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Speaking two languages may seem a relative affluence, but more often it entails the problems of maintaining a second establishment even though your body can be in one place at a time. When I return to Urdu, I feel shocked at my own neglect of a space so intimate to me: like relearning the proportions of a once-familiar room, it takes me by surprise to recollect that I need not feel grief, I can eat grief; that I need not bury my mother but instead can offer her into the earth, for I am in Urdu now. ~ Sara Suleri
Sharm Urdu quotes by Sara Suleri
Michael Bates was a very funny actor; he'd served in India, could speak Urdu, and had great comic timing. ~ Sanjeev Bhaskar
Sharm Urdu quotes by Sanjeev Bhaskar
My identity comprises of more than just my faith. I am a proud Muslim, but I am also a liberal, a Briton, a Pakistani, a Londoner, a father, a product of the globalised world who speaks English, Arabic and Urdu. ~ Maajid Nawaz
Sharm Urdu quotes by Maajid Nawaz
By afternoon, a dense crowd had gathered around the Bedford as word spread that an enormous infidel in brown pajamas was loading a truck full of supplies for Muslim schoolchildren ... Mortenson's size-fourteen feet drew a steady stream of bouncing eyebrows and bawdy jokes from onlookers. Spectators shouted guesses at Mortenson's nationality as he worked. Bosnia and Chechnya were deemd the most likely source of this large mangy-looking man. When Mortenson, with his rapidly improving Urdu, interrupted the speculation to tell them he was American, the crowd looked at his sweat-soaked and dirt-grimed shalwar, at his smudged and oily skin, and several men told him they didn't think so. ~ Greg Mortenson
Sharm Urdu quotes by Greg Mortenson
To start with, there's the alien accent. "Tree" is the number between two and four. "Jeintz" is the name of the New York professional football team. A "fit" is a bottle measuring seven ounces less than a quart. This exotic tongue has no relationship to any of the approved languages at the United Nations, and is only slightly less difficult to master than Urdu. ~ Fletcher Knebel
Sharm Urdu quotes by Fletcher Knebel
Egypt needs law and order in Sinai to save the tourist industry in Sharm el-Sheik and prevent the area from becoming a base for terrorists that will target Egypt itself, as well as Jordan and Israel. ~ Elliott Abrams
Sharm Urdu quotes by Elliott Abrams
We recognised Urdu as the second official language and made it a medium of examination in all Bihar Public Service Commission tests. ~ Lalu Prasad Yadav
Sharm Urdu quotes by Lalu Prasad Yadav
The name Urdu, by which this language is usually known, is said to be of Turkish origin, and means literally "camp." But the Moghuls of India first introduced it in the precincts of the Imperial camp; so that as Urdu-i-muali (High or Supreme Camp) came to be a synonym for new Dehli after Shahjahan had made it his permanent capital, so Urdu-ki-zaban meant the lingua franca spoken at Dehli. ~ H.G. Keene
Sharm Urdu quotes by H.G. Keene
A girl is never born alone. From birth she is accompanied by two invisible twin sisters named Lajja and Sharm. Lajja is the older of the twins, split seconds ahead. She whispers warnings, advises modesty, advocates caution. Sharm is the nasty number, the tattletale, the teaser, the guilt-tripper. ~ Manjul Bajaj
Sharm Urdu quotes by Manjul Bajaj
I speak Urdu quite a lot, too, and I read a lot of Persian. ~ Juan Cole
Sharm Urdu quotes by Juan Cole
Partition was a total catastrophe for Delhi,' she said. 'Those who were left behind are in misery. Those who were uprooted are in misery. The Peace of Delhi is gone. Now it is all gone. ~ William Dalrymple
Sharm Urdu quotes by William Dalrymple
She speaks the most beautiful Urdu. ~ Arundhati Roy
Sharm Urdu quotes by Arundhati Roy
And it is true you write in Urdu, Kashmiri, and English?"
"My daughter talks too much," he said, evidently pleased. "But she is correct. I find that different languages are useful for different things. For instance, it is best to write poetry in Urdu. Urdu words are made for poetry and songs. For stories, Kashmiri is the best."
"And English?"
"English?" He smiled. "English is excellent for signboards and maps. ~ Madhuri Vijay
Sharm Urdu quotes by Madhuri Vijay
I speak Hindi fluently because my mother speaks only in Hindi and Urdu. ~ Esha Gupta
Sharm Urdu quotes by Esha Gupta
Urdu can not die out because it has very strong roots in Persia. The language itself is not only just the language of the Muslims, but it's also the language of the Hindus. ~ Ismail Merchant
Sharm Urdu quotes by Ismail Merchant
Difficulty itself may be a path toward concentration - expended effort weaves us into a task, and successful engagement, however laborious, becomes also a labor of love. The work of writing brings replenishment even to the writer dealing with painful subjects or working out formal problems, and there are times when suffering's only open path is through an immersion in what is. The eighteenth-century Urdu poet Ghalib described the principle this way: 'For the raindrop, joy is in entering the river - / Unbearable pain becomes its own cure.'
