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I will here give a brief sketch of the progress of opinion on the Origin of Species. Until recently the great majority of naturalists believed that species were immutable productions, and had been separately created. This view has been ably maintained by many authors. Some few naturalists, on the other hand, have believed that species undergo modification, and that the existing forms of life are the descendants by true generation of pre existing forms. Passing over allusions to the subject in the classical writers (Aristotle, in his "Physicae Auscultationes" (lib.2, cap.8, s.2), after remarking that rain does not fall in order to make the corn grow, any more than it falls to spoil the farmer's corn when threshed out of doors, applies the same argument to organisation; and adds (as translated by Mr. Clair Grece, who first pointed out the passage to me), "So what hinders the different parts (of the body) from having this merely accidental relation in nature? as the teeth, for example, grow by necessity, the front ones sharp, adapted for dividing, and the grinders flat, and serviceable for masticating the food; since they were not made for the sake of this, but it was the result of accident. And in like manner as to other parts in which there appears to exist an adaptation to an end. Wheresoever, therefore, all things together (that is all the parts of one whole) happened like as if they were made for the sake of something, these were preserved, having been appropriately constit ~ Charles Darwin
Saadati Origin quotes by Charles Darwin
Every mind has its particular standard of good and bad, and of right and wrong. This standard is made by what one has experienced through life, by what one has seen or heard; it also depends upon one's belief in a certain religion, one's birth in a certain nation and origin in a certain race. But what can really be called good or bad, right or wrong, is what comforts the mind and what causes it discomfort. It is not true, although it appears so, that it is discomfort that causes wrongdoing. In reality, it is wrongdoing which causes discomfort, and it is right-doing which gives comfort. ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan
Saadati Origin quotes by Hazrat Inayat Khan
The anarchist and the Christian have a common origin. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Saadati Origin quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
Working on my book about refugees, I learned a great deal about trauma and recover, and with the help of the people I spoke with developed what I called "a healing package of treatments." These treatments could be medical interventions from Western doctors, traditional medicines from the refugee's culture of origin, or basic pleasures. For example, a common healing package for a refugee family included going to city parks, cooking foods from their homelands, and meeting people who spoke their language.

All of us can create our own healing packages by thinking about that which makes us feel healthy, calm, and happy. We can write our own prescriptions for health that include nutrition and exercise, relationships, things we enjoy, and gratitude. ~ Mary Pipher
Saadati Origin quotes by Mary Pipher
Marx's scientific Messianism is itself of bourgeois origin. Progress, the future of science, the cult of technology and
of production, are bourgeois myths, which in the nineteenth century became dogma. ~ Albert Camus
Saadati Origin quotes by Albert Camus
His own opinion, which he does not air, is that the origin of speech lie in song, and the origins of song in the need to fill out with sound the overlarge and rather empty human soul. ~ J.M. Coetzee
Saadati Origin quotes by J.M. Coetzee
The genetic theory of homosexuality has been generally discarded today ... Despite the interest in possible hormone mechanisms in the origin of homosexuality, no serious scientist today suggests that a simple cause-effect relationship applies. ~ William H. Masters
Saadati Origin quotes by William H. Masters
Obscure as still remains the origin of that 'genre' of romance to which the tales before us belong, there is little doubt that their models, if not their originals, were once extant at Constantinople. ~ Joseph Jacobs
Saadati Origin quotes by Joseph Jacobs
No animal that massive could be so quiet. But if he was no ordinary animal, if he was of Prythian origin, if he was somehow a faerie, then being eaten was the least of my concerns. If he was a faerie, I should already be running. ~ Sarah J. Maas
Saadati Origin quotes by Sarah J. Maas
I have said that poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity: the emotion is contemplated till, by a species of reaction, the tranquillity gradually disappears, and an emotion, kindred to that which was before the subject of contemplation, is gradually produced, and does itself actually exist in the mind. ~ William Wordsworth
Saadati Origin quotes by William Wordsworth
Every new social structure strives to come up with some kind of mythology of divine origin for its values and aims. ~ Zsuzsanna Budapest
Saadati Origin quotes by Zsuzsanna Budapest
