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#1. Our victimization in a way, can turn us into bullies because, the other person isn't doing something that we want and we get hurt. That way we get to bully that person and tell them basically you're a bad person for hurting me but, if you're burned all over and I give you a gentle hug and I dont know it, I'm not hurting you so to speak. It's the burns that are hurting you. - Author: Stefan Molyneux
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Stefan Molyneux
#2. The only person who can hurt you is Yourself. - Author: Dinkar Kalotra
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Dinkar Kalotra
#3. When you can identify the insecurities inside the person that is hurting you then you can begin to heal. It isn't about you. It is about their past. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#4. I'm not saying I didn't care. I cared a lot. I'm saying that when you really love someone, sometimes the things they need may hurt you, and some people are worth hurting for.
I had hurt Camila. God knows I had. But loving somebody isn't perfection and good times and laughing and making love. Love is forgiveness and patience and faith and every once in a while, it's a gut punch. That's why it's a dangerous thing, when you go loving the wrong person. When you love somebody who doesn't deserve it. You have to be with someone that deserves your faith and you have to be deserving of someone else's. It's sacred.
I have no tolerance for people that waste other people's faith in them. None at all. - Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Taylor Jenkins Reid
#5. Well, I never been to much school, you understand, but it seems to me that you're assuming something you shouldn't assume ... that God sees the world like you do; one thing at a time, from just one spot. Seems to me that he's supposed to be everywhere, know everything ... Think about that; he knows what you're feeling, how you're hurting. Feels my pain, your pain like it was his own. Hell son, the question isn't how God could care about just one person; question is, how could he not? - Author: Jim Butcher
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Jim Butcher
#6. Find something that is a happy, healthy alternative to hurting yourself, as opposed to taking a razor blade to yourself because at the end of the day, you're only hurting the most important person in the world and that's you. And you don't want to hurt that person. - Author: Andy Biersack
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Andy Biersack
#7. I think forgiveness is absolutely mandatory. When you don't forgive the only person you are hurting is yourself because you are still harboring the anger and the mental anguish. - Author: John Assaraf
Same Person Hurting You quotes by John Assaraf
#8. I'm the last person to tell you that you need a guy to make you happy. But if you're not moving on because you're afraid you'll hurt David, maybe you need to remember that you're hurting Tamani by not moving on, and you might be hurting David by not letting him move on. If
and I'm not saying you should choose him, but if
you really love Tamani, and you keep putting him off because of David, by the time you're finally ready to be with him, you may find that he's moved on. That's all I'm going to say ... - Author: Aprilynne Pike
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Aprilynne Pike
#9. Hurting a softhearted caring person would please you but loss is yours; you would have friends less one. - Author: Vikrmn
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Vikrmn
#10. No person or thing hurting you is worth you hurting yourself - Author: Lauren Jauregui
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Lauren Jauregui
#11. We are all hurting and missing people. Everyone is scared, so you can't talk about your worries because worries are everywhere. When everyone you know is on the verge of drowning, you don't stop to tell the person next to you that you don't like swimming.
You just don't. - Author: Veronica Rossi
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Veronica Rossi
#12. Her friend who treated her maid badly was not a wicked person. She behaved well towards her family ... but when it came to her maid ... she seemed to have little concern for her feelings. It occurred to Mma Ramotswe that such behaviour was no more than ignorance; an inability to understand the hopes and aspirations of others. Theat understanding ... was the beginning of all morality. If you knew how a person was feeling, if you could imagine yourself in her position, then surely it would be impossible to inflict further pain. Inflicting pain in such circumstances would be like hurting oneself. - Author: Alexander McCall Smith
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
#13. Some people walk through a hallway with covered mirrors– the hallway is lined with mirrors but there are blankets covering each of them. They go through life believing in an image of themselves that isn't real, and an image of themselves standing in the world and relative to the world, that isn't real. If you happen to be in that hallway and pull the blankets off the mirrors, they're going to think that you're hurting them; but they're actually just seeing their reflection for the first time. Sometimes the most horrendous thing a person can see, is all the hidden things inside them, the things they've covered, the things they choose not look at. And you're not hurting them, you're setting them free. - Author: C. JoyBell C.
Same Person Hurting You quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#14. Dammit, R.E.M. was right: Every single person on the planet had to take turns hurting. Sometimes all you could do was hold on to each other right until the dark spat you back out. - Author: Emily Henry
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Emily Henry
#15. What is a great success? You haven't hurt anyone? That is a great success! You haven't ignored any person? That is a great success! You haven't lied? That is a great success! You haven't deceived a person? That's a great success! And now you see how very difficult to have a real success! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#16. There is a club in this world that you do not join knowingly.