"Difficulty then, whether of life or of craft, is not a hindrance to an artist. Sartre called genius 'not a gift, but the way a person invents in desperate circumstances.' Just as geological pressure transforms ocean sediment into limestone, the pressure of an artist's concentration goes into the making of any fully realized work. Much of beauty, both in art and in life, is a balancing of the lines of forward-flowing desire with those of resistance - a gnarled tree, the flow of a statue's draped cloth. Through such tensions, physical or mental, the world in which we exist becomes itself. Great art, we might say, is thought that has been concentrated in just this way: honed and shaped by a silky attention brought to bear on the recalcitrant matter of earth and of life. We seek in art the elusive intensity by which it knows. ~ Jane Hirshfield
Sharm Urdu quotes by Jane Hirshfield
They say that it is one of the most terrifying manifestations in nature: a bull elephant in a state of must. Twin streams of vile-smelling liquid flow from the ducts of the temples and into the corners of the jaws. At these times the great beast will gore giraffes and hippos, will break the backs of cringeing rhinoceri. This was male-elephantine heat. Must: it derived via Urdu from the Persian mast or maest - "intoxicated." But I had settled for the modal verb. I must, I must, I just must. ~ Martin Amis
Sharm Urdu quotes by Martin Amis
The best way to tell whether the Norwegian is a Norwegian is to say:
"Are you Swedish?"
Regardless whether you say this in English, French, Italian, Japanese, Urdu or Swahili, he will answer:
"Swedish? Me? I'm a Norwegian!"
Then you will be able to tell. ~ Odd Borretzen
Sharm Urdu quotes by Odd Borretzen
Udru, a language common among India's Muslims, exhibits Arabic, Persian, Turkic and Indian influences. Its name derives from the Turkic word "ordu", meaning army, since it was at the Turkic army camps that these four languages intermingled. ~ Firas Alkhateeb
Sharm Urdu quotes by Firas Alkhateeb
Afsoos was the word in Urdu. There was no equivalent in English. It was a specific kind of regret - not wishing he had acted differently, but a helpless sadness at the situation as it was, a sense that it could not have been another way. ~ Fatima Farheen Mirza
Sharm Urdu quotes by Fatima Farheen Mirza
You know, Urdu has perhaps the finest word for autobiography. Two words, as a matter of fact. Savanah-e-Umri - the occurrences or accidents of one's life, literally. I like it over everything else. Isn't it wonderful? Isn't that what really happens to us all, occurrences, accident? ~ Mirza Waheed
Sharm Urdu quotes by Mirza Waheed
Pride! In English it is a Deadly Sin. But in Urdu it is fakhr and nazish - both names that you can find more than once on our family tree. ~ Kamila Shamsie
Sharm Urdu quotes by Kamila Shamsie
Once through this ruined city did I pass
I espied a lonely bird on a bough and asked
'What knowest thou of this wilderness?'
It replied: 'I can sum it up in two words:
'Alas, Alas! ~ Khushwant Singh
Sharm Urdu quotes by Khushwant Singh
A few words of Hindi appear here or there, but it's all Urdu. I feel that if the popular culture, which is what Hindi films are, uses Urdu, it's not going to diminish. ~ Ismail Merchant
Sharm Urdu quotes by Ismail Merchant
He leaned towards the young man, his eyes, mouth and face all round in concentration. '"There was a banned crow,"' he intoned sonorously. '"There was a cold day." Not bad, eh? I learned those on the boat. Sounds like perfect Urdu, I'm told.' He paused and frowned. 'The devil of it is remembering which one means, "close the door," and which one will get someone to open it. ~ Shashi Tharoor
Sharm Urdu quotes by Shashi Tharoor
She tries to maintain a nondescript exterior; she learns the sideways glance instead of looking at people directly. She speaks in practised, precise sentences so that she is not misunderstood. She chooses her words carefully, and if someone addresses her in Punjabi, she answers in Urdu, because an exchange in her mother tongue might be considered a promise of intimacy. She uses English for medical terms only, because she feels if she uses a word of English in her conversation she might be considered a bit forward. When she walks she walks with slightly hurried steps, as if she has an important but innocent appointment to keep. She avoids eye contact, she looks slightly over people's heads as if looking out for somebody who might come into view at any moment. She doesn't want anyone to think that she is alone and nobody is coming for her. She sidesteps even when she sees a boy half her age walking towards her, she walks around little puddles when she can easily leap over them; she thinks any act that involves stretching her legs might send the wrong signal. After all, this is not the kind of thing where you can leave your actions to subjective interpretations. She never eats in public. Putting something in your mouth is surely an invitation for someone to shove something horrible down your throat. If you show your hunger, you are obviously asking for something. ~ Mohammed Hanif
Sharm Urdu quotes by Mohammed Hanif
His past, his fears, what was done to him, what he has done to himself - they are subjects that can only be discussed in tongues he doesn't speak: Farsi, Urdu, Mandarin, Portuguese. Once, he tried to write some things down, thinking that it might be easier, but it wasn't - he is unclear how to explain himself to himself. ~ Hanya Yanagihara
Sharm Urdu quotes by Hanya Yanagihara
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