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#1. In Europe, his contacts apologized and said there was nothing they could do. They would keep trying, but no one was listening. Rwanda had no oil or strategic interest, no diamonds or gold. - Author: Naomi Benaron
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Naomi Benaron
#2. The genocide [in Rwanda] was not a spontaneous eruption of tribal hatred, it was planned by people wanting to keep power. There was a long government-led hat campaign against the Tutsis. - Author: Jonathan Glover
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Jonathan Glover
#3. For new atheists, the science is settled, the data is conclusive and the book (no, not the "Good Book") has been written. Time for everyone else to pack up and move on to other business, like, presumably, accumulating wealth and fulminating at the sight of the nearest Christmas tree. The militant atheist wants nothing more than to spoil the believer's spiritual journey. That's both mean-spirited and radically unenlightened. Though more than 95% of the world finds some meaning in faith, God-hating comic Bill Maher shrugs this off as a "neurological disorder." His version of a quest for knowledge was a series of scathing jokes at the faithfuls' expense in the documentary "Religulous." The latest incarnation of the thought-eschewing secularist is American Atheists spokesman Dave Silverman, who sums up the argument this way on "Religion is my bitch." He has also tweeted, "Yes it is a myth. Deal with it. All delusions are myths." It's these snarky and condescending rejections, not of faith itself but of those who profess it, that reflect a total unwillingness to learn something new about human nature, the world around us and even of science itself. While the neo-atheists pay only cursory attention to dismantling arguments for God, they spend most of their time painting his followers as uncultured rubes. The fact that religion has inexplicably persisted, even despite Copernicus, Darwin and the Enlightenment, doesn't seem to have much sociological meaning for them. - Author: S.E. Cupp
Rwandan Genocide quotes by S.E. Cupp
#4. If I could bottle that smile, I would. The world deserves to see it. Find a way to use it to power a nation, release it into the world to help the victims of the Rwandan genocide a few years back. His smile could solve so many problems. - Author: Kosoko Jackson
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Kosoko Jackson
#5. I promised never to let the Rwandan Genocide die because I knew the Rwandans didn't have much power internationally and certainly didn't have the resources. I felt it was my duty having witnessed it, and having stayed to witness it, that I had to talk about it and keep it going. - Author: Romeo Dallaire
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Romeo Dallaire
#6. It always bothers me when I hear Rwanda's genocide described as a product of "ancient tribal hatreds." I think this is an easy way for Westerners to dismiss the whole thing as a regrettable but pointless bloodbath that happens to primitive brown people. - Author: Paul Rusesabagina
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Paul Rusesabagina
#7. This year marks 20 years since the Rwandan genocide
the world's greatest humanitarian tragedy of the late 20th century. The international community had pledged 'never again' in the aftermath of the genocide in the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda in the 1990s. Yet, we are witnessing today a different type of humanitarian disaster unfolding in Syria and Iraq. - Author: Park Geun-hye
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Park Geun-hye
#8. The UN lacked the ability to act without the support of its more powerful members, notably the United States. The American government wanted to avoid a repetition of its unsuccessful intervention in Somalia, in which thirty American troops were killed. President Clinton issued a directive on UN military conditions. The operations would also have to be directly relevant to American interests. These conditions excluded American support for UN intervention to stop the genocide [in Rwanda]. - Author: Jonathan Glover
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Jonathan Glover
#9. Like a child in new boots leaping from puddle to puddle, this view sees history as leapfrogging from one bloodbath to the next, from World War One to World War Two to the Cold War, from the Armenian genocide to the Jewish genocide to the Rwandan genocide, from Robespierre to Lenin to Hitler. - Author: Yuval Noah Harari
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#10. The truth is not believable to someone who has not lived it in his muscles. - Author: Jean Hatzfeld
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Jean Hatzfeld
#11. All truth-seekers should study the genocide that was the Holocaust and ask themselves how on Earth this event was 'allowed' to occur, keeping in mind allowed is the correct term as there was no shortage of witnesses, including those all over Europe who stood by and did nothing to intervene. If those bystanders hadn't just stood by, perhaps the history books would tell a different story. - Author: James Morcan
