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#1. Brian Walker and David Salt have written a thoughtful and powerful book to help resource users and managers put resilience thinking into practice and aim toward increasing the sustainability of our world. I urge public officials, scholars, and students in public policy programs to place this volume on their list of must-read books. It is a powerful antidote to the overly simplified proposals too often offered as solutions to contemporary problems at multiple scales. - Author: Elinor Ostrom
Simplified quotes by Elinor Ostrom
#2. Simplified spelling is all right, but, like chastity, you can carry it too far. - Author: Mark Twain
Simplified quotes by Mark Twain
#3. There's a need to understand, but that doesn't require knowledge. The God hypothesis, for example, allows you to have an unparalleled understanding of absolutely everything while knowing absolutely nothing ... Give a man a highly simplified model of the world and interpret every event on the basis of this simple model. This approach requires no knowledge. A few rote formulas, plus some so-called intuition, some so-called practical acumen, and some so-called common sense. - Author: Arkady Strugatsky
Simplified quotes by Arkady Strugatsky
#4. Excerpts from Life, Simplified can be found on my website. - Author: Jeannie Powell
Simplified quotes by Jeannie Powell
#5. If man were relieved of all superstition, and all prejudice, and had replaced these with a keen sensitivity to his real environment, and moreover had achieved a level of communication so simplified that one syllable could express his every thought, then he would have achieved the level of intelligence already achieved by his dog. - Author: Robert Breault
Simplified quotes by Robert Breault
#6. Parents must begin to discover their children as individuals of developing tastes and views and so help them be, and see, themselves as thinking, feeling people. It is far too easy for a middle-years child to absorb an over-simplified picture of himself as a sloppy, unreliable, careless, irresponsible, lazy creature and not much more
an attitude toward himself he will carry far beyond these years. - Author: Dorothy H Cohen
Simplified quotes by Dorothy H Cohen
#7. she enjoyed her continued glimpses into the inner workings of world affairs. She often would sit back in the middle of some long meeting and wonder how it was that these men and women had risen to the top of the global elite. They weren't marked by exceptional genius. The did not have extraordinarily deep knowledge or creative opinions. If there was one trait the best of them possessed, it was a talent for simplification. They had the ability to take a complex situation and capture the heart of the matter in simple terms. A second after they located the core fact of any problem, their observation seemed blindingly obvious, but somehow nobody had simplified the issue in quite those terms beforehand. They took reality and made it manageable for busy people. p338 - Author: David Brooks
Simplified quotes by David Brooks
#8. We live in a culture of reductionism. Or better, we are living in the aftermath of a culture of reductionism, and I believe we have reduced the complexity and diversity of the Scriptures to systematic theologies that insist on ideological conformity, even when such conformity flattens the diversity of the Scriptural witness. We have reduced our conception of gospel to four simple steps that short-circuit biblical narratives and notions of the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven in favor of a simplified means of entrance to heaven. Our preaching is often wed to our materialistic, consumerist cultural assumptions, and sermons are subsequently reduced to delivering messages that reinforce the worst of what American culture produces: self-centered end users who believe that God is a resource that helps an individual secure what amounts to an anemic and culturally bound understanding of the 'abundant life. - Author: Tim Keel
Simplified quotes by Tim Keel
#9. We are not just scientists, but human beings as well. Like most people we'd like to see the world a better place, which in this context translates into our working to reduce the risk of potentially disastrous climatic change. To do that we need to get some broad-based support, to capture the public's imagination. That, of course, entails getting loads of media coverage. So we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we might have. - Author: Stephen Schneider
Simplified quotes by Stephen Schneider
#10. In England in the 19th century, advances in printing methods, combined with the rise of a prosperous middle class, engendered a booming new industry of books published just for children. Casting about for cheap story material, English publishers laid hands on the subtle, sensual adult fairy tales of the Continental tradition and revised them into simpler stories instilled with Victorian values. Although these simplified versions retained much of the violence of the older stories, elements of sexuality and moral complexity were carefully scrubbed away - along with the fiesty heroines who appeared everywhere in the older tales, tamed now into models of Victorian propiety and passivity. In the 20th century, the Walt Disney Studios watered down the tales further still in popular animated films like Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, continuing the trend of turning active heroines into powerless damsels in distress. Walt Disney considered even the Victorian versions of the tales too dark for 20th century audiences. "It's just that people now don't want fairy stories the way they were written," Disney commented. "They were too rough." - Author: Terri Windling
Simplified quotes by Terri Windling
#11. Satanism encourages its followers to indulge in their natural desires. Only by doing so can you be a completely satisfied person with no frustrations which can be harmful to yourself and others around you. Therefore, the most simplified description of the Satanic belief is: INDULGENCE INSTEAD OF ABSTINENCE - Author: Anton Szandor LaVey
Simplified quotes by Anton Szandor LaVey
#12. In Paris, Julien's position with regard to Madame de Renal would very soon have been simplified; but in Paris love is the child of the novels. The young tutor and his timid mistress would have found in three or four novels, and even in the lyrics of the Gymnase, a clear statement of their situation. The novels would have outlined for them the part to be played, shown them the model to copy; and this model, sooner or later, albeit without the slightest pleasure, and perhaps with reluctance, vanity would have compelled Julien to follow.

