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Imagine what our real neighbors would be like if each of us offered, as a matter of course, just one kind word to another person. There have been so many stories about the lack of courtesy, the impatience of today's world, road rage and even restaurant rage. Sometimes, all it takes is one kind word to nourish another person. Think of the ripple effect that can be created when we nourish someone. One kind empathetic word has a wonderful way of turning into many. ~ Fred Rogers
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Fred Rogers
We opened Panda Inn on June 8, 1973. The whole family - my parents, a brother and sister - all worked at the restaurant for free. We lived in a two-bedroom apartment in San Gabriel and didn't have any money. ~ Andrew Cherng
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Andrew Cherng
Imagine you're sitting having dinner in a restaurant. At some point during the meal, your companion leans over and whispers that they've spotted Lady Gaga eating at the table opposite. Before having a look for yourself, you'll no doubt have some sense of how much you believe your friends theory. You'll take into account all of your prior knowledge: perhaps the quality of the establishment, the distance you are from Gaga's home in Malibu, your friend's eyesight. That sort of thing. If pushed, it's a belief that you could put a number on. A probability of sorts. As you turn to look at the woman, you'll automatically use each piece of evidence in front of you to update your belief in your friend's hypothesis Perhaps the platinum-blonde hair is consistent with what you would expect from Gaga, so your belief goes up. But the fact that she's sitting on her own with no bodyguards isn't, so your belief goes down. The point is, each new observations adds to your overall assessment. This is all Bayes' theorem does: offers a systematic way to update your belief in a hypothesis on the basis of the evidence. It accepts that you can't ever be completely certain about the theory you are considering, but allows you to make a best guess from the information available. So, once you realize the woman at the table opposite is wearing a dress made of meat -- a fashion choice that you're unlikely to chance up on in the non-Gaga population -- that might be enough to tip your belief over the thresho ~ Hannah Fry
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Hannah Fry
Friends always ask me what the best Indian restaurant in L.A. is. I'm like, 'I don't know, dude. I have an app on my iPhone for that.' ~ Noureen DeWulf
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Noureen DeWulf
We closed the restaurant in New Orleans and brought the entire staff to San Francisco. But we had to go home. ~ Paul Prudhomme
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Paul Prudhomme
I kind of think of engineering like the chefs at a restaurant. Nobody's going to deny chefs are integrally important, but there's also so many other people who contribute to a great meal. ~ Ben Silbermann
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Ben Silbermann
Being a teacher at a restaurant in the town where you lived was a little like being a TV star ... ~ Meg Wolitzer
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Meg Wolitzer
My father was a guy who, because of the businesses he was in - the hotel business, the hospitality business - he didn't differentiate between the waiter serving you dinner, from the maitre d from the guy who owns a restaurant. Everybody was the same to him. He didn't look at who you were. He didn't look at your wallet. ~ Steve Tisch
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Steve Tisch
Marg Helgenberger and I were waitresses in the same restaurant in Evanston, Illinois. I'm happy to say that that restaurant has since been torn down.We both had an audition for ABC soaps - different soaps, but we auditioned at the same time, and she got the part and went off to New York. Three years later, I went to L.A. So she was kind of an inspiration to me. And it makes sense that we will both be in Wonder Woman together, because we ARE Wonder Women. ~ Virginia Madsen
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Virginia Madsen
I do not understand why, when I ask for grilled lobster in a restaurant, I'm never served a cooked telephone. ~ Salvador Dali
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Salvador Dali
I'm the type of person who doesn't want to sit alone in a restaurant or bar. ~ Malin Akerman
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Malin Akerman
Super polished signage is not always a good sign. I'm always looking for places that you have to know about to find. Also, just food-wise, if I'm eating ethnic cuisine - I hate that phrase, but still - If I'm eating Mexican food, I'm looking to see that there are Mexicans in the restaurant. They know if the food is being made right. ~ Adam Richman
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Adam Richman
Procrastination is like going to a fancy restaurant and filling up on bread and not leaving enough room for dinner. ~ Richie Norton
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Richie Norton
Do they always flirt with biblical quotes?" Asil asked Tad.
