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Truth [10w]
Tell the truth and its enemies will scatter like roaches.
Inventory of a Lost Childhood
1. Lion King's Simba missing an eye
2. Conan the Barbarian missing a sword
3. Transformer missing an arm/wing/machine gun
4. Scooby-Doo missing a head
5. Star Wars' R2-D2 missing a gripping tool
6. Etch-a-Sketch missing a knob
7. Powell Peralta skateboard missing a wheel
8. Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle missing a nunchuk
9. Atari console missing a joystick
10. G.I. Joe missing in action ~ Beryl Dov
Sarabi And Simba quotes by Beryl Dov
But a day later, it was 'Prof Tim says low fat is a fraud,' when he was eating a tub of yoghurt at his desk for breakfast. He let that slide too. Until the following morning, when he and a packet of Simba salt-and-vinegar crisps walked out of the morning parade, and Mbali said, 'Prof Tim says it's the carbs that make you fat, you know,' and he couldn't take it any more and snapped: 'Prof Tim who?' And so she told him. Everything. About this Prof Tim Noakes who once got the whole fokken world eating pasta, and then he did an about face and said, no, carbs are what's making everyone obese, and he wrote a book of recipes, and now he was Mbali's big hero, 'Because it takes a great man to admit that he was wrong', and she had already lost so much weight and she had so much more energy, and it wasn't all that hard, she didn't miss the carbs because now she ate cauliflower rice and cauliflower mash and flax seed bread. Flax seed bread, for fuck's sake. ~ Deon Meyer
Sarabi And Simba quotes by Deon Meyer
A work in progress quickly becomes feral. It reverts to a wild state overnight. It is barely domesticated, a mustang on which you one day fastened a halter, but which now you cannot catch. It is a lion you cage in your study. As the work grows, it gets harder to control; it is a lion growing in strength. You must visit it every day and reassert your mastery over it. If you skip a day, you are, quite rightly, afraid to open the door to its room. You enter its room with bravura, holding a chair at the thing and shouting, Simba! ~ Annie Dillard
Sarabi And Simba quotes by Annie Dillard
So you got fired?"
"I quit."
"When I quit the Order, you told me I was besmirched."
"That's because you quit in a huff over some silliness like trying to save people's lives. I quit to maximize my earning potential. Don't you know being a hero is a losing bet? The pay is shit and people hate you for it." Luther looked at Curran. "Who is the male specimen?"
Curran offered Luther his hand. "Lennart."
Luther grabbed Curran's hand and smelled it. "Shapeshifter, feline, probably a lion, but not the run-of-the-mill African Simba. You've got an odd scent about you." He glanced at me. "Why do you always hang out with weirdos? ~ Ilona Andrews
Sarabi And Simba quotes by Ilona Andrews
I was just so excited to have a child! I held him up like he was Simba in 'The Lion King.' I wanted to sing 'The Circle of Life.' ~ Aaron Lazar
Sarabi And Simba quotes by Aaron Lazar
So, like, the master needed a hand, if you know what I mean, so I was like, "Oh chill, it's a stress thing, everyone does it. I'm flicking the bean under the table right now just to dial the tension back a little. Yes. Yes. Yes! Oh-zombie-jeebus-fuck-me-Simba-lion-king-hakuna-matata! Yes!"
The Chronicles of Abby Normal ~ Christopher Moore
Sarabi And Simba quotes by Christopher Moore
This morning, prompted by increasing concerns about terrorism, oil prices reached a record high as the cost of a barrel of crude is a whopping $44.34. Wow, it seems shocking that a product of finite supply gets more expensive the more we use it. Now the terror alert means higher oil prices, which oddly enough means higher profits for oil companies giving them more money to give to politicians whose policies may favor the oil companies such as raising the terror alert level. As Simba once told us: "It's the circle of life." ~ Jon Stewart
Sarabi And Simba quotes by Jon Stewart
Naogopa simba na meno yake siogopi mtu kwa maneno yake

(I fear a lion with his strong teeth but not a man with his words) ~ Swahili Saying
Sarabi And Simba quotes by Swahili Saying
This is Simba," Nicole said, pointing to the lion.
"Is he dangerous?" Asked Chase.
"Not really. He mauled a trainer, but nothing much. ~ Roland Smith
Sarabi And Simba quotes by Roland Smith
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