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There is no sharp boundary line separating the reactions of the immune bodies from chemical processes between crystalloids, just as in nature there exists every stage between crystalloid and colloid. The nearer the colloid particle approximates to the normal electrolyte, the nearer its compounds must obviously come to conforming to the law of simple stoichiometric proportions, and the compounds themselves to simple chemical compounds. At this point, it should be recalled that Arrhenius has shown that the quantitative relationship between toxin and antitoxin is very similar to that between acid and base. ~ Karl Landsteiner
Shirttail Point quotes by Karl Landsteiner
The media insist that crime is the major concern of the American public today. In this connection they generally push the point that a disarmed society would be a crime-free society. They will not accept the truth that if you take all the guns off the street you still will have a crime problem, whereas if you take the criminals off the street you cannot have a gun problem. ~ Jeff Cooper
Shirttail Point quotes by Jeff Cooper
This is a crucial point, because it alerts us to the fact that, no matter how high-minded, idealistic, or altruistic a cause might appear - from ecology to cultural diversity to spirituality to world peace - the simple mouthing of intense support for that cause is not enough to determine why, in fact, that cause is being embraced. ~ Ken Wilber
Shirttail Point quotes by Ken Wilber
Thankfulness is an attitude of possibilities, not an attitude of liabilities. ~ Craig D. Lounsbrough
Shirttail Point quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
The whole point about historians is that we are really communing with the dead. It's very restful - because you read. There's some sociopathic problem that makes me prefer it to human interaction. ~ Niall Ferguson
Shirttail Point quotes by Niall Ferguson
I think at this point in my life, I'd like to play more good guys than bad guys. ~ Timothy Olyphant
Shirttail Point quotes by Timothy Olyphant
I'm always looking for a reason to say no when I'm approached about a big studio tentpole because your fear is will you be consumed into the anonymous machine, and it will suck out any specificity and point of view that you might hope to express. ~ Matt Reeves
Shirttail Point quotes by Matt Reeves
At some point you just have to let go of what you thought should happen and live in what is happening. ~ Heather Hepler
Shirttail Point quotes by Heather Hepler
Let's put it this way: there wouldn't be much point in me attending a high-school reunion now because there wouldn't be anybody there. We'd struggle to raise a quorum. ~ Clint Eastwood
Shirttail Point quotes by Clint Eastwood
You have to stand up real close to the posters to see the swirls, and even then they're easy to miss: Lila Mae had to have Jimmy point them out to her. Horns, boiling cysts, the occasional cussword inked in across Chancre's slat teeth - they add up after a while, somehow more personal and meaningful than the usual cartoons and pinups of office homesteading. ~ Colson Whitehead
Shirttail Point quotes by Colson Whitehead
From a Buddhist point of view, this is standing the truth on its head by considering goods as more important than people and consumption as more important than creative activity. It means shifting the emphasis from the worker to the product of work, that is, from the human to the sub-human, surrender to the forces of evil. ~ E.F. Schumacher
Shirttail Point quotes by E.F. Schumacher
To give advice to a man who asks what to do with his life implies something very close to egomania. To presume to point a man to the right and ultimate goal - to point with a trembling finger in the RIGHT direction is something only a fool would take upon himself. ~ Hunter S. Thompson
Shirttail Point quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
There's a point when you go with what you've got. Or you don't go. ~ Joan Didion
Shirttail Point quotes by Joan Didion
I felt at some point that I had nothing to lose, and [laughs] maybe I was wrong. I think, you know, there's always these little autobiographical secrets behind things. I think I was really attacking my earlier self, and this kind of pretentious figure. ~ Billy Collins
Shirttail Point quotes by Billy Collins
I want to point out, that this is not my fault that everyone's afraid of me, because I did not kill a couple people the other day. ~ Aisha Tyler
Shirttail Point quotes by Aisha Tyler
When conscience is immobilised, public trust has disappeared. At that point, by default, institutions become omnipotent. ~ Raymond Dirks
Shirttail Point quotes by Raymond Dirks
At some point he seemed to lose all confidence trying to break down the Berlin Wall. He was still fighting as only Kasparov can, but I could see it in his eyes that he knew he wasn't going to win one of these games. ~ Vladimir Kramnik
Shirttail Point quotes by Vladimir Kramnik
When you get to the point where you know the material so well and you know the character so well that you can just sort of play off of whoever your reader is - that's the best feeling at an audition. ~ Laura Spencer
Shirttail Point quotes by Laura Spencer
An artist must be very careful not to look for models. As soon as one artist takes another as model, he is lost. There is no other point of departure than reality. ~ Pablo Picasso
Shirttail Point quotes by Pablo Picasso
I find, bikers are the most adjustable creature amongst human. They can adjust to any simple to complex or adverse condition at a given point of time. ~ Ansh - The Mystic Rider
Shirttail Point quotes by Ansh - The Mystic Rider
Because consumption comes from three sources: income, savings, and borrowings. Stating the obvious, income comes only from income. Our point? FairTax opponents will tell you that the consumption base, the base for national sales tax, isn't stable and can't be trusted - but in reality it's the income tax base that's unstable and can't be trusted. The consumption base is much more predictable. ~ Neal Boortz
Shirttail Point quotes by Neal Boortz
The point is that everyone needs some exposure to the various ways of life. People buy things out of catalogues too much. They see in Time magazine that they're suppose to be feeling in such and such a way, and they dash off a check and buy that life-style sight unseen. A pig in a poke if there ever was one, for once you've bought the thing there's no refund. We ought to be able to try things before we sign up for them. Used to be you could listen to the records in a record store before you bought them. Now they're sealed, for your protection, they say. Bullshit! It's for their goddamned protection, not ours. We don't need to be protected. We need to be allowed to get a taste of something before we accept it. ~ Arthur Alexander
Shirttail Point quotes by Arthur Alexander
Hold your finger to the sky with so much force it lengthens like a spine. Look up to the point of it and beyond. There. That tiny patch of the world, no bigger than the tip of your finger. At first glance, it might look like one flat color. Blue, or gray, or maybe even orange.