In a small town of the Aveyron or the Pyrenees, the slightest incident would have been made decisive by the ardour of the climate. Beneath our more sombre skies, a penniless young man, who is ambitious only because the refinement of his nature puts him in need of some of those pleasures which money provides, is in daily contact with a woman of thirty who is sincerely virtuous, occupied with her children, and never looks to novels for examples of conduct. Everything goes slowly, everything happens by degrees in the provinces: life is more natural. - Author: Stendhal
Simplified quotes by Stendhal
#13. County government can be simplified greatly by reorganizing and consolidating some of the offices, making others appointive, and reducing salaries in keeping with the salaries paid by private business for the performance of similar duties. - Author: Arthur Capper
Simplified quotes by Arthur Capper
#14. We are all women you assure me? Then I may tell you that the very next words I read were these – 'Chloe liked Olivia …' Do not start. Do not blush. Let us admit in the privacy of our own society that these things sometimes happen. Sometimes women do like women. 'Chloe liked Olivia,' I read. And then it struck me how immense a change was there. Chloe liked Olivia perhaps for the first time in literature. Cleopatra did not like Octavia. And how completely Antony and Cleopatra would have been altered had she done so! As it is, I thought, letting my mind, I am afraid, wander a little from Life's Adventure, the whole thing is simplified, conventionalized, if one dared say it, absurdly. Cleopatra's only feeling about Octavia is one of jealousy. Is she taller than I am? How does she do her hair? The play, perhaps, required no more. But how interesting it would have been if the relationship between the two women had been more complicated. All these relationships between women, I thought, rapidly recalling the splendid gallery of fictitious women, are too simple. So much has been left out, unattempted. And I tried to remember any case in the course of my reading where two women are represented as friends. There is an attempt at it in Diana of the Crossways. They are confidantes, of course, in Racine and the Greek tragedies. They are now and then mothers and daughters. But almost without exception they are shown in their relation to men. - Author: Virginia Woolf
Simplified quotes by Virginia Woolf
#15. The most important thing, married or single, is that you can't compare your life to overly simplified fantasy figures on TV, in movies, or in magazines. Every human being is unique. Every relationship is unique. If you're in it, it's your job to find out what's unique about it. I don't think you should be in a relationship and downgrade it because it doesn't look the same as some Hollywood image. - Author: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Simplified quotes by Joseph Gordon-Levitt
#16. The past, which as always did not know the future, acted in ways that ask to
be imagined before they are condemned. Or even simplified. - Author: Paul Fussell
Simplified quotes by Paul Fussell
#17. What about confusing clutter? Information overload? Doesn't data have to be "boiled down" and "simplified"? These common questions miss the point, for the quantity of detail is an issue completely separate from the difficulty of reading. Clutter and confusion are failures of design, not attributes of information. - Author: Edward R. Tufte
Simplified quotes by Edward R. Tufte
#18. It is that flavor exuded by women who have fashioned an earthy and simplified sexual adjustment to their environment, borne their young, achieved an unthinking physical confidence. They are often placidly unkempt, even grubby, taking no interest in the niceties of posture. They have a slow relish for the physical spectrum of food, sun, deep sleep, the needs of children, the caressess of affection. There is a tiny magnificance about them, like the sultry dignity of she-lions. - Author: John D. MacDonald
Simplified quotes by John D. MacDonald
#19. A conceptual model is an explanation, usually highly simplified, of how something works. It doesn't have to be complete or even accurate as long as it is useful. - Author: Donald A. Norman
Simplified quotes by Donald A. Norman
#20. Our epoch, the epoch of the bourgeoisie, possesses, however, this distinct feature: it has simplified class antagonisms. Society as a whole is more and more splitting up into two great hostile camps, into two great classes directly facing each other - bourgeoisie and proletariat. - Author: Karl Marx
Simplified quotes by Karl Marx
#21. Your
intervention, shall we say, has simplified things in the palace enormously. We no longer have to worry about Salmissra's whims and peculiar appetites. We rule by committee, and we hardly ever find it necessary to poison each other anymore. No one's tried to poison me for months. - Author: David Eddings
Simplified quotes by David Eddings
#22. Well, at the time, you have to remember that we were not successful. The Showtime offer, as it was presented to me, was half the money for half the show. I was not interested, at that point, in doing a smaller cast and a more simplified Arrested Development. - Author: Mitchell Hurwitz
Simplified quotes by Mitchell Hurwitz
#23. Stories, in order to become stories, must be simplified, stripped of extraneous detail and vagrant feeling - Author: Robert Fulford
Simplified quotes by Robert Fulford
#24. In politics, arts / no issue's dramatic / nor will 'play' till its heart's / simplified to fanatic. - Author: Mona Van Duyn
Simplified quotes by Mona Van Duyn