Finally, let us not forget the religious character of our origin. Our fathers were brought hither by their high veneration for the Christian religion. They journeyed by its light, and labored in its hope. They sought to incorporate its principles with the elements of their society, and to diffuse its influence through all their institutions, civil, political, or literary. Let us cherish these sentiments, and extend this influence still more widely; in full conviction that that is the happiest society which partakes in the highest degree of the mild and peaceful spirit of Christianity. ~ Daniel Webster
Saadati Origin quotes by Daniel Webster
Contrary to what certain governments say, human rights are universal. Arbitrary detention, torture and discrimination hurt the human dignity of anybody, whatever his or her country of origin, religion, descent, or any other ground. ~ Shirin Ebadi
Saadati Origin quotes by Shirin Ebadi
Above all, Alzheimer wanted the medical world to recognize that mental illnesses have an undeniable material component. There was an obvious political reason for taking such a position because it could then be established that dementia-like conditions are not part of the spiritual/theological domain, but undeniably biological in origin and therefore not attributable with moral implications. ~ Margaret M. Lock
Saadati Origin quotes by Margaret M. Lock
If one's interest is not in some global question about the possibility of knowledge, but about some particular mechanism or inferential tendency, this fact about our evolutionary origin is of no use at all in addressing questions about reliability. ~ Hilary Kornblith
Saadati Origin quotes by Hilary Kornblith
Most of us assume as a matter of common sense that space is nothing, that it's not important and has no energy. But as a matter of fact, space is the basis of existence. How could you have stars without space? Stars shine out of space and something comes out of nothing just in the same way as when you listen, in an unprejudiced way, you hear all sounds coming out of silence. It is amazing. Silence is the origin of sound just as space is the origin of stars, and woman is the origin of man. If you listen and pay close attention to what is, you will discover that there is no past, no future, and no one listening. You cannot hear yourself listening. You live in the eternal now and you are that. It is rally extremely simple, and that is the way it is. ~ Alan W. Watts
Saadati Origin quotes by Alan W. Watts
When Southern people tell us they are no more responsible for the origin of slavery than we are, I acknowledge the fact. When it is said that the institution exists, and that it is very difficult to get rid of it in any satisfactory way, I can understand and appreciate the saying. ~ Abraham Lincoln
Saadati Origin quotes by Abraham Lincoln
The poet, in the novelty of his images, is always the origin of language. ~ Gaston Bachelard
Saadati Origin quotes by Gaston Bachelard
The art of revolutionizing and overturning states is to undermine established customs, by going back to their origin, in order to mark their want of justice. ~ Blaise Pascal
Saadati Origin quotes by Blaise Pascal
I think of the universe as an engine. Perhaps we are a very small, yet very important part of this engine. What this engine drives - its purpose for expanding and contracting - that's what I'm curious about. It's unlikely that human beings are even capable of understanding purpose; like a tiny cell in our body, it has no idea why it functions, it simply does. ~ Aaron B. Powell
Saadati Origin quotes by Aaron B. Powell

1. What do you think of the movie/restaurant/party?
2. Tell me about the best vacation you've ever taken.
3. What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
4. If you could replay any moment in your life, what would it be?
5. What one thing would you really like to own? Why?
6. Tell me about one of your favorite relatives.
7. What was it like in the town where you grew up?
8. What would you like to come back as in your next life?
9. Tell me about your kids.
10. What do you think is the perfect age? Why?
11. What is a typical day like for you?
12. Of all the places you've lived, tell me about the one you like the best.
13. What's your favorite holiday? What do you enjoy about it?
14. What are some of your family traditions that you particularly enjoy?
15. Tell me about the first car you ever bought.
16. How has the Internet affected your life?
17. Who were your idols as a kid? Have they changed?
18. Describe a memorable teacher you had.
19. Tell me about a movie/book you've seen or read more than once.
20. What's your favorite restaurant? Why?
21. Tell me why you were named ______. What is the origin of your last name?
22. Tell me about a place you've visited that you hope never to return to.
get over your mom's good intentions.
23. What's the best surprise you've ever received?
24. What's the neatest surprise you've ev ~ Debra Fine
Saadati Origin quotes by Debra Fine
When Maimonides says that the Messiah will come but that 'he may tarry,' we see the origin of every Jewish shrug from Spinoza to Woody Allen. ~ Christopher Hitchens
Saadati Origin quotes by Christopher Hitchens
Peter and the deer herd ranged over the forest together, and without words, Peter told the deer about his new life at the Palace, amongst people. The scents that lingered on him told a hundred stories. His expressions and movements too, echoed foreign influences. And in Peter's eyes, the story was told plainly. They sensed that he had grown not just physically, but in his being he was bigger, more mature.
