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#1. I turned and beheld seven rows of plasma screens, each bearing seven vivid scenes, each flickering, each pulsing with a light revealing distant terrors, conflagrations, sufferings - and all thereby brought so close, and all thereby kept far away. - Author: Scott Cairns
Scott Cairns quotes by Scott Cairns
#2. Centuries of dire prophecy have taught us all to be, well, unconvinced. And there have been decades, entire scores of years when, to be frank, wholesale destruction didn't sound so bad, considering. You remember, we were all disappointed. That the world never ended meant we had to get out of bed after all... - Author: Scott Cairns
Scott Cairns quotes by Scott Cairns
#3. Christ's humanity occasions our divinity - Author: Scott Cairns
Scott Cairns quotes by Scott Cairns
#4. You have a poem called "Bad Theology." What would you call a bad theology?
I guess any theology that presumes to have God in its pocket. Can I explain this without sinning further? We'll find out. The community in which I was raised did what they would call theology, but it was always a kind of cranky, brutal reduction of lush and beautiful complexities into the lowest common denominator, the dullest version. But when I went away to school and started reading more, I became increasingly dissatisfied with any theology that replaces the enormous, immeasurable real with very measurable and very calculated replacements. I'm not saying this very eloquently, but I guess bad theology articulates as definitive and conclusive that which is unknowable and without end. - Author: Tony Leuzzi
Scott Cairns quotes by Tony Leuzzi
#5. He gains the farthest reaches where the ache of our most ancient absence lay. - Author: Scott Cairns
Scott Cairns quotes by Scott Cairns
#6. Scott and Terry created a political theatre in which a Hanovarian English monarch could appear on the stage of Edinburgh to act the part of a Stuart king. - Author: Cairns Craig
Scott Cairns quotes by Cairns Craig
#7. I hate to tell you this, but there's an entire subset of people out there who think of me as quite a dull actor. And that's the word used, and often - dull. - Author: Campbell Scott
Scott Cairns quotes by Campbell Scott
#8. You should be able to do anything you can afford as an adult. - Author: Gil Scott-Heron
Scott Cairns quotes by Gil Scott-Heron
#9. In L.A. everyone is in the entertainment industry, so you're forced to think about work. - Author: Seann William Scott
Scott Cairns quotes by Seann William Scott
#10. It excites me when a person puts their whole self in a song or rhyme, or instrument. It fills me. - Author: Jill Scott
Scott Cairns quotes by Jill Scott
#11. In the Church, when we talk about 'the world', we often create an us and them situation and end up planting the seeds of all that we feel wrong with the world in the soil of our own backyard. - Author: Steve Scott
Scott Cairns quotes by Steve Scott
#12. The past was the past. Let it be. Forgive the mistakes everybody made. And keep on dreaming. - Author: Scott Monk
Scott Cairns quotes by Scott Monk
#13. If I really knew how to do good storytelling, I would be a writer. Mystery is not a huge part of it ... It's tension, it's relationships. I think it's a struggle. - Author: Scott Cohen
Scott Cairns quotes by Scott Cohen
#14. The sickening pang of hope deferr'd. - Author: Walter Scott
Scott Cairns quotes by Walter Scott
#15. The searing light of morning
Asks unwelcome questions,
Fragile hopes soon blistered by daylight. - Author: Scott Hastie
Scott Cairns quotes by Scott Hastie
#16. And you be crazy too ... - Author: Orson Scott Card
Scott Cairns quotes by Orson Scott Card
#17. Before finding the one you have to find your furtre - Author: Caitlin Scott
Scott Cairns quotes by Caitlin Scott
#18. Advice," Doña Vorchenza chuckled. "Advice. The years play a sort of alchemical trick, transmuting one's mutterings to a state of respectability. Give advice at forty and you're a nag. Give it at seventy and you're a sage. - Author: Scott Lynch
Scott Cairns quotes by Scott Lynch
#19. Mama and Daddy King represent the best in manhood and womanhood, the best in a marriage, the kind of people we are trying to become. - Author: Coretta Scott King
Scott Cairns quotes by Coretta Scott King
#20. I first got into fruit when I was a teenager, when my life was changing in every way. The first time I had a mango, at like 18, I was like, 'Where has this been my whole life?' - Author: Scott Thompson
Scott Cairns quotes by Scott Thompson
#21. Dating and hiring have a lot in common. - Author: Scott Wintrip
Scott Cairns quotes by Scott Wintrip
