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I don't see how people are comfortable with seeing other people be great. You can be happy for anybody, but what is your excuse to not want to be great? These people are great because they just say, 'I'ma do that,' and they do it. That's it. There's no scientifical process. ~ Kevin Hart
Scientifical quotes by Kevin Hart
She'd never seen a monster like that before, had never heard of one in all the Lore. When she grappled with the question of what it was, her sharply honed scientifical mind deduced one answer: manbearpig. ~ Kresley Cole
Scientifical quotes by Kresley Cole
Braniac dumb-dumbs, bust the scientifical,
Approach to the course and the force is centrifugal.
Can you find your way through the lyrics that be catchin' 'em?
Throw another rhyme across the room, they be fetchin' 'em. ~ Masta Ace
Scientifical quotes by Masta Ace
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