The deer wanted the Wild Boy to return to the Enchanted Forest with them, but they were uncertain he would come. They called him by his forest name, and he replied, "Peter." The strangeness of this intonation puzzled them. ~ Christopher Daniel Mechling
Saadati Origin quotes by Christopher Daniel Mechling
The origin of nursing started out with prostitutes, who would go care for people in jail. That was back when nobody wanted to go to the hospital because it was basically a place that you went to die. It started progressing with the visiting nurses in the South. The women started wearing these outfits to make it look like they were more sophisticated and so that they could be more respected. They started recruiting women from good education backgrounds because they wanted to make it a more respected profession. ~ Eve Hewson
Saadati Origin quotes by Eve Hewson
There's a lot I have learned in the past year. The origin of true happiness is one of them. I never thought I could grow into the person I am now, especially after the things I've had to overcome. I didn't believe I deserved happiness or a happily ever after, yet here I am with both. I love my life and I love my family more than I could have ever imagined. ~ Dawn Robertson
Saadati Origin quotes by Dawn  Robertson
Every form seems to be derived from another, all figures being derived from Alif which is originally derived from a dot and represents zero, nothingness (In Arabic the zero is written as a dot.) It is that nothingness which creates the first form Alif. It is natural for everyone when writing to make a dot as soon as the pen touches the paper, and the letters forming the words hide the origin. In like manner the origin of the One Being is hidden in His manifestation. ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan
Saadati Origin quotes by Hazrat Inayat Khan
Laws, however divine in origin and institution, would be found of little coercion among men, were the administration of them not committed to mortals. ~ Norm MacDonald
Saadati Origin quotes by Norm MacDonald
The origin of sorrow is this: to wish for something that does not come to pass. ~ Epictetus
Saadati Origin quotes by Epictetus
The branch might seem like the fruit's origin:
In fact, the branch exist because of the fruit. ~ Rumi
Saadati Origin quotes by Rumi
How do we know that?" Lucy was frowning. "By inference. She did not attach a piece of paper to a blanket with a bare pin and wrap the blanket around the baby. Mr. Goodwin found a tray half full of safety pins in her house. But he found no rubber-stamp kit and no stamp pad, and one was used for the message on the paper. The inference is not conclusive, but it is valid. I am satisfied that on May twentieth Ellen Tenzer delivered the baby to someone, either at her house or, more likely, at a rendezvous elsewhere. She may or may not have known that its destination was your vestibule. I doubt it; but she knew too much about its history, its origin, so she was killed. ~ Rex Stout
Saadati Origin quotes by Rex Stout
The two [Greco-Roman and Latin] worlds also had enough unifying elements, however, to be considered a single continent. First of all, both the East and the West were the heirs to the Bible and to the ancient Church, which in both worlds refer beyond themselves to an origin that lies outside today's Europe, namely in Palestine. Secondly, both shared the idea of the Roman Empire and of the essential nature of the Church, and therefore of law and legal instruments. The last factor I would mention is monasticism, which throughout the great upheavals of history continued to be the indispensable bearer not only of cultural continuity but above all of fundamental religious and moral values, of the ultimate guidance of humankind. As a pre-political and supra-political force, monasticism was also the bringer of ever-welcome and necessary rebirths of culture and civilization. ~ Pope Benedict XVI
Saadati Origin quotes by Pope Benedict XVI
In short, the alphabet was the origin of all man's knowledge, and of all his errors. ~ Voltaire
Saadati Origin quotes by Voltaire
The uniformity of the earth's life, more astonishing than its diversity, is accountable by the high probability that we derived, originally, from some single cell, fertilized in a bolt of lightning as the earth cooled. It is from the progeny of this parent cell that we take our looks; we still share genes around, and the resemblance of the enzymes of grasses to those of whales is a family resemblance. ~ Lewis Thomas
Saadati Origin quotes by Lewis Thomas
It is found by experience that admirable laws and right precedents among the good have their origin in the misdeeds of others. ~ Tacitus
Saadati Origin quotes by Tacitus
Abolish slavery tomorrow, and not a sentence or syllable of the Constitution need be altered. It was purposely so framed as to give no claim, no sanction to the claim, of property in man. If in its origin slavery had any relation to the government, it was only as the scaffolding to the magnificent structure, to be removed as soon as the building was completed. ~ Frederick Douglass
Saadati Origin quotes by Frederick Douglass
Not everything in man's life is summed up in the problem of food. Anyone who thinks that a civilization can be founded on bread alone makes a great mistake. No matter how much bread there is, it cannot produce a man: it can only nourish him. Life exists before food. Man's life comes from the very origin of life. Therefore civilization does not follow the forms of production. All social life follows the action of life. ~ Toyohiko Kagawa
Saadati Origin quotes by Toyohiko Kagawa
Individual events. Events beyond law. Events so numerous and so uncoordinated that, flaunting their freedom from formula, they yet fabricate firm form. ~ John Archibald Wheeler
Saadati Origin quotes by John Archibald Wheeler
It can therefore be said that, from the viewpoint of the doctrine of the faith, there are no difficulites in explaining the origin of man, in regard to the body, by means of the theory of evolution. ~ Pope John Paul II
Saadati Origin quotes by Pope John Paul II
Come here, Amanda." His voice was a low scrape of sound.