#25. It can only be that places left behind often become emotionally simplified - that they sound a single note of pain or pleasure, which means that they are never what they were. - Author: Siri Hustvedt
Simplified quotes by Siri Hustvedt
#26. Books are where the ideas come from, though the ideas need to be simplified, reduced, submitted to ideological purification." ("Notes on the Mono-Culture"). - Author: Mark Edmundson
Simplified quotes by Mark Edmundson
#27. Designed or planned social order is necessarily schematic; it always ignores essential features of any real, functioning social order. This truth is best illustrated in a work-to-rule strike, which turns on the fact that any production process depends on a host of informal practices and improvisations that could never be codified. By merely following the rules meticiously, the workforce can virtually halt production. In the same fashion, the simplified rules animating plans for, say, a city, a village or a collective farm were inadequate as a set of instructions for creating a functional social order, The formal scheme was parasitic on informal processes that, alone, it could not create or maintain. - Author: James C. Scott
Simplified quotes by James C. Scott
#28. The destruction of sight, wherever the injuries be sustained, follows the same law: all colours are affected in the first place, and lose their saturation. Then the spectrum is simplified, being reduced to four and
soon to two colours; finally a grey monochrome stage is reached, although the pathological colour is never identifiable with any normal one. Thus in central as in peripheral lesions 'the loss of nervous substance results not only in a deficiency of certain qualities, but in the change to a less differentiated and more primitive structure'. - Author: Maurice Merleau-Ponty
Simplified quotes by Maurice Merleau-Ponty
#29. There is no interruption between my older paintings and my cutouts. Just that with an increasing sense of the absolute, and more abstraction, I have achieved a form that is simplified to its essence. - Author: Henri Matisse
Simplified quotes by Henri Matisse
#30. He was talking about hire purchase. precredit cards. A different way of getting the poor into debt, but I think he was right. It was nice when ordinary people could take a holiday in Spain, of course, but easy credit is what started the cultural rot. Tourism depends on lots of people everywhere with loads of disposable wealth, which means all kinds of changes through a place a cultivates it. The real, messy, informative past disappears to be overlaid with bad fiction, with simplified folklore, easy answers. Memory needs to remain complex, debatable. Without those qualities it is mere nostalgic sentimentality. Commodified identity. Souls bough and sold. - Author: Michael Moorcock
Simplified quotes by Michael Moorcock
#31. He saw my complications and he mirrored me back simplified, and we laughed how our perfect world would always be denied. - Author: Joni Mitchell
Simplified quotes by Joni Mitchell

Clear water in a brilliant bowl,
Pink and white carnations. The light
In the room more like a snowy air,
Reflecting snow. A newly-fallen snow
At the end of winter when afternoons return.
Pink and white carnations - one desires
So much more than that. The day itself
Is simplified: a bowl of white,
Cold, a cold porcelain, low and round,
With nothing more than the carnations there.

Say even that this complete simplicity
Stripped one of all one's torments, concealed
The evilly compounded, vital I
And made it fresh in a world of white,
A world of clear water, brilliant-edged,
Still one would want more, one would need more,
More than a world of white and snowy scents.

There would still remain the never-resting mind,
So that one would want to escape, come back
To what had been so long composed.
The imperfect is our paradise.
Note that, in this bitterness, delight,
Since the imperfect is so hot in us,
Lies in flawed words and stubborn sounds. - Author: Wallace Stevens
Simplified quotes by Wallace Stevens
#33. What you've probably discovered, at least at some level, is that a calendar, though important, can really effectively manage only a small portion of what you need to organize. And daily to-do lists and simplified priority coding have proven inadequate to deal with the volume and variable nature of the average professional's workload. - Author: David Allen
Simplified quotes by David Allen
#34. How could we even begin to disarm greed and envy? Perhaps by being much less greedy and envious ourselves; perhaps by resisting the temptation of letting our luxuries become needs; and perhaps by even scrutinising our needs to see if they cannot be simplified and reduced. - Author: Ernst F. Schumacher
Simplified quotes by Ernst F. Schumacher
#35. My friendships have stopped being so exclusive and the guidelines have simplified.

Does knowing me help someone I know become a better person?

Am I becoming a better person knowing someone?

Here's how I know a relationship is working. When I'm with that person, I am happy. I look forward to seeing that person. I'm not afraid that that person will hurt me intentionally. I'm not hesitant to speak up if I do feel hurt. Knowing that person, challenges me to grow. Being around that person gives me comfort when I feel sad. That person is someone I want to celebrate with when things are great.

I've let go of expecting people to behave a certain way or to treat me a certain way. However, I feel I'm more idealistic about my relationships than I've ever been. I want the most difficult thing you can ask a person and that is for them to be themselves, the good and the bad. I want authenticity where many find it hard to be authentic with themselves. It's from our authentic selves where true connections are made.

