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I remember when John Lasseter called me back in the late 1990s to personally invite me to come be the voice of Barbie in 'Toy Story 2.' ~ Jodi Benson
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Jodi Benson
There is no wonder, no amazement, quite like that felt when something supposed for amusement's sake to be magical and mysterious actually manifests the properties imagination has assigned it in jest
when the toy pistol shoots real bullets, the wishing well grants actual wishes, lovers from down the street fling themselves into Death's bright arms from Lovers' Leap ~ Gene Wolfe
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Gene Wolfe
The thing is, when you start smoking, you think you've bought a fun baby dragon. You think you've charmed a fabulous beast, as your toy, that will impress all that see it. And then, twenty years later, you wake up with your lungs full of cinder and shite, and the bed on fire, and you realize the dragon grew up - and burned your fucking house down. ~ Caitlin Moran
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Caitlin Moran
I've done tangos with men who thought my ass was a squeaky toy. ~ Seanan McGuire
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Seanan McGuire
The woman has the right to be emancipated from the position of a drudge or a toy. She is entitled to a full equality in rights with man ... ~ Theodore Roosevelt
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
But the most fantastical of my imaginary worlds turned out to be the one I'd thought was real. As a child, I believed the world was run by competent, sane and benevolent adults. I believed this for much longer than I believed in Santa Claus.
That belief has since gone down like the Titanic (on which I also spent a lot of time as a child). The world is run by nitwits and psychopaths. ~ Karen Joy Fowler
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Karen Joy Fowler
So many of us find ourselves saying, "but he was so great!" Yes, and the people who got on the Titanic thought they were going on vacation. Things changed and it's important to remember that they did. ~ Greg Behrendt
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Greg Behrendt
Gerry Fialka's annual PXL THIS is a reliably surprising and seductive round-up of recent work achieved with the PXL 2000 camera. This humble outdated "toy" continues to bring out the visionary child in filmmakers and viewers alike, and no one has kept the PXL flame burning longer or brighter than Gerry. ~ Michael Almereyda
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Michael Almereyda
Finally I caught on that what you buy today is ready - picked or dug this morning at its peak. This also explained another puzzle; I never understood why Italian refrigerators are so minute until I realized that they don't store food the way we do. The Sub-Zero giant I have at home begins to seem almost institutional compared to the toy fridge I now have here. ~ Frances Mayes
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Frances Mayes
The blossoms seem unusually lovely this year. There were none of the scarlet-and-white-striped curtains that are set up among the blossoming trees so invariably that one has to come to think of them as the attire of cherry blossoms; there were no bustling tea-stalls, no holiday crowds of flower-viewers, no one hawking balloons and toy windmills; instead there were only the cherry trees blossoming undisturbed among the evergreens, making one feel as though he were seeing the naked bodies of the blossoms. Nature's free bounty and useless extravagance had never appeared so fantastically beautiful as it did this spring. I had an uncomfortable suspicion that Nature had come to reconquer the earth for herself. ~ Yukio Mishima
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Yukio Mishima
I'm not sure what to call 'Lego Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary.' Nonfiction? Movie/toy fiction? But it is any Lego/'Star Wars' kid's dream. Call it spectacular. ~ Jon Scieszka
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Jon Scieszka
I have a toy poodle, Shadow. She's a little whippersnapper! And I love little monkeys. ~ Vanessa Hudgens
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Vanessa Hudgens
Pierce through the livid face of a human being at certain moments as they ponder, look behind the facade, look into the soul, look into the darkness. There, beneath the outer silence, titanic struggles are taking place. What a somber thing is this infinity that each man carries within him and against which he measures in despair what his his brain wants and what his life puts into action! ~ Victor Hugo
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Victor Hugo
I feel rather a fool writing down my thoughts ~ Ellen Emerson White
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Ellen Emerson White
Being a parent and having two young kids, I buy Blu-rays and DVDs all the time. It's like buying a toy. ~ Rob Letterman
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Rob Letterman
And in this city a man will go mad with paresis, another with terror, a third will drown himself and the newspapers will report death from cancer and cerebral hemorrhage among our leading citizens, and there will casual mention of various epidemics, of lust murders, of famine and starvation, and the decline of Utilities on the New York Exchange. But all that's forgotten tonight, God's asleep. And if you have any questions to ask about the chaotic conditions on this little spherical toy of his, you'll have to refer them to his secretary, who will send you form letter No. X99 explaining that accidents will happen and that of course God's ways are necessarily rather obscure to man. ~ Tennessee Williams
