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#1. The musician writes for the orchestra what his inner voice sings to him; the painter rarely relies without disadvantage solely upon the images which his inner eye presents to him; nature gives him his forms, study governs his combinations of them. - Author: Hermann Ebbinghaus
Sadurski Painter quotes by Hermann Ebbinghaus
#2. But which stories do you mean, he said; and what fault do you find with them? A fault which is most serious, I said; the fault of telling a lie, and, what is more, a bad lie. But when is this fault committed? Whenever an erroneous representation is made of the nature of gods and heroes, - as when a painter paints a portrait not having the shadow of a likeness to the original. Yes, - Author: Plato
Sadurski Painter quotes by Plato
#3. And yet viewing several depictions of even an imaginary city, is enlightening in a way," Leibniz said. "Each painter can view the city from only one standpoint at a time, so he will move about the place, and paint it from a hilltop on one side, then a tower on the other, then from a grand intersection in the middle
all in the same canvas. When we look at the canvas, then, we glimpse in a small way how God understands the universe
for he sees it from every point of view at once. By populating the world with so many different minds, each with its own point of view, God gives us a suggestion of what it means to be omniscient. - Author: Neal Stephenson
Sadurski Painter quotes by Neal Stephenson
#4. I'm not a very good painter, but I'm learning a lot. - Author: Cleo Moore
Sadurski Painter quotes by Cleo Moore
#5. Bologna is celebrated for producing popes, painters, and sausage. - Author: Lord Byron
Sadurski Painter quotes by Lord Byron
#6. And if I am not mistaken here is the secret of the greatness that was Spain. In Spain it is men that are the poems, the pictures and the buildings. Men are its philosophies. They lived, these Spaniards of the Golden Age; they felt and did; they did not think. Life was what they sought and found, life in its turmoil, its fervour and its variety. Passion was the seed that brought them forth and passion was the flower they bore. But passion alone cannot give rise to a great art. In the arts the Spaniards invented nothing. They did little in any of those they practised, but give a local colour to a virtuosity they borrowed from abroad. Their literature, as I have ventured to remark, was not of the highest rank; they were taught to paint by foreign masters, but, inapt pupils, gave birth to one painter only of the very first class; they owed their architecture to the Moors, the French and the Italians, and the works themselves produced were best when they departed least from their patterns. Their preeminence was great, but it lay in another direction: it was a preeminence of character. In this I think they have been surpassed by none and equalled only by the ancient Romans. It looks as though all the energy, all the originality, of this vigorous race had been disposed to one end and one end only, the creation of man. It is not in art that they excelled, they excelled in what is greater than art--in man. But it is thought that has the last word. - Author: W. Somerset Maugham
Sadurski Painter quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#7. God thought and things came to be, in-formed: the divine thought is the complicated womb of all that is. For it's not likely that, like some painter, He conjured up an image from a similar image, having seen beforehand things which His own one mind did not write. - Author: Gregory Of Nazianzus
Sadurski Painter quotes by Gregory Of Nazianzus
#8. Art critic! Is that a profession? When I think we are stupid enough, we painters, to solicit those people's compliments and to put ourselves into their hands! What shame! Should we even accept that they talk about our work? - Author: Edgar Degas
Sadurski Painter quotes by Edgar Degas
#9. I understand what binds the sculptor to his clay, the painter to his colors, each workman to the matter he handles, and the docility and acquiescence of the matter to the movements of the one who animates it; I know the love that passes from the fingers into the folds, the holes, the swellings. Shall I abandon him? Lucien would prevent me from living. Unless his quiet tenderness, his blushing modesty, became beneath my sun of love a tiger or a lion. If he loves me, will he follow me?

What will become of him without me? - Author: Jean Genet
Sadurski Painter quotes by Jean Genet
#10. The search for this inner truth is the search for beauty. People whose vision does not penetrate beyond the narrow limits of the commonplace, and to whom a cabbage is but a vulgar vegetable, are surprised if they see a beautiful picture painted of one, and say that the artist has idealised it, meaning that he has consciously altered its appearance on some idealistic formula; whereas he has probably only honestly given expression to a truer, deeper vision than they had been aware of. The commonplace is not the true, but only the shallow, view of things.