It's from those true connections where I finally feel understood. - Author: Corin
Simplified quotes by Corin
#36. Architecture is the alphabet of giants; it is the largest set of symbols ever made to meet the eyes of men. A tower stands up like a sort of simplified stature, of much more than heroic size. - Author: Gilbert K. Chesterton
Simplified quotes by Gilbert K. Chesterton
#37. Reducing also results in a simplified lifestyle that allows you to focus on quality versus quantity and experiences versus stuff. - Author: Bea Johnson
Simplified quotes by Bea Johnson
#38. One cannot overstate the childishness of the ideas that feed and stir the masses. Real ideas must as a rule be simplified to the level of a child's understanding if they are to arouse the masses to historic actions. A childish illusion, fixed in the minds of all children born in a certain decade and hammered home for four years, can easily reappear as a deadly serious political ideology twenty years later. - Author: Sebastian Haffner
Simplified quotes by Sebastian Haffner
#39. A model is a selectively simplified and consciously structured form of knowledge. - Author: Eric Evans
Simplified quotes by Eric Evans
#40. If I'm writing about a modern-day suburb, there's going to be details of the home and furniture, and if I'm writing about a historical period, those details, those pieces of the world are going to be there as well, but they'll be simplified, because I'm cartooning it. - Author: Gene Luen Yang
Simplified quotes by Gene Luen Yang
#41. A basic is an introduction. A fundamental is a foundation. A fundamental is a premise, idea, or fact that an entire system arises from and is based on. A fundamental determines the shape of what arises from it, much as a foundation of a house dictates its layout. A basic is how you introduce people you are teaching to the system. It is a beginning concept, often simplified to assist learning. If a fundamental is the foundation, a basic is the front door to enter the system. - Author: Marc MacYoung
Simplified quotes by Marc MacYoung
#42. We both know that if any one of our lives was simplified into a paragraph, we'd all come out sounding pretty bad. No one is easy or simple, or good or bad, we all feel too much for that. - Author: Rita Stradling
Simplified quotes by Rita Stradling
#43. Everybody uses labels: they give you a handle on things - an over-simplified handle, sure, but without labels, without ads, without words, the world would be an indistinguishable mass, a blur. You can hope, maybe, that people ascribe so many labels to you that none wins out - Author: Vito Acconci
Simplified quotes by Vito Acconci
#44. God clues us in to the fact that, "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." In short, God is not logical. This is not to say that he is illogical, only that he is not limited by logic. Simplified, "logic" is connecting the dots. We identify the dots we consider relevant, then connect them into lines and patterns. God, on the other hand, may see that, beneath one of the dots is a stack of a trillion more dots, each of which may be combined with the others. Little wonder that our ways and meanings frequently fail to match God's ways and meanings. Great wonder that, when they don't, we tend to fault him. - Author: Ron Brackin
Simplified quotes by Ron Brackin
#45. What we are looking for, I am afraid, is neither a true leader nor a true Messiah, but a false Messiah - a man who will give us over-simplified answers, who will justify our ways, who will castigate our enemies, who will vindicate our selfishness as a way of life and make us comfortable within our prejudices and preconceptions. - Author: Sydney J. Harris
Simplified quotes by Sydney J. Harris
#46. The simplified form of life is your Master, follow him without hesitation. - Author: Kristian Goldmund Aumann
Simplified quotes by Kristian Goldmund Aumann
#47. Art has no immediate future because all art is collective and there is no more collective life(there are only dead collections of people), and also because of this breaking of the true pact between the body and the soul. Greek art coincided with the beginning of geometry and with athleticism, the art of the Middle Ages with the craftsmen's guilds, the art of the Renaissance with the beginning of mechanics, etc ... Since 1914 there has been a complete cut. Even comedy is almost impossible. There is only room for satire (when was it easier to understand Juvenal?). Art will never be reborn except from amidst a general anarchy - it will be epic no doubt, because affliction will have simplified a great many things ... It is therefore quite useless for you to envy Leonardo or Bach. Greatness in our times must take a different course. Moreover it can only be solitary, obscure and without an echo ... (but without an echo, no art). - Author: Simone Weil
Simplified quotes by Simone Weil
#48. To what end do I lead a simple life at all, pray? That I may teach others to simplify their lives? - and so all our lives be simplified merely, like an algebraic formula? Or not, rather, that I may make use of the ground I have cleared to live more worthily and profitably? - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Simplified quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#49. People's fates are simplified by their names. - Author: Elias Canetti
Simplified quotes by Elias Canetti
#50. Anything added can be subtracted; anything verbose can be simplified; anything missing can be found. Manuscripts are not books but negatives waiting for the fixer that turns them into prints. - Author: Chloe Thurlow
Simplified quotes by Chloe Thurlow
#51. Another problem is that Paxos uses a symmetric peer-to-peer approach at its core (though it eventually suggests a weak form of leadership as a performance optimization). This makes sense in a simplified world where only one decision will be made, but few practical systems use this approach. If a series of decisions must be made, it is simpler and faster to first elect a leader, then have the leader coordinate the decisions. - Author: Anonymous
Simplified quotes by Anonymous
