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#1. Sometimes at night I would look out and up at the glow rising up around me through the plastic and it would just make me shudder. It reminded me of larvae. We were like pale grubs in our eggs. When I got the horrors like that, I requested a little yellow pill from the dial-a-doc and flopped down into the fuzz along with everyone else. - Author: Stevie O'Connor
Saveljic Maja quotes by Stevie O'Connor
#2. We are nothing without passion. - Author: Maja Lunde
Saveljic Maja quotes by Maja Lunde
#3. This here," he said playing with it, "is a stone, and will, after a certain time, perhaps turn into soil, and will turn from soil into a plant or animal or human being. In the past, I would have said: This stone is just a stone, it is worthless, it belongs to the world of the Maja; but because it might be able to become also a human being and a spirit in the cycle of transformations, therefore I also grant it importance. Thus, I would perhaps have thought in the past. But today I think: this stone is a stone, it is also animal, it is also god, it is also Buddha, I do not venerate and love it because it could turn into this or that, but rather because it is already and always everything - and it is this very fact, that it is a stone, that it appears to me now and today as a stone, this is why I love it and see worth and purpose in each of its veins and cavities, in the yellow, in the gray, in the hardness, in the sound it makes when I knock at it, in the dryness or wetness of its surface. There are stones which feel like oil or soap, and others like leaves, others like sand, and every one is special and prays the Om in its own way, each one is Brahman, but simultaneously and just as much it is a stone, is oily or juicy, and this is this very fact which I like and regard as wonderful and worthy of worship. - Author: Hermann Hesse
Saveljic Maja quotes by Hermann Hesse
#4. Die young, stay pretty. Blondie, right? We think of it as a modern phenomenon, the whole youth thing, but really, consider all those great portraits, some of them centuries old. Those goddesses of Botticelli and Rubens, Goya's Maja, Madame X. Consider Manet's Olympia, which shocked at the time, he having painted his mistress with the same voluptuous adulation generally reserved for the aristocratic good girls who posed for depictions of goddesses. Hardly anyone knows anymore, and no one cares, that Olympia was Manet's whore; although there's every reason to imagine that, in life, she was foolish and vulgar and not entirely hygienic (Paris in the 1860s being what it was). She's immortal now, she's a great historic beauty, having been scrubbed clean by the attention of a great artist. And okay, we can't help but notice that Manet did not choose to paint her twenty years later, when time had started doing its work. The world has always worshipped nascence. Goddamn the world. - Author: Michael Cunningham
Saveljic Maja quotes by Michael Cunningham
#5. A robot is an autonomous system which exists in the physical world, can sense its environment, and can ACT ON IT - Author: Maja J. Mataric
Saveljic Maja quotes by Maja J. Mataric
#6. Animal rights activists are actually abolitionists. They do not require larger and more spacious cages, but empty cages. - Author: Maja Vučković
Saveljic Maja quotes by Maja Vučković
#7. Money isn't everything," Eva said knowingly. "Perhaps you'll die before you can enjoy it."

"Perhaps you'll die before you've even lived," Maja countered. - Author: Karin Fossum
Saveljic Maja quotes by Karin Fossum
#8. Erica's despair has nothing to do with lack of motherly love. She loved Maja fiercely and sincerely. At the same time she felt as if she'd been invaded by an alien parasite that sucked all joy out of her and forced her into a shadow existence that had nothing in common with the life she'd lived before. - Author: Camilla Lackberg
Saveljic Maja quotes by Camilla Lackberg
#9. I needed seven hours of sleep. At least. I've always envied those who don't need much sleep. Those who wake up after five hours and are ready to preform at their best. They're the ones who really go far in life, I've heard. - Author: Maja Lunde
Saveljic Maja quotes by Maja Lunde

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