In long-suffering tones, Tad said, "They can flirt with the periodic table or a restaurant menu. We've learned to live with it. Get a room you guys. ~ Patricia Briggs
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Patricia Briggs
Gastronomical perfection can be reached in these combinations: one person dining alone, usually upon a couch or a hill side; two people, of no matter what sex or age, dining in a good restaurant; six people ... dining in a good home. ~ M.F.K. Fisher
Segovias Restaurant quotes by M.F.K. Fisher
There is actually this one dream I keep having where I'm sitting at a table in a fancy restaurant. Across from me at the table are Jack Black and Jack White. Jack Black is dressed in head-to-toe white, top hat and all, and Jack White is dressed the same, but in head-to-toe black. I sit there motionless, staring at the Jacks, totally confused. They don't move, they just stare right back at me. It's f**king weird ~ Renee Carlino
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Renee Carlino
We arrive at demonstrations excited, as if our favorite musician is playing on the speakers' stage. We convince ourselves we are doing something to solve the racial problem when we are really doing something to satisfy our feelings. We go home fulfilled, like we dined at our favorite restaurant. And this fulfillment is fleeting, like a drug high. The problems of inequity and injustice persist. They persistently make us feel bad and guilty. We persistently do something to make ourselves feel better as we convince ourselves we are making society better, as we never make society better. ~ Ibram X. Kendi
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Ibram X. Kendi
When you go to a restaurant, the less you know about what happens in the kitchen, the more you enjoy your meal. ~ Jeffrey Wright
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Jeffrey Wright
The only kind of restaurant I could imagine doing would be the extraordinarily snooty restaurant with three or four tables, and I would cook what I felt like cooking. And you could eat it or not. ~ Steve Albini
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Steve Albini
In Moscow you sit in a huge room at a restaurant; you know no one and no one knows you, and at the same time you don't feel a stranger. But here you know everyone and everyone knows you, and yet you are a stranger
a stranger ... A stranger, and lonely ... ~ Anton Chekhov
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Anton Chekhov
I had no idea the Monkey Bar meat loaf was going to have my name on it, but when the restaurant opened, there it was, on the menu, Nora's Meat Loaf. I felt that I had to order it, out of loyalty to myself, and it was exactly as good as it had been at the tasting. I was delighted. What's more, I had the oddest sense of accomplishment. I somehow felt I'd created this meat loaf, even though I'd had nothing to do with it. I'd always envied Nellie Melba for her peach, Princess Margherita for her pizza, and Reuben for his sandwich, and now I was sort of one of them. Nora's Meat Loaf. It was something to remember me by. It wasn't exactly what I was thinking of back in the day when we used to play a game called "If you could have something named after you, what would it be?" In that period, I'd hoped for a dance step, or a pair of pants. But I was older now, and I was willing to settle for a meat loaf. ~ Nora Ephron
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Nora Ephron
WHO'S GOT A TAMPON? I JUST GOT MY PERIOD, I will announce loudly to nobody in particular in a women's bathroom in a San Francisco restaurant, or to a co-ed dressing room of a music festival in Prague, or to the unsuspecting gatherers in a kitchen at a party in Sydney, Munich, or Cincinnati. Invariably, across the world, I have seen and heard the rustling of female hands through backpacks and purses, until the triumphant moment when a stranger fishes one out with a kind smile. No money is ever exchanged. The unspoken universal understanding is: Today, it is my turn to take the tampon. Tomorrow, it shall be yours. There is a constant, karmic tampon circle. It also exists, I've found, with Kleenex, cigarettes, and ballpoint pens. ~ Amanda Palmer
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Amanda Palmer
Have you ever noticed that the waiter who takes your order is not the one who brings your food anymore? What is THAT about? And which waiter are you tipping, anyway? I think next time I go to a restaurant I'll just say, "Oh, sorry, I only eat the food. The guy who pays the bill will be along shortly." ~ Jerry Seinfeld
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Jerry Seinfeld
The butler rushed over from the crudité arrangement he was working on. "Yes, master! I am eager to be of aid."
"Take this." iAm peeled the cat off himself, prying both of its front claws out of his fleece. "And do whatever it is you do with it."
As he turned away, he felt like glancing back and making sure G*dd*mn was okay.
But why the fuck would he do that?
He had to get to Sal's and check on his staff. Usually he hit the restaurant in the early afternoon, but shit had not been "usual," what with that migraine: Every time his brother had one, they both got a headache. Now, though, with Trez rebounding and no doubt soon to be on the grind with that Chosen, it was time to get back on his own track. If only to keep himself from going psychotic.
Jesus Christ, Trez was now going to fuck that female. And God only knew where that was going to land them all.
Just as he hit the exit, he called out over his shoulder, "Fritz."
Through the din of First Meal prep, the doggen answered back, "Yes, master?"
"I never find any seafood in this place. Why is that?"
"The King does not favor any manner of fin."
"Would he allow it in here?"
"Oh, yes, master. Just not upon his table, and certainly never upon his plate."
iAm stared at the panels of the door in front of him. "I want you to get some fresh salmon and poach it. Tonight."
"But of course. I will not have it ready afore First Meal for you - "
~ J.R. Ward
Segovias Restaurant quotes by J.R. Ward
I hate when you go into a nice restaurant - someplace where you're going to spend good money - and there are kids in there crying. ~ Harland Williams
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Harland Williams
I'd love to open a restaurant that changes every month. One month it would be a mom and bar spaghetti-and-meatball, Red Sox place, and the next it would be a British pub, and everyone gets in a fight. ~ Graham Elliot
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Graham Elliot
Before you let your doctor give you testosterone shots or pills, try to boost it naturally by dramatically decreasing or even eliminating sugar, wheat, and processed foods from your diet. A sugar burst has been found to lower testosterone levels by up to 25 percent. If you and your sweetheart share the cheesecake at the restaurant, no one is likely to get "dessert" when you get home! Another way to naturally boost your testosterone level is to start a weight-training program. Building muscle helps your body increase its testosterone levels. The supplements DHEA and zinc can also help. Zinc is necessary to maintain ~ Daniel G. Amen
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Daniel G. Amen
My favorite magazine is the 'Harvard Business Review.' If someone sat across from me in a restaurant and didn't know me, that might surprise them. ~ Sophia Amoruso
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Sophia Amoruso
She glanced over her shoulder as she made her way into the restaurant, as though to make sure I was still waiting for her.