Rwandan Genocide quotes by James Morcan
#12. As other (previously lost) eyewitness accounts verifying Hitler's and the Nazis' detailed plans to annihilate the Jewish people are recovered by historians each passing decade, Holocaust deniers' attempts to defend the Third Reich against accusations of genocide become more and more feeble. No, make that more and more laughable. - Author: James Morcan
Rwandan Genocide quotes by James Morcan
#13. It was at first communicated to you that the Government, by order of the Jemiet had decided to destroy completely all the Armenians living in Turkey ... An end must be put to their existence, however criminal the measures taken may be, and no regard must be paid to either age or sex nor to conscientious scruples. - Author: Talaat Pasha
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Talaat Pasha
#14. All this happiness on display is suspect ... If they think - and they could be right - that continued torture and summary executions, ethnic cleansing and occasional genocide are preferable to an invasion, they should be sombre in their view. - Author: Ian McEwan
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Ian McEwan
#15. It was always so important to my dad for us to understand about the Genocide and to know about our family history. - Author: Kim Kardashian
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Kim Kardashian
#16. She viewed ethnic cleansing, famine and genocide as direct threats to her furniture. - Author: Arundhati Roy
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Arundhati Roy
#17. Ach bloodletting hastens the next, and as the value of human life is degraded and violence becomes tolerated, the unimaginable becomes more conceivable. - Author: Bill Clinton
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Bill Clinton
#18. This papal document - which has not yet been repudiated by the Catholic Church - was the basis for the Christian justification of colonialism and the building of competitive Spanish, Portuguese, British, Dutch, French, Belgian, German, and other Euro-Christian empires that spanned the world.13 It was the genocide card that was given to every white Christian nation. - Author: Brian D. McLaren
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Brian D. McLaren
#19. I'm a military man, I did what I did only because my country had to be saved from tribalism and feudalism. If I failed, it was only because I was betrayed. The so-called genocide was nothing more than just a war in defence of the revolution and a system from which all have benefited. - Author: Mengistu Haile Mariam
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Mengistu Haile Mariam
#20. If I went in debt a million dollars every time I committed genocide, I'd be our economy. - Author: Dr. Seuss
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Dr. Seuss
#21. The majority of American states had laws by the 1930s that allowed for forced sterilization of socially undesirable categories of people, so-called feeble-minded, for example, and with Hitler culminating in genocide. - Author: Michael Sandel
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Michael Sandel
#22. Monotheism by whatever name has been the rationale for war and genocide forever. And the Unchosen, the inferior Others, are always demonized as an excuse to oppress them. - Author: Peter Matthiessen
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Peter Matthiessen
#23. That there is a silent genocide of women and girls in the homes, communities and just everywhere is not a new story. That my great grandmother, grandmother, mother, mother-in-law, aunt, sister, cousin, niece, housemaid, co-worker, friend, neighbor and just about every female shares the same pain is not a new story. What is new in this story is how I stood up to say, "Never again." Never again will a girl or woman get raped, killed, drop out of school, be harmed by our culture or be sexually enslaved. That is as long as I know about it. Never Again--not to any woman or girl again is the new story. - Author: Betty Makoni
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Betty Makoni
#24. When you look at it objectively, that's what most colonists do - they land then find a way of wiping out their competition. In America is was blankets covered with smallpox and in Australia it was permits to hunt aborigines. If you wipe a whole people from the face of the earth, then there's no one to point fingers at you. It's just their spirits that haunt you and spirits can't do shit. - Author: Alex Latimer
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Alex Latimer
#25. I knew that to really minister to Rwanda's needs meant working toward reconciliation in the prisons, in the churches, and in the cities and villages throughout the country. It meant feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, caring for the young, but it also meant healing the wounded and forgiving the unforgivable.
