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In art and mythology, the Goddess appears in three forms. White represents the virgin, red the mother, and black, the crone, or the death-goddess. ~ Erin O'Riordan
Sjofn Goddess quotes by Erin O'Riordan
You've read about the goddesses, come on. They're an international sensation. These are my girlfriends. These are the women that I love that have completed the three parts of my heart. ~ Charlie Sheen
Sjofn Goddess quotes by Charlie Sheen
Maya, Indian goddess of illusions. Siren of shipwrecked sailors. If only you lactated Pinot Noir, you'd be perfect. ~ Rex Pickett
Sjofn Goddess quotes by Rex Pickett
The Goddess does not rule the world; She is the world. Manifest in each of us, She can be known internally by every individual, in all her magnificent diversity. ~ Starhawk
Sjofn Goddess quotes by Starhawk
The Goddess is the macrocosmic and microcosmic anima, as put in place by Creator. Her existence became necessary in order to give form to Creator's thoughts and therefore ours as well. ~ Lawren Leo
Sjofn Goddess quotes by Lawren Leo
Astrid turned, slowly and deliberately, toward Reyna. She looked her up and down, and then frowned, as if she couldn't quite place her.
"Reyna? I didn't recognize you without the emo girl costume. Still not quite the goddess of light and beauty, are you? Big heels to fill. It'll take a while to grow into them." She looked Reyna over again. "Maybe a long while."
"Oh, I fit my shoes just fine. Today, they're a sweet pair of combat boots, because today, I'm playing a different aspect of Freya. Goddess of kick-your-butt-if-you-mess-with-me. Or mess with anyone else. ~ K.L. Armstrong
Sjofn Goddess quotes by K.L. Armstrong
I had the pleasure of seeing a real goddess today. She was her own definition of beauty. She was magnificent in sight. Omnipotent in beauty. I'm still caught in her spell. ~ Lionel Suggs
Sjofn Goddess quotes by Lionel Suggs
Everyone knows how to love, but not how to love well. The mistake is too easy. You call her a goddess and you think he's perfect and suddenly they're not people anymore. You've betrayed them. Instead of being in awe of their complexity, you've swept it away ... Once you've recognized a person as a person, you can start to love that person well. It's an awful thing to learn, but it's the best thing in the world to know. ~ Kate Hattemer
Sjofn Goddess quotes by Kate Hattemer
The concept behind the modern military salute is the same. A salute was an acknowledgment of the influence of the goddess of health, Salus. ~ David Flynn
Sjofn Goddess quotes by David Flynn
You must be mistaken," Isabel said, unconcerned by the insult that the words carried.
"I assure you i am not. Voluptas is nearly always portrayed wrapped in roses. If that were not enough, her faces confirms her identity."
"You cannot tell a goddess from a face carved in marble," she scoffed.
"You can tell Voluptas by her face."
"I've never even heard of this goddess, and you know what she looks like?"
"She is the goddess of sensual pleasure."
Isabel's mouth fell open at the words. She could not think of a single thing to say in response. "Oh ~ Sarah MacLean
Sjofn Goddess quotes by Sarah MacLean
E L James, Party Games

you're looking kind of smug
inserting that god damn anal plug
giving me your kinky love

after writing Fifty Shades
you're acting like some kind of renegade
giving me your kinky love

sit me on a dildo and spin me right around
chain me up and hang me upside down
giving me your kinky love

god damn you E L James
making me into some kind of party game
giving me your kinky love

put me in a dream
and wheel in the Fucking Machine
god damn you E L James

spank a hand on my bum
see how much I can cum
god damn you E L James

stand me up and sit me down
lay me out and roll me about
god damn you E L James

electro impulses up my brainstem
god damn you E L James

cast me in a submissive role-play
with my genitals on display
god damn you E L James

suspend me high in the air
slap me around like I don't care
god damn you E L James

take that whip off the shelf
make me forget myself
god damn you E L James

Why are you wearing oven mittens?
branding iron your name written
inner goddess don't keep in hidden
god damn you E L James

