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#1. In the eyes of her oldest friends and colleagues and extended family, she wasn't a painfully thin seventy-five-year-old gray haired woman dying of cancer- she was a grade school class president, the young friend you gossiped with, a date or double date, someone to share a tent with in Darfur, a fellow election monitor in Bosnia, a mentor, a teacher you'd laughed within a classroom or a faculty lounge, or the board member you'd groaned with after a contentious meeting - Author: Will Schwalbe
Seventy Five quotes by Will Schwalbe
#2. Hey," she whispered to Malachi. "When are Irin considered adults?"

He was following what looked to be a quiet argument between Sari and Mala. "Full adults? Around sixty to seventy-five years. When we're finished with our training. Why?"

She flushed. Wow.

"So, you're quite the cradle robber, aren't you?"

Malachi turned to her abruptly. "What? No, I'm not."

"I'm not even thirty. That's like... a teenager to you guys."

She could see the flush crawl up his neck, even behind the beard. "You're human. You mature differently."

"But I'm not really human."

His shoulders were stiff and his posture screamed his discomfort. It was really a shame Ava found teasing him to be so amusing.

"I mean, what would your mom say if she found out you were mated-and I mean well and thoroughly mated- to what she would basically consider a kid?"

He wiped a hand over his forehead. "Heaven above, please stop talking."

"So are we going to stop fooling around now?"

He groaned. "Ava."

"I'm just yanking your chain."

"You're going to have to speak up, because the mental lecture my mother's memory is giving me right now is rather loud. - Author: Elizabeth Hunter
Seventy Five quotes by Elizabeth   Hunter
#3. With silly stuff, it's seventy-five percent confidence. I always tell people that it's because I'm nervous about getting that next laugh and I need to hear it. I always want to condense a joke. - Author: Tim Vine
Seventy Five quotes by Tim Vine
#4. Did you know that seventy-five to eighty percent of juvenile offenders can't read at grade level?"
"Really?" This was news to me.
"Your world becomes a much smaller place if you can't read. You have far fewer options. It's not the only factor, but it's a big one. If they want to know how big to build a prison,
all they have to do is look at the illiteracy statistics."
"They knew I was coming."
"You or someone like you."
"You knew it too, all those years ago, back in Quincy. That's why you tried to help me. Because you knew I was coming here."
"Here or someplace like here. - Author: Carolee Dean
Seventy Five quotes by Carolee Dean
#5. The greed manifests us in many shapes,
The high rise building,
a big house ,
no land to grow and
no land to feed our own,
Our very own People !

The money was deadly than any plague,
People bought and sold people
like a commodity !
and then ,
They divided us ,
according to our flawed faith.....
The stench of ignorance fills the air,
nestling at the base of our cortex .

I refuse to be conquered !

The agenda was all clear from the start,
Prospect of the land;
they would rather see us disappear,
Sold for seventy five lac a 100 years back,
It's seventy five million wounds and every day to cry !!

We are a " numb nation "
We are a " slave nation "
I refuse to be conquered !!! - Author: BinYamin Gulzar
Seventy Five quotes by BinYamin Gulzar
#6. Only a few days after my encounter with the police, two patrolmen tackled Alton Sterling onto a car, then pinned him down on the ground and shot him in the chest while he was selling CDs in front of a convenience store, seventy-five miles up the road in Baton Rouge. A day after that, Philando Castile was shot in the passenger seat of his car during a police traffic stop in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, as his girlfriend recorded the aftermath via Facebook Live.

Then, the day after Castile was killed, five policemen were shot dead by a sniper in Dallas. It felt as if the world was subsumed by cascades of unceasing despair. I mourned for the family and friends of Sterling and Castille. I felt deep sympathy for the families of the policemen who died. I also felt a real fear that, as a result of what took place in Dallas, law enforcement would become more deeply entrenched in their biases against black men, leading to the possibility of even more violence.