I knew I had to be committed to preaching a transforming message to the people of Rwanda. Jesus did not die for people to be religious. He died so that we might believe in Him and be transformed. I'm engaged in a purpose and strategy that Jesus came to Earth for. My life is set for that divine purpose in Jesus Christ. I was called to that
proclaiming the message of transformation through Jesus Christ. - Author: John Rucyahana
Rwandan Genocide quotes by John Rucyahana
#26. created an assortment of new political front organizations, whose operatives were not known to have distinguished themselves in the genocide and could be presented to the world as 'clean - Author: Philip Gourevitch
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Philip Gourevitch
#27. I am ashamed of my nation. - Author: Djemal Pasha
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Djemal Pasha
#28. •Looking backward should never divert our path to one of hatred and bitterness, for those steps lead nowhere but to destruction. To live in hatred is to miss the point of living. - Author: Mari Serebrov
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Mari Serebrov
#29. I don't like vegans, either. Bunch of whiny zealots. A cow or a pig wouldn't give a damn if a person died… animals tear apart other animals while they're still alive, but we aren't so cruel, so vegans should learn to shut up. Vegans use palm oil and never think about the forests and endangered species at risk from that… and they all exploit the world in other ways, buying their computers and their sweatshop clothes and their Starbucks coffees. Anyway, cats and dogs eat their owners after the owner dies. I saw on the news a few times that there was a lot of open animal food in the houses where that sort of thing happens, but the pets eat the dead owner… just because. Maybe a pet's notion of 'unconditional love' is like Jeffrey Dahmer… he used to eat and kill the people he professed to love, too. He was a sicko… I don't believe animals have any empathy. Do elephants ever consider Holocaust victims? Do dogs ever cry over the Rwanda Genocide? - Author: Rebecca McNutt
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Rebecca McNutt
#30. We now know that slavery was indefensible, that segregation was bad, that we should not have allowed eugenicists to forcibly sterilize sixty thousand people for being 'defective,' that Japanese internment was a ghastly breach of everything that America is supposed to be, that lynching 'uppity' non-whites is unquestionably evil, that sending Jews who had managed to escape Hitler's genocide back to Germany was an appallingly unethical thing to do. All of those things happened because people were persuaded by demagoguery; but, had they seen it as demagoguery, they wouldn't have been persuaded. So, demagoguery works when (and because) we don't recognize it as such. - Author: Patricia Roberts-Miller
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Patricia Roberts-Miller
#31. [W]hen nations crumble, they often crack along racial or ethnic lines, and there's no reason why it won't happen here, but since racial hatred is as barbaric as they come, I don't wish to live long enough to witness this catastrophe. From 1882 to 1968, white mobs lynched 539 blacks in Mississippi alone, the most in the entire nation, but now, there are white groups who keep tabs on the staggering number of black-on-white murders, maimings, rapes and recreational assaults. Seeing their share of the population decreasing relentlessly, they speak of a white genocide. As for the elites, though they don't welcome social unrest, since it's bad for business, they will benefit from increasing racial animosity since it distracts from the serial crimes they're inflicting on us all. - Author: Linh Dinh
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Linh Dinh
#32. The unutterable violence of the Holocaust shook our confidence in the possibility of telling any story of faith at all. - Author: Timothy Radcliffe
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Timothy Radcliffe
#33. If you were fortunate enough to be born into a family whose ancestors directly benefited from genocide and/or slavery, maybe you think the more you don't know, the more innocent you can stay, which is a good incentive to not find out, to not look too deep, to walk carefully around the sleeping tiger. Look no further than your last name. Follow it back and you might find your line paved with gold, or beset with traps. - Author: Tommy Orange
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Tommy Orange
#34. Religious fanaticism has clearly produced, and in all probability will continue to produce, enormous amounts of bickering, fighting, violence, bloodshed, homicide, feuds, wars, and genocide. - Author: Albert Ellis
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Albert Ellis
