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#1. Gujarat's e-governance projects have been recognized in the country and abroad. To give a few examples- Gujarat has the largest Wide Area Network in the Asia Pacific. It is the first State to provide broadband connectivity in all schools and villages. It makes maximum use of video-conferencing including trial of the prisoners. Gujarat's ICT based Grievance Redressal System called SWAGAT has got the United Nation's Public Service Award. In addition, it has received eleven national awards for our various e-services. - Author: Narendra Modi
School Awards quotes by Narendra Modi
#2. When I left I got an award for being the latest person in the history of the school. If you got three late marks for being over fifteen minutes late you'd get an after school detention. I got something like 257 marks. And I only lived about ten minutes away. - Author: Matthew Bellamy
School Awards quotes by Matthew Bellamy
#3. People in the city are poor because they are oppressed, discriminated against and alienated; people in the country are poor because they're too stupid to realize they ought to be living in the city. - Author: Garret Keizer
School Awards quotes by Garret Keizer
#4. I haven't tried this with anyone ... signifacant in a long time. It's never worked before."
"You haven't had sex before?"
"I have. But not with anyone i cared about or ... knew. One-time things. That's all."
"That's all-ever?"
"It's not like they 've been tons of them. There were more before, in high school, than there have been the last three years."
"Lucas? I said yes, and i meant it. I want this-as long as you have protection, i mean. I want this, with you. So this is okay. Please don't ask me to say stop."
"I want it to be better than okay. You deserve better than okay."
"You 're shaking, Jacqueline. Do you want to-"
"No." "I'm just a little cold."
"You know you can say it. But i'm not asking you to, this time."
His earlier hesitation gone, he removed the last scraps of fabric we were wearing, fixed the condom in place, kissed me fiercely and rocked into me. - Author: Tammara Webber
School Awards quotes by Tammara Webber
#5. I'm more old school: I want to be like Keith Richards on stage. It's not interesting to see straight-from-runway clothes slapped on an artist. It's more interesting when you see people who have their own style. - Author: Lykke Li
School Awards quotes by Lykke Li
#6. When we grew up and went to school There were certain teachers who would Hurt the children anyway they could By pouring their derision Upon anything we did And exposing every weakness However carefully hidden by the kids - Author: Roger Waters
School Awards quotes by Roger Waters
#7. You know what they say: "Your school years are the best years of your life." To which I say, "If that's true, I might as well kill myself now. - Author: Cat Clarke
School Awards quotes by Cat Clarke
#8. Death is the Christian's vacation morning. School is out. It is time to go home. - Author: Henry Ward Beecher
School Awards quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
#9. I'm glad I won it because when I grew up the Pulitzer was the award that every composer wanted and I was like that too. - Author: John Corigliano
School Awards quotes by John Corigliano
#10. The thing a drama school can't give you is instinct. It can sharpen instinct but that can't be taught, and you have to have intuition. It's an essential ingredient. - Author: Gary Oldman
School Awards quotes by Gary Oldman
#11. I did 'Degrassi' for five years in Toronto, and I made the decision to quit the show to go to theatre school, which a lot of people thought I was really crazy to do, but it was one of those major decisions in my life that I haven't regretted - hopefully I won't! I really wanted to go to school. - Author: Jake Epstein
School Awards quotes by Jake Epstein
#12. If I were afraid of polls, I never would've been elected in two landslide elections, leading a highest percentage in our state's last election for governor. If I were afraid of polls, we wouldn't have privatized our charity hospital system, we wouldn't cut our state budget 26%, wouldn't have cut over 30,000 state government bureaucrats, wouldn't have done statewide school choice. Here's the real record. - Author: Bobby Jindal
School Awards quotes by Bobby Jindal
#13. God. How would I cope if I went to jail? I'd never even been to boarding school. - Author: J.L. Merrow
School Awards quotes by J.L. Merrow
#14. To ache from the knowledge that I may never hold you again - to count the moments, like grains of sand, while we were parted only to escape the sky and find that you still only know me as a boy from school ... - Author: Amy A. Bartol
School Awards quotes by Amy A. Bartol
#15. We were in danger of having our eyes poked out on a daily basis, and we looked straight hair dead in the eye by not eating our bread crusts. This was also before they found a cure for getting overheated.
