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#1. A perkier bit at the beginning of a Three Stooges comedy, Restless Knights (February 20, 1935), has Brennan playing their father, decked out in a large night cap and a fake white beard, lying on his deathbed calling for his sons. He confesses in tremolo that they are of royal blood: "Years ago I was the royal chamberlain of the Kingdom of Anesthesia." Now, he urges them to offer their swords in service of their imperiled queen. The quality of the writing is best exemplified in Brennan's telling Curly that his title is "Baron of Grey Matter." Brennan then says, "Come close my sons so that I may bless you," and rises enough to give them a sweeping triple slap, as the light fades on his 120-second part in this sixteen minute short. - Author: Carl Rollyson
Short Swords quotes by Carl Rollyson
#2. Our shouting is louder than our actions,
Our swords are taller than us,
This is our tragedy.
In short
We wear the cape of civilisation
But our souls live in the stone age - Author: Nizar Qabbani
Short Swords quotes by Nizar Qabbani
#3. That's the famous vampire Helgarson you're riding with, isn't it? Is he fond of lattes?"
"I don't know." I looked over at Leif, who was grinning-he was hearing both sides of the conversation, of course-and said, "Malina wants to know if you like lattes, and I want to know if you're famous."
"No to both," he said, as we screamed onto the 202 on-ramp.
"Sorry, Malina," I said to the phone. "He's not famous."
"Perhaps it would be better to call infamous. It is irrelevant at this point. What is relevant is that my sisters and I are not great warriors. Were the odds even and they did not cheat with modern weapons, I would say, yes, we could walk in and win a magical battle against most opponents. But we are outnumbered more than three to one."
"How many are there?"
"Twenty-two. Some of them have firearms, but they are not great warriors either. And while they may be expecting you, Mr. O'Sullivan, they will not be expecting Mr. Helgarson to get involved. I imagine the two of you together will be quite formidable."
"She's complimenting our martial prowess, Leif," I said to him.
"I feel more manly already," He said. The short distance on the 202 was already covered and we were merging onto the southbound 101.
"Hey, Malina, tell me how much you want to see us play with our swords. - Author: Kevin Hearne
Short Swords quotes by Kevin Hearne
#4. My poems please the brave : My poems, short and sincere , Have the force of steel Which forges swords . - Author: Jose Marti
Short Swords quotes by Jose Marti
#5. Give the wilding an axe, why not?" He pointed out Mormont's weapon, a short-hafted battle-axe with gold scrollwork inlaid on the black steel blade. "He'll give it back, I vow. Buried in the Old Bear's skull, like as not. why not give him all our axes, and our swords as well? I mislike the way the clank and rattle as we ride. We'd travel faster without them, straight to hell's door. Does it rain in hell, I wonder? Perhaps Craster would like a nice hat instead."
Jon smiled. "He wants an axe. And wine as well."
"See, the Old Bear's clever. If we get the wildling well and truly drunk, perhaps he'll only cut off an ear when he tries to slay us with that axe. I have two ears but only one head. - Author: George R R Martin
Short Swords quotes by George R R Martin
#6. Please guide this ship away from harm and make her safe - keep her warm...
Attention and lust all she desires - and the time it takes to stoke those fires
You may invite her to your lair with sensuousness and a passionate flair
her draw irresistible, hunger insatiable - your thoughts no more your own

For she has taken place there, in you, the queen upon her throne.....

Sensual bliss one of many rewards, but stolen heart and pointy swords
Your skills and gift of most import, for when they wane, pain, and love's cut short....
May crack your inner strength some day and truly steal your time (heart) away....
For a muse but one of intermittent bliss starting from the first kiss
And ending only when she's done - then you're left alone as one..... - Author: Lady Blossom
Short Swords quotes by Lady Blossom

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