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Yeah, I can imagine with the funeral and all, this is the last thing you want to be dealing with right now. Like I said, my condolences." Mayhew took his own deep breath, his far more raspy. "We've got a nutshell, but we're still filling in some blanks. You're not the first person in the county to have this kind of thing happen. We suspect it's a gang of young males who read the obituaries, find out when the funerals are, then Google Earth the house and figure out whether it's worth robbing. ~ Karin Slaughter
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Karin Slaughter
We all have our coming-out story, or why-we-haven't-come-out story. More precisely, we have two. There's the official version, paragraph-sized for conversation, for when it comes, usually on level-two get-to-know-you with friends and dates and curious coworkers. That one covers the basics; when, where, how, the end. You will tell it again and again over the course of your life, polishing it to a fine sheen, until it's as close to frictionless as you can get it. Then there's the real story, the full version, which you tell only a handful of people ever - even if you're one of the lucky ones with a good family, with loving parents who eventually accept you. Because, as Lawrence once said, when the only time you've seen your dad cry is at a funeral, what does that mean about you? ~ Chelsey Johnson
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Chelsey Johnson
At first of course everybody had been quiet, fearful. The funeral procession snaked its way through the drab, slushy little city in dead silence. The only sound was the slap-slap-slap of thousands of sockless shoes on the silver-wet road that led to the Mazar-e-Shohadda. Young men carried seventeen coffins on their shoulders. Seventeen plus one, that is, for the re-murdered Usman Abdullah, who obviously could not be entered twice in the books. So, seventeen-plus-one tin coffins wove through the streets, winking back at the winter sun. To someone looking down at the city from the ring of high mountains that surrounded it, the procession would have looked like a column of brown ants carrying seventeen-plus-one sugar crystals to their anthill to feed their queen. Perhaps to a student of history and human conflict, in relative terms that's all the little procession amounted to: a column of ants making off with some crumbs that had fallen from the high table. As wars go, this was only a small one. Nobody paid much attention. So it went on and on. So it folded and unfolded over decades, gathering people into its unhinged embrace. Its cruelties became as natural as the changing seasons, each came with its own unique range of scent and blossom, its own cycle of loss and renewal, disruption and normalcy, uprisings and elections.

Of all the sugar crystals carried by the ants that winter morning, the smallest crystal of course went by the name of Miss Jebeen. ~ Arundhati Roy
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Arundhati Roy
I've been a fascinated observer of grand public funerals since I was a kid, starting with the life-altering black-and-white images of President John F. Kennedy's funeral. ~ David Horsey
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by David Horsey
Thirty years ago dinner theatre used to be much more of a going concern than it is now. ~ Ted Shackelford
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Ted Shackelford
According to the gospels, Christ healed diseases, cast out devils, rebuked the sea, cured the blind, fed multitudes with five loaves and two fishes, walked on the sea, cursed a fig tree, turned water into wine and raised the dead.

How is it possible to substantiate these miracles?

The Jews, among whom they were said to have been performed, did not believe them. The diseased, the palsied, the leprous, the blind who were cured, did not become followers of Christ. Those that were raised from the dead were never heard of again.
Can we believe that Christ raised the dead?

A widow living in Nain is following the body of her son to the tomb. Christ halts the funeral procession and raises the young man from the dead and gives him back to the arms of his mother.

This young man disappears. He is never heard of again. No one takes the slightest interest in the man who returned from the realm of death. Luke is the only one who tells the story. Maybe Matthew, Mark and John never heard of it, or did not believe it and so failed to record it.

John says that Lazarus was raised from the dead.

It was more wonderful than the raising of the widow's son. He had not been laid in the tomb for days. He was only on his way to the grave, but Lazarus was actually dead. He had begun to decay.