One day you are just a member.

It is "The life changing events club."

The fee to join the club is hurt beyond belief, payable in full, up front for a lifetime membership.

The benefit of the club is a new found perspective on life, and a deep understanding that you may not be happy about your current situation, but you can be happy in your current situation.

The only rule to the club is that you cannot tell anyone that you are a member.

The club does not provide a directory of its members, but when you look into a member's eye, you can tell that they too are part of the club. Members are allowed to exchange that brief eye contact that says: "I didn't know."

Being a member of this club is the last thing that anyone initially wants in their life.

Being a member of this club is the best thing that ever happens to a person in their life, and there is not a person in the club that would ever give up their membership.

If you really look and know what you are looking for you can spot the clubs members; they are the ones that provide a random act of kindness and do something for someone who can never repay them for what they have done. They are the people spreading joy and optimism and lifting people's spirits even when their own heart has been broken.

I have paid my dues; my lifetime membership arrived today, not b - Author: JohnA Passaro
Same Person Hurting You quotes by JohnA Passaro
#17. The concept that a person who has a lot holds his hand out to someone who has less, or someone who isn't hurting holds his hand out to someone who is, is simply a human trait that has nothing to do with celebrity. I am confounded at the stinginess of some institutions and some people. I'm bewildered by it. You can only put away so much stuff in your closet. - Author: Paul Newman
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Paul Newman
#18. Any passion can become an addiction; but then how to distinguish between the two? The central question is: who's in charge, the individual or their behaviour? It's possible to rule a passion, but an obsessive passion that a person is unable to rule is an addiction. And the addiction is the repeated behaviour that a person keeps engaging in, even though he knows it harms himself or others. How it looks externally is irrelevant. The key issue is a person's internal relationship to the passion and its related behaviours.

If in doubt, ask yourself one simple question: given the harm you're doing to yourself and others, are you willing to stop? If not, you're addicted. And if you're unable to renounce the behaviour or to keep your pledge when you do, you're addicted. There is, of course, a deeper, more ossified layer beneath any kind of addiction: the denial state in which, contrary to all reason and evidence, you refuse to acknowledge that you're hurting yourself or anyone else. In the denial state you're completely resistant to asking yourself any questions at all. But if you want to know, look around you. Are you closer to the people you love after your passion has been fulfilled or more isolated? Have you come more truly into who you really are or are you left
feeling hollow? - Author: Gabor Mate
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Gabor Mate
#19. < Dear Luke,
I'm sorry for coming by unannounced. You haven't been returning my texts, and a stronger man would have gotten the hint - >
Movement caught my eye. I looked at him. He was signing. Slowly. Imperfectly. Little inflections were wrong, and he got some of the ideas out of order, but he was, as best he could, reciting the letter to me.
- gotten the hint, but I'm not strong. I'm not proud. I'm in love with you, and I'm sorry for hurting you. Please let me say my piece, and then I'll leave if you want. But I'd never be able to look in a mirror if the last time we spoke was that night on the phone.
You are nothing but love and warmth and strength, and the world was a better place when you were a nurse in it. I don't know how serious things are, but if you can get back into nursing, that's what I want for you. If there's a way I can help - any way at all, big or small - please tell me. You deserve your dreams, and I was a complete ass for the things I said during our fight.
I'll never do that again. Never. If you let me in your life, I promise to listen. To always listen. To listen carefully and compassionately. I'll give you advice when you want it or help if you need it, but I will always listen.
And if you want me, a reclaimed ass who promises to do better, in your life, it would make me happy. I don't know what we'd look like in the real world, but I can't think of another person I'd rather figure things out with.
We've - Author: Peter Styles
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Peter Styles
#20. Della & I are drunk at the top of Mont-Royal. We have an open blue plastic thermos of red wine at our feet. It's the first day of spring & it's midnight & we've been peeling off layers of winter all day. We stand facing each other, as if to exchange vows, chests heaving from racing up & down the mountain to the sky. My face is hurting from smiling so much, aching at the edges of my words. She reaches out to hold my face in her hands, dirty palms form a bowl to rest my chin. I'm standing on a tree stump so we're eye to eye. It's hard to stay steady. I worry I may start to drool or laugh, I feel so unhinged from my body. It's been one of those days I don't want to end. Our goal was to shirk all responsibility merely to enjoy the lack of everyday obligations, to create fullness & purpose out of each other. Our knees are the colour of the ground-in grass. Our boots are caked in mud caskets. Under our nails is a mixture of minerals & organic matter, knuckles scraped by tree bark. We are the thaw embodied.