#52. I don't think Dave ever thought of himself as an efficiency expert, but every job he ever held, he simplified. His successor always had less work to do than his predecessor. That his successor usually reorganized the job again to take three times as much work, and as many subordinates, says little about Dave's oddity, other than by contrast. Some people are ants by nature, they have to work. Even when it's useless. Few people have a talent for "constructive laziness." And so ends the tale about the man who was too lazy to fail. Let's leave him there, in his hammock under the shade trees. So far as I know, he is still there. - Author: Robert A. Heinlein
Simplified quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
#53. Life is amazingly simplified," she wrote in her journal, "now that the recalcitrant forsythia has at last decided to come and blurt out springtime in petalled fountains of yellow. In spite of reams of papers to be written, life has snitched a cocaine sniff of sun-worship and salt air, and all looks promising." She already adored New York. - Author: Elizabeth Winder
Simplified quotes by Elizabeth Winder
#54. I think one of the saddest things that's happening to literature is that it's getting over-simplified by this diet of simple political ideas. - Author: Arundhati Roy
Simplified quotes by Arundhati Roy
#55. The absolute preponderance of a single political force, the predominance of any over-simplified concept in the organisation of the state, the strictly logical application of any single principle in all public law, whether it be a despotism based upon the divine right or a despotism based ostensibly on popular sovereignty; for they enable anyone who is in power to exploit the advantages of a superior position more thoroughly for the benefit of his own interests and passions. When the leaders of the governing class are exclusively interpreters of the will of God or the will of the people and exercise sovereignty in the name of those abstractions in societies that are deeply imbued with religious beliefs or with democratic fanaticism, and when no other organized social forces exist apart from those which represent the principle on which sovereignty over the nation is based, then there can be no resistance, no effective control, to restrain the natural tendency in those who stand at the head of the social order to abuse their powers. - Author: Gaetano Mosca
Simplified quotes by Gaetano Mosca
#56. For me, gratitude only brings positivity. As simplified as it sounds, I think that is key. - Author: Stephanie Ellis
Simplified quotes by Stephanie Ellis
#57. God is our final say in who and what's negative and who and what's positive in our lives. It is best not to have this so over-simplified as the illusioned superstitionists have it; an infinite being's tests may not always be so flowery, and the things we may see as positive are in many cases simply desires of our sinful nature. We are to protect our spirit without falling into the narcissistic mistake of trying to protect our selfish emotions, which the latter, in turn, is more than unlikely to bring peace and happiness. But rather guilt and emptiness. When one walks around constantly, in his mind, attempting to separate positive versus negative people, he is already controlled by something even worse than those he calls the 'negative people', and that is before he spots it soon enough to avoid it as he hypocritically tries to avoid them. - Author: Criss Jami
Simplified quotes by Criss Jami
#58. Just as TurboTax simplified much of the tax process, so has the colossally scary legal process been reduced to a kinder, gentler series of mouse clicks and 'Continue' buttons by LegalZoom, the online leader that has become so prominent in its market that it's practically a generic. - Author: Lynda Resnick
Simplified quotes by Lynda Resnick
#59. I wanted to tell everyone I was in love. I wanted to tell them how I felt. I wanted to scream if off the porch to complete strangers. It was a feeling that didn't want to be contained in the small privacy of my mind. Of course, I knew there would be no telling anyone. I'd heard the word so many times. But I'd never contemplated its meaning.
It hat explained itself to me. I was swept away by what it really meant. It was a word used to convey what had no language. It was a word used to explain a million things that couldn't be explained. It simplified what the heart could not. - Author: Dan Skinner
Simplified quotes by Dan Skinner
#60. Everything can be simplified. With enough simplification and enough patience on the part of the parent, anything can be simplified to the point that even very young children can begin to understand it. - Author: Edward De Bono
Simplified quotes by Edward De Bono
#61. Time refuses to be simplified and reduced. You cannot say that it is found only in the mind or only in the universe, that it runs only in one direction, or in every one imaginable. That it exists only in biological substructure, or is only a social convention. That it is only individual or only collective, only cyclic, only linear, relative, absolute, determined, universal or only local, only indeterminate, illusory, totally true, immeasurable, measurable, explicable, or unapproachable. It is all of these things. - Author: Peter Høeg
Simplified quotes by Peter Høeg
#62. ... the director explained to him, in that slow, simplified, style of language that one uses for the intellectually underprivileged, - Author: Gary Edward Gedall
Simplified quotes by Gary Edward Gedall
#63. The media's so central to our lives that we believe what we see onscreen is real. In fact, it's more real than reality: emotions are heightened, drama sharpened, issues simplified. - Author: Steve Shahbazian
Simplified quotes by Steve Shahbazian
#64. Many people believe that determining who is 'black' is rather easy, a task simplified by the administration of the one-drop rule. Under the one-drop rule, any discernible African ancestry stamps a person as 'black.' - Author: Randall Kennedy
Simplified quotes by Randall Kennedy
#65. Lisa, love is magical," Rema said. "Scientists give such simplified explanations for it, and they're wrong, because love isn't something that happens in your brain. Love happens in your soul. - Author: Monique Snyman
Simplified quotes by Monique Snyman
#66. In a way, I have simplified my life by setting priorities. - Author: Karen Duffy
Simplified quotes by Karen Duffy
#67. There is only one way in which the murderous death agonies of the old society and the bloody birth throes of the new society can be shortened, simplified and concentrated, and that way is revolutionary terror. - Author: Karl Marx
