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Since I was a kid, I've had an absolute obsession with particular kinds of American music. Mississippi Delta blues of the Thirties, Chicago blues of the Fifties, West Coast music of the mid-Sixties - but I'd never really touched on dark Americana. ~ Robert Plant
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Robert Plant
I no longer live in Chicago. Not a day goes by when I do not wish I were there. ~ Rich Cohen
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Rich Cohen
Chicago still remains a Mecca of the Midwest - people from both coasts are kind of amazed how good life is in Chicago, and what a good culture we've got. You can have a pretty wonderful artistic life and never leave Chicago. ~ Harold Ramis
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Harold Ramis
Historically, women have either been excluded from the process of creating the definitions of what is considered art or allowed to participate only if we accept and work within existing mainstream designations. If women have no real role as women in the process of defining art, then we are essentially prevented from helping to shape cultural symbols. ~ Judy Chicago
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Judy Chicago
Well, I think one of the reasons Chicago became so popular as a filmmaker location is because New York had been used so many times that Chicago, I think, was rediscovered maybe in the late '60s, early '70s for a long time as a new location. ~ Richard Roeper
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Richard Roeper
Let's not forget Chicago. There have been tons of attacks on Chicago Transit Authority buses and trains. The head of the CTA said riders should be more aware of their surroundings. More blaming the victim. Maybe the riders need some pamphlets on how not to anger the rioters. ~ Colin Flaherty
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Colin Flaherty
Aside from a few master teachers that we have had over the years, this has been a completely local talent development. But people have started to come now from Chicago, we have a number of students from Chicago and different places of the country and even in the world. ~ Katherine Dunham
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Katherine Dunham
In New York, you couldn't wish for a nicer audience, or in L.A., Chicago, Boston. But when you get into secondary markets, they don't have a clue. ~ Bryan Ferry
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Bryan Ferry
Lived in Chicago, survived in New York, brooded in Detroit, floundered in lots of places, arrived here late, after living in libraries around the country all those years because I liked being alone, liked matching up in books what I'd seen on the roads. ~ Ray Bradbury
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Ray Bradbury
...and I think about living in a place that's chock full of History and devoid of memory. I think about how it's impossible for a nation to have a conscience if it doesn't have a memory. ~ Rayshauna Gray
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Rayshauna Gray
I started a PhD in English at the University of Chicago because I loved poetry-which I now realize is like saying I studied vivisection because I loved dogs. ~ Michael Donaghy
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Michael Donaghy
If we can sell out a venue that's just as big as this in Omaha, if we can sell out DePaul in Chicago tomorrow, which looks like it's going to happen for 1100 or 1200 people, then obviously everyone will know that we can affect between 700 to 1000 people at a time in damn near every city in America, then I think that's a good start. It also tells people, and gives them an example, how independent hip-hop is able to do this without gigantic corporate support. ~ Immortal Technique
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Immortal Technique
The stars glittered in the sky and as the number of people at the party grew there were merging conversations and laughter and bodies moving in outlines around the kegs of beer in a curtsy of youth. ~ Daniel Amory
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Daniel Amory
That first year in Chicago was one of the most memorable in my career. Getting traded rejuvenated me, and I had something to prove. I wanted to show them what I could do. ~ Dennis Eckersley
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Dennis Eckersley
I moved to Chicago and began attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The students and teachers I met in Chicago were politically active and also passionate about the same things that I was interested in. It was a great match for me. ~ Stephen Beal
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Stephen Beal
Chicago, a town that's accustomed to its racial wounds and prides itself on a certain lack of sentiment. ~ Barack Obama
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Barack Obama
My mother told me once that she and my father agreed that I would not be brought up Jewish in Chicago. She had me going to a Methodist church. ~ Wesley Clark
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Wesley Clark
A Long Way from Chicago is the funniest book I have read in a while. You will enjoy the antics of Grandma and the love and dismay her grandchildren feel for her ~ Robert Newton Peck
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Robert Newton Peck
If theme parks, with their pasteboard main streets, reek of a bland, safe, homogenized, whitebread America, the Renaissance Faire is at the other end of the social spectrum, a whiff of the occult, a flash of danger and a hint of the erotic. Here, they let you throw axes. Here are more beer and bosoms than you'll find in all of Disney World. - Neil Steinberg, Chicago Sun-Times ~ Rachel Lee Rubin