She says, You have changed me, Eve, you are the single most important person in my life. If you were to leave me, I would die.

At that moment, our breath circling from my lungs & into hers, I am changed. Perhaps before this I could describe our relationship as an experiment, a happy accident, but this was irrefutable. I was completely consumed & consuming. It was as though we created some sort of object between us that we coul - Author: Zoe Whittall
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Zoe Whittall
#21. What it comes down to, I believe, is that mentoring often involves telling people what they need to hear, rather than what they want to hear. When you are able to be humbly honest with someone about a situation with which you have personal experience - even if you risk angering or hurting that person - you are offering the most valuable gift of all. - Author: John Wooden
Same Person Hurting You quotes by John Wooden
#22. There's a threshold of pain, a person loses consciousness in order not to die. And there's a threshold of grief, it suddenly stops hurting. And you feel nothing. Nothing at all. - Author: Mikhail Shishkin
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Mikhail Shishkin
#23. These girls aren't wounded so much as post-wounded, and I see their sisters everywhere. They're over it. *I am not a melodramatic person.* God help the woman who is. What I'll call "post-wounded" isn't a shift in deep feeling (we understand these women still hurt) but a shift away from wounded affect---these women are aware that "woundedness" is overdone and overrated. They are wary of melodrama so they stay numb or clever instead. Post-wounded women make jokes about being wounded or get impatient with women who hurt too much. The post-wounded woman conducts herself as if preempting certain accusations: don't cry too loud, don't play victim, don't act the old role all over again. Don't ask for pain meds you don't need, don't give those doctors another reason to doubt the other women on their examination tables. Post-wounded women fuck men who don't love them and then they feel mildly sad about it, or just blase about it, more than anything they refuse to care about it, refuse to hurt about it---or else they are endlessly self-aware about the posture they have adopted if they allow themselves this hurting.

The post-wounded posture is claustrophobic. It's full of jadedness, aching gone implicit, sarcasm quick-on-the-heels of anything that might look like self-pity. I see it in female writers and their female narrators, troves of stories about vaguely dissatisfied women who no longer fully own their feelings. Pain is everywhere and nowhere. Post-wounded women know tha - Author: Leslie Jamison
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Leslie Jamison
#24. We never love a person after judging them because that's not love then, But today's life lesson is to judge a person before falling in love with that person, It's hard to trust anyone in this cruel world where all are determined to hurt you by any mean. - Author: Debolina Bhawal
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Debolina Bhawal
#25. Somehow you don't question things until you come face to face with the person and suddenly- suddenly you realize that behind all them stories it have a flesh- and- blood, breathing, feeling person who capable of hurting, yes! Well, ask her, na. Ask her if she want to garden. I think about starting a plot for the old people to have something to do. Some people say that gardening good for old people. I am proof of that! - Author: Shani Mootoo
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Shani Mootoo
#26. I stopped you because it's easier to fantasize about violence than actually perform it," she says a few minutes later. "Most people consider things they wouldn't do in real life, and there's enough visceral satisfaction in the thought to alleviate the emotion. In reality, hurting another person on purpose is not a simple task, and not everyone is up to it. - Author: Mindy McGinnis
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Mindy McGinnis
#27. It wasn't supposed to. It was just supposed to stop you from hurting yourself." "It helps - " "No it doesn't. It just pushes it away temporarily. Just like the booze." "But I need - " "You need to let yourself feel. Feel it, own it. Then move on." "You make it sound so easy." Bitterness drips from each syllable. "It's not. It's the fucking hardest thing a person can do." I smooth a damp strand out of her face and away from my mouth. "It's the hardest fucking thing. It's why we drink and do drugs and fight. It's why I play music and build engines. - Author: Jasinda Wilder
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Jasinda Wilder
#28. Do you want to know who you are, your strengths and weaknesses? Do you want to be a compassionate person who skillfully helps people who are hurting? Do you want to have such a profound trust in God that you are fortified against the disappointments of life? Do you want simply to be wise about how life goes? Those are four crucial things to have - but none of them are readily achievable without suffering. - Author: Timothy J. Keller
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Timothy J. Keller
#29. Resentment always hurts you more than it does the person you resent. While your offender has probably forgotten the offense and gone on with life, you continue to stew in your pain, perpetuating the past. Listen: those who hurt you in the past cannot continue to hurt you now unless you hold on to the pain through resentment. Your past is past! Nothing will change it. You are only hurting yourself with your bitterness. For your own sake, learn from it, and then let it go. - Author: Rick Warren
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Rick Warren
#30. ItHaving to put someone between himself and Emma made him feel sick, but the memory of the way he'd snapped at her in the entryway made him feel sicker.
It had been like watching someone else talking to the person he loved the most in the world; someone else, hurting his parabatai on purpose. He had been able to do something with his feelings while she'd ben with Mark - twist and crumple them, shove them far underneath his skin and consciousness. He had felt them there, bleeding, like a tumor slicing open his internal organs, but he hadn't been able to see them.
Now they were there again, laid out before him. It was terrifying to love someone who was forbidden to you. Terrifying to feel something you could never speak of, something that was horrible to almost everyone you knew, something that could destroy your life.
It was in some ways more terrifying to know that your feelings were unwanted. When he had thought Emma loved him back, he had not been completly alone in his hell.