Simplified quotes by Karl Marx
#68. To remember simplified pictures is better than to forget accurate figures. - Author: Otto Neurath
Simplified quotes by Otto Neurath
#69. The label derives from comparative psychology, the name of a field that traditionally has viewed animals as mere stand-ins for humans: a monkey is a simplified human, a rat a simplified monkey, and so - Author: Frans De Waal
Simplified quotes by Frans De Waal
#70. I'd simplified and objectified our relationship into one of lust and boundaries, and while both were necessary for a good relationship, it took a lot more than that to make it an epic one. Things we had, like respect and trust, but also freely expressed desires and accountability to whatever degree it took to make both people happy. It took work, a willingness to fight passionately and fairly - out of bed, not just in it - commitment and honesty. It took waking up and saying each day, I hold this man sacred and always will. He's my sun, moon, and stars. It took letting the other person in; a thing I'd stopped doing. It took being unafraid to ask for what you wanted, to put yourself on the line, to risk it all for love. We - Author: Karen Marie Moning
Simplified quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#71. By having simplified what is known, physicists have been led into realms which as yet are anything but simple. That at some time, they, too, will appear as simple consequences of a theory of which no one has yet dreamed is not a statement of fact.It is a statement of faith. - Author: Edward Teller
Simplified quotes by Edward Teller
#72. When I finally gathered, invented, stole, simplified, borrowed, and found a publisher for a clutch of reasonably foolproof recipes, I learned I had friends I hadn't known about - more proof that a mutual dislike can be quite as sound a basis for friendship as a mutual devotion. - Author: Peg Bracken
Simplified quotes by Peg Bracken
#73. The concept of country, homeland, dwelling place becomes simplified as "the environment"
that is, what surrounds us, we have already made a profound division between it an ourselves. We have given up the understanding
dropped it out of our language and so out of our thought
that we and our country create one another, depend on one another, are literally part of one another; that our land passes in and out of our bodies just as our bodies pass in and out of our land; that as we and our land are part of one another, so all who are living as neighbors here, human and plant and animal, are part of one another, and so cannot possibly flourish alone; that, therefore, our culture must be our response to our place, our culture and our place are images of each other and inseparable from each other, and so neither can be better than they other. - Author: Wendell Berry
Simplified quotes by Wendell Berry
#74. Chairman Mao not only introduced Pinyin in China, but also simplified half the Chinese characters, believing that fewer strokes would enable more people to learn to write the characters. - Author: David Tang
Simplified quotes by David Tang
#75. But I must work on in full calmness and serenity ... The world concerns me only in so far as I feel a certain debt and duty towards it, because I have walked on the earth for thirty years, and out of gratitude want to leave some souvenir in the shape of drawings or pictures, not made to please a certain tendency in art, but to express a sincere human feeling. So this work is the aim-and through concentration upon that one idea, everything one does is simplified. Now the work goes slowly-a reason the more to lose no time. - Author: Vincent Van Gogh
Simplified quotes by Vincent Van Gogh
#76. The truth is, almost nobody wants to experience real nature. What people want is to spend a week or two in a cabin in the woods, with screens on the windows. They want a simplified life for a while, without all their stuff. Or a nice river rafting trip for a few days, with somebody else doing the cooking. Nobody wants to go back to nature in any real way, and nobody does. It's all talk - Author: Michael Crichton
Simplified quotes by Michael Crichton
#77. It's too bad about 'Dark of the Sun.' It was really about Tshombe. When I read the script, I thought it was going to be a political movie, and I thought we might even have a hassle. But the director simplified it to brutality and bad taste. - Author: Jim Brown
Simplified quotes by Jim Brown
#78. There is more information in one thimble of reality
than can be understood by a galaxy of human brains. It is
beyond the human brain to understand the world and its
environment, so the brain compensates by creating simplified
illusions that act as a replacement for understanding. - Author: Scott Adams
Simplified quotes by Scott Adams
#79. Almost all great painters in old age arrive at the same kind of broad, simplified style, as if they wanted to summarise the whole of their experience in a few strokes and blobs of colour. - Author: Kenneth Clark
Simplified quotes by Kenneth Clark
#80. People who are bred, selected, and compensated to find complicated solutions do not have an incentive to implement simplified ones. - Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Simplified quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
#81. We are difficult. Human beings are difficult. We're difficult to ourselves, we're difficult to each other. And we are mysteries to ourselves, we are mysteries to each other. One encounters in any ordinary day far more real difficulty than one confronts in the most "intellectual" piece of work. Why is it believed that poetry, prose, painting, music should be less than we are? Why does music, why does poetry have to address us in simplified terms, when if such simplification were applied to a description of our own inner selves we would find it demeaning? - Author: Geoffrey Hill
Simplified quotes by Geoffrey Hill
#82. Life is simplified when there is one center; one reason, one motivation, one direction and purpose. - Author: Jean Fleming
Simplified quotes by Jean Fleming
#83. I am not a dictator, I have only simplified democracy. - Author: Victor Klemperer
Simplified quotes by Victor Klemperer
#84. We've lost sight of
How simple the task
Really is -
Hunt. Gather. Live.