You crazy girl, don't you know I'd wait for you forever? ~ A Meredith Walters
Segovias Restaurant quotes by A Meredith Walters
Any successful hospitality operation - be it a hotel or restaurant, chain or independent, low-cost provider or luxury establishment - requires an effectively performing individual operation. You have to attract the right customers, have the service product, set the right price for your product, and provide the right level of service - all the while managing your employees the right way to achieve your goals. This requires a combination of knowledge from a variety of disciplines, and thus this section includes contributions from our faculty in human resources, management, marketing, operations, and strategy. ~ Michael C. Sturman
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Michael C. Sturman
Being general manager is like being the de facto owner. It's like wearing the crown of 'Restaurant Man' without being 'Restaurant Man.' You're trying to run the business, but you're running the ranch without riding the big horse. ~ Joe Bastianich
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Joe Bastianich
I started as a drummer, so I sort of took on singing duties by default. I had sung backgrounds and some lead vocals from behind the drums in different bands that I'd been in, and I'd gotten great responses for the songs I would sing. I really started pursuing the possibility of being a lead singer based on the fact that I was working a full-time restaurant job and then playing gigs at night, hauling drums around. One day, it just dawned on me that, 'Hey, I could be in a band and be the singer, and it would be a lot easier!' ~ Chris Cornell
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Chris Cornell
The Lamb's Club is going to be a luxury bar and grill; we're not doing an overly fancy restaurant. We wanted to make a space that people will come to every day, almost like a very high-end bistro. ~ Geoffrey Zakarian
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Geoffrey Zakarian
Fancy Restaurant: one that serves cold soup on purpose. ~ Doug Larson
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Doug Larson
She was now afraid to yield to passion, and because she could not yield to the larger impulses it became essential also to not yield to the small ones, even if her adversary were in the right. She was living on a plane of war. The bigger resistance to the flow of life became one with the smaller resistance to the will of others, and the smallest issue became equal to the ultimate one. The pleasure of yielding on a level of passion being unknown to her, the pleasure of yielding on other levels became equally impossible. She denied herself all the sources of feminine pleasure: of being invaded, of being conquered. In war, conquest was imperative. No approach from the enemy could be interpreted as anything but a threat. She could not see that the real issue of the war was a defense of her being against the invasion of passion. Her enemy was the lover who might possess her. All her intensity was poured into the small battles; to win in the choice of a restaurant, of a movie, of visitors, in opinions, in analysis of people, to win in all the small rivalries through an evening. ~ Anais Nin
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Anais Nin
And I think, What did I want to be? Definitely not a bookkeeper. That's something I just ended up becoming after years and years of night school. And a restaurant owner? That was Proctor's dream, at first. A mother? I think I just became everything I am. Was. But at least I was someone out there. ~ Anissa Gray
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Anissa Gray
I walked into Aquagrill and began my experience of trying to help a new restaurant get off the ground. The owners were talented and lovely, but I felt like an imposter in all of our pre-opening meetings. I wanted to earn a living as an actor, and I wanted to pay off my student loans and maybe get some health insurance. ~ Amy Poehler
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Amy Poehler
You're right," Jacks said. "You're not part of my world. You're not one of those girls. And maybe that's why."
"Why what?"
"Why I can't stop thinking about you."
Maddy rolled her eyes. "Guys like you don't say that to girls like me."
"I've never said that to anyone, actually," Jacks corrected. "In fact, I've never done anything like this before." He let out a little laugh. "How am I doing?"
He swallowed hard, trying to push down his nervousness. He was astonished to realize he was nervous. Somehow being around Maddy just put him in a different space. Jacks felt so present.
Maddy stared at him, letting the anger and frustration surge through her.
"Why are you doing this to me?" she asked finally.
He paused, considering.
"I'm being honest. I know you may not believe me. But I haven't been able to not think about you. When we were in the back at the restaurant, and . . ." Jacks's voice trailed off, his face coloring. "I still feel terrible about what I did. I lied to you and, even though I had good reasons for it, it was wrong of me."
Maddy studied him. Was he telling the truth?
Jacks smiled. "I mean this in the best possible way: I'm not going to leave you alone until you let me make it up to you. I'm serious. I'll be here every night. You might as well get me some pajamas and a toothbrush."
Despite her best efforts not to, Maddy laughed. She looked at Jacks and could see the faintest twinkle of light ~ Scott Speer
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Scott Speer
During one of his uncannily well-timed impromptu visits to my restaurant, Union Square Cafe, Pat Cetta taught me how to manage people. Pat was the owner of a storied New York City steakhouse called Sparks, and by that time, he was an old pro at running a fine restaurant. ~ Danny Meyer
Segovias Restaurant quotes by Danny Meyer
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