The stream of names of those who have been killed at the hands of the police feels endless, and I become overwhelmed when I consider all the names we do not know - all of those who lost their lives and had no camera there to capture it, nothing to corroborate police reports that named them as threats. Closed cases. I watch the collective mourning transpire across my social-media feeds. I watch as people declare that they cannot get out of bed, cannot bear to go to work, cannot function as a human being is mea - Author: Clint Smith
Seventy Five quotes by Clint   Smith
#7. I have always found that if I move with seventy-five percent or more of the facts that I usually never regret it. It's the guys who wait to have everything perfect that drive you crazy. - Author: Lee Iacocca
Seventy Five quotes by Lee Iacocca
#8. Doctor Wilde. Explain how someone got my DNA without my knowledge."
"Um, you know what I'd like to do right now?" Even at seventy-five years old, Doc's voice still got higher-pitched when he was nervous. He tried to give me a sexy look. Little did he know, he always looked sexy to me. "I'd like to suck that fat cock of yours. Let's go to the bedroom."
" You sound like a porn star. It's not as sexy when I know your knee is acting up," I muttered, sliding my arm around his waist and kissing his cheek. "But I'm still going to take you up on it. Later. We'll put some pillows down. - Author: Lucy Lennox
Seventy Five quotes by Lucy Lennox
#9. Less than seventy-five years after it officially began, the contest between capitalism and socialism is over: capitalism has won. - Author: Robert Heilbroner
Seventy Five quotes by Robert Heilbroner
#10. I was headed out down a long bone-white road, straight as a string and smooth as glass and glittering and wavering in the heat and humming under the tires like a plucked nerve. I was doing seventy-five but I never seemed to catch up with the pool which seemed to be over the road just this side of the horizon. Then, after a while, the sun was in my eyes, for I was driving west. So I pulled the sun screen down and squinted and put the throttle to the floor. And kept on moving west. For West is where we all plan to go some day. It is where you go when the land gives out and the old-field pines encroach. It is where you go when you get the letter saying: Flee, all is discovered. It is where you go when you look down at the blade in your hand and the blood on it. It is where you go when you are told that you are a bubble on the tide of empire. It is where you go when you hear that thar's gold in them-thar hills. It is where you go to grow up with the country. It is where you go to spend your old age. Or it is just where you go.
It was just where I went. - Author: Robert Penn Warren
Seventy Five quotes by Robert Penn Warren
#11. The span of his seventy-five years had acted as a magic bellows - the first quarter-century had blown him full with life, and the last had sucked it all back. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
Seventy Five quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#12. State preserves of loaves and fishes, that things in general were settled for ever. It was the year of Our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five. Spiritual revelations were conceded to England at that favoured period, as at this. - Author: Charles Dickens
Seventy Five quotes by Charles Dickens
#13. I am seventy-five years old and I reached this venerable state by staying out of trouble, keeping my mouth shut and not volunteering, just like I learned in the Army. - Author: Harry Harrison
Seventy Five quotes by Harry Harrison
#14. I'm speechless. But my dick has plenty to say. I'm already hard at the idea of Wes being prepped and ready for me. I drop my mouth onto his and he moans again. My tongue glides across his piercing and we're off to the horny dog races. We kiss as if there's a meteor heading straight for the Toronto metropolitan area. Wes's eager hands roam my ass while I suck on his tongue. His eagerness is like a drug, and I want hit after hit. I can feel how hard he is, even through all of our clothes. He wants me to fuck him, and he's all primed and ready? "Mmm," I moan into his mouth. Sexiest fucking thing I ever heard. That's when the doorbell rings. "Hold that thought," I say, pushing up on one arm. "Nooooo!" Wes lifts both his legs to trap me in them. "No." Kiss. "No." Kiss. "Don't even think about it." Pinning his hands to the quilt is easy, because he's horny to the point of distraction. "Stop it, baby. It's the couch delivery. We're paying seventy-five bucks for them to show up on a Saturday. - Author: Sarina Bowen
Seventy Five quotes by Sarina Bowen
#15. Now, as a non-Amish person in the twentieth century who is not a part of the aging and thus noncoveted seventy-five-plus marketing demographic that views things like cell phones and iPads with that quaint, old-people mixture of astonishment, fascination, confusion, and abject fear, I spend as much time pawing my cell phone as members of the postpubescent marketing demographic spend pawing each other and themselves. - Author: BikeSnobNYC
Seventy Five quotes by BikeSnobNYC
#16. The trunk of the car looked like a mobile police narcotics lab. We had two bags of grass, seventy-five pellets of mescaline, five sheets of high-powered blotter acid, a salt shaker half full of cocaine, and a whole galaxy of multi-colored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers ... and also a quart of tequila, a quart of rum, a case of Budweiser, a pint of raw ether and two dozen amyls ... Not that we needed all that for the trip, but once you get locked into a serious drug collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can. The only thing that really worried me was the ether. There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a man in the depths of an ether binge. And I knew we'd get into that rotten stuff pretty soon. - Author: Hunter S. Thompson
Seventy Five quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#17. For ever. It was the year of Our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five. Spiritual revelations were conceded to England at that favoured period, as at this. Mrs. Southcott had recently - Author: Charles Dickens
Seventy Five quotes by Charles Dickens
#18. Crystal to the lords of the State preserves of loaves and fishes, that things in general were settled for ever. It was the year of Our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five. Spiritual revelations were conceded to - Author: Charles Dickens
Seventy Five quotes by Charles Dickens
#19. Thirty-six House incumbents with ratings from the AFL-CIO's Committee on Political Education of seventy-five or higher were defeated - especially traumatic since Republicans had filibustered labor's fondest legislative wish: a repeal of the right-to-work provision of the 1947 Taft-Hartley Act. Union members voted for politicians who weakened their unions because the Democrats supported civil rights. - Author: Rick Perlstein
Seventy Five quotes by Rick Perlstein
#20. After they buy their tickets, Emma pulls him to the concession line. "Galen, do you mind?" she says, drawing a distracting circle on his arm with her finger, sending fire pretty much everywhere inside him. He recognizes the mischief in her eyes but not the particular game she's playing.
"Get whatever you want, Emma," he tells her. With a coy smile, she orders seventy-five dollars worth of candy, soda, and popcorn. By the cashier's expression, seventy-five dollars must be a lot. If the game is to spend all his money, she'll be disappointed. He brought enough cash for five more armfuls of this junk. He helps Emma carry two large fountain drinks, two buckets of popcorn and four boxes of candy to the top row of the half-full theater.
When she's situated in her seat, she tears into a box and dumps the contents in her hand. "Look, sweet lips, I got your favorite, Lemonheads!" Sweet lips? What the- Before he can turn away, she forces three of them into his mouth.
His instant pucker elicits an evil snicker from her. She pops a straw into one of the cups and hands it to him. "Better drink this," she whispers. "To take the bite out of the candy."
He should have known better. The drink is so full of bubbles it turns clear up to his nostrils. Pride keeps him from coughing. Pride, and the Lemonhead lodged in his throat. Several more heaping gulps and he gets it down.
After a few minutes, a sample of greasy popcorn, and the rest of the soda, the lights finally dim - Author: Anna Banks
Seventy Five quotes by Anna Banks
#21. thousand seven hundred and seventy-five. Spiritual revelations were conceded to England at that favoured period, as at this. Mrs. Southcott had recently attained her five-and-twentieth blessed birthday, of whom a - Author: Charles Dickens
Seventy Five quotes by Charles Dickens
#22. Aside from velcro, time is the most mysterious substance in the universe. You can't see it or touch it, yet a plumber can charge you upwards of seventy-five dollars per hour for it, without necessarily fixing anything. - Author: Dave Barry
Seventy Five quotes by Dave Barry
#23. In the United States economic system you can lose big or you can win big. If you lose you wind up wearing a Hefty bag and sleeping in a doorway. If you win you can have sex with Catherine Zeta Jones when you're seventy-five. - Author: Richard Jeni
Seventy Five quotes by Richard Jeni
#24. It's a testament to how much we loved you that we are still looking seventy-five years after your death. But sometimes I can't help wonder what would be different if we finally had an answer. - Author: Ava Dellaira
Seventy Five quotes by Ava Dellaira
#25. My recommendation is to keep up the good work. I'm changing your title to senior executive assistant, and giving you a three percent raise effective next payday. Congratulations."
Wow, three percent. I could move up that early retirement plan to age seventy-five now, instead of eighty. Lucky me.
Thank you," I said. "That's very generous."
You're quite welcome." Ms. Saunders nodded and grabbed a gold-plated letter opener to begin attacking her stack of mail.
I turned to leave. Didn't want to outstay my welcome.
Damn it!" she exclaimed, and I turned back around. She winced and nodded at the letter opener that she'd dropped to her desktop. "Damn thing slipped. I'm probably going to need stitches now. Can you be a dear and fetch the first-aid kit for me?"
She held her left index finger and frowned at the steady flow of blood oozing out. A few small drops of red splashed onto the other letters spread out on the desk.
I felt woozy. And suddenly dizzy.
I blinked.
When I opened my eyes, I was no longer standing by the door about to leave. I was crouched down next to Ms. Saunders's imported black leather chair, grasping her wrist tightly…… and sucking noisily on her fingertip.
I shrieked and let go of her, staggering backward. I grabbed at her desk to keep from falling, but I dropped on my butt, anyhow, taking most of the contents of the top of her desk with me.
She held her injured finger far away from her and stared at me, wide- - Author: Michelle Rowen
Seventy Five quotes by Michelle Rowen
#26. We've only been living in these ghettos for seventy-five years or so, but the other three hundred years -- I think this is worth writing about. I think we've made tremendous sacrifices, we've shown tremendous strength. In the ghetto you see a lot of frustration; you see very little strength. - Author: Ernest J. Gaines
Seventy Five quotes by Ernest J. Gaines
#27. It is difficult for a statesman who still has a political future to reveal everything that he knows: and in a profession in which one is a baby at 50 and middle-aged at seventy-five, it is natural that anyone who has not actually been disgraced should feel that he still has a future. - Author: George Orwell
Seventy Five quotes by George Orwell
#28. What was Mom's big crime, anyway?" I screamed. "That she had an assistant in India doing errands for her? What's Samantha 2? It's just something so people can sit around and have a robot do all their shit for them. You spent ten years of your life and billions of dollars inventing something so people don't have to live their own lives. Mom found a way of doing it for seventy-five cents an hour, and you tried to have her committed to a mental hospital! - Author: Maria Semple
Seventy Five quotes by Maria Semple
#29. Seventy-five years. That's how much time you get if you're lucky. Seventy-five years. Seventy-five winters, seventy-five springtimes, seventy-five summers, and seventy-five autumns. When you look at it like that, it's not a lot of time, is it? Don't waste them. Get your head out of the rat race and forget about the superficial things that pre-occupy your existence and get back to what's important now. - Author: Eddie Murphy
Seventy Five quotes by Eddie Murphy
#30. The following spring was a time of calving. Great icebergs calved from the vast glaciers which stretched down to our fjords from distant mountains. The heifers and cows of Kaupangen gave birth to over one hundred calves that spring. Most survived. Gudrod, the master shepherd, had seventy-five new lambkins skipping after their mothers. Ten sets of lamb twins were born in the city that year. Bitches had pups suckling at their breasts. The mountain goats that stood watch over the fjord, indifferently chewing on the wild grasses between the rocks, had kids following them on their steep paths. The residents of the city, too, gave birth. Twenty-one new healthy babies were born within thirty days of the spring equinox; boys and girls with thick blonde, brown, black, or red hair; others with smooth bald heads. Olaf, my third father, my king, had a son, stillborn. Olaf wept. Kenna wept. I wept as the boy was buried inside the casket with his mother in our graveyard by the church. - Author: Jason Born
Seventy Five quotes by Jason Born
#31. I had returned to piano-playing and music lessons when I had turned seventy-five (having written about how even older people can learn new skills, I thought it was time to take my own advice). - Author: Oliver Sacks
Seventy Five quotes by Oliver Sacks
#32. Hanging a banner from the front of the Bureau of Indian Affairs building that proclaimed it to be the "Native American Embassy," hundreds of protesters hailing from seventy-five Indigenous nations entered the building to sit in. BIA personnel, at the time largely non-Indigenous, fled, and the capitol police chain-locked the doors announcing that the Indigenous protesters were illegally occupying the building. The protesters stayed for six days, enough time for them to read damning federal documents that revealed gross mismanagement of the federal trust responsibility, which they boxed up and took with them. The Trail of Broken Treaties solidified Indigenous alliances, and the "20-Point Position Paper,"14 the work mainly of Hank Adams, provided a template for the affinity of hundreds of Native organizations. Five years later, in 1977, the document would be presented to the United Nations, forming the basis for the 2007 UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. - Author: Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
Seventy Five quotes by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
#33. How many a poor immortal soul have I met well-nigh crushed and smothered under its load, creeping down the road of life, pushing before it a barn seventy-five feet by forty, its Augean stables never cleansed, and one hundred acres of land, tillage, mowing, pasture, and wood-lot. The portionless, who struggle with no such unnecessary inherited encumbrances, find it labor enough to subdue and cultivate a few cubic feet of flesh. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Seventy Five quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#34. Our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five. Spiritual revelations were conceded to England at that favoured - Author: Charles Dickens
Seventy Five quotes by Charles Dickens
#35. I curled into a ball under the thin covers, trying to get warm. Despite the moonlight, darkness crept in, cold and complete, like the dying whisper of a gate. But it was the darkness in my head that was the hardest to shake. For the first time, the darkness had a name. It was the daywatch.

