To anyone in the position to hire women directors: Make the commitment. ~ Lesli Linka Glatter
Slouched Position quotes by Lesli Linka Glatter
Once any group in society stands in a relatively deprived position in relation to other groups, it is genuinely deprived. ~ Margaret Mead
Slouched Position quotes by Margaret Mead
Whenever I have a stubborn position on something, I take a deep breath and swallow myself. ~ Nick Offerman
Slouched Position quotes by Nick Offerman
I've called in the oracles and they were communing with the Fates. But you know how they are. I'm sure it'll come back as 'When the sky is green,m and the earth turns black, the Daimons will give you lots of flack. To kill the great awful one you seek, you'll have to find something unique.' Or some bullshit like that. I really hate Oracles. If I wanted to play mind games, I'd buy a Rubik's Cube. (Acheron)
I don't know, Ash, you're pretty good at that. Sure you don't want to take up an Oracle position? (Kyrian)
Picture this, General, my middle finger is extended all the way up, and aimed right at you. Now let me work. I have Daimons to track, Dark-Hunters to antagonize, and women to seduce. (Acheron) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Slouched Position quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Knowing I wasn't going anywhere, I frantically searched for some way to help her. A dark figure caught my eye. "Christian!" I yelled. He'd been staring at Lissa's retreating figure but glanced up at the sound of his name.
One of my escorts shushed me and took my arm. "Be quiet."
I ignored her. "Go after her," I called to Christian. "Hurry."
He just sat there, and I suppressed a groan.
"Go, you idiot!"
My guardians snapped at me to be quiet again, but something inside of Christian woke up. Springing up from his lounging position, he tore off in the direction Lissa had traveled. ~ Richelle Mead
Slouched Position quotes by Richelle Mead
Organisms are not billiard balls, propelled by simple and measurable external forces to predictable new positions on life's pool table. Sufficiently complex systems have greater richness. Organisms have a history that constrains their future in myriad, subtle ways. ~ Stephen Jay Gould
Slouched Position quotes by Stephen Jay Gould
That's enough Susy, nuff, nuff.'
'No, no I just want to say this,' she gasped, on the brink of incoherence. 'His eyes, his face, it's not ugly, and I know if I go back that he'll come and get some more of me ... Even when he has drained all I know and when he ... God, God, he came at me, at my throat and even then, I couldn't stop him, didn't want to even when I felt his mouth ... '
She reached to her throat, where her hands fluttered. Her eyes, clear and cornflower blue when they had been so serene a few minutes ago, were stark and tormented. Suddenly she buckled toward him from her propped position, sobbing. He caught her and she wept into his chest.
'And the worst thing ... the worst thing ... is that I want to see him again ... Harry, he wanted me to take that cross off, and I did, and I've felt him wanting me now, even now, with blessed Jesus over my bed. ~ Leslie H. Whitten Jr.
Slouched Position quotes by Leslie H. Whitten Jr.
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