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This ought to be a season for cooperation in terms of pushing our economy forward, job creation, steadying the middle class, and laying the groundwork for a better future. And that's what we want to work on with Republicans and Democrats. ~ David Axelrod
Season The Witch quotes by David Axelrod
Of the few who were not afraid to witness the burial of a witch and who had gone to the cemetery, some had come just to verify her being put away but stayed to sing 'Shall We Gather at the River' for politeness' sake, quite unaware of the bleak promise of their song. Others came to see that nothing go awry, that the shallow-minded and small-hearted kept their meanness at bay, and that the entire event be characterized by that abiding gentleness of spirit to which they themselves had arrived by the simple determination not to let anything--anything at all: not failed crops, not rednecks, lost jobs, sick children, rotten potatoes, broken pipes, bug-ridden flour, third-class coal, educated social workers, thieving insurance men, garlic-ridden hunkies, corrupt Catholics, racist Protestants, cowardly Jews, slaveholding Moslems, jack-leg nigger preachers, squeamish Chinamen, cholera, dropsy or the Black Plague, let alone a strange woman--keep them from their God. ~ Toni Morrison
Season The Witch quotes by Toni Morrison
How is it the seasons change? Do they change so slowly so creepingly because we so rarely break away from whatever it was that we were dreaming to notice? What the season brings us to suffer (because seasons, no matter how lovely, will bring us to suffer) it brings when we are not looking. I know the look of a cracked landscape, winter in black and white, flat and finite with a sunset on the horizon like a red heartbeat suffering there. It will take me longer each morning now to go out and face it, the leaves shivering then falling about as if to remind that somehow despite leavings, there is some magic, some beauty there. I don't want it: the mountain view, the shimmer of summer rain, a troutfilled creek. How is it that I came to be here this way with the wind a suggestion that it was, indubitably was, autumn (already and again)? ~ Jenny Boully
Season The Witch quotes by Jenny Boully
I've always been an angel. Sometimes I transform into a witch only because the filmmaking demands it. ~ Lina Wertmuller
Season The Witch quotes by Lina Wertmuller
I am Falling in love again with autumn,
The smell of warm cider,
The orange color leaves,
Pumpkins everywhere
and the crisp breeze,
People walking or riding their bikes,
Folks jogging or going on hikes,
I love autumn for many reasons and
I'm pleased to admit- this is my favorite season ~ Charmaine J Forde
Season The Witch quotes by Charmaine J Forde
When the nettle is young, the leaves make excellent greens; when it grows old it has filaments and fibers like hemp and flax. Cloth made from the nettle is as good as that made from hemp. Chopped up, the nettle is good for poultry; pounded, it is good for horned cattle. The seed of the nettle mixed with the fodder of animals gives a luster to their skin; the root, mixed with salt, produces a beautiful yellow dye. It makes, however, excellent hay, as it can be cut twice in a season. And what does the nettle need? very little soil, no care, no culture; except that the seeds fall as fast as they ripen, and it is difficult to gather them; that is all. If we would take a little pains, the nettle would be useful; we neglect it, and it becomes harmful. Then we kill it. How much men are like the nettle! My friends, remember this, that there are no weeds, and no worthless men, there are only bad farmers. ~ Victor Hugo
Season The Witch quotes by Victor Hugo
While you can find zucchini in markets in most places year-round, allowing you to make everything from breakfast dishes like zucchini and onion frittatas to snacks like zucchini-stuffed crab cakes, the onset of fall marks the beginning of hard squash season. ~ Marcus Samuelsson
Season The Witch quotes by Marcus Samuelsson