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Tennessee Williams
I did toy with the idea of doing a cook-book ... I think a lot of people who hate literature but love fried eggs would buy it if the price was right. ~ Groucho Marx
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Groucho Marx
You make the Titanic look like a tiny little misadventure. ~ Gina Ranalli
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Gina Ranalli
The man said, "The toy cars are a dollar a piece". The boy thought about that a moment and asked, "How much for the whole thing? ~ Neil Leckman
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Neil Leckman
(...) a child is led into a laboratory and asked to face one of the walls. The experimenter then explains that he is going to set up an elaborate toy a few feet behind them. After setting up the toy, the experimenter explains that he has to leave the laboratory, and asks the child not to turn around and peek at the toy. The child is secretly filmed by hidden cameras for a few minutes, and then the experimenter returns and asks them whether they peeked. Almost all 3-year-olds do, and then half of them lie about it to the experimenter. By the time the children have reached the age of 5, all of them peek and all of them lie. The results provide compelling evidence that lying starts to emerge the moment we learn to speak. Perhaps surprisingly, when adults are shown films of their children denying that they peeked at the toy, they are unable to detect whether their darling offspring are lying or telling the truth. ~ Richard Wiseman
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Richard Wiseman
Stage 13 was, then, a toy shop, a magic chest, a sorcerer's trunk, a trick manufactory, and an aerial hangar of dreams at the center of which Roy stood each day, waving his long piano fingers at mythic beasts to stir them, whispering, in the ten-billion-year slumbers. ~ Ray Bradbury
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Ray Bradbury
What had happened, for instance, at one of the war's biggest battles, the Battle of Midway? It was in the Pacific, there was something about aircraft carriers. Wasn't there a movie about it, one of those Hollywood all-star behemoths in which a lot of admirals look worried while pushing toy ships around a map? (Midway, released in 1976 and starring Glenn Ford, Charlton Heston, and -- inevitably -- Henry Fonda.) A couple of people were even surprised to hear that Midway Airport was named after the battle, though they'd walked past the ugly commemorative sculpture in the concourse so many times. All in all, this was a dispiriting exercise. The astonishing events of that morning, the "fatal five minutes" on which the war and the fate of the world hung, had been reduced to a plaque nobody reads, at an airport with a vaguely puzzling name, midway between Chicago and nowhere at all. ~ Lee Sandlin
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Lee Sandlin
Mac [Barnett] and I prank each other during our presentation. We show baby pictures of each other looking completely ridiculous. I can't believe the frilly shirt that I'm in, and Mac's wearing a sailor suit and playing a toy piano. That's a perfect example of a good prank, where we have three hundred people literally laughing in our faces, three hundred kids at every assembly. And it feels really good. It's really fun. ~ Jory John
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Jory John
Just because I don't know how to work a toy, doesn't mean I don't want it in my toy box. ~ Leah Clifford
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Leah Clifford
Heart-Shaped Glasses (When the Heart Guides the Hand), the first single from Eat Me, Drink Me, features a video filmed by Titanic director James Cameron. In it, Manson croons to Wood, who – with bobbed hair, gloves and a demure frock – blankly masturbates in an audience of writhing lesbians, Manson's image reflected in her heart-shaped glasses. I wanted to like the song, but found Manson's threadbare voice and overdubbed music annoying, and the chorus - 'Don't break my heart/and I won't break your heart-shaped glasses' – suggested a pugilistic retribution ('Dump me, and I'll punch your lights out!') more in keeping with Norman Mailer than Nabokov. ~ Antonella Gambotto-Burke
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Antonella Gambotto-Burke
Give ten children a toy box, and watch them select ten different toys, regardless of gender or religion or parental expectations. Children have preferences. The danger comes when they, as with any human, are denied those preferences for too long. ~ Seanan McGuire
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Seanan McGuire
Truly the ways of the Almighty are beyond our feeble understanding. ~ William T. Sloper
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by William T. Sloper
What is a poem, if not a toy mouse viewed from an angle that makes it appear to take over the world? Lee ~ Nell Zink
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Nell Zink
I definitely give more chances than I should, but when I'm done, I'm done. I mean it... like, that ship has sailed... and it was the Titanic. I'm done. ~ Steve Maraboli
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Steve Maraboli
Don't always carry your Toy dog. Small dogs have four on the floor and they can use them. ~ Darlene Arden
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Darlene Arden
I shouldn't have lost my temper that way. It just pricks his pride, makes him dig in his heels."