Lazarus did not excite the least interest. No one asked him about the other world. No one inquired of him about their dead friends.< ~ Robert G. Ingersoll
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Robert G. Ingersoll
I am going to seek the great Perhaps. ~ Francois Rabelais
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Francois Rabelais
You are mortal: it is the mortal way. You attend the funeral, you bid the dead farewell. You grieve. Then you continue with your life. ~ Neil Gaiman
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Neil Gaiman
It was a haunting tune, unresigned, a cry of heartache for all in the world that fell apart. As ash rose black against the brilliant sky, Fire's fiddle cried out for the dead, and for the living who stay behind and say goodbye. ~ Kristin Cashore
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Kristin Cashore
I had a sort of classic moment when a friend of mine rang up and said she'd just been to a funeral, and in the middle of the eulogy, this kid had taken out the phone and had a whole proper text conversation - while everyone was weeping! ~ Beeban Kidron
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Beeban Kidron
No funeral gloom, my dears, when I am gone
Corpse-gazing, tears, black raiment, graveyard grimness
Think of me as withdrawn into the dimness
Yours still, you mine, remember all the best
Of our past moments, and forget the rest
And so, to where I wait, come gently on. ~ William Allingham
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by William Allingham
Ladies first." I couldn't wait for this game to be over so I could teach her how to break properly. Images of her body pressed against mine, bending over the table, caused my jeans to get tighter.
"Your funeral," she sang and my lips turned up at her flash of confidence. Echo twirled her pool cue like a warrior going into battle, never once taking her eyes off the cue ball. She leaned over the table. I focused on her tight ass. My siren ate me alive with every movement. As she took aim, she no longer resembled the fragile girl at school, but a sniper.
The quick and thunderous cracking of balls caught me off guard. The balls fell into the pockets in such rapid succession, I lost count. Echo rounded the table, once again twirling the cue, studying the remaining balls like a four-star general would a map.
Damn - the girl knew how to play. ~ Katie McGarry
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Katie McGarry
It was a great softening, night and day it continued, a water funeral for the dying winter. ~ Alan Furst
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Alan Furst
Bill Clinton is the only ex-president who hasn't planned his own funeral. But, in his defense, in the past he has said he wants to be buried next to Hillary. I guess he figures he never slept next to her when they were alive, might as well try it now that they're dead. ~ Jay Leno
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Jay Leno
He had the desperation, not the courage, to be himself. Once you do that, you can't go wrong, because you can't make any mistakes when people love you for being yourself. But for Kurt, it didn't matter that other people loved him; he simply didn't love himself enough. ~ Charles R. Cross
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Charles R. Cross
With mirth in funeral and with dirge in marriage. ~ William Shakespeare
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by William Shakespeare
There were days when Earth's small glories were luminous enough to dim church icons to duller golds. Diving from the roof into fresh snow. Throwing dishes from the window after Mother's funeral. I have been blessed. ~ Anthony Marra
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Anthony Marra
We live to produce information, or improve on it. Nietzsche had the Latin pun aut liberi, aut libri - either children or books, both information that caries through the centuries ... I am here to die a heroic death for the sake of the collective, to produce offspring (and prepare them for life and provide for them), or eventually, books, - my information, that is, my genes, the anti-fragile in me, should be the ones seeking immortality, not me. Then say goodbye, have a nice funeral in St. Sergius (Mar Sarkis) in Amioun, and, as the French say, place aux autres - make room for others (p. 370-371). ~ Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Prison is designed to separate, isolate, and alienate you from everyone and everything. You're not allowed to do so much as touch your spouse, your parents, your children. The system does everything within its power to sever any physical or emotional links you have to anyone in the outside world. They want your children to grow up without ever knowing you.They want your spouse to forget your face and start a new life. They want you to sit alone, grieving, in a concrete box, unable even to say your last farewell at a parent's funeral. ~ Damien Echols
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Damien Echols
Remember that people are only guests in your story - the same way you are only a guest in theirs - so make the chapters worth reading. ~ Lauren Klarfeld
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Lauren Klarfeld
WHO dreamed that beauty passes like a dream?
For these red lips, with all their mournful pride,
Mournful that no new wonder may betide,
Troy passed away in one high funeral gleam,
And Usna's children died.
We and the labouring world are passing by:
Amid men's souls, that waver and give place
Like the pale waters in their wintry race,
Under the passing stars, foam of the sky,
Lives on this lonely face.
Bow down, archangels, in your dim abode:
Before you were, or any hearts to beat,
Weary and kind one lingered by His seat;
He made the world to be a grassy road
Before her wandering feet. ~ W.B.Yeats
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by W.B.Yeats
So what are you gonna say at my funeral, now that you've killed me? Here lies the body of the love of my life, whose heart I broke without a gun to my head. Here lies the mother of my children, both living and dead. Rest in peace, my true love, who I took for granted. Most bomb p*ssy who, because of me, sleep evaded. Her god listening. Her heaven will be a love without betrayal. Ashes to ashes, dust to side chicks. ~ Beyonce
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Beyonce
When I saw the photograph I realized for the first time why the obituaries had so disturbed me.
I had allowed other people to think he was dead.
