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Thus, if passionate love is like cocaine, then companionate is more like a glass of fine wine - something delicious and pleasurable, but with fewer health palpitations and less mania. ~ Elliot Aronson
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Elliot Aronson
I have done all kinds of roles, but Tony Montana's role in 'Scarface' is something I would love to play. ~ Sanjay Dutt
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Sanjay Dutt
I've had every known chemical
cocaine, booze
and tobacco is the hardest one in the world for me to quit. You watch old flicks? It's suggestion by looking at something: You see a cigarette, and it makes you want to smoke! ~ Ozzy Osbourne
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Ozzy Osbourne
I was curious, given the swimming pools of booze I've guzzled over the years - not to mention all of the cocaine, morphine, sleeping pills, cough syrup, LSD, Rohypnol ... there's really no plausible medical reason why I should still be alive. Maybe my DNA could say why. ~ Ozzy Osbourne
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Ozzy Osbourne
The ending of my experience with cocaine came in a periodic way. I would get high less frequently, I would use smaller amounts, and I would do coke for less periods of time. And that process just kept increasing and increasing until I wasn't using it at all. I didn't go on a program anywhere. I didn't join an organization or detox anywhere. I just slowly tapered off until it was gone. That was also true of my heavy pot use. I just tapered off until there was almost no use at all. And the same thing was true of drinking tons of beer. ~ George Carlin
Scarface Cocaine quotes by George Carlin
All the books I liked were basically about the same topic. White Niggers by Ingvar Ambjørnsen, Beatles and Lead by Lars Saabye Christensen, Jack by Alf Lundell, On the Road by Jack Kerouac, Last Exit to Brooklyn by Hubert Selby, Jr., Novel with Cocaine by M. Agayev, Colossus by Finn Alnaes, Lasso Round the Moon by Agnar Mykle, The History of Bestiality trilogy by Jens Bjørneboe, Gentlemen by Klas Östergren, Icarus by Axel Jensen, The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger, Humlehjertene by Ola Bauer and Post Office by Charles Bukowski.

Books about young men who struggled to fit into society, who wanted more from life than routines, more from life than a family, in short, young men who hated middle-class values and sought freedom. They travelled, they got drunk, they read and they dreamed about their life's Great Passion or writing the Great Novel.

Everything they wanted I wanted too. ~ Karl Ove Knausgaard
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Karl Ove Knausgaard
Cocaine has no edge. It is strictly a motor drug. It does not alter your perception; it will not even wire you up like the amphetamines. No pictures, no time/space warping, no danger, no fun, no edge. Any individual serious about his chemicals--a heavy hitter--would sooner take 30 No-Doz. Coke is to acid what jazz is to rock. You have to appreciate it. It does not come to you. ~ Robert Sabbag
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Robert Sabbag
powdered horn is snorted like cocaine.) ~ Elizabeth Kolbert
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Elizabeth Kolbert
My view on global warming is that it's a gigantic financial scam to funnel money to these countries that think they ostensibly are going to use to improve conditions in their country, environmentally and so on, but officials use - I guess apparently Tiger Woods did - to hire hookers, ride around in limos and in cases of some of these diplomats and some of these countries buy cocaine ... ~ Don Imus
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Don Imus
It wasn't a party that a Republican could understand
the marijuana smoke sweet on the air, the occasional cocaine sniffle, cold Mexican beer, good food, great conversation, and laughter
but a Parisian deconstructionist scholar might find it about as civilized as America gets. Or at least the one I met, who was visiting at UTEP, maintained. Somewhere along the way, he claimed, Americans had forgotten how to have a good time. In the name of good health, good taste, and political correctness from both sides of the spectrum, we were being taught how to behave. America was becoming a theme park, not as in entertainment, but as in a fascist Disneyland. ~ James Crumley
Scarface Cocaine quotes by James Crumley
Your voice is a little like cocaine. You could bottle that stuff up and sell it. ~ Kimberly Lauren
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Kimberly Lauren
There was a thing called Heaven; but all the same they used to drink enormous quantities of alcohol."
"There was a thing called the soul and a thing called immortality."
"But they used to take morphia and cocaine."
"Two thousand pharmacologists and biochemists were subsidized in A.F. 178."
"Six years later it was being produced commercially. The perfect drug."
"Euphoric, narcotic, pleasantly hallucinant."
"All the advantages of Christianity and alcohol; none of their defects."
"Take a holiday from reality whenever you like, and come back without so much as a headache or a mythology."
