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#1. I love character actors. If I'm switching channels, and something with Slim Pickens is on, or Walter Brennan, I'm stuck. I have to watch it. - Author: Les Claypool
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by Les Claypool
#2. Yesterday I just felt like eating my ass off so I did. I ate two Chef Boyardee pizzas, a Fifth Avenue candy bar, an entire package of fun size Snickers (that was fun!), several cherry sours (not the entire package, there are still a few left), an apple (apples don't taste as good as they used to), several Slim Jims, a slice of burnt garlic toast, white cheddar popcorn and microwave popcorn. Today I will drink black coffee, eat a bowl of oatmeal (old school, boiled on the stove but no butter but lots of cinnamon and brown sugar) and dance to various YouTubes. I need to buy a pair of gloves, get my ass to the boxing gym and learn to love protein shakes. Also, I want to run a marathon. Then I want to get a backpack, stuff it with trail mix and the like and take to the road like the chick in that Wild book. - Author: Misti Rainwater-Lites
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by Misti Rainwater-Lites
#3. I just got another kitten, you know. Found another trademark. It's quite embarrassing I missed it."
"Nine cats? They can send you to prison for that."
He pushed his glasses back on his nose. "I'm calling him Murad, after the cigarettes."
"Never heard of them."
"They're an obsolete Turkish brand, popular in the 1910s and '20s. Murad means 'desire' in Arabic. The only brand that ever appears in a Cordova film is Murad. There's not one Marlboro, Camel, or Virginia Slim. It goes further. If the Murad cigarette is focused upon by the camera in any Cordova film. The very next person who appears on-screen has been devastatingly targeted. In other words, the gods will have drawn a great big X across his shoulder blades and taped an invisible sign there that reads FUCKED. His life will henceforth never be the same. - Author: Marisha Pessl
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by Marisha Pessl
#4. Yet even if their advice were to work, what would be the result afterward in the unlikely event that one did turn into a slim, well-loved, powerful millionaire? Usually what happens is that the person finds himself back at square one, with a new list of wishes, just as dissatisfied as before. What would really satisfy people is not getting slim or rich, but feeling good about their lives. In the quest for happiness, partial solutions don't work. - Author: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
#5. The essence of foreign policy, is deciding which son of a bitch to support -in 1941, Hitler or Stalin; in 1972, Brezhnev or Mao; in 1979, Somoza or Ortega. One has to choose. A blanket anti-son of a bitch policy, like a blanket anti-ethnic cleansing policy, is soothing, satisfying and empty. It is not a policy at all but righteous self-delusion. - Author: Charles Krauthammer
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by Charles Krauthammer
#6. It's important to understand that oil and renewables do different things. Wind and solar are for power generation, so they don't replace oil. About 70% of all oil produced is used for transportation fuel. Renewables are good projects, but they don't get us off of foreign oil. - Author: T. Boone Pickens
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by T. Boone Pickens
#7. Hating you shall be a game
Played with cool hands
And slim fingers.
Your heart will yearn
For the lonely splendor
Of the pine tree
While rekindled fires
In my eyes
Shall wound you like swift arrows.
Memory will lay its hands
Upon your breast
And you will understand
My hatred. - Author: Gwendolyn B. Bennett
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by Gwendolyn B. Bennett
#8. This was 1941 and I'd been in prison eleven years. I was thirty-five. I'd spent the best years of my life either in a cell or in a black-hole. I'd only had seven months of total freedom with my Indian tribe. The children my Indian wives must have had by me would be eight years old now. How terrible! How quickly the time had flashed by! But a backward glance showed all these hours and minutes studding my calvary as terribly long, and each one of them hard to bear. - Author: Henri Charriere
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by Henri Charriere
#9. But they are good hands," he said, holding them up in the space between them, palms toward her. Slim hands, slender fingers, gold rings on four of them. Three of those fingertips had felled a man and left him gasping for survival. "They will protect you all the rest of my life and never hurt you. They will hold you and bring you comfort when you need it. They will hold our children. They will caress you and bring you pleasure. Come. Lie down on the bed." Our - Author: Mary Balogh
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by Mary Balogh
#10. If you really love acting, you'll want to act. That's what I did. You don't look for any payday because the likelihood of a payday is slim to none. - Author: Robert Gossett
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by Robert Gossett
#11. For guys who are into fitness, I think it's important to wear slim-fit stuff that is pretty tight so they can show off the bodies they have been working hard to have. Women are going to appreciate that. - Author: Carl Hagelin
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by Carl Hagelin
#12. Pearl Harbor is a two-hour movie squeezed into three hours, about how on December 7, 1941, the Japanese staged a surprise attack on an American love triangle. Its centerpiece is 40 minutes of redundant special effects, surrounded by a love story of stunning banality. The film has been directed without grace, vision, or originality, and although you may walk out quoting lines of dialog, it will not be because you admire them. - Author: Roger Ebert
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by Roger Ebert
#13. In 1941, the BBC was setting up local, low-powered transmitters that were switched off if there was an air raid so they couldn't be used by German planes to navigate. As a 'youth in training,' my job was to switch the transmitter on in the mornings and off at night, and to check that it, and the feeder land lines, were working. - Author: Michael Bond
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by Michael Bond
#14. CompUSA was a bad decision. We stayed too much with CompUSA, and we stayed too short with Apple. - Author: Carlos Slim
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by Carlos Slim
#15. The author wishes to thank: Good fortune, Godiva chocolates, and Slim-Fast - Author: Rachel Caine
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by Rachel Caine
#16. Unfortunately, not every dead body goes to what might be considered "noble ends." There is a slim possibility that your donated head will be the head, the head that holds the key to the mysteries of the twenty-first century's great disease epidemics. But it is equally possible your body will end up being used to train a new crop of Beverly Hills plastic surgeons in the art of the facelift. Or dumped out of a plane to test parachute technology. Your body is donated to science in a very . . . general way. Where your parts go is not up to you. - Author: Caitlin Doughty
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by Caitlin Doughty
#17. Every age thinks it is perfect, especially in religion. - Author: William Pickens
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by William Pickens
#18. It is logical to look for a green fowl in a dark room even if you know the chance of finding a green fowl in a dark room is slim. - Author: Duop Chak Wuol
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by Duop Chak Wuol
#19. He was Lieutenant again. Which meant he was so screwed. Sam or even Roger would have had at least a slim chance of talking her out of bringing him in, but not Lieutenant Starrett. - Author: Suzanne Brockmann
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by Suzanne Brockmann
#20. And, like a fool, she kissed him back. Kissed him a way that would leave no doubt about the way she felt about him. Kissed him because she knew the chances were slim she'd have very many kisses like that in her lifetime.
