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I haven't re-read Kafka for forty years. I had a second read-through when first teaching English at the University of Warwick in the 1970s, but since then have not been tempted to return. The reason for this, I suspect, is that he is a young person's writer, not in the sense that only the young can appreciate him, but because on first exposure he is so comprehensively and unexpectedly formative that you may never feel the need to read him again. He becomes part of you, and your mind and spirit and view of the human condition are inhabited by his stories, his views, and especially his characters: by poor persecuted Josef K., by Gregor Samsa trapped in his rotting shell, by the hunger artist, yearning to find something, anything, that is actually good to eat, by poor K., who can't get into the castle to visit the Authorities. Kafkaesque: a world incomprehensible, alienating and threatening, absurd. We visit it with incomprehension and at our peril, lost at all points, disorientated, inoculated against faith, searchers for meaning in a book - and universe that either has none, or in which it lurks inaccessibly. Once you have read Kafka, you know this. ~ Rick Gekoski
Shariati University quotes by Rick Gekoski
Warwick Castle, Oxford University, the Cotswold, and the countryside of England are my favorite places to visit when I'm in England. Whenever I visit, I feel as if I've come home. These places inspired my settings for my fantasy series, Bitter Frost Series, Wordwick Games, and The Alchemists Academy. I didn't know the great author of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy was also inspired by Warwick, Oxford, and Cotswold. Imaginative minds must dream alike. ~ Kailin Gow
Shariati University quotes by Kailin Gow
Your mouth belongs in my Vagina

This was said to me in a University Library and the only person present was in a picture clearly marked Stephanie Lord. ~ Stephanie Lord
Shariati University quotes by Stephanie Lord
I too turned to Webster's Dictionary and it defined Harvard University as a season for gathering crops. ~ Andy Samberg
Shariati University quotes by Andy Samberg
I did an A Level in Theatre Studies and had a really inspirational teacher, and then I just went on to university. ~ Jessica Raine
Shariati University quotes by Jessica Raine
Leaves are also teaching scientists about more effective capture of wind energy. Wind energy offers great promise, but current turbines are most effective when they have very long blades (even a football field long). These massive structures are expensive, hard to build, and too often difficult to position near cities. Those same blades sweep past a turbine tower with a distinctive thwacking sound, so bothersome that it discourages people from having wind turbines in their neighborhoods. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service also estimates that hundreds of thousands of birds and bats are killed each year by the rotating blades of conventional wind turbines. Instead, inspired by the way leaves on trees and bushes shake when wind passes through them, engineers at Cornell University have created vibro-wind. Their device harnesses wind energy through the motion of a panel of twenty-five foam blocks that vibrate in even a gentle breeze. Although real leaves don't generate electrical energy, they capture kinetic energy. Similarly, the motion of vibro-wind's "leaves" captures kinetic energy, which is used to excite piezoelectric cells that then emit electricity. A panel of vibro-wind leaves offers great potential for broadly distributed, low noise, low-cost energy generation. ~ Jay Harman
Shariati University quotes by Jay Harman
I've never claimed that this is investment art. When we first started out, all the art colleges and universities across the country would sort of badmouth what we were doing. It's funny that a lot of them now are sending us letters saying, 'We may not totally agree with the way you paint, but we appreciate what you're doing, because you're sending literally thousands of people into art colleges. ~ Bob Ross
Shariati University quotes by Bob Ross
There are dons who care for the intellect and the imagination, and there are priests who care for the spirit; but broadly speaking the function of universities and churches alike is to trim and tame enthusiasm, to suppress curiosity, and, in short, to whittle immortal souls into serviceable props of the established order. ~ Hugh Kingsmill
Shariati University quotes by Hugh Kingsmill
There are, however, many challenges to Asian universities. First, academic freedom, in all senses, is much more critical to the success of a university than how much money is spent on infrastructure or on hiring big names. Faculty need to have the space to pursue the research that they are passionate about and the also need to have the freedom to express their opinions in the university, and in the society as a whole. ~ Henry Rosovsky