"So why did you?" I asked, genuinely curious. It was rare for Nikolai's emotions to get the best of him.
"I don't know," he said, shredding the leaf. "You got angry. I got angry. The room was too damn hot."
"I don't think that's it."
"Indigestion?" he offered.
"It's because you actually care about what happens to this country," I said. "The throne is just a prize to Vasily, something he wants to squabble over like a favorite toy, You're not like that. You'll make a good king."
Nikolai froze. "I ... " For once, words seemed to have deserted him. Then a crooked, embarrassed smile crept across his face. It was a far cry from his usual self-assured grin. "Thank you," he said.
I sighed as we resumed our pace. "You're going to be insufferable now, aren't you?"
Nikolai laughed. "I'm already insufferable. ~ Leigh Bardugo
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Leigh Bardugo
Oh, wouldn't it be wonderful if some manufacturer would make a toy as tough, as staunch, as hard to crack open as the carton it comes in! ~ Jean Kerr
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Jean Kerr
Part of me must have really wanted to believe
like a child hearing, in perfect safety, a tale of horror
that the unconscious would be like any other room, once the light was let in. That the dark shapes would resolve only into toy horses and Biedermeyer furniture. That therapy could tame it after all, bring it into society with no fear of its someday reverting. I wanted to believe, despite everything my life had been. Can you imagine? ~ Thomas Pynchon
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Thomas Pynchon
'Titanic' made me want to tell stories ... To have all these characters and costumes and have ambition and think big and have dreams ... It came at a very troubled period of my life. ~ Xavier Dolan
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Xavier Dolan
Don't provoke Cheat," Arin said as they stepped out of the carriage and onto the dusky path that led to the governor's palace, which looked eerie to Kestrel because its impressive façade was the same as the night before, but the lights burning in the windows were now few.
"Kestrel, do you hear me? You can't toy with him."
"He started it."
"That's not the point." Gravel crunched under Arin's heavy boots as he stalked up the path. "Don't you understand that he wants you dead? He'd leap at the chance," Arin said, hands in pockets, head down, almost talking to himself. He strode ahead, his long legs quicker than hers. "I can't--Kestrel, you must understand that I would never claim you. Calling you a prize--my prize--it was only words. But it worked. Cheat won't harm you, I swear that he won't, but you must…hide yourself a little. Help a little. Just tell us how much time we have before the battle. Give him a reason to decide you're not better off dead. Swallow your pride."
"Maybe that's not as easy for me as it is for you."
He wheeled on her. "It's not easy for me," he said through his teeth. "You know that it's not. What do you think I have had to swallow, these past ten years? What do you think I have had to do to survive?"
They stood before the palace door. "Truly," she said, "I haven't the faintest interest. You may tell your sad story to someone else."
He flinched as if slapped. His voice came low: "You can make people feel so small."
~ Marie Rutkoski
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Marie Rutkoski
Let me tell you what I think about your fucking rules," he said, his voice dripping with venom as he pushed past Liam. "You sit up in your room and you pretend like you want what's best for everyone, but you don't do any of the work yourself. I can't tell if you're just a spoiled little shit, or if you're too worried about getting your pretty princess hands dirty, but it sucks. You are fucking awful, and you sure as hell don't have me fooled ... You talk about us all being equals, like we're one big rainbow of peace and all that bullshit, but you never once believed that yourself, did you? You won't let anyone contact their parents, and you don't care about the kids that are still trapped in camps your father set up. You wouldn't even listen when the Watch kids brought it up. So what I want to know is, why can't we leave? ... What's the point of this place, other than for you to get off on how great you are and toy with people and their feelings? ~ Alexandra Bracken
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Alexandra Bracken
The once-great country into which I'd been born now resembled its former self in name only. It didn't matter who was in charge. Those people were rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic and everyone knew it. ~ Ernest Cline
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Ernest Cline
Her face was severe but smiling. "What the hell did you do with my hairbrush, you stupid Saumensch, you little thief? ... The tirade went on for perhaps another minute, with Liesel making a desperate suggestion or two about the possible location of the said brush. It ended abruptly, with Rosa pulling Liesel close, just for a few seconds. Her whisper was almost impossible to hear, even at such close proximity. "You told me to yell at you. You said they'd all believe it." She looked left and right, her voice like needle and thread. "He woke up, Liesel. He's awake." From her pocket, she pulled out the toy soldier with the scratched exterior. "He said to give you this. It was his favorite." ... Before Liesel had a chance to answer, she finished it off. "Well? Answer me! Do you have any other idea where you might have left it? ~ Markus Zusak
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Markus Zusak
Are you mad? (Artemis)
Yes, I am. Mad at this world where we are nothing to the gods. Mad at the Fates who put us here for no purpose except to toy with us for their petty amusement. I wish all of the gods were dead and gone. (Acheron) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
It was a frightening metaphor for what the United States was becoming – a Titanic of rich, proud dimwits heading for the iceberg of anti-colonialist backlash. ~ M.B. Dallocchio
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by M.B. Dallocchio
What am I to call it? Diffidence? The fear of ridicule? Inverted vanity? What matters names, if it has brought me to this? I could never bear to be bustling about nothing; I was ashamed of this toy kingdom from the first; I could not tolerate that people should fancy I believed in a thing so patently absurd! I would do nothing that cannot be done smiling. I have a sense of humour, forsooth! I must know better than my Maker. And it was the same thing in my marriage," he added more hoarsely. "I did not believe this girl could care for me; I must not intrude; I must preserve the foppery of my indifference. What an impotent picture!"
