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#1. After years of experience running the club on St. James, Sebastian could talk easily with anyone from royalty down to the most hardened street criminal. Soon he had the men smiling and volunteering information about their work at Eversby Priory.
"Your father has a common touch," came Mr. Ravenel's quiet voice near her ear. He watched Sebastian with a mix of interest and admiration. "One doesn't usually see that in a man of his position."
"He's always mocked the notion that vice runs more rampant among commoners than nobility," Phoebe said. "In fact, he says the opposite is usually true."
Mr. Ravenel looked amused. "He could be right. Although I've seen a fair share of vice among both. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#2. In a deft and well-practiced move, the man smoothly hooked an arm around Larson's neck, grasped his wrist, and pushed the hand with the gun toward the floor.
Even before West had a good look at the newcomer's face, he recognized the smooth, dry voice with its cut-crystal tones, so elegantly commanding it could have belonged to the devil himself. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#3. He seemed every bit as riled and menacing as the bull had a few minutes ago. But Phoebe wasn't about to let him make his injury worse out of pure male stubbornness.
"Forgive me if I'm being tyrannical," she said in her most soothing tone. "I tend to do that when I'm concerned about someone. It's your decision, naturally. But I wish you would indulge me in this, if only to spare me from worrying over you every step of the way home."
The mulish set of his jaw eased. "I manage other people," he informed her. "People don't manage me."
"I'm not managing you."
"You're trying," he said darkly.
An irrepressible grin spread across her face. "Is it working?"
Slowly Mr. Ravenel's head lifted. He didn't reply, only gave her a strange, long look that spurred her heartbeat until she was light-headed from the force of its pounding. No man had ever stared at her like this. Not even her husband, for whom she'd always been close and attainable, her presence woven securely into the fabric of his days. Since childhood, she'd always been Henry's safe harbor.
But whatever it was this man wanted from her, it wasn't safety.
"You should humor my daughter's wishes, Ravenel," Sebastian advised from behind her. "The last time I tried to refuse her something, she launched into a screaming fit that lasted at least an hour."
The comment broke the trance. "Father," Phoebe protested with a laugh, twisting to glance at him over her shoulder. "I was two years old!"< - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#4. In his life, he'd had more than his share of lectures, some brutal enough to leave permanent gouges in his soul. But no man had ever spoken to him quite like this- wry, honest, direct, bracing, and a bit high-handed in a way that felt oddly reassuring. Fatherly. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#5. After a day filled with talking, laughing, reminiscing and making future plans, Evie had returned to Eversby Priory in high spirits. She was full of news to share with her husband... including the fact that the protagonist of Daisy's current novel in progress had been partly inspired by him.
"I had the idea when the subject of your husband came up at a dinner party a few months ago, Evie," Daisy had explained, dabbing at a tiny stain left by a strawberry that had fallen onto her bodice. "Someone remarked that Kingston was still the handsomest man in England, and how unfair it was that he never ages. And Lillian said he must be a vampire, and everyone laughed. It started me thinking about that old novel The Vampyre, published about fifty years ago. I decided to write something similar, only a romantic version."
Lillian had shaken her head at the notion. "I told Daisy no one would want to read about a vampire lover. Blood... teeth..." She grimaced and shivered.
"He enslaves women with his charismatic power," Daisy protested. "He's also a rich, handsome duke- just like Evie's husband."
Annabelle spoke then, her blue eyes twinkling. "In light of all that, one could forgive a bad habit or two."
Lillian gave her a skeptical glance. "Annabelle, could you really overlook a husband who went around sucking the life out of people?"
After pondering the question, Annabelle asked Daisy, "How rich is he?" She ducked with a smothered laugh as Lillian pelted her - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#6. West's haunted gaze returned to Phoebe's figure in the portrait. "I don't deserve her," he mumbled, without intending to.
"Of course you don't. Neither do I deserve my wife. It's an unfair fact of life that the worst men end up with the best women. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#7. I can't help but question how my spirited daughter could fix her choice, once again, on a tepid Larson male. Is your blood really so thin that it calls for such milk-warm companionship?"
Phoebe stopped in her tracks, while outrage raced through her like wildfire. "Henry was not tepid!"
"No," her father allowed, stopping to face her. "Henry did have one passion, and that was you. It's why I eventually consented to the marriage, despite knowing the burden you would have to shoulder. Edward Larson, however, has yet to evince any such depth of feeling."
"Well, he wouldn't in front of you," she said hotly. "He's private. And it was never a burden to take care of Henry."
"Darling child," he said softly, "the burden is what you're facing now. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#8. I would send the complete works of Johann Sebastian Bach into outer space on the Voyager spacecraft. But that would be boasting. - Author: Lewis Thomas
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Lewis Thomas
#9. We humans usually feel that we are the best at everything we do, that we can safely drive ourselves. But tens of thousands of people die every year. We need to be open to having technology assist us, to find ways in which technology makes us safer. - Author: Sebastian Thrun
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Sebastian Thrun
#10. Just then Antonio, his two guards, his two Pit Bulls, Sebastian, and a strange, tall Keja bloke who had long white-grey hair and a matching long beard entered.
That's Luther, Jared informed me. He's Antonio's Advisor.
Someone should tell him that he's not living in the film Lord of the Rings.