It's all been overly simplified
In a complicated way.
Now we're left
just looking at each other.

What's worse
Is when one's sight
Is only as far as
A cell phone's light -
When one's reach
Is only as far as
A computer screen.

Somedays, I could smash it all
With my bare hands.
This hand held devise
Is trying to put my life
In a rectangle
&The wild Animal
Doesn't. Quite. Like. It. - Author: A. Lynn Blumer
Simplified quotes by A. Lynn Blumer
#85. I should like to take the wind and water and sand as a motif and work with them, but it has to be simplified in most cases to colour and force lines, just as music has done with sound. - Author: Arthur Dove
Simplified quotes by Arthur Dove
#86. Her heart was broken perhaps, but it was a small inexpensive organ of local manufacture. In a wider and grander way she felt things had been simplified. - Author: Evelyn Waugh
Simplified quotes by Evelyn Waugh
#87. How simplified human history becomes, when we view it in terms of consciousness development. The real movers and shakers of our species have all been on the same journey - the journey of consciousness development. - Author: Jakeb Brock
Simplified quotes by Jakeb Brock
#88. You'll find your life greatly simplified if you only worry about stuff you can fix. - Author: Deacon Jones
Simplified quotes by Deacon Jones
#89. The hypothesis of God, for instance, gives an incomparably absolute opportunity to understand everything and know absolutely nothing. Give man an extremely simplified system of the world and explain every phenomenon away on the basis of that system. An approach like that doesn't require any knowledge. Just a few memorized formulas plus so-called intuition and so-called common sense. - Author: Arkady Strugatsky
Simplified quotes by Arkady Strugatsky
#90. How many times his (Port's) friends, envying him his life, had said to him: "Your life is so simple." "Your life seems always to go in a straight line." Whenever they had said the words he heard in them an implicit reproach: it is not difficult to build a straight road on a treeless plain. He felt that what they really meant to say was: "You have chosen the easiest terrain." But if they elected to place obstacles in their own way-which they clearly did, encumbering themselves with every sort of unnecessary allegiance-that was no reason why they should object to his having simplified his life. So it was with a certain annoyance that he would say: "Everyone makes the life he wants. Right?" as though there were nothing further to be said. - Author: Paul Bowles
Simplified quotes by Paul Bowles
#91. How immensely the world is simplified when tested for its worthiness of destruction. This is the great bond embracing and unifying all that exists. - Author: Walter Benjamin
Simplified quotes by Walter Benjamin
#92. I have always regarded global development as a struggle between the forces of good and evil. Not to be simplified as a struggle between Jesus and Satan, since I do not consider that the process is restricted to our own sphere of culture. - Author: Alva Myrdal
Simplified quotes by Alva Myrdal
#93. Regarding fiction, our concern shouldn't be the author's origin (and of course I am forgetting the sales people right here), because that is actually merely a simplified, almost insulting judgment of the book by its cover - or rather by the name and origin of its author - an act of discrimination if we want to say it in a more provoking way, but at the least an act of ignorance and false empathy. - Author: Sasa Stanisic
Simplified quotes by Sasa Stanisic
#94. Revolutionary theory had frozen to a dogmatic cult, with a simplified, easily graspable catechism, and with No. 1 as the high priest celebrating the Mass. - Author: Arthur Koestler
Simplified quotes by Arthur Koestler
#95. Because we cannot deal with the many as individuals, we sometimes try to simplify the many into an abstraction called the mass. Because we cannot deal with the complexity of the present, we often over-ride it and live in a simplified dream of the future. Because we cannot solve our own problems right here at home, we talk about problems out there in the world. An escape process goes on from the intolerable burden we have placed upon ourselves. - Author: Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Simplified quotes by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
#96. One should not understand this compulsion to construct concepts, species, forms, purposes, laws ('a world of identical cases') as if they enabled us to fix the real world; but as a compulsion to arrange a world for ourselves in which our existence is made possible:-we thereby create a world which is calculable, simplified, comprehensible, etc., for us. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
Simplified quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#97. Another important historical factor is the fact that this already very simple religion was further simplified and purified by the early philosophers of ancient China. Our first great philosopher was a founder of naturalism; and our second great philosopher was an agnostic. - Author: Hu Shih
Simplified quotes by Hu Shih
#98. A genetic fundamentalism permeates public awareness these days. It may be summed up as the belief that almost every illness and every human trait is dictated by heredity. Simplified media accounts, culled from semidigested research findings, have declared that inflexible laws of DNA rule the biological world. It was reported in 1996 that according to some psychologists, genes determine about 50 percent of a person's inclination to experience happiness. Social ability and obesity are two more among the many human qualities now claimed to be genetic.

