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#1. I studied dance at a high school arts magnet program before moving on to Miami's New World School of the Arts, and from there, I went on to study at The Juilliard School. - Author: Robert Battle
School Arts quotes by Robert Battle
#2. My mother was a high school arts teacher, so I was always surrounded by the arts. - Author: John Lasseter
School Arts quotes by John Lasseter
#3. And for the record, I'm also not related to every other Chu out there."
She sipped her water as we laughed. I thought of how in high school, everyone had assumed Ping Lu was my cousin, but no one assumed Ally Jones and Mike Jones were related. - Author: Gloria Chao
School Arts quotes by Gloria Chao
#4. If you have free universal health care and free education supported by public school taxes, then you have more bargaining power with your bosses, but if everything is privatized, and ordinary Americans have to pay for everything through their wages, then they're at the mercy of their employers. If the workers know they'll be ruined if they lost their jobs, they're not going to be uppity. You want to break their spirit. - Author: Michael Lind
School Arts quotes by Michael Lind
#5. Once this person this counselor at school, this LADY, if you know what I mean, told me that if you kept your nose to the grindstone you could be someone in the world, and I thought, Yeah someone with a fucked up nose. - Author: Robert Boswell
School Arts quotes by Robert Boswell
#6. I really like Kickstarter because you don't have to be a Medici to fund the arts and sciences or to get behind a big idea or a person that sparks your imagination. It's a type of microfunding directed toward creators. - Author: Lisa Gansky
School Arts quotes by Lisa Gansky
#7. Young people are being elected for School Boards all over the country. - Author: Birch Bayh
School Arts quotes by Birch Bayh
#8. We have a few chicken-shit senators who are afraid of the NRA and its ilk, but with the right tweaks, I still think you have a shot . . . - Author: Mark M. Bello
School Arts quotes by Mark M. Bello
#9. I first tried a novel when I was 14. First finished one when I was 16. First started working on stuff that had a chance of being salable in my early 20s, then didn't write much fiction at all because I was in grad school. - Author: Harry Turtledove
School Arts quotes by Harry Turtledove
#10. Gain confidence and you banish fear. - Author: Ed Parker
School Arts quotes by Ed Parker
#11. She drew me as a chubby rectangle. But that's cool, because Chubby Rectangle was my nickname in high school. Hey, it's better than Fats Domino. - Author: Jarod Kintz
School Arts quotes by Jarod Kintz
#12. We can do anything, or almost, but how balanced, magnanimous, and modest one has to be to do anything! And also how patient. It is as true in the arts as anywhere else. - Author: May Sarton
School Arts quotes by May Sarton
#13. A freelance life, a life in the arts, is sometimes like putting messages in bottles, on a desert island, and hoping that someone will find one of your bottles and open it and read it, and put something in a bottle that will wash its way back to you: appreciation, or a commision, or money, or love. And you have to accept that you may put out a hundred things for every bottle that winds up coming back. - Author: Neil Gaiman
School Arts quotes by Neil Gaiman
#14. I think it magnified it. For me, I wasn't sheltered so I think it was magnified. Especially when you're a teenager and you go to high school and you're in the business and you are known. - Author: Heather Matarazzo
School Arts quotes by Heather Matarazzo
#15. When I went to art school, I was just having fun. I realised that was the last chance I had, and then I would have to get a job. - Author: John Baldessari
School Arts quotes by John Baldessari
#16. To my great-grandfather I owed the advice to dispense with the education of the schools and have good masters at home instead - and to realize that no expense should be grudged for this purpose. - Author: Marcus Aurelius
School Arts quotes by Marcus Aurelius
#17. And then it developed that Campbell was not going to go unanswered after all. Poor old Derby, the doomed high school teacher, lumbered to his feet for what was probably the finest moment in his life. There are almost no characters in this story, and almost no dramatic confrontations, because most of the people in it are so sick and so much the listless playthings of enormous forces. One of the main effects of war, after all, is that people are discouraged from being characters. But old Derby was a character now. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