Thad had seventy-five days left. - Author: Lynne Matson
Seventy Five quotes by Lynne Matson
#36. For example. But I cannot give you an example. It was not so much any one example, any one event, which I recollected which was important, but the flow, the texture of the events, for meaning is never in the event but in the motion through event. Otherwise we could isolate an instant in the event and say that this is the event itself. The meaning. But we cannot do that. For it is the motion which is important. And I was moving. I was moving West at seventy-five miles an hour, through a blur of million-dollar landscape and heroic history, and I was moving back through time into my memory. They say the drowning man re-lives his life as he drowns. Well, I was not drowning in water, but I was drowning in West. I drowned westward through the hot brass days and black velvet nights. It took me seventy-eight hours to drown. For my body to sink down to the very bottom of West and lie in the motionless ooze of History, naked on a hotel bed in Long Beach, California. - Author: Robert Penn Warren
Seventy Five quotes by Robert Penn Warren
#37. There are seventy-five perfumes, which it is very necessary that a criminal expert should be able to distinguish from each other, and cases have more than once within my own experience depended upon their prompt recognition. - Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
Seventy Five quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
#38. When I was first aware that I had been laid low by the disease, I felt a need, among other things, to register a strong protest against the word "depression." Depression, most people know, used to be termed "melancholia," a word which appears in English as the year 1303 and crops up more than once in Chaucer, who in his usage seemed to be aware of its pathological nuances. "Melancholia" would still appear to be a far more apt and evocative word for the blacker forms of the disorder, but it was usurped by a noun with a blank tonality and lacking any magisterial presence, used indifferently to describe an economic decline or a rut in the ground, a true wimp of a word for such a major illness.

