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#1. As soon as man seeks to penetrate the secrets of Nature
in which nothing is secret and it is but a question of seeing
he realizes that the simple produces the supernatural. - Author: Honore De Balzac
Simple Ingredient quotes by Honore De Balzac
#2. I've never done work for money ever. If your choices are based on grosses and the film doesn't do well, what does that mean? It leaves you with nothing. - Author: Tom Cruise
Simple Ingredient quotes by Tom Cruise
#3. Another study, of 38,000 knowledge workers across different sectors, found that the simple act of being interrupted is one of the biggest barriers to productivity. Even multitasking, that prized feat of modern-day office warriors, turns out to be a myth. - Author: Susan Cain
Simple Ingredient quotes by Susan Cain
#4. The simple sense of wonder at the shapes of things, and at their exuberant independence of our intellectual standards and our trivial definitions, is the basis of spirituality. - Author: Gilbert K. Chesterton
Simple Ingredient quotes by Gilbert K. Chesterton
#5. Nobody has money right now. And eating is very important, but it doesn't need to be expensive. And to make - it doesn't need to be fancy, as long as it's fresh and simple. The simpler it is, the more fancy it actually comes out tasting. - Author: Debi Mazar
Simple Ingredient quotes by Debi Mazar
#6. It's amazing what people create using their pain. Work that is touched by melancholy has its own unique beauty. Even the word 'melancholy' is pretty, the way it rolls on your tongue. I think sadness adds something to literature that is unique. It's an ingredient like . . ." I thought for a moment. "Like salt. Salt has that power to completely transform a dish. I think sadness has that same transformative effect in literature. - Author: Lang Leav
Simple Ingredient quotes by Lang Leav
#7. He let the fingers of one hand splay out across the pocket of his shirt to show what a simple, physical thing the heart was; then he made the same hand into a fist. - Author: Richard Yates
Simple Ingredient quotes by Richard Yates
#8. Political society wants things simple. Political scientists know them to be complex ... One could argue that, in part, the leftist impulse is so conspicuous among the educated and well-to-do precisely because they are exposed to more information, and are accordingly forced to choose between living with the strains of complexity, or lapsing into simplism. - Author: Daniel Patrick Moynihan
Simple Ingredient quotes by Daniel Patrick Moynihan
#9. Prayer is simple, prayer is supernatural, and to anyone not related to our Lord Jesus Christ, prayer is apt to look stupid. - Author: Oswald Chambers
Simple Ingredient quotes by Oswald Chambers
#10. ...There are so many paths you can follow. So much effect from one simple cause. - Author: Lee Allen
Simple Ingredient quotes by Lee Allen
#11. Intellectual comradeship requires that you think your thoughts through to the place where you can make the complex seem simple, the obscure quite clear. - Author: David Seabury
Simple Ingredient quotes by David Seabury
#12. Someone once said that for every problem there is a solution that is simple, attractive ... and wrong. - Author: Arthur C. Clarke
Simple Ingredient quotes by Arthur C. Clarke
#13. I hope, you find the strength to let go of what hurts you. I hope, you realize that pain is simple, what breaks you, won't heal you. I hope you'll realize, that love is simple because what really loves you, won't leave you. - Author: Ventum
Simple Ingredient quotes by Ventum
#14. This book is an essay in what is derogatorily called "literary economics," as opposed to mathematical economics, econometrics, or (embracing them both) the "new economic history." A man does what he can, and in the more elegant - one is tempted to say "fancier" - techniques I am, as one who received his formation in the 1930s, untutored. A colleague has offered to provide a mathematical model to decorate the work. It might be useful to some readers, but not to me. Catastrophe mathematics, dealing with such events as falling off a height, is a new branch of the discipline, I am told, which has yet to demonstrate its rigor or usefulness. I had better wait. Econometricians among my friends tell me that rare events such as panics cannot be dealt with by the normal techniques of regression, but have to be introduced exogenously as "dummy variables." The real choice open to me was whether to follow relatively simple statistical procedures, with an abundance of charts and tables, or not. In the event, I decided against it. For those who yearn for numbers, standard series on bank reserves, foreign trade, commodity prices, money supply, security prices, rate of interest, and the like are fairly readily available in the historical statistics. - Author: Charles P. Kindleberger
Simple Ingredient quotes by Charles P. Kindleberger
#15. A simple layman armed with Scripture is greater than the mightiest pope without it - Author: Martin Luther
Simple Ingredient quotes by Martin Luther
#16. Algernon. The truth is rarely pure and never simple. Modern life would be very tedious if it were either, and modern literature a complete impossibility! Jack. That wouldn't be at all a bad thing. Algernon. Literary criticism is not your forte, my dear fellow. Don't try it. You should leave that to people who haven't been at a University. They do it so well in the daily papers. - Author: Oscar Wilde
Simple Ingredient quotes by Oscar Wilde
#17. Why are you afraid? This is where you get it out of your system: bankruptcy, unfulfilled potential, trashing your reputation, losing it all. And then (because we just can't stop there), you're going to apply some simple analysis to it.You may have nothing to fear after all. - Author: Danielle LaPorte
Simple Ingredient quotes by Danielle LaPorte
#18. Love is such a simple thing when we have only one-and-twenty summers and a sweet girl of seventeen trembles under our glance, as if she were a bud first opening her heart with wondering rapture to the morning. Such young unfurrowed souls roll to meet each other like two velvet peaches that touch softly and are at rest; they mingle as easily as two brooklets that ask for nothing but to entwine themselves and ripple with ever-interlacing curves in the leafiest hiding-places. - Author: George Eliot
Simple Ingredient quotes by George Eliot
#19. The best thing about football is that the rules are so simple. Anyone can play anywhere. - Author: Jermain Defoe
Simple Ingredient quotes by Jermain Defoe
#20. A simple woman down in Tyngsborough, at whose house I once stopped to get a draught of water, when I said, recognizing the bucket, that I had stopped there nine years before for the same purpose, asked if I was not a traveler, supposing that I had been traveling ever since, and had now come round again. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Simple Ingredient quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#21. I don't think we feel only one thing in our lives. I don't think it's simple as either (a) being in love or (b) not being in love. I think our feelings for each other are really complicated and motivated by an endless interconnected web of desires and fears.