Our moments of peace are, I think, always associated with some form of beauty, of this spark of harmony within corresponding with some infinite source without. [...]. In moments of beauty (for beauty is, strictly speaking, a state of mind rather than an attribute of certain objects [...]) we seem to get a glimpse of this deeper truth behind the things of sense. And who can say but that this sense, dull enough in most of us, is not an echo of a greater harmony existing somewhere the other side of things, that we dimly feel through them, evasive though it is - Author: Harold Speed
Sadurski Painter quotes by Harold Speed
#11. I've had shows as a painter, as a photographer, I've done shows as a sculptor. I've done a lot of different things and it all comes from experiences that you have in your life, in your creative environment. They all help - I don't even know if they help; maybe they make it worse but they all influence each other, for sure. - Author: Norman Reedus
Sadurski Painter quotes by Norman Reedus
#12. I remember when you used to have your profession on your passport and I always thought that being a painter was the best one to be, because my heroes were Goya and Francis Bacon. - Author: Damien Hirst
Sadurski Painter quotes by Damien Hirst
#13. I was 100 percent sure when I left university that I was going to be a painter. - Author: Rebecca Miller
Sadurski Painter quotes by Rebecca Miller
#14. To be an artist you have to be as much a businessman to succeed, you have to spend an equal amount of time doing business as you spend doing your craft. - Author: Debbie Harry
Sadurski Painter quotes by Debbie Harry
#15. Although the poet has as wide a choice of subjects as the painter, his creations fail to afford as much satisfaction to mankind as do paintings ... if the poet serves the understanding by way of the ear, the painter does so by the eye, which is the nobler sense. - Author: Leonardo Da Vinci
Sadurski Painter quotes by Leonardo Da Vinci
#16. Everything in creation has its appointed painter or poet and remains in bondage like the princess in the fairy tale 'til its appropriate liberator comes to set it free. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Sadurski Painter quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#17. I wonder if it's ok being a second-rate painter. - Author: W. Somerset Maugham
Sadurski Painter quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#18. My father was in the ad business, and he wanted to be a painter. - Author: Bruce Campbell
Sadurski Painter quotes by Bruce Campbell
#19. All my siblings became artists. One's a novelist, my brother is a painter, my sister was a costume designer. - Author: Caio Fonseca
Sadurski Painter quotes by Caio Fonseca
#20. Environment is a sculptor - a painter. If we had been born in Constantinople, then most of us would have said: 'There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet.' If our parents had lived on the banks of the Ganges, we would have been worshipers of Siva, longing for the heaven of Nirvana. As a rule, children love their parents, believe what they teach, and take great pride in saying that the religion of mother is good enough for them. - Author: Robert Green Ingersoll
Sadurski Painter quotes by Robert Green Ingersoll
#21. A painter can hang his pictures, but a writer can only hang himself. - Author: Edward Dahlberg
Sadurski Painter quotes by Edward Dahlberg
#22. My belief is that it is most important for an artist to develop an approach and philosophy about life - if he has developed this philosophy, he does not put paint on canvas, he puts himself on canvas. - Author: Jacob Lawrence
Sadurski Painter quotes by Jacob Lawrence
#23. The poet, the painter, the sculptor, the musician, the architect, seek each to concentrate this radiance of the world on one point, and each in his several work to satisfy the love of beauty which stimulates him to produce. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Sadurski Painter quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#24. Even that great poverty which had been and remains mine let up for a few days. I was not, as it happens, opposed to this poverty: I accepted to pay the price for not being a slave to life, to settle for the right I had assumed once and for all to not express any ideas but my own. We were not many in doing this ... Poverty passed by in the distance, made lovelier and almost justified, a little like what has been called, in the case of a painter who was one of your first friends, the blue period. It seemed the almost inevitable consequence of my refusal to behave the way almost all the others did, whether on one side or another. This poverty, whether you had the time to dread it or not, imagine it was only the other side of the miraculous coin of your existence: the Night of the Sunflower would have been less radiant without it. - Author: Andre Breton
Sadurski Painter quotes by Andre Breton
#25. One painter ought never to imitate the manner of any other; because in that case he cannot be called the child of nature, but the grandchild. It is always best to have recourse to nature, which is replete with such abundance of objects, than to the productions of other masters, who learnt everything from her. - Author: Leonardo Da Vinci
Sadurski Painter quotes by Leonardo Da Vinci
#26. It is not he who is revealed by the painter; it is rather the painter, who on the coloured canvas, reveals himself. - Author: Oscar Wilde
Sadurski Painter quotes by Oscar Wilde
#27. Pretend you are dancing or singing a picture. A worker or painter should enjoy his work, else the observer will not enjoy it. - Author: Robert Henri
Sadurski Painter quotes by Robert Henri
#28. I believe that it is important for the artist, painter, poet, dancer, etc. to keep in mind that it is the art that drives the art world and not the other way around. Artists and other people of intelligence have the power to bring deeper content to our culture. - Author: Thornton Willis
Sadurski Painter quotes by Thornton Willis
#29. To have read the greatest works of any great poet, to have beheld or heard the greatest works of any great painter or musician, is a possession added to the best things of life. - Author: Algernon Charles Swinburne
Sadurski Painter quotes by Algernon Charles Swinburne
#30. I am not a follower of Monet. I am not an admirer or follower of De Kooning. I am not an action painter. I am not an abstract expressionist. I am not younger or older. I will not take my hat off to any other artist living or dead in all the world. I know this. - Author: Milton Resnick
Sadurski Painter quotes by Milton Resnick
#31. A painter like Picasso, who runs through many periods and phases, ends up by saying all those things which are on the tip of the tongue of the age to say, and finally sterilizes the originality of his contemporaries and juniors. - Author: Norbert Wiener
Sadurski Painter quotes by Norbert Wiener
#32. It has always been difficult for historians to fully grasp the intelligence of painters. - Author: Dore Ashton
Sadurski Painter quotes by Dore Ashton
#33. A day's work is a day's work, neither more nor less, and the man or woman who does it needs a day's sustenance, a night's repose and due leisure, whether they be painter or ploughman. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
Sadurski Painter quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#34. My parents always knew that I loved music. They just didn't think I'd try to make it a career. They thought I'd be a painter or an art teacher or something like that. - Author: Benmont Tench
Sadurski Painter quotes by Benmont Tench
#35. My father was a painter and an anarchist, always getting in trouble for his performance art. - Author: Sadie Frost
Sadurski Painter quotes by Sadie Frost
#36. The painter unfolds that which has not been seen. - Author: Paul Cezanne
Sadurski Painter quotes by Paul Cezanne
#37. Advertising is corporate form of art and the goal is to make an effect. Every artist- any painter, any poet or musician sets out to create an effect, he sets a trap to catch somebody`s attention. That is the nature of art. - Author: Marshall McLuhan
Sadurski Painter quotes by Marshall McLuhan
#38. She'd come to believe that the only real crime was getting caught. - Author: Kristen Painter
Sadurski Painter quotes by Kristen Painter

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