School Arts quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#18. When I was in high school, I was voted most likely to succeed. - Author: Sheryl Sandberg
School Arts quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#19. The disintegration of the culture starts with the artist. I'm on a crusade to turn the tide in the arts, to restore dignity to the arts and, by extension, to the culture. - Author: Thomas Kinkade
School Arts quotes by Thomas Kinkade
#20. The Enquiry in England,' Blake said, 'is not whether a man has talents and genius, but whether he is passive and polite and a virtuous ass and obedient to noblemen's opinions in arts and science. - Author: Adam Nicolson
School Arts quotes by Adam Nicolson
#21. The public schools shall be free from sectarian influences and, above all, free from any attitude of hostility to the adherents of any particular creed. - Author: Franklin D. Roosevelt
School Arts quotes by Franklin D. Roosevelt
#22. Does your height bother you?" he asked softly. "I was teased a lot as a kid," I admitted. "I felt a bit like a freak in high school, but over time, I learned to appreciate it, you know? I simply stopped listening to what others thought about me, and I found that I really liked who I was, what I was. I might not be the most desirable - " "That's - Author: Kelli Jean
School Arts quotes by Kelli Jean
#23. Acting is not a genteel profession. Actors used to be buried at a crossroads with a stake through the heart. Those people's performances so troubled the onlookers that they feared their ghosts. An awesome compliment. Those players moved the audience not such that they were admitted to a school, or received a complimentary review, but such that the audience feared for their soul. Now that seems to me something to aim for. - Author: David Mamet
School Arts quotes by David Mamet
#24. Dr. Birdsell, my dramatic coach in school, always said that I was the most melancholy Dane that he had ever directed. - Author: Donald Freed
School Arts quotes by Donald Freed
#25. Summer camp was a place where I felt like myself that wasn't like school. There were no grades, we got to try lots of new things, and I started to play guitar at camp. It was a place for acceptance and learning to be a part of a community, but also learning to be yourself. I want that for all kids, but some kids don't have the opportunity to go to camp. I want to help. - Author: Lisa Loeb
School Arts quotes by Lisa Loeb
#26. It's all arbitrary. Had Faye attended a different school. Had her parents moved away. Had Peggy been sick that day. Had she chosen a different boy. And on and on. A thousand permutations, a million possibilities, and almost all of them kept Faye from sitting here in the sand with Henry. - Author: Nathan Hill
School Arts quotes by Nathan Hill
#27. A'ohe I pau ka 'ike I ka halau ho'okahi, she said. It was a popular hula adage that meant:All knowledge is not contained in only one school. - Author: Wendy Wunder
School Arts quotes by Wendy Wunder
#28. The teachers unions are the clearest example of a group that has lost its way. Whenever anyone dares to offer a new idea, the unions protest the loudest. Their attitude was memorably expressed by a longtime president of the American Federation of Teachers: He said, quote, 'When school children start paying union dues, that's when I'll start representing the interests of children.' - Author: Albert Shanker
School Arts quotes by Albert Shanker
#29. The liberal arts do not conduct the soul all the way to virtue, but merely set it going in that direction. - Author: Seneca.
School Arts quotes by Seneca.
#30. All my life I've been a lady bruiser, a wrong chooser, school refuser, drug abuser, born loser; clothes bummy, nose runny, it wasn't funny - Author: Big L
School Arts quotes by Big L
#31. I've basically guest-starred on every show that you can imagine. I am pretty used to being the new kid in school. - Author: Lauren Bowles
School Arts quotes by Lauren Bowles
#32. With grades like hers, she ought to go there.' 'So that's where I ended up. Six years I went and I never liked it. All I could think of was getting out. And you know, I've got certificates of merit for never having ben late or missed a day of school. That's how much I hated the place. Get it?'
'No, I don't get it.'
'It's cause I hated the place so much. I wasn't going to let it beat me. - Author: Haruki Murakami
School Arts quotes by Haruki Murakami
#33. Of course, things will go wrong. Move on! Don't let the little snags affect the progress of your life.-RVM - Author: R.v.m.
School Arts quotes by R.v.m.
#34. I wanted to go to a liberal arts college, I wanted to have that experience. - Author: Mandy Patinkin
School Arts quotes by Mandy Patinkin

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