holy crap
my mind has snapped
to forget one thing that I have heard
I'm never going to use the safe-word
god damn you E L ~ R.M. Romarney
Sjofn Goddess quotes by R.M. Romarney
Oh no, that's for you. Presents make people happy. The Simi wants you to be happy. (Simi) Thank you, Simi. (Gallagher) No need to thank me. See, that's what families do. They take care of each other. (Simi) I no longer have a family. I had to give them up. (Gallagher) Of course you have a family. Everyone has family. I'm your family. Akri your family. Even that smelly old goddess is your family. She's that creepy old aunt who comes around but nobody likes her so they make fun of her when she's gone. (Simi) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Sjofn Goddess quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Anya, the minor goddess of Anarchy? A woman who had more balls than most men - because she'd cut them off the guys stupid enough to get in her way and kept them as souvenirs. ~ Gena Showalter
Sjofn Goddess quotes by Gena Showalter
You are such a drama llama!" she shouted at her mother.
The redhead blinked. "It's drama queen, dear."
"No, it's llama... ~ Katie Reus
Sjofn Goddess quotes by Katie Reus
By Hecate, the goddess I worship more than all the others, the one I choose to help me in this work, who lives with me deep inside my home, these people won't bring pain into my heart and laugh about it. ~ Euripides
Sjofn Goddess quotes by Euripides
Rage - Goddess, sing the rage of Peleus' son Achilles, murderous, doomed, that cost the Achaeans countless losses, hurling down to the House of Death so many sturdy souls, great fighters' souls, but made their bodies carrion, feasts for the dogs and birds, and the will of Zeus was moving toward its end. Begin, Muse, when the two first broke and clashed, Agamemnon lord of men and brilliant Achilles. ~ Homer
Sjofn Goddess quotes by Homer
My inner goddess has left the building and taken my libido with her. ~ E.L. James
Sjofn Goddess quotes by E.L. James
The Aztec gods and goddesses are, as far as we have known anything about them, an unlovely and unlovable lot. In their myths there is no grace or charm, no poetry. Only this perpetual grudge, grudge, grudging, one god grudging another, the gods grudging men their existence, and men grudging the animals. The goddess of love is goddess of dirt and prostitution, a dirt-eater, a horror, without a touch of tenderness ... ~ D.H. Lawrence
Sjofn Goddess quotes by D.H. Lawrence
I'm no good at loving people but…

I will love you
like the darkness loves the stars.
I'm the goddess of the night.
I will smear my ink
over your skin,
and leave paper cuts
where the light can get in.
I will break you
then make you whole.
You'll be the moon
lighting up the sky.
But I will never be done –
we'll dance together
until my darkness is gone. ~ Nessie Q.
Sjofn Goddess quotes by Nessie Q.
WON'T ACCEPT YOUR TRUTH! ~ Qwana M. BabyGirl Reynolds-Frasier
Sjofn Goddess quotes by Qwana M. BabyGirl Reynolds-Frasier
After a while, the letter became soft and moist. When I glanced up I could see, although
initially indistinctly, soft downy blonde hair with a large, gold, buckle intermingled there. This was
seeing with all my senses. ~ Thomas Ullman
Sjofn Goddess quotes by Thomas Ullman
Everyone creates realities based on their own personal beliefs. These beliefs are so powerful that they can create [expansive or entrapping] realities over and over.~Kuan Yin ~ Hope Bradford
Sjofn Goddess quotes by Hope Bradford
The Egyptians of 4000 B.C. believed that the goddess Isis, wife of Osiris, taught them how to grow olives. The Greeks have a similar legend. But the Hebrew word for olive, zait, is probably older than the Greek word, elaia, and is thought to refer to Said in the Nile Delta. ~ Mark Kurlansky
Sjofn Goddess quotes by Mark Kurlansky
O You wild adept at throwing!
Like a spear by other things, I'd lain
there beside my next of kin. Your strain
flung me far. To where's beyond my knowing.
None can bring me back again.
Sisters think upon me as they twine,
and the house is full of warm relation.
I alone am out of the design,
and I tremble like a supplication;
for the lovely goddess all creation
bowers in legend lives this life of mine.
With unrest I want to inundate you,
want to brandish you, you vine-wreathed stave.
Want, like death itself, to penetrate you
and to pass you onwards like the grave
to the All: to all these things that wait you. ~ Rainer Maria Rilke
Sjofn Goddess quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
His second motto: Thou, nature, art my goddess; to thy laws my services are bound. ~ Carl Friedrich Gauss
Sjofn Goddess quotes by Carl Friedrich Gauss
I anoint you with this sacred oil in the name of Brighid
Triple Goddess
Maiden, Mother, Crone ~ Wendy Wildcraft
Sjofn Goddess quotes by Wendy Wildcraft
The king died last. They made him watch and what he did to those princesses and his queen I will never repeat as long as I live. But Isaboe knows, for she walked the sleep of a monster who was witness to it, and if I could have one wish in my life," he said through gritted teeth, "it would be that I could tear from her mind the memory such depravity. Sweet Goddess, that I would have such a gift. I would give my life for it." And then he was sobbing, despairing at his uselessness. ~ Melina Marchetta
Sjofn Goddess quotes by Melina Marchetta
My motto in life is 'aim true'. It came from my love of Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. She inspired me to sport a gold arrow around my neck because it reminded me of her strength and that I can always hit my mark when I set intention, follow what makes my heart beat, and aim true. The arrow was a reminder that I can cut through any obstacles, that I have power, beauty, and the ability to choose love over fear every moment of my life. ~ Kathryn Budig
Sjofn Goddess quotes by Kathryn Budig
You think I'm not a goddess?
Try me.
This is a torch song.
Touch me and you'll burn. ~ Margaret Atwood
Sjofn Goddess quotes by Margaret Atwood
Anyone who wants a Prakruti (relative self) that brings worldly benefits, they should worship Mataji,the goddess mother. And those who want Moksha [ultimate liberation] should worship the Soul [Real Self]. Those who want both should worship both. ~ Dada Bhagwan
Sjofn Goddess quotes by Dada Bhagwan
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