It may be that the scientist generally held responsible for its currency in modern times, a Johns Hopkins Medical School faculty member justly venerated -- the Swiss-born psychiatrist Adolf Meyer -- had a tin ear for the finer rhythms of English and therefore was unaware of the semantic damage he had inflicted for such a dreadful and raging disease. Nonetheless, for over seventy-five years the word has slithered innocuously through the language like a slug, leaving little trace of its intrinsic malevolence and preventing, by its insipidity, a general awareness of the horrible intensity of the disease when out of control. - Author: William Styron
Seventy Five quotes by William Styron
#39. Then someone cried out, "Suicide bomber!" The crowd panicked. In the ensuing stampede, terrified pilgrims ran in both directions, many colliding in the middle of the bridge. A side railing collapsed under their weight, and scores leaped into the water whether they could swim or not. Hundreds were trampled to death. More than a thousand died. Hundreds of pairs of sandals were scattered around the bridge, left behind when pilgrims made their desperate dives into the river. I was given all of seventy-five seconds to tell the story on the Nightly News. - Author: Richard Engel
Seventy Five quotes by Richard Engel
#40. Seventy-five thousand people a day become Christians, two-thirds of whom live in Africa. - Author: Philip Yancey
Seventy Five quotes by Philip Yancey
#41. I invent a reason for the Hertz attendant to start the rental car.
I am seventy-five years old: this is not the reason I give. - Author: Joan Didion
Seventy Five quotes by Joan Didion
#42. When I arrived, I immediately saw the mother of an ex-boyfriend, the kind of ex-boyfriend that would make you want to look as good as possible if you ran into his mother at a shower when you were several months pregnant. She saw me, smiled politely, and made her way across the room to visit with me. We hugged, exchanged pleasantries, and caught up on what we'd both been doing. As we talked, I fantasized about her reporting to her son, my ex, the next day. Oh, you should have seen Ree. She was positively glowing! You should have seen how wonderful she looked! Don't you wish you had married her?
Deep into our small talk, I made mention of how long it had been since she and I had seen each other. "Well…I did see you recently," she replied. "But I don't think you saw me."
I couldn't imagine. "Oh really?" I asked. "Where?" I hardly ever came to my hometown.
"Well," she continued. "I saw you pulling out of McDonald's on Highway Seventy-five one morning a few weeks ago. I waved to you…but you didn't see me."
My insides suddenly shriveled, imagining myself violently shoving breakfast burritos into my mouth. "McDonald's? Really?" I said, trying my best to play dumb.
"Yes," my ex's mother replied, smiling. "You looked a little…hungry!"
"Hmmm," I said. "I don't think that was me."
I skulked away to the bathroom, vowing to eat granola for the rest of my pregnancy. - Author: Ree Drummond
Seventy Five quotes by Ree Drummond
#43. The seventy-five years and twenty million dollars expended on the Grant Study points to a straightforward five-word conclusion: Happiness is love. Full stop. - Author: George Vaillant
Seventy Five quotes by George Vaillant
#44. At first my father owned slaves, but by and by he sold them, and hired others by the year from the farmers. For a girl of fifteen he paid twelve dollars a year and gave her two linsey-wolsey frocks and a pair of "stogy" shoes - cost, a modification of nothing; for a negro woman of twenty-five, as general house servant, he paid twenty-five dollars a year and gave her shoes and the aforementioned linsey-wolsey frocks; for a strong negro woman of forty, as cook, washer, etc., he paid forty dollars a year and the customary two suits of clothes; and for an able bodied man he paid from seventy-five to a hundred dollars a year and gave him two suits of jeans and two pairs of "stogy" shoes - an outfit that cost about three dollars. But times have changed. - Author: Mark Twain
Seventy Five quotes by Mark Twain
#45. [H]e quoted eloquently from the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the Gettysburg Address, and a section which had been stricken from his party's platform seventy-five years ago. He was not quite clear on what all this had to do with [the present situation], but it was noble and stirring and would bring in a lot of votes. - Author: Mark Clifton
Seventy Five quotes by Mark Clifton
#46. Mindy Sue, you are a pretty, lively, successful female, fluent in French and German. You are a professional woman but also sportif. You care buckets, I can see that. How did you get yourself in this terrible predicament? How did you become a four-line seventy-five-cents-a-word advertisement in the back pages of The New York Review of Books? - Author: Donald Barthelme
Seventy Five quotes by Donald Barthelme
#47. I play the piano passionately and inaccurately. Indeed, I worked out the other day that of my seventy-five years; I have spent at least one year sitting on a piano stool. - Author: William Golding
Seventy Five quotes by William Golding
#48. I ... drew out the gun I kept at home, a great big old Dirty Harry Callahan number that weighed about seventy-five thousand pounds. - Author: Jim Butcher
Seventy Five quotes by Jim Butcher
#49. I always say that if I end up in a relationship where I feel like seventy-five percent of what I was looking for is there, then I've already won, then we're all winners in that relationship. - Author: Sara Quin
Seventy Five quotes by Sara Quin
#50. All this "confusion" came to an end twenty years after the Royal Visit, when two Bohemian brothers, claiming to be the illegitimate grandsons of Prince Charlie himself, appeared on the scene with their own tartan pattern book, portentously titled Vestiarum Scoticum. James and Charles Sobieski Stuart, as they called themselves, had selected seventy-five different setts, each linked to a specific clan, from a sixteenth-century manuscript they claimed had once belonged to Mary Queen of Scots's father confessor - although they could never quite produce the manuscript when others asked to see it. - Author: Arthur Herman
Seventy Five quotes by Arthur Herman
#51. Terrifying encounters with the end? I'm thirty-four! Worry about oblivion, he told himself, when you're seventy-five! The remote future will be time enough to anguish over the ultimate catastrophe! - Author: Philip Roth
Seventy Five quotes by Philip Roth
#52. The Swiss are a neat and an industrious people, none of whom is under seventy-five years of age. - Author: Dorothy Parker
Seventy Five quotes by Dorothy Parker
#53. Nevertheless, despite all superficial continuity, a remarkable change has come about within the last seventy-five years. The change is nothing less than the substitution of paganism for Christianity as the dominant view of life. Seventy-five years ago, Western civilization, despite inconsistencies, was still predominantly Christian; today it is predominantly pagan. (1923) - Author: J. Gresham Machen
Seventy Five quotes by J. Gresham Machen
#54. You can see signs of a roaring economy. You can sense economic growth. You know it's happening. You're part of it. It is affecting you. Seventy-five percent of Americans think the government is corrupt. - Author: Rush Limbaugh
Seventy Five quotes by Rush Limbaugh
#55. A child says 'Thank God for my good dinner'. What can I say at seventy-five? 'Thank God for my good life, and for all the love that has been given to me.' Wallingford. October IIth 1965 SEARCHABLE TERMS Note: The pagination of this electronic edition does not match the edition from which it was created. - Author: Agatha Christie
Seventy Five quotes by Agatha Christie
#56. In his two hundred and seventy-five years on this earth, he had walked in battle and bathed in blood, felt the hot kiss of a whip on his back, the cold thrust of a knife into his gut, but never had he been called an infant until this moment. - Author: Nalini Singh
Seventy Five quotes by Nalini Singh
#57. The world of publishing is in crisis. It's no coincidence that the worst published writer in the world today is also one of the world's most successful writers ... Dan Brown. Now Dan Brown is not a good writer, The Da Vinci Code is not literature. Dan Brown writes sentences like "The famous man looked at the red cup." ... and it's only to be hoped that Dan Brown never gets a job where he's required to break bad news. "Doctor is he going to be alright?" "The seventy five year old man died a painful death on the large green table ... it was sad". - Author: Stewart Lee
Seventy Five quotes by Stewart Lee
#58. He moved into the left lane, rolled down his window, and tossed all of Alessandra's new clothes and her shoe out of the car. "Oh, my God!" She spun in her seat, watching as her clothes hit the ground seventy-five miles an hour, getting caught in the brush. "Oh, my God!" She stared at him, aghast. "Why did you do that? Are you completely out of your mind? - Author: Suzanne Brockmann