#22. I know what's like to be young and have atrocious spelling, spelling words all backwards, mixing up numbers, addresses. and things like that. - Author: Ashley Scott
Scott Cairns quotes by Ashley Scott
#23. Hugh Grant, who several times has announced that he was thinking of retiring from acting, has said that he suffers from panic attacks when the cameras start rolling. - Author: Scott Stossel
Scott Cairns quotes by Scott Stossel
#24. I don't want to have to be pretty. I don't want to have to be adorable. - Author: Kristin Scott Thomas
Scott Cairns quotes by Kristin Scott Thomas
#25. My name is Danielle. I'm eighteen. I've been stealing things for as long as I can remember. - Author: Elizabeth Scott
Scott Cairns quotes by Elizabeth Scott
#26. Metaphors have a way of holding the most truth in the least space. - Author: Orson Scott Card
Scott Cairns quotes by Orson Scott Card
#27. Beware the artist who's an intellectual also. The artist who doesn't fit. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
Scott Cairns quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#28. The human element should be the two players on the court, not the officials. The best officials are the ones you never notice. The nature of the game made officials too noticeable a part. - Author: Gene Scott
Scott Cairns quotes by Gene Scott
#29. I suppose there's no good answer to that, Danny. I wish there was. But if you take the wrong, path, something deep inside you will feel twisted. There are times when that will be the only way to know the right from the wrong. - Author: Inara Scott
Scott Cairns quotes by Inara Scott
#30. ...I find it hard not to think of our home as a chrysalis from which the butterfly has flown. I miss my daughter. The rug bristles with the absence of her dancing feet. The windows glint with the history of her looking. Water rings on the sills recall where her teacup should be. The air lacks a sweet buzz. - Author: Scott Russell Sanders
Scott Cairns quotes by Scott Russell Sanders
#31. As a rule, if you insist on speaking your mind, you will inevitably find yourself somewhere where everyone hates you. - Author: Scott Berkun
Scott Cairns quotes by Scott Berkun
#32. If you did not in your own mind distinguish between useful and erroneous information, then you were not learning at all, you were merely replacing ignorance with false belief, which was no improvement. - Author: Orson Scott Card
Scott Cairns quotes by Orson Scott Card
#33. You know, you've got to be careful with how you educate your kids in rock'n'roll fashion. - Author: Scott Weiland
Scott Cairns quotes by Scott Weiland
#34. Courage is a sort of insistence on the value of life and the worth of transient things. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
Scott Cairns quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#35. Saint Augustine said that the New Testament is concealed in the Old, and the Old is revealed in the New. - Author: Scott Hahn
Scott Cairns quotes by Scott Hahn
#36. Don't you think she's had her quota of assholes? - Author: Sylvain Reynard
Scott Cairns quotes by Sylvain Reynard
#37. There's no point putting your heart and soul into a part when you know in advance it isn't worth the trouble. I'm not speaking as a dedicated actress. Enthusiasm and hard work are requisites for any job a person undertakes. I tried working just for money once and it made me almost physically ill. - Author: Lizabeth Scott
Scott Cairns quotes by Lizabeth Scott
#38. I always get everyone prepared so there aren't so many arguments on set. I have a policy that the first thing I do in the morning is go over to the trailers and discuss exactly what we're shooting that day. It's time-consuming, but it reduces the chances of 'misunderstandings' on set. - Author: Tony Scott
Scott Cairns quotes by Tony Scott
#39. O'Baarni. He looked so frail and weak, like the starving - Author: Michael-Scott Earle
Scott Cairns quotes by Michael-Scott Earle
#40. Nonetheless, there are some whose capacity to love is great enough for them to build loving relationships successfully within the family and still have energy left for additional relationships. For these the myth of exclusivity is not only patently false, but also represents an unnecessary limitation upon their capacity to give of themselves to others outside their family. It is possible for this limitation to be overcome, but great self-discipline is required in the extension of oneself in order to avoid spreading oneself too thin. - Author: M. Scott Peck
Scott Cairns quotes by M. Scott Peck

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