Which is a sad thing when you're only seventeen. - Author: Cinda Williams Chima
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by Cinda Williams Chima
#21. Now a 'funnyman' can get a laugh before opening his mouth - looking funny. Lou Costello was one of your great funnymen. Harry Langdon, Larry Semon; they were all funnymen - they looked funny. W.C. Fields was never a comedian. Slim Summerville was a comedian, yet looked funny. Now if you have both attributes, you are in good shape. - Author: Milton Berle
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by Milton Berle
#22. I loved her," Robinson said. "And I loved the sick girl you were when I met you, and I loved the good student and the bad driver. I loved the car thief, the hitchhiker, the quoter of novels I haven't read, and the hater of Slim Jims ... Axi Moore, I've loved every you there ever was. - Author: James Patterson
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by James Patterson
#23. There are people who are good for letters and others that are good for numbers. - Author: Carlos Slim
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by Carlos Slim
#24. I stared down the slim barrel of a gun, looked into eyes rabid with fear and hatred, and saw my reflection. Pulled the trigger to make it go away.
I heard the echoes of my gunshots, smelled the cordite, and in the smoke, I still saw my reflection and knew I always would. - Author: Dennis Lehane
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by Dennis Lehane
#25. I have sold 120 million records. Half of those could be in Europe. - Author: Slim Whitman
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by Slim Whitman
#26. Brisbane put one in mind of wolves and lithe jungle cats, while Edward conjured images of seraphim and slim young saints. It required an entirely different aesthetic altogether to appreciate Brisbane, one that I lacked. Entirely. - Author: Deanna Raybourn
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by Deanna Raybourn
#27. Ford and General Motors executives made a big deal of the occasion by driving to Washington in their hybrid vehicles. Mulally of Ford came in an Escape SUV hybrid. Wagoner of General Motors was chauffeured in a Chevy Malibu hybrid.
Poor Bob Nardelli of Chrysler. The pickings were slim. Chrysler, known more for the styling of it's bodies than for its technological savvy, sent Nardelli to Washington in an Aspen Hybrid SUV, about the only "green" thing Chrysler had to offer. Problem is, it was a terrible vehicle and unreliable.
Despite being partially powered by a battery, the Aspen ran on a V-8 Hemi and got less than twenty miles to the gallon. The charging system was flawed and difficult to service.
His driver was Mike Carlisle, the homicide detective who had retired from the Detroit Police Department just a month earlier.
The media was invited to snap bon voyage photographs in Detroit, which they dutifully filed. What they did not see -and what Carlisle later told me- was that there were two engineers tailing Nardelli at a discreet three-mile buffer, carrying laptops and a trunk full of tolls in case the Aspen broke down. Even Chrysler didn't trust their products. - Author: Charlie LeDuff
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by Charlie LeDuff
#28. How can we unshackle ourselves from this irrational impulse to chase worthless options? In 1941 the philosopher Erich Fromm wrote a book called Escape from Freedom. In a modern democracy, he said, people are beset not by a lack of opportunity, but by a dizzying abundance of it. In our modern society this is emphatically so. We are continually reminded that we can do anything and be anything we want to be. The problem is in living up to this dream. We must develop ourselves in every way possible; must taste every aspect of life; must make sure that of the 1,000 things to see before dying, we have not stopped at number 999. But then comes a problem-are we spreading ourselves too thin? The temptation Fromm was describing, I believe, is what we saw as we watched our participants racing from one door to another. - Author: Dan Ariely
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by Dan Ariely
#29. I remembered watching Slim Goodbody on TV, an odd white guy with a small Afro who wore a full-body leotard with the inside of the human body painted on it, which made him look as if he'd been flayed alive. He - Author: Jenny Lawson
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by Jenny Lawson
#30. I dont play any two suited cards. I play any two non-suited cards. That way I am drawing at two different flushes. - Author: Amarillo Slim
Slim Pickens 1941 quotes by Amarillo Slim

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