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Power intoxicates men. When a man is intoxicated by alcohol, he can recover, but when intoxicated by power, he seldom recovers. ~ James Francis
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by James Francis
I just don't drink alcohol. I never have; I never will. ~ Kat Graham
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by Kat Graham
I spent half my money on gambling, alcohol and wild women. The other half I wasted. ~ W.C. Fields
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by W.C. Fields
[On alcohol:] Total abstinence is an impossibility and ... it will not do to insist on it as a general practice ... ~ Queen Victoria
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by Queen Victoria
We think of cannabis as a drug, in accordance with international opinions. This means that even consuming small amounts can lead to very severe dependence. With alcohol or cigarettes however, sensibly limited consumption does not bear the risk of immediate addictiveness as this is the case with cannabis according to our opinion. With alcohol there surely is an element of a tradition. However, enjoyed in moderation, as supplement to a meal for example, alcohol is not something that causes immediate dependence. Still, there is a great need for prevention and information in this matter. ~ Angela Merkel
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by Angela Merkel
A normal human would be dead of alcohol poisoning by now. He wanted to drive. "Give me the keys."
He considered it and dangled the keys before me. "What do I get if I let you drive?"
I felt the weight of someone's gaze, as if a sniper had sighted my back through a rifle scope. I turned. The building loomed about thirty yards away. The double glass doors leading to the balcony swung open, and Curran walked out.
"What do I get if I let you drive, Kate?"
I grabbed the keys from his hand. "To live! ~ Ilona Andrews
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by Ilona Andrews
The stated mission at the time was simply to use the influence of the entertainment industry to do an accurate portrayal of drug and alcohol abuse. We all admit that we're not trying to censor anybody. ~ Gerald McRaney
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by Gerald McRaney
I've seen the needle
And the damage done
A little part of it in everyone
But every junkie's
Like a settin' sun. ~ Neil Young
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by Neil Young
There have been two great narcotics in European civilisation: Christianity and alcohol. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
Some people can handle alcohol. You know who you are. Some people can't handle alcohol. The police know who you are. ~ Gabriel Iglesias
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by Gabriel Iglesias
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo just signed a bill that bans powdered alcohol from the state. So if you live in New York and you're consuming powdered alcohol, your life just somehow got even worse. ~ Jimmy Fallon
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by Jimmy Fallon
Kids are going to try drugs and alcohol; that's part of society. ~ Jamie Lee Curtis
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by Jamie Lee Curtis
Teetotallers lack the sympathy and generosity of men that drink. ~ W.H. Davies
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by W.H. Davies
I'm tired of hearing sin called sickness and alcoholism a disease. It is the only disease I know of that we're spending hundreds of millions of dollars a year to spread. ~ Vance Havner
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by Vance Havner
A late arrival had the impression of lots of loud people unnecessarily grouped within a smoke-blue space between two mirrors gorged with reflections. Because, I suppose, Cynthia wished to be the youngest in the room, the women she used to invite, married or single, were, at the best, in their precarious forties; some of them would bring from their homes, in dark taxis, intact vestiges of good looks, which, however, they lost as the party progressed. It has always amazed me - the capacity sociable weekend revelers have of finding almost at once, by a purely empiric but very precise method, a common denominator of drunkenness, to which everybody loyally sticks before descending, all together, to the next level. The rich friendliness of the matrons was marked by tomboyish overtones, while the fixed inward look of amiably tight men was like a sacrilegious parody of pregnancy. Although some of the guests were connected in one way or another with the arts, there was no inspired talk, no wreathed, elbow-propped heads, and of course no flute girls. From some vantage point where she had been sitting in a stranded mermaid pose on the pale carpet with one or two younger fellows, Cynthia, her face varnished with a film of beaming sweat, would creep up on her knees, a proffered plate of nuts in one hand, and crisply tap with the other the athletic leg of Cochran or Corcoran, an art dealer, ensconced, on a pearl-grey sofa, between two flushed, happily disintegrating ladies.