Jared coughed to hide his giggle. - Author: Suzanne Wrightt
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Suzanne Wrightt
#11. Any game becomes boring when it lacks thrills. - Author: SebastiAn
Sebastian Kingston quotes by SebastiAn
#12. The world loves to be deceived. - Author: Sebastian Franck
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Sebastian Franck
#13. You put your time where your priority is. - Author: Sebastian Faulks
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Sebastian Faulks
#14. But it was only the twentieth century in Europe that had universal education and the belief in progress - a net gain of knowledge among all. And that's now been abandoned as a goal." "Why?" "It was too difficult. People weren't prepared to put in the hours on the donkey work - you know, dates and facts and so on. I think in retrospect my generation will be seen as a turning point. From now on there'll be a net loss of knowledge in Europe. The difference between a peasant community in fourteenth-century Iran and modern London, though, is that if with their meager resources the villagers occasionally slipped backward, it was not for lack of trying. But with us, here in England, it was a positive choice. We chose to know less. - Author: Sebastian Faulks
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Sebastian Faulks
#15. Chinese Americans, when you try to understand what things in you are Chinese, how do you separate what is peculiar to childhood, to poverty, insanities, one family, your mother who marked your growing with stories, from what is Chinese? What is Chinese tradition and what is the movies? - Author: Maxine Hong Kingston
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Maxine Hong Kingston
#16. Kids don't go out and buy CDs, they make their own, they download them from the Internet. - Author: Sebastian Bach
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Sebastian Bach
#17. I became a great runner because if you're a kid in Leeds and your name is Sebastian you've got to become a great runner. - Author: Sebastian Coe
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Sebastian Coe
#18. Your hair is like butterflies," Sebastian said, giggling like a child.
"That's nice," Firen said impatiently. "Keep moving."
"Fantastic. I always like my days better with a touch of insanity," Gabriella quipped. - Author: Laura Kreitzer
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Laura Kreitzer
#19. Book I still possess in all the flotsam and ruckus of my life, - Author: Sebastian Barry
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Sebastian Barry
#20. Until she had had children of her own she had not been able to contemplate the death of either of her parents; when the subject had arisen, in conversation or in her own imagining, she had said only: I just don't know what I'd do. - Author: Sebastian Faulks
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Sebastian Faulks
#21. What an odd thing a stranger is. A stranger sleeping next to you. I listen to his breathing as if it were his entire life, with its hidden processes, the pulsing of the blood in the tissues, with thousands of tiny hidden decays and combustions, which together create and maintain him. - Author: Mihail Sebastian
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Mihail Sebastian
#22. King Kofi Kingston, that does have a nice ring to it. But not so much the initials, though. - Author: CM Punk
Sebastian Kingston quotes by CM Punk
#23. You may look back on your life and accept it as good or evil. But it is far, far harder to admit that you have been completely unimportant; that in the great sum of things all a man's endless grapplings are no more significant than the scuttlings of a cockroach. The universe is neither friendly nor hostile. It is merely indifferent. This makes me ecstatic. I have reached a nirvana of negativity. I can look futility in the face and still see promise in the stars. - Author: Sebastian Horsley
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Sebastian Horsley
#24. I love song writing, so I'm always happy to write for other musicians. - Author: Sean Kingston
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Sean Kingston
#25. To make matters worse, politicians occasionally accuse rivals of deliberately trying to harm their own country - a charge so destructive to group unity that most past societies would probably have just punished it as a form of treason. - Author: Sebastian Junger
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Sebastian Junger
#26. Certainly, we all have within us the potential to live in a hugely different way. And how happy you can make yourself, I think, a lot depends on how much you beat yourself up about that; and how much you can, in some sort of providential way, console yourself and say, 'Well, it's all worked out for the best, in the best of all possible worlds.' - Author: Sebastian Faulks
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Sebastian Faulks
#27. What a pair of frauds. - Author: Sebastian Faulks
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Sebastian Faulks
#28. I think, politically, I'm pretty left-wing, and I try to be very neutral in my work. - Author: Sebastian Junger
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Sebastian Junger
#29. If i can not reach haven i will raise hell - Author: Cassandra Clare
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Cassandra Clare
#30. When I look at founders and CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook and Brian Chesky at Airbnb and Sebastian Thrun at Udacity, these are companies that are creating extraordinary social good and extraordinary economic and educational empowerment, all within with context of a for-profit model. - Author: Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen
#31. The problem with compassion is that it is not photogenic. - Author: Sebastian Horsley
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Sebastian Horsley
#32. Be kind to dragons, for thou art crunchy when toasted and taste good with ketchup. (Sebastian) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#33. I always look at a girls shoes. And if they're wearing heels, i wonder how she would look if she was just wearing those. - Author: Sebastian Stan
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Sebastian Stan
#34. To be worthy of assassination takes more than some crappy little book. - Author: Sebastian Horsley
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Sebastian Horsley
#35. Pescatore marveled at the seascape. It gave him vertigo. The wind deployed cloud formations. The sun seared the Moroccan coastline. He had read a line once about "the lion-colored hills of Africa." Were they lion-colored? What color was a lion exactly? - Author: Sebastian Rotella
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Sebastian Rotella
#36. You can't always say what you'd like to say. - Author: Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Sebastian Vettel
#37. I can't drink. I have too much to lose. I can't lose my job over something I can stop. - Author: Sebastian Janikowski
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Sebastian Janikowski
#38. For all the types of pain that can lead to suffering there is a solution. Through opening our hearts with compassion to the pain that life brings, we can truly cure our pain and avoid our suffering. Then we can walk in the valley of love and experience the vast space within our heart. - Author: Sebastian Pole
Sebastian Kingston quotes by Sebastian Pole

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