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#1. No one really knows what mattresses are meant to gain from their lives either. They are large, friendly, pocket-sprung creatures that live quiet private lives in the marshes of Sqornshellous Zeta. Many of them get caught, slaughtered, dried out, shipped out and slept on. None of them seems to mind this and all of them are called Zem. - Author: Douglas Adams
Sajt Zem quotes by Douglas Adams
#2. My name,' said the mattress, 'is Zem. We could discuss the weather a little.' Marvin paused again in his weary circular pplod. 'The dew,' he observed, 'has clearly fallen with a particularly sickening thud this morning.' He resumed his walk, as if inspired by this conversational outburst to fresh heights of gloom and despondency. He plodded tenaciously. If he had had teeth he would have gritted them at this point. He hadn't. He didn't. The mere plod said it all. The mattress flolloped around. - Author: Douglas Adams
Sajt Zem quotes by Douglas Adams
#3. I'm ambitious, Alina. I'm driven. But I hope ... I hope I still know the difference between right and wrong." He hesitated. "I offered you freedom, and I meant it. If tomorrow you decided to run back to Novyi Zem with Mal, I'd put you on a ship and let the sea take you." He held my gaze, his hazel eyes steady. "But I'd be sorry to see you go. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
Sajt Zem quotes by Leigh Bardugo

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