"Stability was practically assured. ~ Aldous Huxley
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Aldous Huxley
Drug use, once considered a private, public-health matter, was reframed through political rhetoric and media imagery as a grave threat to the national order. Jimmie Reeves and Richard Campbell show in their research how the media imagery surrounding cocaine changed as the practice of smoking cocaine came to be associated with poor blacks.35 ~ Michelle Alexander
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Michelle Alexander
Her mother had failed the fat test and now she wanted whole milk? What was next, crack cocaine and peanut M&Ms? ~ Katie Graykowski
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Katie Graykowski
Conoco will build a $75 million plant to see if a process to convert natural gas to liquid fuel is profitable. It has to be. In California, gasoline is so expensive that people are trying to run their cars on cocaine. ~ Argus Hamilton
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Argus Hamilton
Cocaine eyes won't hide your face. ~ Neil Young
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Neil Young
The whole music business in the United States is based on numbers, based on unit sales and not on quality. It's not based on beauty, it's based on hype and it's based on cocaine. It's based on giving presents of large packages of dollars to play records on the air. ~ Frank Zappa
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Frank Zappa
Despite the odium and widespread condemnation of Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, he passed with all the fanfare of a fart in a mesh sack. Medical examiners said it was a thrombotic stroke, likely exacerbated by obesity and high blood pressure. Some said cocaine and opioids had been found in his system, but these reports were never confirmed. Trump was dead, and now it was time to start glossing over his dismal legacy and perpetuating his vision, posthumously, for Making America Great Again... ~ Philip A. Becnel IV
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Philip A. Becnel IV
graffiti in the stall read: CALL DANA FOR BLOW. Colin wondered whether Dana provided fellatio or cocaine, ~ John Green
Scarface Cocaine quotes by John Green
The coke bugs were out in force, doing military manoeuvres, all jazzed up on their Bolivian marching powder. ~ Mark D. Diehl
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Mark D. Diehl
Lay off the needle drugs. The only dope worth shooting is Richard Nixon. ~ Abbie Hoffman
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Abbie Hoffman
I don't remember everything that was happening around me at the time, but gangster life was intoxicating and irresistible. It's difficult to describe the feeling. It's that jungle culture, the lion syndrome, the Tarzan tag; the invincibility, the lure of living on the edge; having not just one woman but a whole brothel on your tail; the shooting irons, the fast cars and the endless supply of cocaine. ~ Jacques Pauw
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Jacques Pauw
In fact, Saint Maxwell's received, and often accepted, applications from preschoolers slated to die criminal deaths. It was just a question of, well, the quality of the crime. You let in the cocaine overdoses; you kept out the crack overdoses. ~ Ryan North
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Ryan North
Looking at the data and at my drug use and evaluating it carefully just let me see that I wasn't special, but my drug use challenged what I thought about cocaine. Because I would accept when I would say, "What happened to that person?" and someone would say, "They started using cocaine ... they went downhill ... " I would just accept that, even though I had a different experience and all these other people had a different experience. But I would throw that out because I thought my experience was an aberration. ~ Carl Hart
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Carl Hart
The comment is abrupt, uncalled for, yet clearly important for him to get across, a way of naming himself, turning out his pockets, the way others let on in a hurry that they know Christ, or where to get cocaine. ~ Sy Safransky
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Sy Safransky
Empathy is the poor man's cocaine, and love is just a chemical by any other name ~ Eyedea
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Eyedea
Alcohol, acid, cocaine ... they were just affairs. When I met heroin it was true love. ~ Nikki Sixx
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Nikki Sixx
Sugar is responsible for a lot of deaths. Arguably more than crack cocaine. ~ Guy Ritchie
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Guy Ritchie
Jersey Shore has killed more brain cells than alcohol, cocaine, and meth combined. ~ Michel Templet
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Michel Templet
Before there was Cocaine or vodka or sex or any of that, there was fantasy. There was escape. That was my first addiction. I remember being a little kid and imagining everything different, myself different. How did I get the idea in my head at age eight that everything was better somewhere else? Why would a child have a hole inside that can't get full no matter what she does? The real world could never make me happy, so I retreated to the world inside my head. And as I grew, as the real world proved itself more and more painful, the fantasy world expanded. ~ Amy Reed
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Amy Reed
Ive never had cocaine. I work in showbusiness and no one has ever offered me cocaine. Can you believe that? It makes me worry Im not always the life and soul of the party that I feel like in my head, ~ David Mitchell
Scarface Cocaine quotes by David Mitchell
Deposit insurance has proved to be the crack cocaine of American finance. ~ Martin Mayer
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Martin Mayer
Holmes, who loathed every form of society with his whole Bohemian soul, remained in our lodgings in Baker Street, buried among his old books, and alternating from week to week between cocaine and ambition, the drowsiness of the drug, and the fierce energy of his own keen nature. ~ Arthur Conan Doyle
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
It would take me all night to tell about Old Bull Lee; let's just say now, he was a teacher, and it may be said that he had every right to teach because he spent all his time learning; and the things he learned were what he considered to be and called "the facts of life," which he learned, not only out of necessity but because he wanted to. He dragged his long, thin body around the entire United States and most of Europe and North Africa in his time, only to see what was going on.... there are pictures of him with the international cocaine set of the thirties - gangs with wild hair, leaning on one another, there are other pictures of him in a Panama hat, surveying the streets of Algiers.... He was an exterminator in Chicago, a bartender in New York, a summons-server in Newark. In Paris he sat at cafe tables, watching the sullen French faces go by. In Athens he looked up from his ouzo at what he called the ugliest people in the world. In Istanbul he threaded his way through crowds of opium addicts and rug-sellers, looking for the facts. In Chicago he planned to hold up a Turkish bath, hesitated just for two minutes too long for a drink, and, wound up with two dollars and had to make a run for it. He did all these things merely for the experience.... ~ Jack Kerouac
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Jack Kerouac
We still wading in the water ...
Cocaine, blunts, marinating in the water.
Lean and took a puff, and then she gave it to my father,
Used to take the bullets out so I could play with the revolver.
Satan serenading ever since I was a toddler,
Tell 'em talk is cheap ... niggas living for the dollar. ~ Vince Staples
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Vince Staples
Cocaine is yucky. I did it once: I was at a party; I was bored. I was like, 'Alright, I'll do a line.' Then I was just bored longer. ~ Bonnie McFarlane
Scarface Cocaine quotes by Bonnie McFarlane
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