Shariati University quotes by Henry Rosovsky
The Royal University will get along fine without me." "And the Malcontents won't?" "If I'm away too long, they tend cause trouble. Set fires. That sort of thing." Cleasby grinned. "Sorry, sir, but I think they need me more. ~ Larry Correia
Shariati University quotes by Larry Correia
When I was a sophomore at USC, I was a socialist, pretty much to the left. But not when I left the university. I quickly got wise. I'd read about what had happened to Russia in 1917 when the Communists took over. ~ John Wayne
Shariati University quotes by John Wayne
I think my parents did want me to go to university just in case, but neither my mum or dad went to uni, so they couldn't talk. ~ Eliza Doolittle
Shariati University quotes by Eliza Doolittle
If I had never dropped in on that single course in college, the Mac would have never had multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts. And since Windows just copied the Mac, it's likely that no personal computer would have them. ~ Steve Jobs
Shariati University quotes by Steve Jobs
I got a scholarship to Seattle University and I was writing arrangements for singers and everybody. But the music course was too dry and I really wanted to get away from home. ~ Quincy Jones
Shariati University quotes by Quincy Jones
One cannot walk in such regions, consciously
without enlargement of thought. There are
heights and valleys which, to those who seek
them in a sympathetic spirit, are better
" seats of learning " than any school or university in the land ; there are days when the climber seems to rise into a rarer mental as well as visual atmosphere, and to leave far below him the crass cares and prejudices of commonplace life. ~ Henry Stephens Salt
Shariati University quotes by Henry Stephens Salt
When I had attained the age of seventeen my parents resolved that I should become a student at the university of Ingolstadt. I had hitherto attended the schools of Geneva, but my father thought it necessary for the completion of my education that I should be made acquainted with other customs than those of my native country. My departure was therefore fixed at an early date, but before the day solved upon could arrive, the first misfortune of my life occurred - an omen, as it were, of my future misery. ~ Mary Shelley
Shariati University quotes by Mary Shelley
Consider ... the university professor. What is his function? Simply to pass on to fresh generations of numskulls a body of so-called knowledge that is fragmentary, unimportant, and, in large part, untrue. His whole professional activity is circumscribed by the prejudices, vanities and avarices of his university trustees, i.e., a committee of soap-boilers, nail manufacturers, bank-directors and politicians. The moment he offends these vermin he is undone. He cannot so much as think aloud without running a risk of having them fan his pantaloons. ~ H.L. Mencken
Shariati University quotes by H.L. Mencken
If our legislature does not heartily push our University [of Virginia] we must send our children for education to Kentucky [Transylvania College] or Cambridge [Harvard College]. The latter will return them to us as fanatics and tories, the former will keep them to add to their population. ~ Thomas Jefferson
Shariati University quotes by Thomas Jefferson
We'd met at university, where he was studying medicine and I was studying social awkwardness and a catastrophic inability to cope with deadlines. ~ Tammy Cohen
Shariati University quotes by Tammy Cohen
Potosi, at over thirteen thousand feet, is the highest city in the world, and it is inconceivable that anyone would ever bother to build, much less occupy, a city at such an altitude were it not for the fabulous riches of Cerro Rico. Indeed, at one time things were really humming here--French wines, Chinese silks, posh whores, etc.--Potosi's university was founded well before the Pilgrims ever thought to set sail, and in 1613 the population was a hundred twenty thousand, equal to London's. ~ George Meegan
Shariati University quotes by George Meegan
Photography has always been a passion of mine, but I began to study light field photography when I was in the Ph.D. program at Stanford University. ~ Ren Ng
Shariati University quotes by Ren Ng
I don't have any degrees. I went to Hunter College one year and New York University another year. It's just on the basis of my books that I've been hired at any of the places I've been. ~ Grace Paley
Shariati University quotes by Grace Paley
A bird does not attend university to fly,
but pilots do.
A fish does not attend school to swim,
but athletes should.
A wolf does not attend college to fight,
but boxers can.