I wanted to reflect that as best as I could - Author: John Green
Simple Ingredient quotes by John Green
#22. A dozen or more boats on the lake swung their rosy and moon–like lanterns low on the water, that reflected as from a fire. In the distance, the steamer twanged and thrummed and washed with her faintly–splashing paddles, trailing her strings of coloured lights, and occasionally lighting up the whole scene luridly with an effusion of fireworks, Roman candles and sheafs of stars and other simple effects, illuminating the surface of the water, and showing the boats creeping round, low down. Then the lovely darkness fell again, the lanterns and the little threaded lights glimmered softly, there was a muffled knocking of oars and a waving of music.

Gudrun paddled almost imperceptibly. Gerald could see, not far ahead, the rich blue and the rose globes of Ursula's lanterns swaying softly cheek to cheek as Birkin rowed, and iridescent, evanescent gleams chasing in the wake. He was aware, too, of his own delicately coloured lights casting their softness behind him. - Author: D.H. Lawrence
Simple Ingredient quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#23. Peace may sound simple - one beautiful word - but it requires everything we have, every quality, every strength, every dream, every high ideal. - Author: Yehudi Menuhin
Simple Ingredient quotes by Yehudi Menuhin
#24. He simply translated what was in LuLing's heart: her better intentions, her hopes. - Author: Amy Tan
Simple Ingredient quotes by Amy Tan
#25. The simple equations that generate the convoluted Mandelbrot fractal have been called the wittiest remarks ever made. - Author: John Allen Paulos
Simple Ingredient quotes by John Allen Paulos
#26. Men aren't really complicated, Ana, honey. They are very simple, literal creatures. They usually mean what they say. And we spend hours trying to analyze what they've said - when really it's obvious. If I were you, I'd take him literally. That might help. - Author: E.L. James
Simple Ingredient quotes by E.L. James
#27. Vanity might be a "sin" according to some lights, but he thought in measured doses it was one of life's allowable simple pleasures. It helped everyone get through their days. - Author: G.M. Malliet
Simple Ingredient quotes by G.M. Malliet
#28. On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies" Now let's look at how Einstein articulated all of this in the famous paper that the Annalen der Physik received on June 30, 1905. For all its momentous import, it may be one of the most spunky and enjoyable papers in all of science. Most of its insights are conveyed in words and vivid thought experiments, rather than in complex equations. There is some math involved, but it is mainly what a good high school senior could comprehend. "The whole paper is a testament to the power of simple language to convey deep and powerfully disturbing ideas," says the science writer Dennis Overbye. - Author: Walter Isaacson
Simple Ingredient quotes by Walter Isaacson
#29. The complexity of human relationships is never simple to follow; it is like intricate lacework, but lacework made of steel. - Author: Mignon G. Eberhart
Simple Ingredient quotes by Mignon G. Eberhart
#30. She didn't usually mind being just a bit in over her head. She generally flailed like a becalmed ship, irritable and purposeless and panicked, when things were simple. - Author: Julie Anne Long
Simple Ingredient quotes by Julie Anne Long
#31. Being a hero is not necessarily wearing a mask and cape and saving the world, it can be as simple as doing the right thing. - Author: Steven Magee
Simple Ingredient quotes by Steven Magee
#32. Now Hillary Clinton and I are 'companeros de alma.' And we share this basic belief: it's simple. Do all the good you can and serve one another. Pretty simple. - Author: Tim Kaine
Simple Ingredient quotes by Tim Kaine
#33. How do you tap in to what God has already done? Very simple: just act like you're blessed, talk like you're blessed, walk like you're blessed, think like you're blessed, smile like you're blessed, dress like you're blessed. Put actions behind your faith, and one day you will see it become a reality. - Author: Joel Osteen
Simple Ingredient quotes by Joel Osteen

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