My parents played by parents, in the second season [of Suits]. We had a Skype scene and they were my real parents. My parents are cartoons. When they come up and visit, they're hilarious. My mother somehow finds a way to get in the way of everything. ~ Rick Hoffman
Season The Witch quotes by Rick Hoffman
In a garden, things grow ... but first, they must wither; trees have to lose their leaves in order to put forth new leaves, and to grow thicker and stronger and taller. Some trees die, but fresh saplings replace them. Gardens need a lot of care. But if you love your garden, you don't mind working in it, and waiting. Then in the proper season you will surely see it flourish. ~ Jerzy Kosinski
Season The Witch quotes by Jerzy Kosinski
Welcome sweet November, the season of senses and my favorite month of all. ~ Gregory F. Lenz
Season The Witch quotes by Gregory F. Lenz
It is a metaphor for life, perhaps, in that everything is a metaphor for life. The berry season is short. So how full, exactly, do I intend to fill the box? Or, if we slice away the metaphor, we could just ask this: what does the good life look like for me? ~ Laura Vanderkam
Season The Witch quotes by Laura Vanderkam
With movies, it's 10 or 12 or sometimes even 24 weeks, if it's a massive movie, to live within a character. But with a show that's successful, if you start in the first or second season and go until the end, you're always finding new elements of your character that are being added in because you start to live in them as human beings. ~ Sinqua Walls
Season The Witch quotes by Sinqua Walls
Miracles do not belong to religions. Miracles belong to the desperate, which is why every religion, every philosophy, and most importantly, every fairy tale always has a moment of salvation, a eureka, an enlightenment. We are all chasing and chasing tails, running and running in circles, until a wolf or the witch or the stepmother jumps out and trips us, and we fall flat, splat, and we lie bare and bleeding and breathless and finally, finally look and see whatever it is---salvation or eureka or enlightenment or a hunter or prince or a glass slipper---in front of us. And that's what miracles are. Not solutions, but catalysts. Not answers, but chances. ~ Amy Zhang
Season The Witch quotes by Amy Zhang
A soul so pitiably forlorn, If such do on this earth abide, May season apathy with scorn, May turn indifference to pride; And still be not unblest- compared With him who grovels, self-debarred From all that lies within the scope Of holy faith and christian hope; Or, shipwrecked, kindles on the coast False fires, that others may be lost. ~ William Wordsworth
Season The Witch quotes by William Wordsworth
You see if you tell yourself the same tale over and over again enough times then the tellings become separate stories and you will generally fool yourself into forgetting you started with one solitary season out of your life. ~ Kaye Gibbons
Season The Witch quotes by Kaye Gibbons
There is but one season of the year when salmon should be served hot at a choice repast; that is in the spring and early summer, and even then it is too satisfying, nut sufficiently delicate. The man who gives salmon during the winter, I care not what sauce he serves with it, does an injury to himself and his guests. ~ Ward McAllister
Season The Witch quotes by Ward McAllister
If you don't finish half of the races, you are not going to have a very good season. ~ Helio Castroneves
Season The Witch quotes by Helio Castroneves
Each season I find myself constantly inspired by 'The Biggest Loser' contestants. Their tenacity and willingness to learn new, healthy habits is tremendous and the results speak for themselves. I am honored to be part of such an inspiring program that helps inspire positive change in so many lives. ~ Curtis Stone
Season The Witch quotes by Curtis Stone
I like the idea of shows where I don't know where I'll be at the end of the season. ~ Amy Acker
Season The Witch quotes by Amy Acker
-You do know to put the condom on as soon as the penis is erect, don't you?
-I paid a fortune for bananas out of season in case you need the practice.
