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#1. My head is a prison I've been locked in from the start,
So if I'm treated like a criminal I might as well play the part.
(attrib: E. Tancarville) - Author: Dan Garfat-Pratt
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Garfat-Pratt
#2. The peace dividend is peace. - Author: Dan Quayle
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Quayle
#3. All I worried about was what Owings was doing to me, instead of what I was doing to him. When you start worrying about that stuff, you're going down the wrong path. - Author: Dan Gable
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Gable
#4. Are we going to talk about this?" she asked. "You might want to avoid Aaron for a couple days." "That was already the plan," Dan said. "What the hell is going on?" "I'm doing what you asked me to do," Neil said. "I'm fixing them." "That's not what it looked like." Neil shrugged, poked his noodles, and restarted the timer. "If a bone isn't healing straight, you have no choice but to break it. They'll be fine." Matt leaned against the doorframe and arched a brow at Neil. "That's not exactly reassuring. From you 'fine' could mean anything from 'I'm going to hitchhike across the state' to 'I'm beaten to a bloody pulp but I can still hold a racquet'." "Did you bet on them?" Neil asked. Realizing Matt couldn't follow his train of thought, he said, "Aaron and Katelyn." "Everyone except Andrew bet on them," Matt said. "It's not a matter of them working out. It's a matter of when." Neil considered that. "Then they'll be fine. - Author: Nora Sakavic
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Nora Sakavic
#5. I start with an image, then I go from the image toward exploring the situation. Then I write a scene, and from the scene I find the character, from the character I find the larger plot. It's like deductive reasoning - I start with the smaller stuff and work backward. - Author: Dan Chaon
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Chaon
#6. History had a way of playing cruel tricks on those who chased it. - Author: Dan Brown
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Brown
#7. Another stereotype I spent a lot of time batting down: that Christians were all spittle-spewing hatemongers. I met a few of those in my travels, of course, but they struck me as a distinct minority. Wonbo and I - two nonreligious New Yorkers, one of them gay, the other gay-friendly - were never treated with anything short of respect. Often, in fact, what we found was kindness, hospitality, and curiosity. Yes, people would always ask whether we were believers, but when we said no, there were never gasps or glares. They may have thought we were going to hell, but they were perfectly nice about it. - Author: Dan Harris
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Harris
#8. I am a proud Zionist. I can tell you about every blossom that grows in this land. I know the history and the Bible. - Author: Dan Shechtman
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Shechtman
#9. How simple life is. It's as simple as this: you're hungry and you eat, you're full and you shit. Between eating and shitting, that's where human life is found. - (Houseboy + Maid, in Tales from Djakarta) - Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Pramoedya Ananta Toer
#10. This planet is a divine school, and daily life a classroom. Our choice of teachers depends on what we need to learn. - Author: Dan Millman
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Millman
#11. The major problem is quite simply one of grammar, and the main work to consult in this matter is Dr. Dan Streetmentioner's Time Traveller's Handbook of 1001 Tense Formations. It will tell you for instance how to describe something that was about to happen to you in the past before you avoided it by time-jumping forward two days in order to avoid it. The event will be described differently according to whether you are talking about it from the standpoint of your own natural time, from a time in the further future, or a time in the further past and is further complicated by the possibility of conducting conversations whilst you are actually travelling from one time to another with the intention of becoming your own father or mother. - Author: Douglas Adams
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Douglas Adams
#12. No matter how good things are, there will always be solitary nights you spend in your bedroom or car or in a party full of your closest friends when it feels like the walls are caving in. - Author: Dan Campbell
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Campbell
#13. I guess my idea of a good audience is one that's quiet and listens, but also that's alive: they respond, they're getting the jokes, they're with me. And that' s been happening. - Author: Dan Hicks
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Hicks
#14. There is a God after all. And She watches out for Her own." Dan - Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
#15. Every night, half an hour before curtain up, the bells of St. Malachy's, the Actors' Chapel on New York's 49th Street, peal the tune of 'There's No Business Like Show Business.' If you walk the streets of the theatre district before a show and see the vast, enthusiastic lines it sounds like a calling: there is certainly no place like Broadway. - Author: Dan Stevens
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Stevens
#16. They told me how men made laws that allowed them to discriminate, segregate, and incarcerate without due process. Men are still writing those same laws today. They might wrap them in a different flag, but we can see that swastika underneath. - Author: Dan Skinner
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Skinner
#17. We all have to escape from this thing called life sometimes. Maybe we use substances to do it. Maybe we use religion. Maybe we use exercise. Maybe we use anger. But we all have to do it. *How* we do it is what defines us. - Author: Dan Pearce
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Pearce
#18. How sad that we often diminish our best gifts by struggling valiantly to develop in someone else's area of ability. It is better to focus on your uniqueness and do that with excellence than to end up with mediocrity in several areas. - Author: Dan Miller
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Miller
#19. This is the story of the end of the world, the rise and fall of human civilization, the creation of the Partials and the death of everything else. - Author: Dan Wells
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Wells
#20. For me, my discomfort with gay weddings was articulated by a close friend, who observed that gay people getting married is like retarded people getting together to give each other PhDs. It doesn't make them smarter, and it doesn't make us married. - Author: Dan Savage
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Savage
#21. While some of us act without thinking, too many of us think without acting. - Author: Dan Millman
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Millman
#22. Mobs have passions, not brains. - Author: Dan Simmons
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Simmons
#23. John Boehner is a friend. - Author: Dan Webster
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Webster
#24. Don't trust people who tell you other people's secrets. - Author: Dan Howell
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Howell
#25. You've become bored to things because they exist only as names to you. The dry concepts of mind obscure your direct perception. - Author: Dan Millman
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Millman
#26. The humor is essentially dark for a cartoon and sophisticated. But at the same time, being a cartoon gives the writers more freedom than in a normal sitcom. It always pushes the line that, despite human failings, the Simpsons are really decent people. - Author: Dan Castellaneta
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Castellaneta
#27. Putting is not an art, it's a dreaded evil. No wise man ever said that. - Author: Dan Jenkins
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Jenkins
#28. May the stars carry your sadness away, may the flowers fill your heart with beauty, may hope forever wipe away your tears. - Author: Chief Dan George
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Chief Dan George
#29. Hello, Kanta. They're saying interesting things about you on the news," she said. "I wondered if you'd survived."