Seventy Five quotes by Suzanne Brockmann
#59. Certainly–and we can all agree on this, whether we are atheists, theists, panentheists–the future is doing the calling. The unborn children, our great-great-grandchildren are doing the calling. A mere seventy-five years from now they're going to be saying, 'What did you do, Daddy, when the Earth was collapsing and when militarism was where you were putting so much of your money, and when empires were still the mode of the day, and when religions were at each other's throats and Christianity was collapsing? What did you do? How did you interfere and say no? - Author: Adam Bucko
Seventy Five quotes by Adam Bucko
#60. [Prince Humperdinck] was seventy-five minutes away from his first female murder, and he wondered if he could get his fingers to her throat before even the start of a scream. He had been practicing on giant sausages all the afternoon and had the movements down pretty pat, but then, giant sausages weren't necks and all the wishing in the world wouldn't make them so. - Author: William Goldman
Seventy Five quotes by William Goldman
#61. Believe it or not, I sold my first novel, 'Crank,' with only seventy-five pages complete. It was in verse then, and it was hard-hitting then. - Author: Ellen Hopkins
Seventy Five quotes by Ellen Hopkins
#62. She felt that nothing could kill her hope now, nothing. She was seventy-five and she was going to make some changes in her life. - Author: Jonathan Franzen
Seventy Five quotes by Jonathan Franzen
#63. Because if I'm going to spend at least seventy-five percent of my waking hours doing something, I want that something to have meaning. I am tired of wasting my time. I am starting to realize that I want my life to matter in every way that it can. - Author: Julie Buxbaum
Seventy Five quotes by Julie Buxbaum
#64. We caught seventy-five frogs that night! We left our ice chest in the truck, so I was putting frogs in my socks and the pockets of my pants and shirt.
When we couldn't carry any more frogs, we made our way back to my truck. As soon as we arrived, police cars came from every direction. A homeowner in the neighborhood must have seen my truck and feared we were burglars. As the police questioned us, they must have thought Mike was drunk, because he couldn't stop laughing. They kept asking me what we'd been drinking and smoking and where it was. When a policeman shined a light on my shirt, I figured out what Mike was giggling about. I forgot I'd stuffed a frog into the front pocket of my shirt and buttoned it. Its legs were sticking out of my pocket and it looked like it was wearing a diaper! The police let us go but warned us to never sneak back onto the golf course because it was trespassing. We probably went back three or four times by a different route and never were caught. - Author: Jase Robertson
Seventy Five quotes by Jase Robertson
#65. I don't know what to do about Justin continuing to fleece my family. How much did you lose?"
Alan shrugged and sipped. "About one seventy-five." Catching Shelby's eye, he grinned. "I only play with Justine for diplomatic reasons." As she continued to stare he leaned back against the buffet. "And, dammit, one day I'm going to beat him. - Author: Nora Roberts
Seventy Five quotes by Nora Roberts
#66. The Social Security system is a $75 trillion problem. Again, just to give you a sense of scale: Let's say you started a business the day Jesus Christ was born. Let's say you weren't exactly a good businessman, and your business lost a million dollars every day - right through yesterday. How much longer would it take before your losses added up to $1 trillion? About 718 more years should do it, give or take a few months. And that's just one trillion. Multiply that by seventy-five, and you have the size of the Social Security problem. That's the amount it would take to fully fund Social Security for all current workers and retirees. To realize the magnitude of the problem we're facing, consider the fact that the total of all wealth in America is about $60 trillion. We could confiscate every item of value from every American household, including cash and investments, and apply the value to the problem - and still not have enough money to fund Social Security fully. - Author: Neal Boortz
Seventy Five quotes by Neal Boortz
#67. Seventy-five percent of students visiting the Cowell Health Center at Stanford University describe themselves as "sexually active. - Author: James C. Dobson
Seventy Five quotes by James C. Dobson
#68. I was talking to a businessman, and I said, Don't you think most men are little boys? And he said, I'm no little boy! I make seventy-five thousand dollars a year. And I said, Well, the way I look at it - you just have bigger toys. - Author: Jonathan Winters
Seventy Five quotes by Jonathan Winters
#69. Seventy-five percent of MS sufferers are women. - Author: Teri Garr
Seventy Five quotes by Teri Garr
#70. Seventy-five percent of great art is hard work only about twenty-five percent is great talent. - Author: Lee Strasberg
Seventy Five quotes by Lee Strasberg
#71. For seventy-five years I've made ladies dresses. That means that for seventy-five years I have made women happy. For seventy-five years I have made mature women spin around in front of the mirror like young girls. For seventy-five years I have made young girls look in the mirror and for the first time see a woman staring back at them. I have made young men's eyes pop out. I've made old men's eyes pop out. Because the right dress does that. It makes ordinary women feel extraordinary. - Author: Jane L Rosen
Seventy Five quotes by Jane L Rosen
#72. There were seventy-five people in the lobby and only a seven-year-old girl was finding out what it felt like to sit on the Marble Floor - Author: Hugh Prather
Seventy Five quotes by Hugh Prather
#73. This is a quiet, frightened, insignificant old man who has been nothing all his life, who has never had recognition, his name in the newspapers. Nobody knows him, nobody quotes him, nobody seeks his advice after seventy-five years. That's a very sad thing, to be nothing. A man like this needs to be recognized, to be listened to, to be quoted just once. This is very important. It would be so hard for him to recede into the background ... - Author: Reginald Rose
Seventy Five quotes by Reginald Rose
#74. Seventy-five percent of the time when I'm ordering my "almond milk matcha latte with no sugar added, lukewarm, please," I'll be recognized by an employee. And yes, my order is a pin in the ass, but I'm determined to enjoy the liquid indulgences of modern life. Might as well take advantage of it all before the zombie apocalypse. I have no practical skills; I'm fully aware that I'll be one of the first ones "turned." Instead of learning motorcycle repair or something else disaster-scenario useful, I'll order the drink I want until I become a shambling corpse.
Seventy Five quotes by Felicia Day
#75. In 1815, M. Charles-Francois-Bienvenu Myriel was Bishop of D - He was an old man of about seventy-five years of age; he had occupied the see of D - since 1806. - Author: Victor Hugo
Seventy Five quotes by Victor Hugo
#76. Then you're seventy-five, friends are dead, and you've replaced at least one major organ: you have to pee four times a night, and you can't go up a flight a stairs without being little winded
and your're told you're in pretty good shape for your age.
[ ... ], in a decade you'll be eighty-five, and the only difference between you and a raisin will be that while you're both wrinkled and without a prostate, the raisin never had a prostate to begin with. - Author: John Scalzi
Seventy Five quotes by John Scalzi
#77. Seventy-five years ago a young woman kept a diary in which she wrote some of her innermost thoughts, many of the daily happenings, and all of the weather. This story is the fictionalized version of the real diary. The thoughts more or less trite pedantic have been curtailed, the happenings (for obvious reasons) sometimes changed, but the weather remains practically intact. ...So step out of the yellowed diary, Linnie Colsworth,.... Recreate yourself from the fading ink of it's pages and help us understand something of the stanch heart that beat under those hard little stays, bidding you defy convention three-quarters of a century ago. - Author: Bess Streeter Aldrich
Seventy Five quotes by Bess Streeter Aldrich
#78. Hey, dickhead!" one of the other drivers yelled. "Get off the road!"
"This here is a Falcon Seven," the rider told him. "I can put a bolt through your windshield and pin you to your seat like a bug."
A direct threat, huh? Okay.

I pulled down my sunglasses a bit so the rider would see my eyes. "That's a nice crossbow."
He glanced in my direction. He saw a friendly blond girl with a big smile and a light Texas accent and didn't get alarmed.

"You've got what, a seventy-five-pound draw on it? Takes you about four seconds to reload?"
"Three," he said.