A lion does not attend class to rule,
but leaders must. ~ Matshona Dhliwayo
Shariati University quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
Life is a rich literature. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
Shariati University quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
When I went to university in Colorado, I was encouraged to write very innovative, experimental things, and some of the short stories in 'Bearded Ladies' are a little bit experimental. ~ Kate Grenville
Shariati University quotes by Kate Grenville
Stat Watch 67 words In a survey 91% of university staff members said they had been ignored, avoided, shut out of conversations, or treated as invisible during the previous year, according to a study led by Jane O'Reilly, of the University of Ottawa. Research shows that ostracism does more psychological harm and causes higher turnover than outright harassment, which is far less common. ~ Anonymous
Shariati University quotes by Anonymous
I studied law at university and was sort of grooming myself to go into that kind of career. I filmed 'The Wedge' while studying, which was very difficult, but I'm proud I completed my degree. ~ Rebel Wilson
Shariati University quotes by Rebel Wilson
Including my nine years as a student, the majority of my life has been at Hokkaido University. After my retirement from the university in 1994, I served at two private universities in Okayama Prefecture - Okayama University of Science and Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts - before retiring from university work in 2002. ~ Akira Suzuki
Shariati University quotes by Akira Suzuki
The printed word was integral to the spreading of the ideas of the Reformation across the religious and political boundaries of Europe. Martin Luther never visited England, yet his ideas were brought there through books that were smuggled in through eastern ports such as Ipswich and pored over in nearby Cambridge University. Calvin ~ Alister E. McGrath
Shariati University quotes by Alister E. McGrath
I don't give a shit, Dad!"
"Well I do! I absolutely give a shit! This will completely exhaust you."
"It's my body. I can do what I like!"
"So you don't care about your body now?"
"No, I'm sick of it! I'm sick of doctors and needles and blood tests and transfusions. I'm sick of being stuck in a bed day after day while the rest of you get on with your lives. I hate it! I hate all of you! Adam's gone for a university interview, did you know that? He's going to be here for years doing whatever he likes and I'm going to be under the ground in a couple of weeks! ~ Jenny Downham
Shariati University quotes by Jenny Downham
And they all have pretty children,
And the children go to school,
And the children go to summer camp,
And then to the university,
Where they are put in boxes
And they come out all the same. ~ Malvina Reynolds
Shariati University quotes by Malvina Reynolds
When art as an expression starts to appear, without prompting, all over the suburbs and villages of this country, what we are saying is: we are confident enough to create our own living, our own entertainment, our own aesthetic. Such an aesthetic will not be donated to us from the corridors of a university; or from the Ministry of Culture, or by the French Cultural Centre. It will come from the individual creations of a thousand creative people ~ Binyavanga Wainaina
Shariati University quotes by Binyavanga Wainaina
Next day I was closely questioned about the team and its members. The children were somewhat surprised to learn that some had been College or University men; their vision of the American Negro, being so largely based on films, did not include high intellectual attainment. However, through discussion, I believe that slowly they were beginning to see all mankind from a new standpoint of essential dignity. One ~ E.R. Braithwaite
Shariati University quotes by E.R. Braithwaite
Just because I never went to university doesn't mean you can't read, although I do feel a bit uneducated from time to time. ~ Naveen Andrews
Shariati University quotes by Naveen Andrews
I majored in religion for my entire undergraduate career at Duke University and then I went to seminary for a year unsure whether or not I really had the call to be a minister. I spoke with a pastor of my home church and told him I was going to seminary. He said "Do you feel the call to be a minister?" and I said "Honestly, I don't. I know it's the greatest call you could have but I'm not feeling that call myself. He said "Well, you know, you're wrong. It's not the greatest call. The greatest call is whatever calling God has for you." ~ Randall Wallace
Shariati University quotes by Randall Wallace
My father was a university professor and his thing was tenure. Any time I hear a university professor say tenure, I hear the word dinosaur. You're not supposed to be getting tenure. You're supposed to be figuring out how you can teach more students at a better price and more effectively. That's your job. ~ Robert Kiyosaki
Shariati University quotes by Robert Kiyosaki
The bulk of the universities are about teaching kids. ~ Bill Gates
Shariati University quotes by Bill Gates
The job of mayor and Governor is becoming more and more like the job of university president, which I used to be; it looks like you are in charge, but you are not. ~ Lamar Alexander
Shariati University quotes by Lamar Alexander
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