"Ay, we have the same blood," moralised Gotthold. "You are drawing, with fine strokes, the character of the born sceptic."
"Sceptic? - coward!" cried Otto. "Coward is the word. A springless, putty-hearted, cowering coward! ~ Robert Louis Stevenson
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson
If a high-reactive toddler breaks another child's toy by mistake, studies show, she often experiences a more intense mix of guilt and sorrow than a lower-reactive child would. ...but high-reactive kids seem to see and feel things more. ~ Susan Cain
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Susan Cain
Jack: Rose! You're so stupid. Why did you do that, huh? You're so stupid, Rose. Why did you do that? Why?
Rose: You jump, I jump, right?
Jack: Right.
Rose: Oh God! I couldn't go. I couldn't go, Jack.
Jack: It's all right. We'll think of something.
Rose: At least I'm with you. ~ James Cameron
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by James Cameron
Thomas Merton to write: The modern child may early in his or her existence have natural inclinations toward spirituality. The child may have imagination, originality, a simple and individual response to reality, and even a tendency to moments of thoughtful silence and absorption. All these tendencies, however, are soon destroyed by the dominant culture. The child becomes a yelling, brash, false little monster, brandishing a toy gun or dressed up like some character he has seen on television. His head is filled with inane slogans, songs, noises, explosions, statistics, brand names, menaces, ribaldries, and cliches. Then, when the child gets to school, he learns to verbalize, rationalize, to pace, to make faces like an advertisement, to need a car and in short, to go through life with an empty head conforming to others, like himself, in togetherness.3 ~ Brennan Manning
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Brennan Manning
It's not Comic Con any more. It's this huge marketplace for the motion picture and television industry. And the toy manufacturer's and the game people. One of the problems with International Comic Con is that tickets go on sale for the next year's event and the place is full of thousands and thousands of kids who have scraped together every dime to get admittance because they want to get all the freebies. ~ Mike Royer
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Mike Royer
If it's only a kiss you want, I can kiss you with my clothes on." Katie O'Reilly to Captain Lord Blackthorn in "Titanic Rhasody. ~ Jina Bacarr
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Jina Bacarr
Every try to take a toy away from a toddler? They don't like that, do they? They start kicking and screaming. Best way to take a toy away from a toddler is distract the kid, give him something else to play with. Instead of trying to forcefully take thoughts out of your mind, give your mind something better to play with. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
With the fate of Roe v. Wade now hanging in the balance, I'm calling for a special 'pro-life tax.' If the fervent prayers of the religious right are answered and abortion is banned, let's take it a step further. All good Christians should legally be required to pony up; share the financial burden of raising an unwanted child. That's right: put your money where your Bible is. I'm not just talking about paying for food and shelter or even a college education. All those who advocate for driving a stake through the heart of a woman's right to choose must help bear the financial burden of that child's upbringing. They must be legally as well as morally bound to provide the child brought into this world at their insistence with decent clothes to wear; a toy to play with; a bicycle to ride -- even if they don't consider these things 'necessities.' Pro-lifers must be required to provide each child with all those things they would consider 'necessary' for their own children. Once the kid is out of the womb, don't wash your hands and declare 'Mission Accomplished!' It doesn't end there. If you insist that every pregnancy be carried to term, then you'd better be willing to pay the freight for the biological parents who can't afford to. And -- like the good Christians that you are -- should do so without complaint. ~ Quentin R. Bufogle
Sinkable Titanic Toy quotes by Quentin R. Bufogle
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