I gave him my Order smile: sweet grin, hard eyes, reached over to my passenger seat, and pulled out my submachine gun. About twenty-seven inches long, the HK was my favorite toy for close-quarters combat. The rider's eyes went wide.
"This is an HK UMP submachine gun. Renowned for its stopping power and reliability. Cyclic rate of fire: eight hundred rounds per minute. That means I can empty this thirty-round clip into you in less than three seconds. At this range, I'll cut you in half." It wasn't strictly true but it sounded good. "You see what it says on the barrel?"

On the barrel, pretty white letters spelled out PARTY STARTER.

"You open your mouth again, and I'll get the party started."
The rider clamped his jaws shut. - Author: Ilona Andrews
Seventy Five quotes by Ilona Andrews
#79. Sorry I'm late. I got caught jaywalking and had to give the policeman a hand job or pay a seventy-five dollar fine. - Author: Penny Reid
Seventy Five quotes by Penny Reid
#80. Phileas Fogg, having shut the door of his house at half-past eleven, and having put his right foot before his left five hundred and seventy-five times, and his left foot before his right five hundred and seventy-six times, reached the Reform Club - Author: Jules Verne
Seventy Five quotes by Jules Verne
#81. Don't live the same year seventy-five times and call it a life. - Author: Robin S
Seventy Five quotes by Robin S
#82. Thus did the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five conduct their Greatnesses, and myriads of small creatures - the creatures of this chronicle among the rest - along the roads that lay before them. - Author: Charles Dickens
Seventy Five quotes by Charles Dickens
#83. No, don't learn at karate schools. They overcharge you for karate uniforms. They make you pay, like, fifty or seventy-five bucks just for a karate uniform, and you don't wear a uniform in everyday life, so why train in one? Most fights take place outdoors, not inside with perfect lighting and mats. - Author: Judah Friedlander
Seventy Five quotes by Judah Friedlander
#84. Wow," she whispered. "Gorgeous."
"Yeah," he said, looking at her.
She laughed. "That's cheesy."
He grinned. "You liked it."
"No, I didn't."
He peered at her over his dark sunglasses, letting his gaze slip past her face.
She followed his line of sight and realized that her nipples were pressing eagerly against the thin white cotton of her shirt. "That's because I'm cold," she said and crossed her arms over her chest.
He laughed. "It's seventy five degrees."
"Downright chilly," she said, nose in the air.
Grinning, he reeled her in, and with Thor (the dog) protesting between them, he kissed the living daylights out of her. - Author: Jill Shalvis
Seventy Five quotes by Jill Shalvis
#85. I do not write for children, but for the childlike, whether of five, or fifty, or seventy-five. - Author: George MacDonald
Seventy Five quotes by George MacDonald
#86. The agreement,' the colonel announced, 'says thirty-seven officers, fifty vehicles, and one hundred seventy five men.'
'What agreement?'
'The Berlin Agreement, - Author: Andrei Cherny
Seventy Five quotes by Andrei Cherny
#87. For most of human history, we appear to have lived in tribes of seventy-five to 150 people. Those who could not handle the complexity of the relationships would go off on their own. Lions need to eat, after all. Today - Author: Randy J. Paterson
Seventy Five quotes by Randy J. Paterson
#88. No, lad, I don't believe you misunderstood me. The date is September 3rd, in the year of our Lord, one thousand, nine hundred, and seventy-five…1975."

Angus swallowed harshly and couldn't stop the slight sway of his body; a loud buzzing rang through his ears. Sweat drenched the back of his shirt. He leaned his hand and body against the wooden doorframe, certain he might indeed faint. "Ye jest with me. What ye suggest is no' possible. - Author: Aleigha Siron
Seventy Five quotes by Aleigha Siron
#89. Before the game, he [Vin Scully] waxed poetic about Wrigley Field:
She stands alone at the corner of Clark and Addison, this dowager queen, dressed in basic black and pearls, seventy-five years old, proud head held high and not a hair out of place, awaiting yet another date with destiny, another time for Mr. Right. She dreams as old ladies will of men gone long ago. Joe Tinker. Johnny Evers. Frank Chance. And of those of recent vintage like her man Ernie. And the Lion [Leo Durocher]. And Sweet Billy Williams. And she thinks wistfully of what might have been, and the pain is still fresh and new, and her eyes fill, her lips tremble, and she shakes her head ever so slightly. And then she sighs, pulls her shawl tightly around her frail shoulders, and thinks, This time, this time it will be better. - Author: George F. Will
Seventy Five quotes by George F. Will
#90. I was commissioned to write copy for an annual publication produced by Top Tourist Parks of Australia. After a print run of seventy-five thousand and distribution throughout Australia and New Zealand, it was discovered that I had left the letter v out of the word 'dive' and the introduction for a family beach resort activity read, Die with your children. A new world awaits. - Author: David Thorne
Seventy Five quotes by David Thorne
#91. No artist knows in his own lifetime whether what he does will be the slightest good, because it takes at least seventy-five to a hundred years before the thing begins to sort itself out. - Author: Francis Bacon
Seventy Five quotes by Francis Bacon
#92. Seventy-five percent of our energy around the earth is being poured into war efforts. Are we servants of death and destruction? This 75 percent of energy could be poured into life, into the service of life-and there will be laughter, and there will be greater health, and there will be more wealth, more food. There will be no poverty. There is no need for poverty to exist at all. - Author: Rajneesh
Seventy Five quotes by Rajneesh
#93. Leon had attached himself to me in Chicago like a fat, brat-and-beer-filled tick; I was amazed that someone whose blood was clearly half pork grease had made it to age seventy-five. - Author: John Scalzi
Seventy Five quotes by John Scalzi
#94. In 2005, MTV Networks considered buying Facebook for seventy-five million dollars. Yahoo! and Microsoft soon offered much more. Zuckerberg turned them all down. - Author: Jose Antonio Vargas
Seventy Five quotes by Jose Antonio Vargas
#95. My wife and I were invited to have lunch with one of the wealthiest men in the world. He was seventy-five years old. Tears came down his cheeks. "I am the most miserable man in the world," he said. I have everything anyone could ever want. If I want to go anywhere, I have my own yacht or private plane. But down inside I'm miserable and empty." Shortly after, I met another man who preached in a small church nearby. He was vivacious and full of life, and he told us, "I don't have a penny to my name, but I'm the happiest man in the world! - Author: Billy Graham
Seventy Five quotes by Billy Graham
#96. After half an hour of forced family fun, in which I score fifty points and take out at least seventy-five percent of my anger trying to blast Frankie with the ball, our game is cut short. Princess gets stung on the top of her foot by a teeny-tiny newborn baby of a jelly-fish and carries on like some shark just swam away with her torso. For one brief moment I wonder if it's the ghost of my journal, reincarnated after its watery death to claim vengeance by stabbing her with its thin metal spiral. The thought makes me smile on the inside, just a little bit. - Author: Sarah Ockler
Seventy Five quotes by Sarah Ockler
#97. My annual goal is to read seventy-five books, which may sound like a lot. - Author: Tony Reinke
Seventy Five quotes by Tony Reinke
#98. I love it and it is a blessing to be able to have seventy-five to eighty episodes to develop a character and find your voice. You have a similar through voice, and yet you are making different decisions, and so you act differently and you make different choices, as that is what your character would do. - Author: David Zayas
Seventy Five quotes by David Zayas
#99. In hindsight he was glad it wasn't the good taco spot because it would have been ruined forever. Anyplace that charged seventy-five cents for condiments could burn in hell. On principle. - Author: Mary H.K. Choi
Seventy Five quotes by Mary H.K. Choi
#100. Love is not something we must try hard to do, love comes naturally, it is trusting that love is enough - That is the hard thing to do. It sounds simple, but even when the simple answer is right in front of us, since the feeling is complicated, we often pass up the right answer to look for a complicated answer to match it.
In the 1300s somewhere between seventy-five and two-hundred million people died from the black plague, which was a bacteria carried by fleas. Fleas are not a new problem, and the cure has been widely known long before the 1300s. It was simply to shave your hair off, wear clothes made from something coarse like goat hair, and to cover your skin in ash. The fleas lay eggs that stick to our hair, and with the hair gone, there is nowhere for the eggs to stick. The ash has the chemical hydroxide, which is enough to make the skin unlivable for the fleas.
Everyone knew that anyone with a shaved head and ash on their skin meant that they knew they had fleas. To avoid the shame, many people would rather put up with the fleas, as long as other people didn't think they had them. Maybe the quote before Mark Twain coined his was, "It's better to keep your hair and appear free from fleas than shave your head and remove all doubt."
Besides itching and inflammation, fleas were fine… sort of… that is, until those fleas got infected with the plague, and spread that deadly infection. Instead of shaving their heads, people tried any other thing, and about half o - Author: Michael Brent Jones
Seventy Five quotes by Michael Brent Jones
#101. Jim Thunder, at seventy-five the youngest of the speakers, is a round brown man of serious demeanor who spoke only in Potawatomi. He began solemnly, but as he warmed to his subject his voice lifted like a breeze in the birch trees and his hands began to tell the story. He became more and more animated, rising to his feet, holding us rapt and silent although almost no one understood a single word. He paused as if reaching the climax of his story and looked out at the audience with a twinkle of expectation. One of the grandmothers behind him covered her mouth in a giggle and his stern face suddenly broke into a smile as big and sweet as a cracked watermelon. He bent over laughing and the grandmas dabbed away tears of laughter, holding their sides, while the rest of us looked on in wonderment. When the laughter subsided, he spoke at last in English: "What will happen to a joke if no one will hear it any more? How lonely those words will be, when their is power gone. Where will they go? Off to join the stories that can never be told again. - Author: Robin Wall Kimmerer
Seventy Five quotes by Robin Wall Kimmerer
#102. Saskia's bedroom is messy and cramped, but in an eccentric, smart way. Books are stacked all over the floor, but her bookshelf is empty, suggesting that she is the kind of person who reads seventy-five books at once. - Author: Greg Baxter
Seventy Five quotes by Greg Baxter
#103. So there are no ill effects?" I asked.
"Well, as I said, you could die."
I looked him in the eye, my one good eye flicking back and forth between the two of his.
"So, if you had to give me odds for living another forty years, say until I was seventy, what would the odds be?"
"I'm not very good at that sort of thing."
"Ten to one? One hundred to one?"
"I've never really understood what that means," he said.
"Just give me the odds."
"Of you living till you're seventy?" he said. "I'd say it's thirty-five, seventy-five."
I shook my head. Dr. Owen and his nineteenth-century frame, blunt disregard for my need to be reassured and fucked-up math was too much. This man was making my world small. I imagined he was a moon who had just eclipsed me.
- "Bicycle Kick - Author: Jonathan Messinger
Seventy Five quotes by Jonathan Messinger
#104. the moment he'd seen that female he'd forgotten his own name, most of his English vocabulary, and seventy-five percent of his sense of balance.
Instant. Cosmic. Attraction.

