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#1. There was one point in high school actually when I was on the chess team, marching band, model United Nations and debate club all at the same time. And I would spend time with the computer club after school. And I had just quit pottery club, which I was in junior high, but I let that go. - Author: Rainn Wilson
Silverblade Band quotes by Rainn Wilson
#2. Well, trust me. Nowadays, babies travel with more crap than a rock band." He - Author: Debra Salonen
Silverblade Band quotes by Debra Salonen
#3. I'd actually been making my living as an organist with bands since I was probably 15 or 16 years old, and then as a senior in high school I put together a jazz quintet called The Bobby Mack Jazz Quintet. - Author: Bobby McFerrin
Silverblade Band quotes by Bobby McFerrin
#4. Music rhythms are mathematical patterns. When you hear a song and your body starts moving with it, your body is doing math. The kids in their parents' garage practicing to be a band may not realize it, but they're also practicing math. - Author: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Silverblade Band quotes by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
#5. I can come to your place."

"I don't think that's a good idea," I'd said...

"You don't want me to see where you live? What are you hiding over there? Another boy band?"

"Yes. You've found me out. I've got the Backstreet Boys in the attic."

He paused for a second and then began to laugh. "The Backstreet Boys? How old are you again?"

"Shut up, Hayes."

"You sure you don't have the Monkees over there as well?"