We also faced getting hemorrhoids from sitting on the cold cement wall in front of the school, having permanently crossed eyes from making faces, and getting pinworms from playing with kids whose parents and addresses we didn't know. - Author: Diane Laney Fitzpatrick
School Awards quotes by Diane Laney Fitzpatrick
#16. I make two movies a year to take care of the butcher and the baker and the school fees. Then I try to write, but it's not that easy. Acting is what's easy. - Author: David Niven
School Awards quotes by David Niven
#17. No statues, please. School or statue? Hospital or statue? No need to explain further. - Author: Chetan Bhagat
School Awards quotes by Chetan Bhagat
#18. She turns to us, acts surprised to see us, then does the bit with the back of the hand to the forehead. "You're lost!" "You're angry!" "You're in the wrong school!" "You're in the wrong country!" "You're on the wrong planet! - Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
School Awards quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
#19. I'm really happy I went to a Catholic school because a lot of the repressive tactics they use make for great senses of humor. - Author: Denis Leary
School Awards quotes by Denis Leary
#20. In some states, not even 50 percent of black boys finish high school. - Author: Tavis Smiley
School Awards quotes by Tavis Smiley
#21. I always saw my peers finding some cool passion, but every time I tried one of those things, it never clicked. I would leave school and go to my theater class, and that's when I'd actually sit down and listen. - Author: Liana Liberato
School Awards quotes by Liana Liberato
#22. In graduate school, I learned this simple distinction: when people are driving themselves crazy, they have neuroses or psychoses. When they drive other people crazy, they have personality disorders. - Author: Albert J. Bernstein
School Awards quotes by Albert J. Bernstein
#23. Three or four years ago, a city education bureau announced a new measure to raise the quality of local teachers and enable graduating high school seniors to be more competitive in the university entrance examination. - Author: Yu Hua
School Awards quotes by Yu Hua
#24. I think people see the social media numbers, and the assumption is made that we're running a campaign that is just social media, but I think we're running a very old-school campaign. - Author: James Lankford
School Awards quotes by James Lankford
#25. After that, a strange thing happened: Amy couldn't stop her expectations from rising. She imagined herself transformed and beautiful, like Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink, with her homemade dress and mysterious lace boots. She pictured her hair in an upsweep of loose curls. In the fantasy, her prom face looked like the one she only wore asleep, loose and relaxed. She imagined a photographer asking her to smile and, for the first time in her life, being able to do it. - Author: Cammie McGovern
School Awards quotes by Cammie McGovern
#26. On the weekends, I would go down and play these clubs in Key West or West Palm Beach or surrounding areas of Florida and then I'd go back to school for the week. - Author: Carrot Top
School Awards quotes by Carrot Top
#27. I heard a lot in school, 'You've got a really great talent, but there's no way you're going to be a dancer with that body.' - Author: Tracy Anderson
School Awards quotes by Tracy Anderson
#28. I recently enrolled at an elementary school and they accepted me. I am finally going to get revenge on those kids that beat me up as a boy, assuming they are still attending. - Author: Thom Yorke
School Awards quotes by Thom Yorke
#29. He said, 'You have to understand, I'm an academic. I'm not trained in dealing with masses of people. I found out through the school of hard knocks that it is better not to deal with masses of people. It's not that they don't deserve the information but they really react in very strange ways. They get panicky and excited, or over-excited, and it is so easy for academics to forget that. We're trained in math. We're trained in science. We're not trained in the masses.'
He paused.
'The public is extremely wild,' he said, 'uncontrollably wild.'
Then he shrugged his shoulders.
'You have to understand,' he said, 'I'm an academic. - Author: Jon Ronson
School Awards quotes by Jon Ronson
#30. In a very weak economy, when you say 'cut government spending,' what you mean is you're laying off school teachers and you're de-funding various programs that put money into the economy. This means you have more unemployed people that then draw unemployment benefits and don't pay taxes. - Author: Fareed Zakaria
School Awards quotes by Fareed Zakaria
#31. The college that takes students with modest entering abilities and improves their abilities substantially contributes more than the school that takes very bright students and helps them develop only modestly. - Author: Derek Bok
School Awards quotes by Derek Bok
#32. I have always lived an ordinary life, and always will. It's who and what has to do with my job that makes it 'unordinary.' I cook, go to the supermarket, pick my children up at school. - Author: Kate Winslet
School Awards quotes by Kate Winslet
#33. Back in 1995, Munger had given a talk at Harvard Business School called "The Psychology of Human Misjudgment." If you wanted to predict how people would behave, Munger said, you only had to look at their incentives. FedEx couldn't get its night shift to finish on time; they tried everything to speed it up but nothing worked - until they stopped paying night shift workers by the hour and started to pay them by the shift. Xerox created a new, better machine only to have it sell less well than the inferior older ones - until they figured out the salesmen got a bigger commission for selling the older one. "Well, you can say, 'Everybody knows that,'" said Munger. "I think I've been in the top five percent of my age cohort all my life in understanding the power of incentives, and all my life I've underestimated it. And never a year passes but I get some surprise that pushes my limit a little farther." Munger's - Author: Michael Lewis
School Awards quotes by Michael Lewis
#34. In a sense, yes, but I have another concern that is a more imminent threat that is occupying the vast majority of my prefrontal cortex."
"I'm guessing that's part of the brain."
"In rudimentary terms it's the area of the brain where we make decisions."
Brandon scrunched up his face and pressed his finger into his cheek. "What does rudimentary mean?"
"It means
"I'm kidding, Professor." Brandon laughed and punched Marcus playfully in the arm. "I did go to school for a few years, you know. - Author: James L. Rubart
School Awards quotes by James L. Rubart
#35. It is contended that those who have been bred at Eton, Harrow, Rugby, and Westminster, that the public sentiment within each of those schools is high-toned and manly; that, in their playgrounds, courage is universally admired, meanness despised, manly feelings and generous conduct are encouraged: that an unwritten code of honor deals to the spoiled child of rank, and to the child of upstart wealth an even-handed justice, purges their nonsense out of both, and does all that can be done to make them gentlemen. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
School Awards quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#36. In graduate school, I decide to write my doctoral thesis on how Italian architecture influenced English playwrights of the seventeenth century. I wonder why certain playwrights decided to set their tragedies, written in English, in Italian palaces. - Author: Jhumpa Lahiri
School Awards quotes by Jhumpa Lahiri
#37. My mother had been a grade-school teacher, and my father had an eighth-grade education. - Author: Gordon Bell
School Awards quotes by Gordon Bell

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