Jules - Author: Cassandra Clare
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Cassandra Clare
#31. It's not easy to subdue a person bigger than you and not hurt him in the process."
"Well, I think I found your problem, then. Why don't we try hurting him? - Author: Michael J. Sullivan
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Michael J. Sullivan
#32. I never know what to tell them. I mean, there's nothing you can say to make a person stop hurting. Half the time, I just feel like telling them the truth. I'd say that for 3 months, you're going to feel worse than you've ever felt and you cope as best you can. And that after 6 months, the pain isn't so bad, but it still hurts more than you think it will. And even after years, you still find yourself thinking about the person you lost and get sad about it. And you still miss them all the time. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#33. There is no point in hating all your exes after a breakup - Because you will end up hurting yourself instead of the person whom you hate. - Author: Mwanandeke Kindembo
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Mwanandeke Kindembo
#34. Maybe it was hard before. Maybe you didn't know what to do or who to turn to. Maybe you wished and prayed for better days. Maybe it seemed like it would never end. But you survived. You survived. You did what you needed to do, and you made it. You are so much more courageous and stronger and smarter than you give yourself credit for. You are so much kinder and more compassionate than you realize. The fact that you even want to beat yourself up for how you handled your past shows that you believe you could have been a better person. Only good people feel that way. Only good people believe they could have been better. Only good people want to be better. So be good to yourself. Let it go and let yourself be better. It doesn't start with you hurting yourself; it starts with you being good to yourself. You deserve it. - Author: Emily Maroutian
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Emily Maroutian
#35. When is it enough?" he asked. "We're told to let go of the ones that don't want help. How long do we try before we step back and let them do what they want? Before it's hurting everyone else around you to keep that person around? - Author: C.L.Stone
Same Person Hurting You quotes by C.L.Stone
#36. Cruelty, whether physical or emotional, isn't normal. It may signal what psychologists call the dark triad of psychopathic, narcissistic and Machiavellian personality disorders. One out of about every 25 individuals has an antisocial personality disorder. Their prognosis for recovery is zero, their potential for hurting you about 100 percent. So don't assume that a vicious person just had a difficult childhood or a terrible day; most people with awful childhoods end up being empathetic, and most people, even on their worst days, don't seek satisfaction by inflicting pain. When you witness evil, if only the tawdry evil of a conversational stiletto twist, use your ninjutsu, wait for a distraction, then disappear. - Author: Martha N. Beck
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Martha N. Beck
#37. Sammi," Alex said, still holding on to her arm, firmly, but not hurting her. "Don't do that."
"Do what?" Sam asked a bit peevishly.
"Don't lie and tell me what you think I want to hear rather than how you really feel." After a beat where Sam didn't say anything he continued. "If you want to tell me to piss off, tell me. If I do something that hurts your feelings, tell me." His voice suddenly lowered and he took her hands in his. Sam had to lean into him to hear him over the noise of the barn.
"For the love of God, you're the only real person here. If I can't rely on you to tell me like it is, who will?" He paused. "Now, please tell me what upset you."
"It's just that….." she paused, finally continuing when Alex squeezed her hand. "I don't fit in with the other women here, and I don't want you to see me as…less…then they are."
"I don't see you as less." Alex immediately said, not even pausing to think about what he wanted to say. "We don't really know each other, but when I'm lying in my cot at night I find myself thinking about you and what you are thinking about." He brushed his knuckle over her reddening cheek and continued, "I would never intentionally insult you like that. I just have to learn how I can tease you and not have you take offense. - Author: Susan Stoker
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Susan Stoker
#38. All love, all real, life-changing love, is substitutionary sacrifice. You have never loved a broken person, you have never loved a guilty person, you have never loved a hurting person except through substitutionary sacrifice. - Author: Timothy Keller
Same Person Hurting You quotes by Timothy Keller

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