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Be sure to separate the kneecap
from the tendon and ligament
and grind it to dust
in a mortar and pestle.
Do not let them beg.
Do not let them kneel at the door. ~ Shastra Deo
Shastra Prathiba quotes by Shastra Deo
Remarriage is or is not approved in shastra; I have no authority to speak on this subject. But I surely cannot go on without saying this much, that remarriage has helped a great deal in stopping crime in Fiji. ~ Totaram Sanadhya
Shastra Prathiba quotes by Totaram Sanadhya
Nothing in the Shastra, which is manifestly contrary to universal truths and morals, can stand. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
Shastra Prathiba quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
I talked with my rustic customers and fellow merchants. I also spoke with the pious devotees and priests. These conversations generally gave shape to my anti-religion, anti-shastra, anti-purana and atheist policies. They formed the basis for my views on caste, God and religion. I also developed a general distaste for Brahminism. - Periyar, on his childhood days ~ Bala Jeyaraman
Shastra Prathiba quotes by Bala Jeyaraman
In Hinduism we have got an admirable foot-rule to measure every shastra and every rule of conduct, and that is truth. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
Shastra Prathiba quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
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