This is a trap. If I say, Oh yeah, I roll rubbers onto new dry erections all the time, I'll get the slut lecture from my father. But if I tell them, No, we'll get to spend Christmas Day practicing to protect me from fruit. ~ Chuck Palahniuk
Season The Witch quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
I think the real reason for my improvement is because I had such a long period in the off-season just working as hard as I could on all my new dives; making sure I did lots of repetition to get them consistent. ~ Tom Daley
Season The Witch quotes by Tom Daley
A day, a livelong day, is not one thing but many. It changes not only in growing light toward zenith and decline again, but in texture and mood, in tone and meaning, warped by a thousand factors of season, of heat or cold, of still or multi winds, torqued by odors, tastes, and the fabrics of ice or grass, of bud or leaf or black-drawn naked limbs. And as a day changes so do its subjects, bugs and birds, cates, dogs, butterflies and people. ~ John Steinbeck
Season The Witch quotes by John Steinbeck
I wish to know what you are doing here," he whispered to the unknown woman, drumming his fingers on the road. "And what you might have to do with a stray puck and an enemy Queen. ~ Thea Harrison
Season The Witch quotes by Thea Harrison
You are blessed! God's desire is for you. And Jesus is the incarnation of God's furious longing. He is your supreme Lover. It's true. You are blessed. Your soul's winter is over. The snows are over and gone. Flowers are blooming inside of you. The season of joyful songs has come. To you. You are blessed! The love of God is folly. No one is excluded. All (really!) are called to the banquet table. Come, and be filled. You are blessed! Be-YOU-ti-full. Be you. Just be. Love supports you. You are blessed! You have learned the purpose of life: LOVE. You are blessed! You can pray like a child, and enjoy God. You are blessed! Heal, and be healed. Reclaim affirmations for the kingdom of God. Amen. Amen. Amen. ~ Brennan Manning
Season The Witch quotes by Brennan Manning
At this time of Christmas, this season when gifts are given, let us not forget that God gave His Son, and His Son gave His life, that each of us might have the gift of eternal life. ~ Gordon B. Hinckley
Season The Witch quotes by Gordon B. Hinckley
For a witch stands on the very edge of everything, between the light and the dark, between life and death, making choices, making decisions so that others may pretend no decisions have even been needed. Sometimes they need to help some poor soul through the final hours, help them to find the door, not to get lost in the dark. ~ Terry Pratchett
Season The Witch quotes by Terry Pratchett
The very sermon that we needlessly miss, may contain a precious word in season for our souls. ~ J.C. Ryle
Season The Witch quotes by J.C. Ryle
I was a huge 'Friends' fan. I had a very small part. I played a real-estate agent in the very last season. ~ Jane Lynch
Season The Witch quotes by Jane Lynch
Love, all alike, no season knows, nor clime, nor hours, days, months, which are the rags of time. ~ John Donne
Season The Witch quotes by John Donne
Women's tennis is getting faster and the girls are getting more athletic, so I need to push myself to become a better athlete. I think 2013 showed me, like a few other years how important being healthy is and how I must listen to my body. During this off season I have been a little smarter on how I train and how I treat my body. ~ Maria Sharapova
Season The Witch quotes by Maria Sharapova
The retreat into sameness - assimilation for those who can manage it - is the most passive and debilitating of responses to political repression, economic insecurity, and a renewed open season on difference. ~ Adrienne Rich
Season The Witch quotes by Adrienne Rich
Recognize things when they are at their best, in their season, and know how to enjoy them then. The works of nature all amount to a peak of perfection; up to it they wax, beyond it they wane. Only in matters of art have a few gone to the point where they might not be improved. It is the mark of cultivated taste to enjoy everything at its best. But all may not do this, and not all who may, know how. Even the fruits of the spirit have their moment of ripeness, and it is well to recognize this, in order to value it properly and attend to it. ~ Baltasar Gracian
Season The Witch quotes by Baltasar Gracian
Healing is painful. It means disinfecting deep wounds. It means experiencing the pain for a season in order to put in the past for a lifetime. ~ Emilyann Allen
Season The Witch quotes by Emilyann Allen
he met with the Devill, and cheated him of his Booke, wherein were written all the Witches names in England, and if he looks on any Witch, he can tell by her countenance what she is. ~ Matthew Hopkins
Season The Witch quotes by Matthew Hopkins
You always imagine everything will go so smoothly in the Olympic season. ~ Ashley Wagner
Season The Witch quotes by Ashley Wagner
Truly, my dear young friends, you are a chosen generation. I hope you will never forget it. I hope you will never take it for granted. I hope there will grow in your hearts an overpowering sense of gratitude to God, who has made it possible for you to come upon the earth in this marvelous season of the world's history. ~ Gordon B. Hinckley
Season The Witch quotes by Gordon B. Hinckley
Edward gets funky in Beverly Mitchell's (and Jessica Biel's) garage rec room by painting the walls gray, building room screens that are painted gray and chartreuse, upholstering thrift store and existing furniture...