I had allowed him to be buried alive. ~ Joan Didion
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Joan Didion
Life's too short for a funeral. ~ Bill Smith
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Bill Smith
All the hovering angels were gone. He thought maybe there had been a funeral. Someone had died. Everything was black - the sky, the clothes he was wearing, his heart. ~ Benjamin Alire Saenz
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Benjamin Alire Saenz
We should pray that God would enrich his ordinance with his presence; that he would make the sacrament effectual to all those holy ends and purposes for which he hath appointed it; that it may be the feast of our graces, and the funeral of our corruptions; that it may not only be a sign to represent, but an instrument to convey, Christ to us, and a seal to assure us of our heavenly jointure [union]. ~ Thomas Watson
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Thomas Watson
You're going to stay here and help Daran in every way you can. Don't let him sink into melancholia the way his father has ... Now, pull yourself together. Blow your nose and fix your face. Daran's talking to the Rivan Warder right now. I'll take you to where they are, and then I have to leave."
"You're not even going to stay for the funeral?"
"I've got the funeral in my heart, Pol, the same as you have. No amount of ceremony's going to make it go away. Now go fix your face. You look awful. ~ David Eddings
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by David Eddings
We were heading into the clumsy territory of my mother's funeral, stretched-out silences, wrong smiles, the place where words didn't work. ~ Donna Tartt
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Donna Tartt
I was raised Catholic. Not just a little bit Catholic, like my wife, Catherine. When she was young, many Catholics in France already barely went to church, except for the big three: baptism, marriage, and funeral. And only the middle one was by choice. ~ Frans De Waal
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Frans De Waal
We pass and leave you lying. No need for rhetoric, for funeral music, for melancholy bugle-calls. No need for tears now, no need for regret.
We took our risk with you; you died and we live. We take your noble gift, salute for the last time those lines of pitiable crosses, those solitary mounds, those unknown graves, and turn to live our lives out as we may.
Which of us were fortunate
who can tell? For you there is silence and cold twilight drooping in awful desolation over those motionless lands. For us sunlight and the sound of women's voices, song and hope and laughter, despair, gaiety, love
Lost terrible silent comrades, we, who might have died, salute you. ~ Richard Aldington
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Richard Aldington
It" was continuing. The game was undeniably in progress. A long funeral procession, a crowd of peoplewearing black. A man in a black suit with a somber know-it-all face addressed them, "Oh, ShuyaNanahara and Noriko Nakagawa? You two, that's right, you're a little early. But you did just pass byyour own graves right here. We carved in the number you two share, No. 15. Don't worry, we'reoffering a special bonus. ~ Koushun Takami
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Koushun Takami
Losing some faculties is worse than losing your life. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
NBC announced that during the summer Olympics they will set a new record by airing over 1200 hours of coverage. Which is amazing because that's 10 hours longer than the coverage of Reagan's funeral. ~ Conan O'Brien
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Conan O'Brien
You can have money piled to the ceiling but the size of your funeral is still going to depend on the weather. ~ Chuck Tanner
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Chuck Tanner
My own funeral, I'd like to be laid out in a coffin in my own house. I would like my coffin to be put in the double parlor, and I would like all the flowers to be white. ~ Anne Rice
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Anne Rice
I did not see your mother at the funeral,' she said, following the thought. 'She stopped coming to them after her own,' Paul answered simply. ~ Frances Hardinge
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Frances Hardinge
It's not the loss of life that makes the death bitter
it's the obituaries. ~ Evan Esar
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Evan Esar
Instead of slapping her head, I do what they tell you to do: count to ten. Only I do it the gifted way: 123+456+789+10. When your sister has hurtled you swerving into the darkness, stranded you at a funeral home, and threatens to get you in trouble, just stop and count to 1,378 before you respond. ~ Jo Ann Beard
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Jo Ann Beard
In retrospect, the reason for her decision seems evident. Our Noriko, for so many years troubled by the demands of society on one hand and the needs of the self on the other, finally decided. She would do what she wanted. And she did. All attempts to lure her out over the years have been rebuffed. When a documentary was made on Ozu, she refused to appear, just as, when he died, she did not attend his funeral. Setsuko Hara was her own person at last.

On Japanese actress Setsuko Hara ~ Donald Richie
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Donald Richie
There is but one freedom, To put oneself right with death. After that everything is possible. I cannot force you to believe in God. Believing in God amounts to coming to terms with death. When you have accepted death, the problem of God will be solved, and not the reverse. ~ Albert Camus
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Albert Camus
Puddleglum!" said Jill. "You're a regular old humbug. You sound as doleful as a funeral and I believe you're perfectly happy. And you talk as if you were afraid of everything, when you're really as brave as - as a lion. ~ C.S. Lewis
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by C.S. Lewis
If formality and courtesy take over the feelings . . . how silly and meaningless these things could become. And despite all this, I still take part in it! ~ Fumio Obata
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by Fumio Obata
Don't you just hate it when you go to a friend's funeral and you get kidnapped? ~ James Patterson
Shackelford Funeral Obituaries quotes by James Patterson
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