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Rachel Lee Rubin
group of rookies can outperform individual experts. Behavioral scientists at the University of Chicago showed that expert pathologists poorly predict a cancer patient's survival time based on viewing a biopsy slide; yet when the decision of a group of less experienced individuals is aggregated, the readings are much more accurate than the predictions of individual experts. ~ Liz Wiseman
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Liz Wiseman
I had no particular image of Chicago in mind when I wrote 'My Kind of Town.' All I wanted to do was write a song in praise of Chicago, and that's what I did. ~ Sammy Cahn
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Sammy Cahn
I've called Chicago home for nearly 25 years. It's a city of broad shoulders and big hearts and bold dreams; a city of legendary sports figures, legendary sports venues, and legendary sports fans; a city like America itself, where the world
the world's races and religions and nationalities come together and reach for the dream that brought them here. ~ Barack Obama
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Barack Obama
His last 2 shows in the U.S. were in Chicago and St. Louis. I don't know what made me go on the trip with him, but I'm so very glad I did. They were two of the finest concerts I've ever seen. ~ Nancy Sinatra
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Nancy Sinatra
The Council Wars era from 1983 to 1986 and the brief months from 1986 to 1987 when Mayor Washington gained control over the council were among the most dramatic periods in Chicago's history. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, women, and homosexuals gained real power at City Hall for the first time. Opposition to Reaganomics and support for the city as a nuclear weapons-free zone were led by the mayor and his department heads, not just opposition groups. The growth machine of the old Chicago regime, which favored urban growth focused on major public works projects and development in the downtown Loop area, was replaced by a balanced program of neighborhood, as well as downtown, economic development.33 ~ Dick Simpson
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Dick Simpson
They planned this fair to bring business to Chicago, into the Loop. But you could have fired a cannon down state street and hit nobody, because everybody was out at the fair. ~ Sally Rand
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Sally Rand
I was working in Chicago, in theater and in commercials and anything that anybody would let me do. When I moved to L.A., I had made a choice to be a character actor, meaning that I wanted to become somebody else. That's what attracted me to becoming an actor in the first place. ~ Janina Gavankar
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Janina Gavankar
But no matter how good the beer, how many honors or awards, how innovative Goose Island would ever be again, someone deep in the crowd would always boo. ~ Josh Noel
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Josh Noel
My dad was born in Chicago in 1908 ... his parents came from Russia. They settled in Chicago, where they lived in a little tiny grocery store with eight or nine children - in the backroom all together - and my grandmother got the idea to go into the movie business. ~ Bob Balaban
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Bob Balaban
For me, I never wore my religion on my sleeve, you know what I'm saying? I never put myself out there as Lupe Fiasco, he's Muslim, he's from Chicago, he likes to ride a skateboard. ~ Lupe Fiasco
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Lupe Fiasco
I think the state has some serious problems. Just look at the layoffs going on across the state, not just in Chicago. It affects the middle class. It pushes people down. ~ Richard M. Daley
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Richard M. Daley
I'm from Chicago. My grandfather was a policeman, and my aunts are married to policemen. ~ Robin Tunney
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Robin Tunney
I started writing poetry as a teenager in suburban Chicago out of emotional desperation. ~ Edward Hirsch
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Edward Hirsch
More often, I'd meet people like Brett Favre. Not literally like Brett Favre, in the sense that they were forty-year-old football players, but that they were people who loved Wisconsin but couldn't find a way to make it work there, took off for NewYork, crashed and burned, and then found a home for themselves here in the City of Lakes. Minneapolis is where the drama queens and burnouts and weirdos and misfits of the rural and suburban Upper Midwest wind up. It's a city full of people who, though they'd never say it, secretly suspect they don't belong here, that they're not Minneapolis enough, because they didn't go to a city high school, or because they didn't hang out at First Avenue when they were teenagers, or because they came from the suburbs, or from outstate.They came from the Iron Range or Fargo–Moorhead or Bloomington or White Bear Lake or Collegeville, or from Chicago or California or the Pacific Northwest or Mexico or Somalia. Wherever they came from, Minneapolis is their home now, and it belongs to them. It belongs to us. ~ Andy Sturdevant
Sinfonietta Chicago quotes by Andy Sturdevant
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