True or not, narrow genetic explanations for ADD and every other condition of the mind do have their attractions. They are easy to grasp, socially conservative and psychologically soothing. They raise no uncomfortable questions about how a society and culture might erode the health of its members, or about how life in a family may have affected a person's physiology or emotional makeup. As I have personally experienced, feelings of guilt are almost inevitable for the parents of a troubled child. They are all too frequently reinforced by the uninformed judgments of friends, neighbors, teachers or even total strangers on the bus or in the supermarket. Parental guilt, even if misplaced, is a wound for which the genetic hypothesis offers a balm - Author: Gabor Mate
Simplified quotes by Gabor Mate
#99. Very occasionally, a simplified form of communion and of adult baptism for new members of the church would be enacted but no Separatist was ever married in church, because there is no hint of a marriage ceremony in scripture and the primitive church had not considered marriage a sacrament before AD 537. - Author: Adam Nicolson
Simplified quotes by Adam Nicolson
#100. The lurking suspicion that something could be simplified is the world's richest source of rewarding challenges. - Author: Edsger Dijkstra
Simplified quotes by Edsger Dijkstra
#101. A plant-based diet has actually simplified my life in so many ways. For breakfast, I try to get my first serving of fruits and nuts for fuel. I'm completely addicted to coconut water for the electrolytes and hydration. - Author: Michelle Forbes
Simplified quotes by Michelle Forbes
#102. This means that "meeting the current toward elimination of names is the counter current of late development, which . . . gave to simplified matter the verisimilitude of proper names. - Author: Richard Bauckham
Simplified quotes by Richard Bauckham
#103. To witness the degree to which victorious nations simplified and cheapened the narratives of their rivals? - Author: Anne Rice
Simplified quotes by Anne Rice
#104. Nothing is easier than to simplify life and them make a philosophy about it. The trouble is that the resulting philosophy is true only of that simplified life. - Author: Walter Lippmann
Simplified quotes by Walter Lippmann
#105. They have eliminated rigidity, both physical and psychological, in order to support more fluid processes whereby temporary teams are created to deal with specific and ever-changing needs. They have simplified roles into minimal categories; they have knocked down walls and created workplaces where people, ideas, and information circulate freely. - Author: Margaret J. Wheatley
Simplified quotes by Margaret J. Wheatley
#106. Hitler, to Bertrand de Jouvenel, February 1936:

People have said that I owe my success to the fact that I have created a mystique… or more simply that I have been lucky. Well, I will tell you what has carried me to where I am. Our political problems appeared complicated. The German people did not comprehend them. In these conditions they preferred to leave it to the professional politicians to get them out of this confused mess. I, on the other hand, simplified the problems. I reduced them to the simplest terms. The masses realized this and they have followed me. Thus the class struggle, this famous class struggle! It is an absurdity, the class struggle, and I denounced the absurdity, and the people understood me! I made an appeal to reason. It was heard by the German people! - Author: Adolf Hitler
Simplified quotes by Adolf Hitler
#107. The Second World War simplified things like race, and people came down on very clear lines. - Author: Chiwetel Ejiofor
Simplified quotes by Chiwetel Ejiofor
#108. To look at the height of Snäfell it seemed impossible to reach the summit. But after an hours' fatigue and athletic exercise, a sort of staircase suddenly appeared in the midst of the vast carpet of snow lying on the croup of the volcano, and this greatly simplified our ascent. (p. 73) - Author: Jules Verne
Simplified quotes by Jules Verne
#109. Ask yourself: Am I trying to be right, or am I trying to do better? Conversations about racism should never be about winning. This battle is too important to be so simplified. You are in this to share, and to learn. You are in this to do better and be better. You are not trying to score points, and victory will rarely look like your opponent conceding defeat and vowing to never argue with you again. Because your opponent isn't a person, it's the system of racism that often shows up in the words and actions of other people. - Author: Ijeoma Oluo
Simplified quotes by Ijeoma Oluo
#110. My father died when I was young. We all thought it was rather fortunate at first. It simplified all sorts of things. But over time ... well. Let's just say I've developed a theory that only the vanished truly leave their mark. And I still don't feel I've sorted it out. Maybe we never do survive our families. - Author: Paula McLain
Simplified quotes by Paula McLain
#111. The airlines compete with each other, but Google stands alone. Economists use two simplified models to explain the difference: perfect competition and monopoly. - Author: Peter Thiel
Simplified quotes by Peter Thiel
#112. The first [method] I might speak about is simplification. Suppose that you are given a problem to solve, I don't care what kind of problem-a machine to design, or a physical theory to develop, or a mathematical theorem to prove or something of that kind-probably a very powerful approach to this is to attempt to eliminate everything from the problem except the essentials; that is, cut is down to size. Almost every problem that you come across is befuddled with all kinds of extraneous data of one sort or another; and if you can bring this problem down into the main issues, you can see more clearly what you are trying to do an perhaps find a solution. Now in so doing you may have stripped away the problem you're after. You may have simplified it to the point that it doesn't even resemble the problem that you started with; but very often if you can solve this simple problem, you can add refinements to the solution of this until you get back to the solution of the one you started with. - Author: Claude Shannon
Simplified quotes by Claude Shannon
#113. All I kin git out o' the Wickersham position on prohibition is that the distinguished jurist seems to feel that if we'd let 'em have it the problem o' keepin' 'em from gitten;' it would be greatly simplified - Author: Kin Hubbard
Simplified quotes by Kin Hubbard

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