"Oh, I can't," she said unsteadily. "I-I think you should go now."
Jack leaned forward and caught her wrist gently in his fingers. "I won't hurt you," he whispered. "I won't do anything that you don't like. But before I leave you this evening, I'm going to hold you in my arms."
Confusion and desire swirled inside her, making her feel unanchored, helpless. She let him pull her forward until her short limbs rested stiffly against his much longer ones. He ran a large palm down her back, and she could feel a trail of sensation in its wake. His skin was hot, as if a fire burned right beneath the smooth golden surface.
Her breath shortened, and she closed her eyes, shivering, luxuriating in the feeling of being warm all the way down to her bones. For the first time in her life, she let her head fall into the waiting crook of a man's arm, and stared up at his shadowed face.
As he felt the trembling of her limbs, he made a crooning sound and cuddled her closer. "Don't be afraid, mhuirnin. I won't hurt you."
"What did you call me?" she asked in bewilderment.
He smiled down at her. "A small endearment. Did I neglect to mention that I'm half Irish?"
That explained his accent, the neat cultured tones tempered with a sort of musical softness that must be Celtic in origin. ~ Lisa Kleypas
Saadati Origin quotes by Lisa Kleypas
It is certain that no culture can flourish without narratives of transcendent origin and power ~ Neil Postman
Saadati Origin quotes by Neil Postman
When your heart overfloweth broad and full like the river, a blessing and a danger to the lowlanders: there is the origin of your virtue. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Saadati Origin quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
The Saxon/Norman origin of liberal democracy in the English-speaking world is the key to understanding why the discoveries of sociobiology have appeared to be so congenitally politically controversial. ~ Mitchell Heisman
Saadati Origin quotes by Mitchell Heisman
Humanity is a kind of animal, inextricably connected with other animals: in origin and in descent, in sickness and in health. ~ David Quammen
Saadati Origin quotes by David Quammen
The persecuting spirit has its origin ... in the assumption that one's own opinions are infallibly correct. ~ John Fiske
Saadati Origin quotes by John Fiske
The real explanation of this failure of Hindu-Muslim unity lies in the failure to realize that what stands between the Hindus and Muslims is not a mere matter of difference, and that this antagonism is not to be attributed to material causes. It is formed by causes which take their origin in historical, religious, cultural and social antipathy, of which political antipathy is only a reflection. These form one deep river of discontent which, being regularly fed by these sources, keeps on mounting to a head and overflowing its ordinary channels. Any current of water flowing from another source however pure, when it joins it, instead of altering the colour or diluting its strength becomes lost in the main stream. The silt of this antagonism which this current has deposited, has become permanent and deep. So long as this silt keeps on accumulating and so long as this antagonism lasts, it is unnatural to expect this antipathy between Hindus and Muslims to give place to unity. ~ B.R. Ambedkar
Saadati Origin quotes by B.R. Ambedkar
The Latin words humus, soil/earth, and homo, human being, have a common derivation, from which we also get our word 'humble.' This is the Genesis origin of who we are: dust - dust that the Lord God used to make us a human being. If we cultivate a lively sense of our origin and nurture a sense of continuity with it, who knows, we may also acquire humility. ~ Eugene H. Peterson
Saadati Origin quotes by Eugene H. Peterson
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