"He didn't," I said. "I killed him."
"I killed Mkhai, too," I said. "Tens of thousands of years, gone in the blink of an eye."
"Why are you telling me this?" asked the voice.
"Because you're next," I said. "I'm the demon slayer. Come and get me. - Author: Dan Wells
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Wells
#30. I never could figure out how those people like Bukowski could be both carousers and writers at the same time, because to me writing takes as much destructive energy as it takes to be a really good professional drunk. - Author: Dan Chaon
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Chaon
#31. We rely on editors of blogs or websites and television stations to supply us these images, and the filter is becoming very thin and very porous. The ratings race for TV and websites is incredibly fierce, and one of the ways of getting people to watch is through graphic violent images. - Author: Dan Gilroy
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Gilroy
#32. They say California's the big burrito; Texas is a big taco right now. We want to follow that through. Florida is a big tamale. - Author: Dan Rather
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Rather
#33. I could take this home, Marilyn. This is something teenage boys might find of interest. - Author: Dan Quayle
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Quayle
#34. Those of you watching and listening, get a cup of coffee or a spot of tea and join us back here in just a few moments. - Author: Dan Rather
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Rather
#35. We pick up the pieces, Donna. Some of them are broken. - Author: Dan Abnett
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Abnett
#36. The only way to see a movie is in a big theater, on a big screen, with a big bag of popcorn. - Author: Dan Glickman
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Glickman
#37. Most clients expect experience design to be a discrete activity, solving all their problems with a single functional specification or a single research study. It must be an ongoing effort, a process of continually learning about users, responding to their behaviors, and evolving the product or service. - Author: Dan Brown
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Brown
#38. Want to hear a sad story about the Dukakis campaign? The governor of Massachusetts, he lost his top naval advisor last week. His rubber ducky drowned in the bathtub. - Author: Dan Quayle
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Quayle
#39. Amy turned to Nellie. "Can you create a diversion to draw the clerk outside?"
The au pair was wary. "What kind of diversion?"
"You could pretend to be lost," Dan proposed. "The guy comes out to give you directions, and we slip inside."
"That's the most sexist idea I've ever heard," Nellie said harshly. "I'm female, so I have to be clueless. He's male, so he's got a great sense of direction."
"Maybe you're from out of town," Dan suggested. "Wait–you are from out of town."
Nellie stashed their bags under a bench and set Saladin on the seat with a stern "You're the watchcat. Anybody touches those bags, unleash your inner tiger."
The Egyptian Mau surveyed the street uncertainly. "Mrrp."
Nellie sighed. "Lucky for us there's no one around. Okay, I'm going in there. Be ready."
The clerk said something to her–probably May I help you? She smiled apologetically. "I don't speak Italian."
"Ah–you are American." His accent was heavy, but he seemed eager to please. "I will assist you." He took in her black nail polish and nose ring. "Punk, perhaps, is your enjoyment?"
"More like a punk/reggae fusion," Nellie replied thoughtfully. "With a country feel. And operatic vocals."
The clerk stared in perplexity.
Nellie began to tour the aisles, pulling out CDs left and right. "Ah–Artic Monkeys–that's what I'm talking about. And some Bad Brains–from the eighties. Foo Fighters–I'll need a couple from those guys. And don't forget Linkin Par - Author: Gordon Korman
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Gordon Korman
#40. written in pencil in the sealed railway car

here in this carload
I am eve
with abel my son
if you see my older son
cain son of adam
tell him that I - Author: Dan Pagis
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Pagis
#41. Republicans are now saying that Dan Rather should lose his job because he misled the country with bogus information. Which is odd because the Democrats are saying the exact same thing about President Bush. - Author: Jay Leno
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Jay Leno
#42. Waking from nightmares.
Angel's voices pull me up.
Leave the wolves behind. - Author: Dan Gemeinhart
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Gemeinhart
#43. The true value of having Florida Virtual School in this mix is that it creates a gold standard for all providers to meet if they hope to compete for Florida students. This program raises the bar for everybody, even the traditional public schools. And that benefits all our children. - Author: Dan Webster
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Webster
#44. I was raised Jewish and bar mitzvahed. - Author: Dan Futterman
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Futterman
#45. Mere Morality can be summarized as: using instinct, law, and reason as guides, try to act with the intention of minimizing harm. - Author: Dan Barker
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Barker
#46. Consciousness is not in the body; the body is in consciousness. And you are that consciousness. - Author: Dan Millman
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Millman
#47. Once you feel like you can safely quit a melody, you are free to explore more important things. - Author: Dan Bejar
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Bejar
#48. Freethought is respectable. Freethought is crucial. Freethought needs to be publicized. - Author: Dan Barker
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Dan Barker
#49. The idea that I have to be on the same side of the fence as Dan Quayle is cruelly depressing to me, but the truth is, I believe in family values. - Author: Harold Prince
Sabar Dan Shalat quotes by Harold Prince

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