At a ~ Vladimir Nabokov
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
Drink because you are happy, but never because you are miserable. ~ G.K. Chesterton
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by G.K. Chesterton
I just took some ecstasy, ain't no tellin' what the side effects could be. ~ Dr. Dre
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by Dr. Dre
It is the inability to bear dark emotions that causes many of our most significant problems, in other words, not the emotions themselves. When we cannot tolerate the dark, we try all kinds of artificial lights, including but not limited to drugs, alcohol, shopping, shallow sex, and hours in front of the television set or computer. There are no dark emotions, Greenspan says – just unskillful ways of coping with emotions we cannot bear. The emotions themselves are conduits of pure energy that want something from us: to wake us up, to tell us something we need to know, to break the ice around our hearts, to move us to act. ~ Barbara Brown Taylor
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by Barbara Brown Taylor
I'm not the type to turn to drugs and alcohol, but I do have a profound devotion to art and music - and children. ~ Rosanne Cash
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by Rosanne Cash
I can do this, I tell myself firmly. I can be attracted to him. It's just a matter of self control and possibly also getting very drunk. So I lift my glass and take several huge gulps. I can feel the bubbles surging into my head, singing happily "I'm going to be a millionaire's wife! I'm going to be a millionaire's wife!" And when I look back at Tarquin, he already looks a bit more attractive. Alcohol is obviously going to be the key to our marital status. ~ Sophie Kinsella
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by Sophie Kinsella
alcohol played the midwife ~ James Branch Cabell
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by James Branch Cabell
I meant that people will take anything that gives them a lift, whether it's alcohol or cocaine or the consciousness-expanding drugs or opiates. In Iran, until recently, they sold opium in shops legally, and they had 3,000,000 addicts in a population of 15,000,000. I don't believe that all those people were escaping from "complexes" or anything of the sort. They were simply exposed to it. ~ William S. Burroughs
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by William S. Burroughs
They call alcohol spirits, because it's the spirit turned liquid. Would you drink my soul if you knew I'd use it to get inside of you? After all, most men buy women alcohol so they can get inside them too. ~ Jarod Kintz
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by Jarod Kintz
You can have a hangover from other things than alcohol. I had one from women. ~ Raymond Chandler
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by Raymond Chandler
I have written some very strict University rules that I plan to stick to:
1. No Alcohol
2. No cigarettes
3. No Boys
4. No Going Home ~ Anna Bloom
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by Anna Bloom
Fish had already told both Wertham and Detective King that, in addition to shoving needles inside his body, he liked to soak pieces of cotton in alcohol, cram them up his rectum, and set fire to them. ~ Harold Schechter
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by Harold Schechter
When the headlines get black and foreboding, the sale of alcohol and barbiturates rises in the country, as millions try to escape from the grim realities of [such] dangers. ~ Billy Graham
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by Billy Graham
Martha: Fix the kids a drink, George. What would you like to drink, kid– kid.
Nick: Honey? what would you like?
Honey: Ohhhh, I don't know, dear, a little brandy maybe. "Never mix, never worry!"
George: Brandy? Just brandy? Simple, simple…
[George turns to Nick.]
George: What about you, em… em… em…
Nick: Bourbon on the rocks, if you don't mind.
George: Mind? I don't mind. I don't think I mind. Martha? Rubbing alcohol for you?
Martha: Sure! "Never mix, never worry! ~ Edward Albee
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by Edward Albee
How many young people, how many young people of our Europe, whom we have left empty of ideals, who do not have work ... they take drugs, alcohol, or go there to enlist in fundamentalist groups. ~ Pope Francis
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by Pope Francis
Wouldn't it be terrible if I quoted some reliable statistics which prove that more people are driven insane through religious hysteria than by drinking alcohol. ~ W.C. Fields
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by W.C. Fields
Symptoms like anxiety, depression, aggression, alcohol or drug use, are responses to physical and emotional pain that has its roots in traumatic experiences from childhood and later in life. ~ Jed Diamond
Schnapps Alcohol quotes by Jed Diamond
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