-Trez's thoughts about Selena - Author: J.R. Ward
Seventy Five quotes by J.R. Ward
#105. At first I thought I would never recover from Cicero's death. But time wipes out everything, even grief. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that grief is almost entirely a question of perspective. For the first few years I used to sigh and think, 'Well, he would still be in his sixties now,' and then a decade later, with surprise, 'My goodness, he would be seventy-five,' but nowadays I think, 'Well, he would be long since dead in any case, so what does it matter how he died in comparison with how he lived? - Author: Robert Harris
Seventy Five quotes by Robert Harris
#106. One of the biggest health problems facing America's poor is obesity. You know you live in a good place when overeating is a problem.
Most of the 6 billion people in the world live short, brutal, miserable lives; 1 billion people try to survive on just a dollar a day. They would love to have the lifestyle of America's poor. Ninety-seven percent of American families our government classifies as 'poor' have color televisions and half own two. Seventy-five percent of poor people have cars and nearly half own their own homes. - Author: John Stossel
Seventy Five quotes by John Stossel
#107. Do-oh died on March 14, 2007, just as the buds of her beloved drooping cherry trees behind her house were ready to burst. Having surpassed by two years her goal to live until seventy-five, she had, by her own measure, defeated the atomic bomb. "What I mean is - I mean, they dropped the bombs thinking everyone will die, right? But not everyone was killed. I think it takes great emotional strength and force of will to triumph over nuclear weapons. - Author: Susan Southard
Seventy Five quotes by Susan Southard
#108. Seventy-five per cent of being successful as an actor is pure luck. The rest is just endurance. - Author: Gene Hackman
Seventy Five quotes by Gene Hackman
#109. I'm seventy-five now. I also have the peculiar luck of having a sister and brother who are fourteen and sixteen years older than me. Their health is not good. It couldn't be at that age. But their spirits are. Both my brother and my sister are an example to me. - Author: Grace Paley
Seventy Five quotes by Grace Paley
#110. ever. It was the year of Our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five. Spiritual revelations were conceded to England at that favoured period, as at this. Mrs. Southcott had recently attained her five-and-twentieth blessed - Author: Charles Dickens
Seventy Five quotes by Charles Dickens
#111. I write, not for children,but for the child-like, whether they be of five, or fifty, or seventy-five. - Author: George MacDonald
Seventy Five quotes by George MacDonald
#112. You ever notice that like seventy-five percent of the dudes in America look like the bad guy in The Karate Kid?" I say. "Don't - Author: Matthew Norman
Seventy Five quotes by Matthew Norman
#113. Many people die at twenty five and aren't buried until they are seventy five. - Author: Benjamin Franklin
Seventy Five quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#114. Yesterday, here in the middle of the City, I saw a wolf turn into a Russian ex-gymnast and hand over a business card that read YOUR OWN PERSONAL TRANSHUMAN SECURITY WHORE! STERILIZED INNARDS! ACCEPTS ALL CREDIT CARDS to a large man who had trained attack cancers on his face and possessed seventy-five indentured Komodo Dragons instead of legs. And they had sex. Right in front of me. And six of the Komodo Dragons spat napalm on my new shoes. - Author: Warren Ellis
Seventy Five quotes by Warren Ellis
#115. I'm like the weather, never really can predict when this rain cloud's gonna burst; when it's the high or it's the low, when you might need a light jacket.
Sometimes I'm the slush that sticks to the bottom of your work pants, but I can easily be the melting snowflakes clinging to your long lashes.
I know that some people like:
sunny and seventy-five,
sunny and seventy-five,
sunny and seventy-five,
but you take me as I am and never
forget to pack an umbrella. - Author: Naomi Shihab Nye
Seventy Five quotes by Naomi Shihab Nye
#116. In a perfect Friendship this Appreciative love is, I think, often so great and so firmly based that each member of the circle feels, in his secret heart, humbled before the rest. Sometimes he wonders what he is doing there among his betters. He is lucky beyond desert to be in such company. Especially when the whole group is together; each bringing out all that is best, wisest, or funniest in all the others. Those are the golden sessions; when four or five of us after a hard day's walk have come to our inn; when our slippers are on, our feet spread out toward the blaze and our drinks are at our elbows; when the whole world, and something beyond the world, opens itself to our minds as we talk; and no one has any claim on or any responsibility for another, but all are freemen and equals as if we had first met an hour ago, while at the same time an Affection mellowed by the years enfolds us. Life - natural life - has no better gift to give. Who could have deserved it? - Author: C.S. Lewis
Seventy Five quotes by C.S. Lewis
#117. That's amazing. You're five years younger than me and you're the one giving me the much-needed advice. Thank you."
"Yeah, well in all honesty, I just pulled most that stuff out of my ass. But still, you're welcome. - Author: Rebecca Espinoza
Seventy Five quotes by Rebecca  Espinoza
#118. She ran her gaze over his chest with frank appreciation. Then he shivered, realizing he hadn't really considered the weather. It was forty-five degrees max, but Chloe was giving him a go-on gesture with her hand. "All I have left is my pants," he said. "Yes, please." "It's cold, Chloe." She tilted her head. "Are you worried about shrinkage?" Well, he was now. -Chloe and Sawyer - Author: Jill Shalvis
Seventy Five quotes by Jill Shalvis
#119. Do you know how many houses all of the nonprofits have built? No more than 5,000 in five years. Do you know how many we lost? Two hundred thousand. - Author: Mary Landrieu
Seventy Five quotes by Mary Landrieu
#120. Why hasn't Annika sent a retrieval party?"
"Now, don't feel slighted - I'm sure she will soon - but right now she's focused on finding Myst. She figured if Ivo is looking for a Valkyrie, it'd have to be Myst. Remember, she was in his dungeon only five years ago? And had that incident with the rebel general?"
Like Emma would ever forget. Myst herself had confided to Emma that she might as well have been caught freebasing with the ghost of Bundy.
"See," Nix said, "other Valkyrie like the forbidden fruit as much as you do. - Author: Kresley Cole
Seventy Five quotes by Kresley Cole
#121. I'm not extravagant. I share my house in London with five roommates. I take the Tube. I intend to stay the exact same person I always was. - Author: Margot Robbie
Seventy Five quotes by Margot Robbie
#122. I wasn't afraid of being alone, but I was afraid of what people would think about my solitary state. People, even well-intentioned people, were always trying to take away our quiet little successes and joys and replace them with big, overarching fears. At this school, the worst thing was trying to rise above the limits set for you by the minds of others. Each girl was an island of her own dreams and insecurities, thoughts that made us different in a deeper way than the differences of musical taste, clothes or even culture. Thoughts about the best way to be stoic, how to live with very little control in life, how to make the most of a miserable time doing something that you were supposed to love. And if people thought that fifteen-year-old girls never thought about these sorts of things, it was only because we didn't have the words to express them.
We talked all the time, but we hadn't yet learned the words to link thoughts and ideas with any depth of feeling, because we didn't really talk to adults. We talked only to each other. And within this little world, we imprisoned one another. You could be anyone you wanted, Linh– until you were judged and held captive by everyone else's thoughts. Nothing has a stronger hold over a girl than the fear of the thoughts of her peers– thoughts that change five times in a day. No wonder things are so complicated with teenagers. - Author: Alice Pung
Seventy Five quotes by Alice Pung
#123. We stole countries with the cunning use of flags. Just sail around the world and stick a flag in. "I claim India for Britain!" They're going "You can't claim us, we live here! Five hundred million of us!" "Do you have a flag ... ? "No ... " "Well, if you don't have a flag, then you can't have a country. Those are the rules ... that I just made up! - Author: Eddie Izzard
Seventy Five quotes by Eddie Izzard
#124. Every time you start a company - and I've started five or six - you have the opportunity to screw up in whole new ways. - Author: Evan Williams
Seventy Five quotes by Evan Williams
#125. And certain things around us will change, become easier or harder, one thing or the other, but nothing will ever really be any different. I believe that. We have made our decisions, our lives have been set in motion, and they will go on and on until they stop. But if that is true, then what? I mean, what if you believe that, but you keep it covered up, until one day something happens that should change something, but then you see nothing is going to change after all. What then? Meanwhile, the people around you continue to talk and act as if you were the same person as yesterday, or last night, or five minutes before, but you are really undergoing a crisis, your heart feels damaged ... - Author: Raymond Carver
Seventy Five quotes by Raymond Carver
#126. In the Mountains, they cooked, too.
Joe Godwin made liquor in Muscadine. Moe Shealey made it in Mineral Springs. Junior McMahan had a still in ragland. Fred and Alton Dryden made liquor in Tallapoosa, and Eulis Parker made it on Terrapin Creek. Wayne Glass knew their faces because he drove it, and made more money hauling liquor than he ever made at the cotton mill. He loaded the gallon cans into his car in the deep woods and dodged sheriffs and federal men to get it to men like Robert Kilgore, the bootlegger who sold whiskey from a house in Weaver, about ten minutes south of Jacksonville. "I could haul a hundred and fifty gallons in a Flathead Ford, at thirty-five dollars a load," he said. Wayne lost the end of one finger in the mill, but he was bulletproof when he was running liquor, and only did time once, for conspiracy. "They couldn't catch me haulin' liquor," he said, "so they got me for thinkin' about it. - Author: Rick Bragg
Seventy Five quotes by Rick Bragg
#127. Once they were the same age. Now Leah is aging in dog years. Her thirty-five is seven times his, and seven times more important, so important he has to keep reminding her of the numbers, in case she forgets. - Author: Zadie Smith
Seventy Five quotes by Zadie Smith
#128. Kmart's as much a part of my history as 'Charlie's Angels.' Twenty-five years! It's not just a celebrity brand. - Author: Jaclyn Smith
Seventy Five quotes by Jaclyn Smith
#129. Christianity came in here as before. It came in startlingly with a sword, and clove one thing from another. It divided the crime from the criminal. The criminal we must forgive unto seventy times seven. The crime we must not forgive at all. It - Author: G.K. Chesterton
Seventy Five quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#130. For example, in 2012 researchers at Kaspersky Lab in Moscow uncovered a highly complex piece of malware known as Flame that had been pilfering data from information systems around the world for more than five years before it was detected. Mikko Hypponen, the well-respected chief research officer at the computer security firm F-Secure, called Flame a failure for the antivirus industry and noted he and his colleagues may be "out of their leagues in their own game." Though millions around the world rely on these tools, it's pretty clear the antivirus era is over. - Author: Marc Goodman
Seventy Five quotes by Marc Goodman
#131. I love a lots of things about being a writer! The thrill of seeing characters come to life, and the satisfaction as a story starts to fall into place. Independence not being answerable to anyone but myself or tied to a nine-to-five routine is very important to me, too. And of course, it's great being a writer when it comes to parties! In my experience, most people are fascinated by the process of writing and the whole idea of romantic fiction, even if they have never read any. - Author: Jessica Hart
Seventy Five quotes by Jessica Hart
#132. The earliest memories I have from my childhood are of my mum getting ready to go on stage. I must have been about five and I would watch her vomiting backstage on opening night, and then the next minute she became Isabella, the Queen of Spain. At the time I remember thinking, 'What kind of schizophrenic job is this?' Now it all makes sense. - Author: Javier Bardem
Seventy Five quotes by Javier Bardem
#133. I judge preschool teachers and actresses shamelessly. The first five minutes I meet them. - Author: Diane Farr
Seventy Five quotes by Diane Farr
#134. I am completely against ecumenism as it is envisaged today--with its ineffective "dialogues" and gratuitous and sentimental gestures amounting to nothing. Certainly an understanding between religions is possible and even necessary, though not on the dogmatic plane, but solely on the basis of common ideas and common interests. The common ideas are a transcendent, perfect, all-powerful, merciful Absolute, then a hereafter that is either good or bad depending on our merits or demerits; all the religions, including Buddhism--Buddhist "atheism" is simply a misunderstanding--are in agreement on these points. The common interests are a defense against materialism, atheism, perversion, subversion, and modernism in all its guises. I believe Pius XII once said that the wars between Christians and Muslims were but domestic quarrels compared to the present opposition between the world of the religions and that of militant materialism-atheism; he also said it was a consolation to know that there are millions of men who prostrate themselves five times a day before God. - Author: Frithjof Schuon
Seventy Five quotes by Frithjof Schuon
#135. It will take your breastfed baby an average of five to six months to double her birth weight. - Author: Ina May Gaskin
Seventy Five quotes by Ina May Gaskin
#136. She nods. "We have five knives, two guns, and a big hole."
I look up into her innocent blue eyes and try not to smile. "Erm, okay."
"If you do anything bad, I will shoot you and put you in the hole."
Aah. Now I see why she was rattling off the inventory. - Author: Beckie Stevenson
Seventy Five quotes by Beckie Stevenson
#137. I have been accused of being ignorant of economics (although I am the founder and Chairman of the Board of a company which publishes seven professional economic newsletters), of being ignorant of sociology (although I am trained in sociology and was C. Wright Mills' research assistant at Columbia), of being unable to use statistics (although I earned my living as a professional statistician for five years) and of ignoring political factors (although all my graduate training was in political science). - Author: Lloyd DeMause
Seventy Five quotes by Lloyd DeMause
#138. I realised something else tonight. Something about pancakes.'