"I'm hanging up. - Author: Robinne Lee
Silverblade Band quotes by Robinne Lee
#6. I grew up with Al Jarreau. We had a band together and worked these places for three years when neither one of us knew we could make a living doing music. - Author: George Duke
Silverblade Band quotes by George Duke
#7. I remember the first time I received a cassette tape of a band called The Clash. I became an instant fan of the Clash and then bought their albums after that and went to their concerts and gave them my money ... but I first got it for free. - Author: Michael Moore
Silverblade Band quotes by Michael Moore
#8. These words on the screen represented her latest project, an attempt at a series of commercial, discreetly feminist crime novels. She had read all of Agatha Christie at eleven years old, and later lots of Chandler and James M.Cain. There seemed no reason why she shouldn't try writing something in between, but she was discovering once again that reading and writing were not the same-you couldn't just soak it up then squeeze it out again. She found herself unable to think of a name for her detective, let alone a cohesive original plot, and even her pseudonym was poor: Emma T. Wilde? She wondered if she was doomed to be one of those people who spend their lives trying things. She had tried being in a band, writing plays and children's books, she had tried acting and getting a job in publishing. Perhaps crime fiction was just another failed project to place alongside trapeze, Buddhism and Spanish. She used the computer's word counter feature. Thirty-five words, including the title page and her rotten pseudonym. Emma groaned, released the hydraulic lever on the side of her office chair and sank a little closer to the carpet. - Author: David Nicholls
Silverblade Band quotes by David Nicholls
#9. So you created firewalls for mob bosses? As an aside, if I started a band, Mob Boss Firewall would be an excellent name. - Author: Penny Reid
Silverblade Band quotes by Penny Reid
#10. You can't just walk into someone's house and take $15 bucks out of someone's wallet and then walk out with their song. You can't do that. You got to know the difference between stealing from being cool to the band and paying them what they're deserved. - Author: Richard Patrick
Silverblade Band quotes by Richard Patrick
#11. Sure, we've had our fair share of ups and downs, but I don't know if we've had more than any other rock band ... we just have a way of getting ourselves into hot water. - Author: Carl Wilson
Silverblade Band quotes by Carl Wilson
#12. I was only going to shoot you if he was in one band. And only if it had a name like Uncle Toejam's Acid Crematorium or something. But bluegrass is good, and hey, music is MY life too. Maybe I'll actually like the guy (assuming he's around long enough). Just don't write and tell me you're in the process of stirring up some baby Custard-Mustards. - Author: Ellen Wittlinger
Silverblade Band quotes by Ellen Wittlinger
#13. I've been playing music all my life, from being a choir soloist at Symphony Hall as a youngster to playing in bands through high school and college at Kent State. Went in the service at 17, out before I was 21. - Author: Arthur Godfrey
Silverblade Band quotes by Arthur Godfrey
#14. For the first 18 months of Joy Division, we used our jobs to fund the band. We'd all chip in three, five quid to go and do a gig. But it was worth it. It was amazing we could afford to feed ourselves. But we were so creatively and artistically satisfied. You can't explain that to somebody who's never been there. - Author: Peter Hook
Silverblade Band quotes by Peter Hook
#15. The space between the tears we cry is the laughter that keeps us coming back for more ... - Author: Dave Matthews Band
Silverblade Band quotes by Dave Matthews Band
#16. One of the things that I loved about listening to Miles Davis is that Miles always had an instinct for which musicians were great for what situations. He could always pick a band, and that was the thing that separated him from everybody else. - Author: Branford Marsalis
Silverblade Band quotes by Branford Marsalis
#17. My personal definition of rock'n'roll is people attempting to do something that's beyond their ability to do it well. And whatever the outward contradictions, I do call us a rock'n'roll band. - Author: David First
Silverblade Band quotes by David First
#18. I learned the songs and played the gigs, and then they called me about a month later. They told me they were like super stoked on me and asked me to join their band. - Author: Travis Barker
Silverblade Band quotes by Travis Barker
#19. Okay, lesson on Tate and music. If fans do anything less than carve the band's name into their skin, then the band isn't worth listening to. Any music that involves more than jumping around and banging your head is about as exciting as Kenny G to her. - Author: Penelope Douglas
Silverblade Band quotes by Penelope Douglas
#20. When we started the band, it was because we were waiting for a sound that never happened. We got tired of waiting, and we decided to just do it ourselves. - Author: Mike Shinoda
Silverblade Band quotes by Mike Shinoda
#21. I still do one song by myself onstage. it gives people the extremely personal thing where it's just me on guitar. But, I think the songs are better as a band. I think with all of the extra little hooks and backing vocals, it just adds to what my initial idea was. - Author: Butterfly Boucher
Silverblade Band quotes by Butterfly Boucher
#22. I was very shy when I was younger. But I did have a terrible temperament. I would get angry very quickly, but the rest of the time I was this big goofball, playing the drums in a band and making out with girls. - Author: Jeremy Renner
Silverblade Band quotes by Jeremy Renner
#23. When Nietzsche made his famous definition of tragic pleasure he fixed his eyes, like all the other philosophers in like case, not on the Muse herself but on a single tragedian. His "reaffirmation of the will to live in the face of death, and the joy of its inexhaustibility when so reaffirmed" is not the tragedy of Sophocles nor the tragedy of Euripides, but it is the very essence of the tragedy of Aeschylus. The strange power tragedy has to present suffering and death in such a way as to exalt and not depress is to be felt in Aeschylus' plays as in those of no other tragic poet. He was the first tragedian; tragedy was his creation, and he set upon it the stamp of his own spirit. It was a soldier-spirit. Aeschylus was a Marathon-warrior, the title given to each of the little band who had beaten back the earlier tremendous Persian onslaught. - Author: Edith Hamilton
Silverblade Band quotes by Edith Hamilton
#24. I feel like being in a band, you get license to be a kid forever. - Author: Mark Hoppus
Silverblade Band quotes by Mark Hoppus
#25. Robert Altman made that movie Kansas City about the jazz scene in the city, and we saw that band all together, and that was an amazing show. That's what I got into. I like jazz. - Author: Nick Kroll
Silverblade Band quotes by Nick Kroll
#26. Relinquish! What! my vocation? My great work? My foundation laid on earth for a mansion in heaven? My hopes of being numbered in the band who have merged all ambitions in the glorious one of bettering their race - of carrying knowledge into the realms of ignorance - of substituting peace for war - freedom for bondage - religion for superstition - the hope of heaven for the fear of hell? Must I relinquish that? It is dearer than the blood in my veins. It is what I have to look forward to, and to live for. - Author: Charlotte Bronte
Silverblade Band quotes by Charlotte Bronte
#27. I'm actually in my 22-year-old son Jason's band, After Midnight Project. The music is like Coldplay-ish rock. - Author: Greg Evigan
Silverblade Band quotes by Greg Evigan
#28. I like to play video games like 'Rock Band' and 'Guitar Hero.' - Author: Carmen Electra
Silverblade Band quotes by Carmen Electra
#29. Gray's conversation was composed of cliches. However shopworn, he uttered them with an obvious conviction that he was the first person to think of them. He never went to bed, but hit the hay, where he slept the sleep of the just; if it rained it rained to beat the band and to the very end Paris to him was Gay Paree. But he was so kindly, so unselfish, so upright, so reliable, so unassuming that it was impossible not to like him. I had a real affection for him. He was excited now over their approaching departure.