#35. But then what is the alternative to trying to tell the truth about the Holocaust, the Famine, the Armenian genocide, the injustice of dispossession in the Americas and Australia? That everyone should be reduced to silence? To pretend that the Holocaust was the work merely of a well-armed minority who didn't do as much harm as is claimed-and likewise, to argue that the Irish Famine was either an inevitability or the fault of the Irish-is to say that both were mere unreliable rumors, and not the great motors of history they so obviously proved to be. It suited me to think so at the time, but still I believe it to be true, that if there are going to be areas of history which are off-bounds, then in principle we are reduced to fudging, to cosmetic narrative. - Author: Thomas Keneally
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Thomas Keneally
#36. We must admit that by approving multiculturalism in its current, misguided form, we are paving the road to White, Black, Indian and Asian genocide faster than the Sixth Mass Extinction. - Author: Anita B. Sulser PhD
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Anita B. Sulser PhD
#37. The fundamental metaphor of National Socialism as it related to the world around it was the garden, not the wild forest. One of the most important Nazi ideologists, R.W. Darré, made clear the relationship between gardening and genocide: "He who leaves the plants in a garden to themselves will soon find to his surprise that the garden is overgrown by weeds and that even the basic character of the plants has changed. If therefore the garden is to remain the breeding ground for the plants, if, in other words, it is to lift itself above the harsh rule of natural forces, then the forming will of a gardener is necessary, a gardener who, by providing suitable conditions for growing, or by keeping harmful influences away, or by both together, carefully tends what needs tending and ruthlessly eliminates the weeds which would deprive the better plants of nutrition, air, light, and sun. . . . Thus we are facing the realization that questions of breeding are not trivial for political thought, but that they have to be at the center of all considerations, and that their answers must follow from the spiritual, from the ideological attitude of a people. We must even assert that a people can only reach spiritual and moral equilibrium if a well-conceived breeding plan stands at the very center of its culture. - Author: Derrick Jensen
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Derrick Jensen
#38. War, famine, disease, genocide. Death, in a million different forms, often painful and protracted for the poor individual wretches involved. What god would so arrange the universe to predispose its creations to experience such suffering, or be the cause of it in others? - Author: Ian M Banks
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Ian M Banks
#39. Nearly 60 years ago, the international community made a commitment to put an end to the crime of genocide by ratifying the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. - Author: Alcee Hastings
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Alcee Hastings
#40. To label family planning and legal abortion programs "genocide" is male rhetoric, for male ears. - Author: Shirley Chisholm
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Shirley Chisholm
#41. Moreover, as the leadership of the House confirmed last year, the Administration remains opposed to a congressional resolution on the Armenian Genocide due to Turkish objections. This approach sends absolutely the wrong signal to Turkey and to the rest of the world. - Author: Patrick J. Kennedy
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Patrick J. Kennedy
#42. When in history has any group of people been overtaken in their own homeland by a group of people of another race and culture and not been subjected to brutality - or even genocide? - Author: C.C. Conrad
Rwandan Genocide quotes by C.C. Conrad
#43. This ain't rock 'n' roll; this is genocide - Author: David Bowie
Rwandan Genocide quotes by David Bowie
#44. To reject any vast group of one's cultural ancestors in the cause of some current theory is not just arrogance; it's posthumous mass murder. It's the same kind of thinking that makes genocide possible. The masses (albeit the dead masses) and the pathetic little lives they lived are irrelevant compared to this greater purpose we have at hand. Write them out of the record. They never existed.
One could not judge things by the brief span of one's own lifetime. That was at the core of modern arrogance: only my lifetime counts. My lifetime is 'forever.' Time before it and time after it do not exist. Everything of importance must come to pass in my lifetime. This is what drives the frenzy for change. - Author: Tony Hendra
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Tony Hendra
#45. Can postmodernism hold the perpetrators of genocide accountable? - Author: Catharine MacKinnon
Rwandan Genocide quotes by Catharine MacKinnon

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