Hildi brings a little refinement to George and Jeff Stolt'z bachelor pad living room...
(Season 3, Episode 52) ~ Amy Tincher-Durik
Season The Witch quotes by Amy Tincher-Durik
A few magical practitioners claimed that they first met their familiars in fairyland, or at the sabbath; however, a greater number claimed that their journey to these places had been initiated by the familiar's invitation. Nairnshire witch Isobel Gowdie ( 1662 ) , for example, first met the Devil as she was 'goeing betwix the townes of Drumdewin and the Headis' where she 'promeisit to me it him, in the night time, in the Kirk of Aulderne; quhilk I did'. Bessie Dunlop claimed that on one occasion Tom Reid 'tuke hir be the aproun, and wald haif had hir gangand [go} with him to Elfame', and that on another, she met a group of 'gude wychtis that wynnit in the Court of Elfame; quha come thair to desyre hir to go with thame'. Scattered throughout encounter-narratives from Southern England, where descriptions of sabbath and fairyland experiences are seldom found, we still find references to familiars attempting to lure magical practitioners to 'go with them', although the destination- is not specified. Huntingdonshire witch Ellen Shepheard ( 1646), for example, claimed that 'a Spirit, somewhat like a Rat, but not fully so big, of an iron-grey colour … said you must goe with me' , whilst nearly seventy years earlier Essex witch Elizabeth Bennett maintained that a familiar spirit in the form of a black dog asked her to 'go with it ~ Emma Wilby
Season The Witch quotes by Emma Wilby
Enough!" Francisco shouted. "Either you get Lucifer to let me go or loverboy here gets it."
Had the little bastard interrupted him and his witch as she publicly admitted she cared? Oh, hell no.
Remy jabbed his elbow back, twisted, then ducked as he grabbed Francisco's dagger wielding hand. He twisted it up behind the damned soul's back and shoved him to his knees.
"Sorry, my little witch. You were saying something about pleasure and alone time?"
Her lips twitched and mirth shone in her eyes. "I should have let him kill you."
"But then who would love and worship you for an eternity? ~ Eve Langlais
Season The Witch quotes by Eve Langlais
Every game I've ever played, regardless if it was pre-season or Super Bowl, meant the same to me, and I laid it all on the line. ~ Brett Favre
Season The Witch quotes by Brett Favre
How long have you been a Wiccan?'
'A what?'
'A pagan. A witch.'
'I'm not a witch,' I said, glancing out the door. 'I'm a wizard.'
Sanya frowned. 'What is the difference?'
'Wizard has a Z'
He looked at me blankly.
'No one appreciates me.' I muttered. ~ Jim Butcher
Season The Witch quotes by Jim Butcher
I've noticed that loneliness gets stronger when we try to face it down, but gets weaker when we simply ignore it. ~ Paulo Coelho
Season The Witch quotes by Paulo Coelho
... resentment buried is not gone. It is like burying a seed: for a season it may stay hidden in the dark, but in the end, it will always grow. ~ Beth Underdown
Season The Witch quotes by Beth Underdown
The second season is genrtrally easier do because you know the actors better and they know the characters better and if everybody likes each other you can really go all types of places. ~ Denis Leary
Season The Witch quotes by Denis Leary
Confidence is a big part of any sport, but as far as sports psycholgy, I met with one last year before the season, and hell I just felt stupid after that, so I try to stay out of there. ~ Clint Bowyer
Season The Witch quotes by Clint Bowyer
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