"Gosh, it'll be great to get into harness again," he said. "I'm feeling my oats already."

"Is it settled then?"

"I haven't signed on the dotted line yet, but it's on ice. The fella I'm going in with was a roommate of mine at college, and he's a good scout, and I'm dead sure he wouldn't hand me a lemon. But as soon as we get to New York I'll fly down to Texas to give the outfit the once-over, and you bet I'll keep my eyes peeled for a nigger in the woodpile before I cough up any of Isabel's dough."

"Gray's a very good businessman, you know," she said.

"I wasn't raised in a barn," he smiled. - Author: W. Somerset Maugham
Silverblade Band quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#30. I'm a very competitive person, and I always competed with myself. Every year, I'd take six weeks with my band, crew and choreographer to put a new show together. We'd spend eight hours per day, seven days per week putting a show together to beat the last year's show. - Author: Barbara Mandrell
Silverblade Band quotes by Barbara Mandrell
#31. The ship, which appeared to belong to another band, was just passing by for a look. She was bigger than the Old Glory, but not by much. The words Lucky Seven had been painted on her belly, but the seven had been crossed out, as had the six below it. The word five was scrawled underneath, but Clay only spotted four people at the rail and wondered silently if the ship was due for another paint job. - Author: Nicholas Eames
Silverblade Band quotes by Nicholas Eames
#32. My dad was all about music. He was a musician, leading a band when I was born. His band was active all through the 40s. He'd started it in the late 20s and 30s. According to the scrapbook, his band was doing quite well around the Boston area. During the Depression they were on radio. It was a jazz-oriented band. He was a trumpet player, and he wrote and arranged for the band. He taught me how to play the piano and read music, and taught me what he knew of standard tunes and so forth. It was a fantastic way to come up in music. - Author: Chick Corea
Silverblade Band quotes by Chick Corea
#33. I play in a band, I write songs, I sing, you know, perform on stage. - Author: Adam Levine
Silverblade Band quotes by Adam Levine
#34. Oh, yeah, I did the online dating thing. I did Nerve, I did Match. On Nerve there was this one guy who, when I asked him what he did for a living, said he 'used to be in a band.' I was like, 'That is not an occupation.' - Author: Julie Klausner
Silverblade Band quotes by Julie Klausner
#35. I love Coldplay. I love Steely Dan - Steely Dan's probably one of my top three bands of all time. - Author: Judd Apatow
Silverblade Band quotes by Judd Apatow
#36. If I amount to anything it'll be as part of a band. That's it. I'll be playing dive bars and shitty clubs, and I'll get high in the alleys and do lines in the bathrooms, and eventually I'll OD and that'll be that." I glance ad her. "Is that the life you want? - Author: Jasinda Wilder
Silverblade Band quotes by Jasinda Wilder
#37. There was a euphoria in the music and the way it was delivered, and as the crowds started to get bigger, it fed off itself until it became less about the band and more about being with all those people jumping up and down, drunk to the music. - Author: Noel Gallagher
Silverblade Band quotes by Noel Gallagher
#38. It is inspiring to see bands still trying to do significant and new things in the realm of sound. Most people in any category are more or less filling out the forms they've been handed. But there are always exceptional gems. - Author: David First
Silverblade Band quotes by David First

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