'What about them?'

'We both got so obsessed about that first pancake being thrown away that we forgot something really important,' Max explained. 'That first pancake tastes just as good as all the other ones. It's not its fault that it was first in line and the pan wasn't hot enough so it got a bit lumpy and misshapen.'

'And when you're really famished that first pancake tastes better than all the ones that come after it,' Neve said, and then she couldn't wait any longer. Her arms were around Max before she'd even finished forming the thought, but his arms were around her too in that exact same moment.

Just having him there to hold, warm and solid and real, was enough for five seconds, and then she was peppering his face with kisses – his forehead, his eyebrows, the tip of his crooked nose, along his cheekbones until she reached the glittering prize of his mouth.

Sometimes Neve thought that her appetite was the most robust thing about her, and she didn't kiss Max so much as she devoured him. Graceless, messy kisses without any thought or reason, but simply because she hungered for him. Kissed him with everything she had and everything she was, and she didn't know why she could kiss Max and have him kiss her back with the same fierceness but still be greedy for the next kiss and the one after that and the one after that and the one… - Author: Sarra Manning
Seventy Five quotes by Sarra Manning
#139. If you go around the kitchen and ask my employees what they want to be doing in three to five years, most of them, if they're being honest, will tell you that they don't want to be working for me. They want to have their own place. And I think that's great. - Author: Charlie Trotter
Seventy Five quotes by Charlie Trotter
#140. All really good picture books are written to be read five hundred times - Author: Rosemary Wells
Seventy Five quotes by Rosemary Wells
#141. The way Moore's Law occurs in computing is really unprecedented in other walks of life. If the Boeing 747 obeyed Moore's Law, it would travel a million miles an hour, it would be shrunken down in size, and a trip to New York would cost about five dollars. Those enormous changes just aren't part of our everyday experience. - Author: Nathan Myhrvold
Seventy Five quotes by Nathan Myhrvold
#142. It's amazing what the sound of a voice you've been longing to hear can do to your heart. He spoke five words just now, but in the time it took him to speak those five words, my heart was shredded and minced, then placed back inside my chest with the expectation that it should somehow know how to beat again. - Author: Colleen Hoover
Seventy Five quotes by Colleen Hoover
#143. At seventy-three I learned a little about the real structure of animals, plants, birds, fishes and insects. Consequently when I am eighty I'll have made more progress. At ninety I'll have penetrated the mystery of things. At a hundred I shall have reached something marvellous, but when I am a hundred and ten everything I do, the smallest dot, will be alive. - Author: Hokusai
Seventy Five quotes by Hokusai

prayer of Five Element which i(universe) Exist. - Author: Sushil Singh
Seventy Five quotes by Sushil Singh
#145. Look under the passenger seat in a black plastic bin. There should be a book."
Raphael hopped out, dug under the seat, and pulled out a dog-eared copy of The Almanac of Mystical Creatures.
"Got it," I said into the phone.
"Page seventy-six."
Raphael flipped the book open and held it up. On the left page a lithograph showed a three-headed dog with a serpent for a tail. The caption under the picture said CERBERUS.
"Is that your dog?" Kate asked.
"Could be. How the heck did you know the exact page?"
"I have perfect memory!"
I snorted.
She sighed into the phone.
"I spilled coffee on that page and had to leave the book open to dry it out. It always opens to that entry now. - Author: Ilona Andrews
Seventy Five quotes by Ilona Andrews
#146. Lightning struck five feet away.
Becca screamed.
Then lightning hit the other end of the bridge, almost directly
hitting the Guide.
Chris froze.
Another bolt, five feet off. The man darted back, away from
the bridge, fighting to keep his footing in the wind.
Another bolt. And another. Lightning rained from the sky,
targeting their enemy.
The Guide ran.
"Yeah," growled a voice from behind them. "Watch that fucker run now. - Author: Brigid Kemmerer
Seventy Five quotes by Brigid Kemmerer
#147. I wish we could spend July by the sea, browning ourselves and feeling water-weighted hair flow behind us from a dive. I wish our gravest concerns were the summer gnats. I wish we were hungry for hot dogs and dopes, and it would be nice to smell the starch of summer linens and the faint odor of talc in blistering summer bath houses ... We could lie in long citoneuse beams of the five o'clock sun on the plage at Juan-les-Pins and hear the sound of the drum and piano being scooped out to sea by the waves. - Author: Zelda Fitzgerald
Seventy Five quotes by Zelda Fitzgerald
#148. one day the goldfish died, all five of them,
they floated on the water, on their sides, their
eyes still open,
and when my father got home he threw them to the cat
there on the kitchen floor and we watched as my mother
smiled - Author: Charles Bukowski
Seventy Five quotes by Charles Bukowski
#149. Neural implants could accomplish things no external interface could: Virtual and augmented reality with all five senses; augmentation of human memory, attention, and learning speed; even multi-sense telepathy - sharing what we see, hear, touch, and even perhaps what we think and feel with others. - Author: Ramez Naam
Seventy Five quotes by Ramez Naam
#150. Surely it is moderate to say that the dish-washing for a family of five takes half an hour a day; with ten hours as a day's work, it takes, therefore, half a million able bodied persons
mostly women
to do the dish-washing of the country. And note that this is most filthy and deadening and brutalizing work: that it is a cause of anemia, nervousness, ugliness, and ill-temper: of prostitution, suicide, and insanity; of drunken husbands and degenerate children
for all of which things the community has naturally to pay. - Author: Upton Sinclair
Seventy Five quotes by Upton Sinclair
#151. Anya Hindmarch is indeed a handbag designer; she has the requisite fabulous life, tasteful home, and loving husband. She is also beautiful and self-deprecating, and has five children aged 5 to 20 and a philanthropic bent which spans causes from cancer care to Britain's Conservative Party. - Author: Kate Reardon
Seventy Five quotes by Kate Reardon
#152. I maintain by going to spin four or five days a week. I love that I can get a solid butt-kicking in 40 minutes. I also strength train two or three times a week. - Author: Alison Sweeney
Seventy Five quotes by Alison Sweeney
#153. Don't matter if you're rich and strong
Don't matter if you're weak
Don't matter if you write a song
The nightingales repeat
Don't matter if it's nine to five
Or timeless and unique
You ditch your life to stay alive
A thousand kisses deep - Author: Leonard Cohen
Seventy Five quotes by Leonard Cohen
#154. 'Oh, gods,' said Holden, halfway into his tunic. 'I can't believe it's taken me five years to realize your one tragic flaw. You're a morning person. Stop being so chipper right now. At least until I've had my coffee.' - Author: Maculategiraffe
Seventy Five quotes by Maculategiraffe
#155. everything you do needs to work on a three-year time horizon, then you are competing against a lot of people. But if you are willing to invest on a seven-year time horizon, you are now competing against a fraction of those people, because very few companies are willing to do that. Just by lengthening the time horizon, you can engage in endeavors that you could never otherwise pursue. At Amazon we like things to work in five - Author: Gerardo Giannoni
Seventy Five quotes by Gerardo Giannoni
#156. If it's a cocktail party, I generally make five or six different things, and I try to choose recipes that feel like a meal: a chicken thing, a fish or shrimp thing, maybe two vegetable things, and I think it's fun to end the cocktail party with a sweet thing. - Author: Ina Garten
Seventy Five quotes by Ina Garten
#157. HAM radio is very inexpensive, it is nearly unlimited and free to use. The only limitation is that you can only talk for five minutes to any given person because the station gets out of range within that time. - Author: Charles Simonyi
Seventy Five quotes by Charles Simonyi
#158. Heat is lost at the surface, so the more surface area you have relative to volume, the harder you must work to stay warm. That means that little creatures have to produce heat more rapidly than large creatures. They must therefore lead completely different lifestyles. An elephant's heart beats just thirty times a minute, a human's sixty, a cow's between fifty and eighty, but a mouse's beats six hundred times a minute - ten times a second. Every day, just to survive, the mouse must eat about 50 percent of its own body weight. We humans, by contrast, need to consume only about 2 percent of our body weight to supply our energy requirements. One area where animals are curiously - almost eerily - uniform is with the number of heartbeats they have in a lifetime. Despite the vast differences in heart rates, nearly all animals have about 800 million heartbeats in them if they live an average life. The exception is humans. We pass 800 million heartbeats after twenty-five years, and just keep on going for another fifty years and 1.6 billion heartbeats or so. It is tempting to attribute this exceptional vigor to some innate superiority on our part, but in fact it is only over the last ten or twelve generations that we have deviated from the standard mammalian pattern thanks to improvements in our life expectancy. For most of our history, 800 million beats per lifetime was about the human average, too. - Author: Bill Bryson
Seventy Five quotes by Bill Bryson
#159. 6. ANDRES INIESTA - SPAIN (No matter what they say six is better than seven) 5. DAVID BECKHAM - ENGLAND (High five!) 4. KAKA - BRAZIL (I'm number four on the list but number one in your heart) 3. DIEGO MARADONA - ARGENTINA (I'm the trifecta!) 2. LIONEL MESSI - ARGENTINA (Watch out I'm right behind you.) 1. PELE - BRAZIL (Knock knock, who's there? Best, Best who, Best Ever) - Author: Alex Trost
Seventy Five quotes by Alex Trost
#160. On this new level you live, you have been living more comfortably every day, with new morals, new principles. You have accepted things you would not have accepted five years ago, a year ago, things that your father, even in Germany, could not have imagined. - Author: Milton Sanford Mayer
Seventy Five quotes by Milton Sanford Mayer
#161. All of our colleges are free in Sweden, but this acting program is the second most expensive education for the government. It's difficult to get in. There are around 1,500 applicants, and 10-12 applicants are accepted each year. I was accepted, and I studied there for five years. - Author: Joel Kinnaman
Seventy Five quotes by Joel Kinnaman
#162. In 1980, during my sophomore year at MIT, I realized that the school didn't have a student space organization. I made posters for a group I called Students for the Exploration and Development of Space and put them up all over campus. Thirty-five people showed up. It was the first thing I ever organized, and it took off! - Author: Peter Diamandis
Seventy Five quotes by Peter Diamandis
#163. Just making the cement now, only takes five minutes."
"I did it in four once," Pauly whispered boastfully to Johnny, "but if I'm honest, I was never completely happy that it set properly."
"Who was it for?"
"Big Joe the Hammer."
"Oh, yeah," Johnny nodded. "Didn't I hear he was spotted in Vegas a few weeks back?"
Pauly nodded morosely.
"Yeah, like I said, I didn't think it had set properly. - Author: Clare Havens
Seventy Five quotes by Clare Havens

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