But it's much more complex than that. Squint. See the daubs of lilac. The streak of sage no wider than a hyphen. That butterscotch smear and the faint wash of carnelian. All of them coming together to swirl at the point just above your finger.

Breathe them in. Let them settle in your lungs. Those are the colors of right now. ~ Emily X.R. Pan
Shirttail Point quotes by Emily X.R. Pan
The main point about civility is ... the ability to interact with strangers without holding
their strangeness against them and without pressing them to surrender it or to renounce
some or all the traits that have made them strangers in the first place. ~ Zygmunt Bauman
Shirttail Point quotes by Zygmunt Bauman
It is more important to let a child's imagination develop than it is to labor to inculcate in him or her some correct ethical point of view. ~ Padraic Colum
Shirttail Point quotes by Padraic Colum
The whole point of her action - the whole grandeur - would lie in taking it without the King's knowledge, in leaving him utterly free to repudiate it, so that all benefits should be his, and all the risk hers, and with the risk, of course, all the magnanimity, the pathos, the tragedy, and the originality. And also, the Tempter hinted, it would be no use asking the King, for he would certainly not approve the action: men were like that. ~ C.S. Lewis
Shirttail Point quotes by C.S. Lewis
A common error of western commentators who seek to interpret Islamism sympathetically is to view it as a form of localised resistance to globalisation. In fact, Islamism is also a universalist political project. Along with Neoliberals and Marxists, Islamists are participants in a dispute about how the world as whole is to be governed. None is ready to entertain the possibility that it should always contain a diversity of regimes. On this point, they differ from non-western traditions of thinking in India, China and Japan, which are much more restrained in making universal claims.

In their unshakeable faith that one way of living is best for all humankind, the chief protagonists in the dispute about political Islam belong to a way of thinking that is quintessentially western. As in Cold War times, we are led to believe we are locked in a clash of civilisations: the West against the rest. In truth, the ideologues of political Islam are western voices, no less than Marx or Hayek. The struggle with radical Islam is yet another western family quarrel. ~ John N. Gray
Shirttail Point quotes by John N. Gray
Then we are assured by Sartre that owing to the final disappearance of God our liberty is absolute! At this the entire audience waves its hat or claps its hands. But this natural enthusiasm is turned abruptly into something much less buoyant when it is learnt that this liberty weighs us down immediately with tremendous responsibilities. We now have to take all God's worries on our shoulders -now that we are become men like gods. It is at this point that the Anxiety and Despondency begin, ending in utter despair. ~ Wyndham Lewis
Shirttail Point quotes by Wyndham Lewis
Getting seasick?" the inspector asked him at one point.
"No. Just sick of myself."
"Because every now and then I realize what a stupid shit I am to go along with some of your brilliant ideas. ~ Andrea Camilleri
Shirttail Point quotes by Andrea Camilleri
The first thing I ask is that people should not make use of my name, and should not call themselves Lutherans but Christians. What is Luther? The teaching is not mine. Nor was I crucified for anyone ... How did I, poor stinking bag of maggots that I am, come to the point where people call the children of Christ by my evil name? ~ Martin Luther
Shirttail Point quotes by Martin Luther
Our bodies are shaped to bear children, and our lives are a working out of the processes of creation. All our ambitions and intelligence are beside that great elemental point. ~ Saint Augustine
Shirttail Point quotes by Saint Augustine
Whatever road I take, the guiding star is within me; the guiding star and the loadstone which point the way. They point in but one direction. They point to me. ~ Ayn Rand
Shirttail Point quotes by Ayn Rand
Twelve-point Caslon," Jamie said, giving the text a professional glance. "I will say the leading's terrible," he added critically. "And the gutters are half what they should be. ~ Diana Gabaldon
Shirttail Point quotes by Diana Gabaldon
Everybody who says the same words is the same person if the spectra are the same only they happen differently in time, you dig? But the time is arbitrary. You pick your zero point anywhere you want, that way you can shuffle each person's time line sideways till they all coincide. ~ Thomas Pynchon
Shirttail Point quotes by Thomas Pynchon
My advice to aspiring actors and writers is that your career's success is totally your responsibility. You need to make it happen. There is no end point to an artist's work, no set time line you have to live up to. ~ Christian Keiber
Shirttail Point quotes by Christian Keiber
Being poor with three small children is terrifying. You can't make any plans. You know you're not going on holiday, ever. There's no way you could ever afford driving lessons or a car. And the guilt I used to feel: they had holes in their shoes, and at one point, I had to send them to school wearing Wellingtons when the sun was shining. ~ Sue Townsend
Shirttail Point quotes by Sue Townsend
I offer Emily half of my hit of acid- Love Saves the Day. It's my second or third time tripping, Emily's first, and she's understandably trepid. Awake all night, at one point I find her touching her reflection in a cruelly lit dorm bathroom, asking if she'll ever be the same. I kiss her then for the first time and whisper, No. ~ Nick Flynn
Shirttail Point quotes by Nick Flynn
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